Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 96

And just when Qin Zhou was about to reply to Su Tang, the little boy beside him suddenly stood up.

\”Brother Pei Yuan.\” The little boy ran over and stretched out his hand towards Pei Yuan.

Pei Yuan picked up the little boy and asked: \”Why doesn’t Xiao Cheng go to bed?\”

\”Can’t sleep.\” Xiao Cheng shook his head.

Qin Zhou got up and shouted: \”Mr. Pei.\”

Pei Yuan nodded towards Qin Zhou and said: \”I will take him to take a nap.\”

Xiao Cheng heard it, and said in a milky voice: \”Brother Qin Zhou sleeps with me too.\”

Qin Zhou responded with a smile: \”Okay.\”

Pei Yuan carried Xiao Cheng to the lounge, and Qin Zhou followed.

Xiao Cheng slept on the bed, not forgetting to pull Pei Yuan to sleep together.

Qin Zhou was sitting by the bed, holding the story book, and reading stories to Xiao Cheng.

\”A long, long time ago, the king had a favored little daughter—\”

Qin Zhou’s voice was very soft, and the speed of storytelling was also very slow.

Halfway through the reading, Qin Zhou looked at the bed and saw that Xiao Cheng had already fallen asleep.

Beside Xiao Cheng, Pei Yuan closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Qin Zhou didn’t bother anymore, put the storybook aside, got up and went outside.

It wasn’t until the crew was about to start work that Qin Zhou returned to the lounge and woke up with a big shout on the bed.

There is a falling water scene to be filmed in the afternoon.

The staff had already set up the equipment by the lake, and Xiao Cheng also moved a small bench over and sat beside him to watch.

In this scene, the male protagonist and the dancer were chased by assassins, and the dancer accidentally fell into the water during the fight.

Qin Zhou finished modeling and came to the lake to prepare for shooting.

When I first started shooting the drowning shots, everything went smoothly.

However, there was a small problem when taking the picture of the dancer coming out of the water.

Director He looked at the screen on the monitor and was not satisfied no matter how he looked at it, so he let Qin Zhou retake it again and again.

It just happened that the temperature was relatively low in the past two days, Qin Zhou had been in the water for a long time, and it was a little cold.

Until this scene was finally filmed, Qin Zhou quickly returned to the shore, and the assistant came over with a towel.

Qin Zhou went to change his clothes first, then finished work and prepared to go back.

Back at the hotel, Qin Zhou lay on the sofa and fell asleep first.

Until at night, Qin Zhou woke up.

The room was still dark, Qin Zhou opened his eyes, and felt a little dizzy in his head and a little pain in his throat, as if he had caught a cold.

Qin Zhou took a look at the time, and it was already past eight o’clock in the evening.

Qin Zhou got up, turned on the light, and dug out the medicine box in the room.

After taking the cold medicine, Qin Zhou took a blanket and draped it over his body, laying down lazily, and then habitually posted on Weibo to take a look at the trending searches.

Looking through the hot search list, Qin Zhou suddenly saw the name of their crew in the back row, so he clicked in.

[#江湖# The two older brothers coaxed their younger brother together, so envious! ! ! 】

The accompanying picture on Weibo is a few photos taken secretly by the crew. A tall man is holding a five- or six-year-old boy, and there is a young man next to him, who seems to be talking to the little boy.

【I want such a brother too! ! ! I’m not greedy, as long as one is good, whichever one will do! 】

[Like a family of three, gentle male mother and Gao Leng father, plus a baby, perfect]

[I was led astray by the upstairs, a family of three is a real hammer! 】

The front row of comments are all passers-by fans or cp fans, but there are black fans in the back row.

[Come, come, the eighteen line paste coffee came with his hot search again! 】

[I laughed so hard hahaha, I knew that every time Qin Zhou bought a hot search, he would bring Pei Yuan with him]

[Pei Yuan is really miserable, I love him! Every time I get rubbed by the 18th thread, like a blood-sucking worm, run! ! ! 】

Qin Zhou’s mood was very calm when he saw these black fans’ comments.

Qin Zhou sent the hot search link to the agent and handed it over to the agent for processing.

Obviously he and Pei Yuan are just normal work colleagues, and I don’t know where so many CP fans come from.

Qin Zhou continued to swipe Weibo and read the list of private messages.

I glanced over in the private letter, and there were private letters from fans expressing their opinions, but there were also some black fans or Pei Yuan fans who came to scold him.

[Buying hot searches every day is annoying, I wish you a lifetime of paste]

[Please don’t pull Pei Yuan to **** blood, okay? Are you happy to step on Pei Yuan’s position? 】

[Why are you still not dead? 】

There are a lot of ugly words behind.

Qin Zhou ignored it, quit Weibo, and didn’t read it again.

The next morning, the agent came to pick up Qin Zhou.

Qin Zhou’s cold is not yet cured, and he is not in good spirits. He leans on the back of the chair and falls asleep.

The agent noticed and asked: \”What’s wrong?\”

\”A little cold.\” Qin Zhou’s voice sounded a little tired.

\”Have you taken medicine? Is it serious?\”

\”It’s okay.\”Qin Zhou closed his eyes,\”I’ll just take a rest.\”

Fortunately, he did not have many scenes today, and the content was relatively relaxed, so it would not affect the shooting.

After arriving on the set, Qin Zhou went to put on makeup and filming.

But after the morning’s play ended, Qin Zhou found that his head was even more dizzy, and it was still uncomfortable.

The agent came over and asked: \”Do you want to ask for leave?\”

Qin Zhou shook his head, \”No, just take a nap.\”

The agent thought about it and said: \”Go to the third floor to rest, there is a bed on the third floor.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou responded and went to the lounge on the third floor.

And because he had no appetite because of the cold, Qin Zhou didn’t even plan to eat lunch. After taking off his coat, he got into the quilt and prepared to sleep.

The agent was next to him and asked: \”Would you like something to eat?\”

Qin Zhou thought about it, but still said: \”Buy some fruit, strawberries and the like…\”

Qin Zhou’s voice became softer and softer, as if he was a little sleepy.

\”Then you have a good rest first, and I will call you when the filming starts.\”

After speaking, the agent got up and left the rest room.

After coming outside, the agent took out his mobile phone and sent a message.

It didn’t take long for the agent to receive a reply, so he walked outside the studio.

When the agent came to the entrance of the film and television city, he saw that the black luxury car with the serial number plate had been parked outside, so he hurried over.

The rear window slowly lowered, and the man in the car looked up, frowned and asked, “Why do you have a cold?”

\”It should be that he accidentally caught a cold when he was filming the falling water scene yesterday, I will pay more attention next time!\”

He Yang still frowned and did not speak.

The driver in the front row got out of the car and gave the purchased fruit to the agent.

The manager took the fruit, looked at He Yang again, and asked: \”Mr. He, would you like to visit him?\”

He Yang: \”I won’t go.\”

\”Okay.\”The agent nodded,\”Then I’ll go back first.\”

The agent carried strawberries and walked towards the crew.

However, when the agent rushed to the crew, he found that there was some confusion in the rest area.

\”It’s on fire! Hurry up and go!\”

\”Call the police! Get out of the way!\”

Next to it, a small house was smoking black, and it was already on fire.

The agent also saw the fire and quickly stepped back.

Inside the house, people escaped one after another.

The fire burned quickly, the fire on the third floor was the worst, and the situation on the first floor was better.

Some staff went to save people, and Pei Yuan also went to help.

He exported to maintain order, counted the number of people, and asked: \”Is everyone all together?\”

\”The circle is inside!\”

\”Where is Xiaoyue! It seems that Xiaoyue hasn’t come out yet!\”

The manager looked around, but couldn’t find Qin Zhou, and suddenly became a little flustered, and quickly said: \”And Qin Zhou! Qin Zhou is on the third floor!\”

On the third floor, in the lounge.

Qin Zhou woke up abruptly choked by the smoke, a little breathless.

The surrounding temperature was getting higher and higher, Qin Zhou tried to open his eyes, but the eyes were stimulated and could not open at all.

Qin Zhou fumbled to get up from the bed, and because of the cold, his head became more and more dizzy.

Unable to see anything around, Qin Zhou ran towards the stairs according to the route in his memory.

The fire burns fast.

Qin Zhou ran towards the stairs, and because he ran too fast, he stepped on the air and fell down.

However, the imagined pain did not come, and the body fell into an embrace.

Qin Zhou tried to open his eyes, but his eyes hurt so much that he couldn’t open anything.

Immediately afterwards, the man reached out and took Qin Zhou to flee.

However, the two of them were not very lucky. When they escaped to the second floor, a piece of wood suddenly fell from the ceiling.

The man responded quickly, and quickly leaned over to protect the man in his arms, blocking the wood with his back.

The wood slammed heavily on the back, and the man groaned.

Qin Zhou was protected by the man in his arms, and when he raised his hand inadvertently, he touched the watch on the other’s wrist.

Qin Zhou reached out and touched it subconsciously, but before he could carefully touch the inside of the watch, he suddenly tightened his waist and was picked up by someone.

All around was the sound of wood burning and cracking.

And because he inhaled a lot of smoke in the room, Qin Zhou’s consciousness became lighter and lighter, and his brain became a little dull, and there was no response.

He Yang rushed out with Qin Zhou in his arms. The exit was not far ahead, and there were also staff with wet towels waving in front of him.

\”Here here!\”

Several staff members rushed over to support the two of them.

The fire on the first floor was relatively small, and it happened that Pei Yuan was also helping save people nearby. After noticing the movement on He Yang’s side, he came over quickly.

He Yang was still holding a person in his arms, both of them were a little embarrassed.

So Pei Yuan took the opportunity to pick Qin Zhou up from the opponent’s arms, and a staff member next to him helped He Yang to go outside.

Pei Yuan took Qin Zhou to a safe place outside, and brought a wet towel over to wipe Qin Zhou’s eyes.

Qin Zhou is still in a coma, and his consciousness is not very clear.

Until Qin Zhou slowly recovered, he felt the moist touch on his eyes, someone was wiping his eyes.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes, and in a blurred vision, he vaguely saw a figure.

Pei Yuan, still holding a wet towel in his hand, leaned down slightly and put the wet towel on Qin Zhou’s face and wiped it a little bit.

And because he had finished work, Pei Yuan was wearing private clothes, and the sleeves of his shirt were rolled up, revealing a watch on his left hand.

Qin Zhou stretched out his hand, put it on the other’s left wrist, and felt the touch of the watch.

Qin Zhou blinked, and after his eyes adapted to the light, the first person he saw was Pei Yuan.


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