Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 94

Behind the monitor, Director He was still watching Qin Zhou’s acting.

Dancers from the Western Regions danced on the fragments, wearing red clothes, stepping on the fragments of the vase with bare feet, and the fragments were stained red with blood.

But even if it was bleeding, the dancers in the Western Regions controlled their expressions and finished the dance completely.

The more he watched, the more satisfied he became.

Pei Yuan came over and stood beside He Dao, looking at the screen on the monitor.

After the end of the scene, Dao He couldn’t help but said to Pei Yuan: \”He is a spiritual person.\”

Pei Yuan nodded and looked towards Qin Zhou.

The filming ended, but Qin Zhou still fell on the ground and did not get up, and the expression on his face was still a little painful.

On the side of the vase fragments, stained with blood.

Pei Yuan watched for a while, then suddenly said: \”No.\”

\”Huh?\” Director He also looked over.

Pei Yuan frowned: \”Qin Zhou is wrong.\”

After speaking, Pei Yuan walked towards Qin Zhou.

Not far away, Qin Zhou was still on the ground.

The assistant was next to him, and he didn’t notice anything wrong, so he wanted to help Qin Zhou up.

Qin Zhou held the assistant’s arm and said, “Call the doctor for me.”

\”Ah?\”The assistant was taken aback, \”What happened to Brother Zhou?\”

Qin Zhou opened his mouth, but before he had time to speak, his waist suddenly tightened, and he was picked up by someone holding him in the air.

Pei Yuan walked outside with Qin Zhou in his arms.

He Dao also hurried over, picked up a piece of blood-stained vase and looked at it, only to find that it was full of real blood.

Qin Zhou was sent to the hospital with his feet bandaged.

Qin Zhou sat beside the hospital bed, looked at the man beside him, and quickly said: \”Trouble teacher Pei.\”

Pei Yuan said: \”If there is a problem with the props, you can call the card.\”

Qin Zhou smiled and said: \”The filming has already started. After thinking about it, let it go.\”

When I first stepped on it, it was a little painful, but it was not unbearable, and it was easy to substitute for the role, so I finished the jump.

And Director He was still in the crew, checking what went wrong in the props team.

But in the end, it was the staff who shied the blame from each other.

\”I bought them all good… There must be something wrong with Lili! Director He, ask Lili!\”

\”Why do you blame me! You are responsible for the props, you didn’t check them properly!\”

The person in charge of purchasing the props and the staff of the set quarreled.

The vase fragments are all mixed together, and the difference between real and fake fragments is not visible to the naked eye. I don’t know if someone deliberately added real fragments, or there was a problem with the props merchant.

But the props team didn’t monitor it, so I don’t know which link went wrong.

Director He could only recruit a few more logistical staff to be responsible for checking props.

And Qin Zhou’s injury became a hot search that day.

[#Qinzhou injured# Qin Zhou was accidentally injured when filming “Jianghu”, and the real fragments were accidentally mixed into the fragmented props used for filming…]

A video was followed by Weibo. It was a picture of Pei Yuan picking up Qin Zhou from the ground. It should have been secretly filmed by the staff at the scene.

[Zhouzhou is so miserable! The crew was too careless! Fake shard props become real shards! 】

【Thanks Mr. Pei! Fortunately, Teacher Pei found it! 】

The front row of the comment area was filled with distressed messages from fans, but in the back row, there were a lot of black fans, and Pei Yuan fans and Qin Zhou fans were torn apart again.

[Speechless, your family is the most precious, which actor has not been injured while filming? ? ? What a big deal, the 18th-tier pheasant has to buy a hot search and sell it badly, and also pull Pei Yuan to go together, is it annoying? ? ? 】

[Hahaha, as soon as I saw the hot search on Qin Zhou, I guessed that there must be Pei Yuan, and sure enough, I pulled Pei Yuan to **** blood! 】

There is blood and blood on Weibo again.

In the hospital, Qin Zhou also saw the quarrel on Weibo.

The agent comforted: \”It’s okay, the stars have black fans, which means you are popular.\”

Qin Zhou nodded.

The agent added: \”Director He told me that you should rest for the past few days, and then shoot when your injury is healed.\”

After Qin Zhou heard it, he said: \”I can shoot, just follow the original arrangement.\”

\”Rest first.\”The agent’s attitude is tough.

And because his feet were injured, Qin Zhou was inconvenient to move, and the manager even brought a wheelchair over.

Qin Zhou sat in a wheelchair and asked again: \”Brother Fan, when are you going back?\”

Now that his feet are bandaged, he should be able to go back.

\”There are reporters outside, you wait.\” The agent sighed.

Because Qin Zhou and Pei Yuan were on the hot search, many reporters rushed over and stayed outside the hospital, and even many local fans came over.

Pei Yuan had already made a disguise to leave the hospital, but Qin Zhou’s foot was injured.

\”Let’s see if I can go back tonight.\”The agent said.

So Qin Zhou continued to stay in the hospital.

In the evening, Jiang Lin came to the hospital.

Jiang Lin saw the news on the Internet and hurried over.

As soon as Jiang Lin entered the ward and saw Qin Zhou sitting in a wheelchair, he quickly asked: \”Brother Zhou, are you alright!\”

Jiang Lin leaned over and looked at Qin Zhou’s legs, a little worried.

Qin Zhou replied: \”It’s fine, just rest for a few days.\”

Jiang Lin was still worried, and quickly asked: \”How did the crew do it? You are injured and still need to film!\”

\”I wanted to shoot it myself, and the directors didn’t know there was a problem with the props.\” Qin Zhou quickly explained.

Yesterday when he was filming this scene, he got stuck several times, but after replacing it with real fragments, it was passed.

However, Jiang Lin was still a little angry, and sat next to Qin Zhou without making a sound.

The agent saw that Jiang Lin was accompanying Qin Zhou, so he went out to buy dinner for Qin Zhou first.

As soon as the agent left, Jiang Lin approached Qin Zhou and whispered: \”Brother Zhou, your birthday is coming.\”

Qin Zhou sat in a wheelchair and watched the script, and said: \”The birthday has already passed.\”

Jiang Lin said: \”Not yet.\”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that his birthday was not over yet——

It was Xu Chengyan’s birthday.

Qin Zhou lowered his eyes and closed the script.

Jiang Lin said again: \”Brother Zhou, why don’t I book a restaurant and let’s celebrate together that day?\”

However, Qin Zhou just rubbed Jiang Lin’s head and said: \”No need.\”

There is no need to.

\”But——\”Jiang Lin wanted to say something else.

Qin Zhou interrupted: \”The birthday has already been celebrated, and it’s good now.\”

He’s happy with his life now and doesn’t have to go back to his old name.

Jiang Lin nodded in understanding but stopped talking.

Not long after, the broker bought dinner over there.

When Qin Zhou finished dinner and was about to rest, he suddenly received a call from He Yang.

After connecting the phone, a familiar male voice came from the other end of the phone——

\”Are you ok?\”

Qin Zhou also knew that He Yang was going to ask about his injury, so he replied: \”Well, it’s nothing.\”

The other end of the phone fell silent, as if he couldn’t find anything to talk about.

Qin Zhou didn’t speak either, quietly waiting for the other party to speak first.

After a long time, He Yang said: \”Take care of yourself.\”


The phone hangs up and the call ends.

Qin Zhou also picked up the script and continued to read it.

The agent was next to him, looked down at the message on the phone, and suddenly said: \”You have a good rest, I will go outside to see.\”

Qin Zhou nodded in response.

The agent came out of the corridor and walked towards the stairs.

When the agent came to the stairwell, he saw a figure on the stairs.

The tall man was standing by the window with a red star on his fingertips.

Hearing the noise, the man turned his head slightly and asked: \”Is it serious?\”

\”The doctor said it would be good to rest for a few days.\”The agent quickly explained,\”It’s because I need a wheelchair these days, so I can’t walk.\”

He Yang stopped making a sound and continued to look out the window.

The agent glanced at the man cautiously, and asked tentatively: \”Mr. He, would you like to go and have a look?\”

He Yang: \”No need.\”

Still don’t bother.

Qin Zhou stayed in the hospital for one night.

By the next morning, we went back to the hotel.

Director He postponed all his plays until next week, these days are his rest time.

So Qin Zhou stayed in the room quietly, read the script for a while, took his mobile phone, and started to swipe Weibo.

After brushing and brushing, Qin Zhou suddenly saw the latest Weibo posted by his friends–

[Lin Chixiao: Watching the fireworks]

On the back of Weibo, there are several pictures on Weibo, all of which are photos of fireworks taken by Lin Chixiao. There are also a few pictures with other artists and one with Su Tang.

This time Lin Chixiao participated in an event, and the organizer just arranged a fireworks show.

[Qin Zhou reposted: You don’t call me when you go to see the fireworks! 】

[Lin Chixiao replied: Next time, definitely next time! 】

Qin Zhou continued to swipe Weibo.

And Jiang Lin was peeling apples next to him and asked: \”Brother Zhou, are you really not going out for your birthday?\”

Qin Zhou: \”I can’t walk now, and it’s not convenient to go out.\”

\”Also…\” Jiang Lin nodded, and with a little regret, handed the apple over.

Qin Zhou took the apple and said: \”If you have something to do, it’s boring to stay in the room every day, so don’t accompany me.\”

\”It’s not boring.\” Jiang Lin shook his head and said: \”I will accompany you after your birthday before leaving.\”

\”It’s been my birthday last time.\”

\”No, last time was last time, this time is this time.\”Jiang Lin still didn’t give up,\”Just buy a cake and come back, let’s celebrate.\”

\”I really don’t need it.\” Qin Zhou smiled.

Jiang Lin stayed with Qin Zhou in the hotel for a few days, but because of a temporary incident, he returned to Nancheng first.

On Qin Zhou’s birthday, it was also the time for Qin Zhou to return to the crew to film.

Qin Zhou removed the gauze, and the agent helped put thick cushions in the shoes.

And because it was a costume drama, Qin Zhou’s clothes had long hem, which could block his shoes, so he didn’t change his shoes at all.

After Qin Zhou changed his clothes, put on his makeup and styled, he sat on a chair in the rest area and waited for the shooting to start.

When the other actors saw Qin Zhou coming back, they all came to say hello.

Even the little boy actor who played the apprentice came over with candy.

\”For brother Qin Zhou.\” The little boy handed the candy to Qin Zhou with a smile on his face.

\”Thank you.\” Qin Zhou took the candy.

The little boy climbed to the chair next to Qin Zhou and sat down, and asked: \”Is brother Qin Zhou feeling better?\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

The little boy came over again, secretly lifted the hem of Qin Zhou’s robe, looked at Qin Zhou’s feet, and asked, “Does brother Qin Zhou hurt when stepping on it?”

When Qin Zhou was filming that scene, the little boy was there and saw that scene.

\”It’s okay.\” Qin Zhou smiled, and saw the little boy still holding a fairy tale book in his hand, \”Are you reading again?\”

The little boy nodded, handed over the fairy tale book, and said: \”I don’t understand, brother Qin Zhou will read it for me.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou took it and asked: \”Which story?\”

The little boy turned to a page in the middle and pointed to the mermaid illustration on it.

So Qin Zhou told the story of the Little Mermaid.

Soon, the story tells that the mermaid’s fish tail turns into legs, and it hurts like the tip of a knife when stepping on the ground.

Hearing this, the little boy suddenly asked: \”Is brother Qin Zhou dancing like a mermaid?\”

\”I’m not a mermaid.\” Qin Zhou smiled and rubbed the little boy’s face.

\”Oh…\” The little boy nodded.

Qin Zhou originally wanted to continue telling the story of the mermaid, but the staff came over to remind the filming to start.

Qin Zhou returned the storybook to the little boy and walked towards the studio.

At seven o’clock in the evening, Qin Zhou finished work.

Qin Zhou returned to the hotel, removed his makeup and took a shower.

But just before Qin Zhou went to bed, he suddenly received a call from He Yang.

He Yang asked: \”Did you go to film today?\”

Qin Zhou was not surprised, so he responded.

\”Does it still hurt?\”

\”It doesn’t hurt.\”

The phone fell silent again, and no one spoke.

He Yang is not good at chatting or anything. He glanced out the window and suddenly said: \”The moon is very beautiful today.\”


He Yang: \”Look outside the window.\”

Qin Zhou obediently got out of bed, came to the window, and looked out the window.

He lived on the ninth floor of the hotel, and when he looked up, he saw the moon outside.

It is summer now, there are many stars in the sky, and the moon is very round and bright.

The night sky is beautiful.

\”I see.\” Qin Zhou looked at the moon with a smile in his eyes.

\”Yanyan.\” He Yang shouted again.

\”What’s wrong?\”

\”On the left side of the moon, there is a star that is the brightest.\”

Qin Zhou subconsciously looked to the left of the moon, and really found the star, \”I saw it.\”

He Yang said again: \”There is a mountain next to it, do you see it?.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t know why He Yang suddenly mentioned this, but he still looked around and saw the mountain.

The mountain is a local attraction and can be seen just right from the hotel.

\”Yeah.\” Qin Zhou responded and asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

He Yang suddenly said: \”Happy birthday.\”

Qin Zhou was still looking at the direction of the mountain and was slightly taken aback.

In the next second, on the mountain, countless fireworks bloomed in the air.

Qin Zhou was a little stunned for a while, looked out the window, raised his head slightly, and looked at the fireworks outside.

Fireworks bloom in the dark.

Qin Zhou held the phone and kept looking out the window.

The sound of fireworks came from outside the window, and also faintly from the phone.

On the other end of the phone, the man’s hoarse voice rang again.

\”peaceful always.\”


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