Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 97

But soon, Qin Zhou closed his eyes and fainted again.

When Qin Zhou regained consciousness, he was already in the hospital.

Qin Zhou opened his eyes blankly and tried to move his body. When he looked to the side, he saw that the manager and assistant were still standing by the bed.

Seeing that Qin Zhou was awake, the assistant quickly leaned over, helped Qin Zhou up, and poured a cup of hot water.

Qin Zhou leaned on the bed and drank the hot water slowly.

However, his head was still a little dizzy. Qin Zhou rubbed his forehead and asked his assistant to come to the phone, and he saw a lot of unread messages.

The assistant asked, “Brother Zhou, are you feeling better?”

“It’s not bad.”

“Director He said he was investigating the fire.” The assistant said, “It seems that someone set the fire on purpose.”

“Deliberately set fire?” Qin Zhou was a little surprised.

“I’m still investigating.” The assistant was a little fortunate. “I heard that the fire on the third floor was the worst. Fortunately, Mr. Pei helped yesterday…”

Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment and remembered what happened yesterday.

At that time, there was smoke everywhere in the fire, and he couldn’t see anything inside. Someone brought him down from the upstairs and helped him block the wood.

“The fire thing is still on the hot search.” The assistant sighed.

Qin Zhou also posted on Weibo and saw the hot search.

[#Jianghu crew was set on fire# A fire broke out in the lounge, it is suspected that the crew deliberately set fire to it]

There are a lot of relevant news on the hot search, as well as some live videos and so on.

[#Jianghu crew was set on fire# I hope the crew is okay! Thank you Mr. Pei Yuan! Always helping save lives! 】

[#Jianghu crew was set on fire# After watching the live video, Mr. Pei Yuan was really kind, calmly instructing everyone to evacuate, and saved a lot of people! 】

[#Jianghu crew was set on fire# Thank you so much! Thanks to Teacher Pei Yuan for helping to save Qin Zhou! 】

Qin Zhou flipped through the pages, and many Weibo posts were mentioning Pei Yuan’s rescue, and there were many photos and live videos in the back.

Qin Zhou clicked on a video and saw Pei Yuan helping a wounded person out, and then returned to the fire without hesitation to help.

There are also some staff nearby who are putting out the fire, or entering the fire to help save people or something.

More than a minute after the video, Pei Yuan came out of the fire with a person still in his arms.

The man was wearing a red robe, and Qin Zhou immediately recognized it as himself.

Qin Zhou continued to look back at the video, but this video only showed Pei Yuan holding him out, and there was no more after that.

Qin Zhou thought about it, and then watched the video again, dragged the progress bar to the scene where Pei Yuan took him out of the fire, and pressed pause.

In the video, Pei Yuan was wearing private clothes. He should have just arrived at the crew and hadn’t changed his clothes. He was wearing a watch on his left hand.

Qin Zhou stared at the watch for a while, thinking that when he was in the fire yesterday, he also touched the watch on that person’s hand.

Qin Zhou stared at the watch in Pei Yuan’s hand carefully, slightly puzzled.

The assistant next to him said, “Brother Zhou, you should rest first.”

Qin Zhou nodded, put the phone aside, and didn’t think any more.

After the agent left the ward, he turned around and went upstairs to another ward.

In the ward, a man in a hospital uniform sat on a lounge chair by the window.

The agent went over and said quickly, “Mr. He, Qin Zhou has woken up.”

The man didn’t speak, just continued to look at the phone.

On the screen, there was a photo of Pei Yuan hugging Qin Zhou out of the fire.

The agent waited for a while, and seeing that the man had been silent, he asked tentatively, “Would you like to go see him?”

“No need.” He Yang put down the phone, “Don’t tell him.”

“Okay.” The agent nodded, not sure what to say.

At this moment, the secretary brought the doctor to the ward and reminded: “Mr. He, it’s time to change the gauze.”

He Yang got up and returned to the bedside, slowly unbuttoning his clothes, revealing the gauze underneath.

The doctor came over and changed the gauze, and warned: “Be careful these days, don’t touch the water on your back.”

The secretary on the side nodded quickly and wrote it down.

The doctor quickly left the ward, and He Yang also put on his clothes, sat beside the bed and re-buttoned, covering the gauze on his body.

Not far away, there is a watch on the bedside table.

It’s just that the dial of the watch has been broken, it looks tattered, it seems to be damaged, and there are traces of fire on it. It has been destroyed and may not be able to be repaired.

The secretary poured a cup of hot water over, his eyes fell on the watch again, and he asked tentatively, “Mr. He, what should I do with this watch?”

He Yang looked towards the bedside table, and after seeing the watch, he just said, “Just throw it away.”

In the evening, Director He and Pei Yuan visited Qin Zhou in the ward.

Director He came over and said quickly: “Don’t worry, people have caught it, and I will definitely give you an account of this.”

Qin Zhou listened to He Dao’s explanation quietly, and only then did he know what happened.

Yesterday, a little girl from the logistics department deliberately poured gasoline on the third floor and set it on fire, but in the end, the fire became more and more uncontrollable, and the whole building burned.

“She was also the one who changed the vase props last time.” He Dao frowned.

The girl in the logistics department was a fan of Pei Yuan. She was a little dissatisfied with Qin Zhou because she saw that Pei Yuan and Qin Zhou had been on the hot search several times. getting crazy.

Pei Yuan on the side also said: “Sorry, the company has issued a statement to explain.”

Qin Zhou sat on the bed, his eyes fell on Pei Yuan’s left hand, he saw the watch, and replied, “It’s okay, thanks to Teacher Pei yesterday.”

Qin Zhou thought again that when he was in the fire yesterday, the man helped him block the wood, which seemed very serious.

So Qin Zhou couldn’t help but secretly looked at Pei Yuan, but the other party seemed to be normal, and he didn’t seem to be injured.

Qin Zhou wanted to ask another question, but Director He next to him said, “You have a good rest. You are on vacation these few days, and your drama will be pushed back.”

“Why trouble.”

He Dao and Pei Yuan didn’t bother anymore and left first.

Qin Zhou stayed in the ward to rest, took out his mobile phone and posted on Weibo.

On Weibo, the fact that the crew was maliciously set on fire by black fans has been hotly searched.

【It’s terrible! What a vicious fan! And deliberately set fire! Seriously terrified! 】

[I still have an impression of the previous news about changing props fragments! At that time, there were a lot of sunspots scolding Qin Zhou in the comments, so I asked you to slap in the face! This is intentional harm! 】

[Before, I thought Pei Yuan’s fans were weird, just because Qin Zhou and Pei Yuan were on the hot search, they kept chasing and scolding Qin Zhou! Well now, just set fire to it! murder! How to chase stars like this! I don’t understand! 】

And Pei Yuan Studio has issued an announcement, calling on everyone to follow the stars rationally.

Even Pei Yuan’s personal Weibo posted a photo with Qin Zhou.

[The two teachers have a very good relationship in private. I hope everyone will follow the stars rationally and not cause trouble to the teacher~]

[Pay more attention to Mr. Pei Yuan’s new work “Jianghu”]

Qin Zhou was still looking at Pei Yuan’s Weibo comments when he suddenly heard a knock on the door.

Qin Zhou looked towards the door and saw a small head sneaking in on the other side of the door.

“Brother Qin Zhou.” Xiao Cheng shouted in a milky voice and entered the ward.

Qin Zhou laughed and asked, “Why are you here?”

Xiao Cheng carried a small schoolbag on his back, ran to the bed with short legs, and said, “Come and see brother Qin Zhou.”

Qin Zhou touched Xiao Cheng’s head and asked, “Who brought you here?”

“Uncle Fan brought me here.” Xiao Cheng took off his schoolbag and said, “Uncle Fan said that brother Qin Zhou is sick.”

Qin Zhou looked towards the door again, and saw that the manager was also there.

The agent walked in and explained, “I ran into Xiao Cheng when I went back to the hotel. He knew that you were in the hospital, so he had to follow him. I just brought him here.”

Qin Zhou nodded and said, “I still troubled Mr. Pei Yuan yesterday. Would you like to give me something?”

Agent: “I’ll arrange this for you, you should rest well first.”

Qin Zhou thought about it and asked again, “Brother Fan, was there anyone else besides Teacher Pei yesterday?”

The agent didn’t answer, just asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Yesterday…” Qin Zhou recalled what happened yesterday, and still asked, “Is He Yang there?”

“Mr. He? I don’t know.” The agent shook his head.

Qin Zhou couldn’t say anything else, maybe he really remembered it wrong.

After all, yesterday he was dizzy, his eyes could not see clearly, and his consciousness was groggy. When he touched the watch, he thought it was He Yang. And at that time, he hadn’t had time to touch it carefully, and he hadn’t touched the inside of the watch.

Beside him, Xiao Cheng took out a storybook from his bag and said, “Brother Qin Zhou, I’ll tell you a story.”

“Okay.” Qin Zhou replied with a smile and sat beside the bed.

And Xiao Cheng sat in the chair next to him and really told a story.

However, Xiao Cheng was young and didn’t recognize many words, so he stumbled and stumbled.

So Qin Zhou said, “Let me tell you.”

When Xiao Cheng heard it, he nodded obediently and handed over the storybook.

Qin Zhou took it and found that the storybook was a new cover, which should have been bought newly.

Qin Zhou turned back a few pages and read a story to Xiao Cheng.

And because it is a fairy tale for children, each story in the book is very short, and many details have been omitted.

Qin Zhou finished reading a few short stories, turned back and saw that the new story was “The Daughter of the Sea”.

Qin Zhou still remembered telling this story, so he asked, “Do you still want to hear the story of the little mermaid?”

“Listen.” Xiao Cheng nodded.

So Qin Zhou read it and told Xiao Cheng about the Little Mermaid again.

The prince celebrated his sixteenth birthday at sea, and the little mermaid in the water fell in love with the prince at first sight. Then when the prince fell into the water, he rescued the prince and brought the prince back to the shore.

“The prince wakes up—”

When Qin Zhou read this, he suddenly paused.

When the prince woke up, he saw the princess.


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