Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 98

Qin Zhou thought of the time when the lounge caught fire.

The one who hugged him, the one who helped him block the wood—

It really looks like He Yang.

But when he was rescued, he saw that it was Pei Yuan.

Qin Zhou looked at the content of the fairy tale book, and was a little ecstatic for a while, and did not read it any further.

Xiao Cheng waited for a while, saw that Qin Zhou was not reading the story, tilted his head and asked: \”Brother Qin Zhou?\”

Qin Zhou rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head and continued to read the story to Xiao Cheng.

Qin Zhou rested in the hospital for a night.

The next morning, Jiang Lin and Su Tang came together.

As soon as Jiang Lin came in, he quickly asked: \”Is Brother Zhou okay?\”

\”It’s fine.\” Qin Zhou smiled.

Su Tang moved a chair over, frowned and said: \”Now the black fans are really scary and almost died.\”

Su Tang had already seen the news on the hot search, and sighed again: \”It’s still good for Mr. Pei, but fortunately Mr. Pei helped.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, \”Thanks to Mr. Pei this time.\”

Su Tang approached with some gossip and asked: \”Zhouzhou, how is Teacher Pei? I haven’t met Teacher Pei yet…\”

Qin Zhou: \”Mr. Pei is very good.\”

Pei Yuan is really good, he is very polite to everyone in the crew, and has no pretense of being an actor at all.

\”I saw the two of you on the hot search before.\”Su Tang took out her mobile phone, a little mysterious, \”I also saw the two of you yesterday, the hero saves the beauty!\”

\”Ah?\” Qin Zhou was stunned for a moment, took a look at the phone, and found that it was a fanfiction written by a cp fan.

Su Tang hurriedly said again: \”I’ve watched the video of Mr. Pei holding you out of the fire many times! It’s really handsome!\”

Qin Zhou just said: \”Mr. Pei saved a lot of people that day.\”

He also watched the news. At that time, Pei Yuan had been helping the fire, not only saving him.

For him, Pei Yuan is just a colleague at work, and the cooperation is also very pleasant.

\”Mr. Pei is so handsome!\”Su Tang sighed,\”I knocked it!\”

When Jiang Lin heard it, he quickly said: \”No, no, no.\”

Jiang Lin is a fan of Poison Wei, so he hurriedly warned: \”Brother Zhou, don’t fall in love, I will help you watch Pei Yuan first.\”

Qin Zhou was amused and said: \”Mr. Pei and I have a working relationship.\”

\”The working relationship is good.\”Jiang Lin nodded and said again:\”Brother Zhou, if you join the group and film in the future, I will follow you every day.\”

Qin Zhou still said: \”Don’t be so troublesome.\”

\”I want to accompany you.\”Jiang Lin shook his head, \”What if one day another black fan wants to harm you?\”

Jiang Lin lay beside the bed and silently looked at Qin Zhou.

Seeing Jiang Lin’s appearance, Qin Zhou couldn’t help laughing and rubbed Jiang Lin’s head.

Jiang Lin’s hair was fluffy and a little curly. It felt fluffy and soft, and it felt pretty good.

Su Tang was swiping Weibo not far away, and suddenly said, “Why did I swipe this person again, it’s so annoying!”

Qin Zhou asked casually, \”What’s wrong?\”

\”Look at this person! He’s taking your heat!\” Su Tang handed over the phone.

Qin Zhou brought it over and saw a peach-eyed youth on the screen.

The makeup of the man on the screen is somewhat similar to his daily makeup, and even the style of dressing is somewhat similar, plus they are all peach blossom eyes.

\”What kind of little Qin Zhou is he!\”Su Tang is a little annoying,\”Buying ads every day is so annoying, I don’t even want to brush him.\”

This hot 18-line internet celebrity buys a marketing account every time and carries the flag of \”Little Qin Zhou\”.

Qin Zhou returned the phone and said: \”It just happens to be the same style.\”

\”How can there be!\” Su Tang said quickly, \”Didn’t the monster MV you shoot with Lin Chixiao go viral before? He also went to shoot one!\”

Su Tang got angry when he talked about this, \”Fuck! Too dumb! F*ck!\”

Jiang Lin also saw the man on the screen, \”I also swiped him! It’s so fuzzy! He even claims to be Xiao Qinzhou! He is hot every day!\”

Qin Zhou couldn’t help but said: \”Does that mean I’m on fire? There’s still heat?\”

\”No, no, no.\”Jiang Lin shook his head,\”You can’t give other people the traffic.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t take that \”Little Qin Zhou\” to heart. After all, there are too many Internet celebrities in the entertainment circle, and they can’t handle it.

Jiang Lin and Su Tang stayed in the ward for a while, and were ready to go back to the hotel to rest first.

But before leaving, Jiang Lin suddenly thought of something and asked: \”Brother Zhou, is my brother harassing you recently?\”

Qin Zhou was stunned and asked: \”What happened to He Yang?\”

\”When I came, I saw my brother’s car…\”Jiang Lin muttered,\”He didn’t harass you.\”

After speaking, Jiang Lin and Su Tang left together.

In the ward, Qin Zhou rested on the bed.

At noon, the agent came.

Xiao Cheng also followed along, jumping to the bed with a small schoolbag on his back, \”Brother Qin Zhou! I’m here to see you again!\”

Qin Zhou leaned on the bed and asked: \”Have you eaten yet?\”

\”I ate it!\” Xiao Cheng nodded and said proudly: \”I ate two bowls!\”

Xiao Cheng sat next to him, took the story book out of his schoolbag, and said softly: \”Brother Qin Zhou tells a story.\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou took it.

Qin Zhou took the book and told Xiao Cheng a few short stories.

But it was noon again, and it happened to be sleepy time. Qin Zhou was sleepy and wanted to sleep.

Gradually, Qin Zhou’s voice became lighter and lighter, and he couldn’t bear the sleepiness, so he said to Xiao Cheng: \”Xiao Cheng, I’m going to sleep, I’ll tell you next time.\”

\”Okay.\” Xiao Cheng is very good, and knowing that Qin Zhou is going to rest, he took his storybook and left with his manager.

The agent took Xiao Cheng to the outside of the hospital and said, “I’ll take you back.”

\”Don’t go back.\” Xiao Cheng shook his head and said: \”I will wait for brother Qin Zhou to wake up.\”

Xiao Cheng looked around and noticed that there was a small resting garden not far away, so he pointed there and said: \”Uncle Fan, I want to go there to play.\”

So the agent took Xiao Cheng to the garden.

It was quiet in the garden in the afternoon and there were butterflies nearby.

The agent was sitting on the lounge chair next to him, while Xiao Cheng was running around curiously, chasing butterflies.

The agent warned: \”Xiao Cheng, don’t run far.\”

\”Okay——\”Xiao Cheng should come down and continue to run after the butterfly.

In midair, the butterfly flapped its wings and gradually flew into the distance.

Xiao Cheng also followed behind Butterfly, unknowingly, getting further and further away from the manager.

The agent just answered the phone and didn’t notice Xiao Cheng.

So Xiao Cheng chased the butterfly and came all the way to the other side of the garden, slowing down.

Not far away, on a bench, sat a figure.

Xiao Cheng glanced at the man, then withdrew his gaze and continued to flutter the butterfly.

Just as the butterfly flew past the lounge chair, Xiao Cheng also ran over.

However, Xiao Cheng accidentally stepped on the shoelace, his center of gravity was unstable, and he fell to the ground.

Seeing that Xiao Cheng was about to fall to the ground, a hand stretched out from the side to support Xiao Cheng.

Xiao Cheng quickly stood up, looked at the man on the lounge chair again, and said in a milky voice: \”Thank you, uncle.\”

Xiao Cheng squatted down and fastened his shoelaces.

He Yang looked at the little boy in front of him and recognized that this was the little actor in the “Jianghu” crew.

He Yang asked: \”One person?\”

\”Uncle Fan brought me here.\”Xiao Cheng turned around and wanted to point in the direction of the agent, but found that he didn’t seem to know the way.

Xiao Cheng was a little dazed, but he didn’t run around when he found out that he got lost, so he simply got next to the man, climbed up on the lounge chair and sat down.

Xiao Cheng was still carrying his small schoolbag, took the small schoolbag over, took out the storybook from it and read it.

He Yang was beside him and asked: \”Do you understand?\”

\”I don’t understand.\” Xiao Cheng shook his head and handed over the storybook, \”Can uncle read it for me?\”

He Yang took it over and happened to turn to the little beauty’s story, so he read it.

The story is not very long, and it didn’t take long for He Yang to come to the end.

He Yang: \”Finally, the little mermaid turned into a bubble.\”

After Xiao Cheng heard it, he shook his head and said: \”The ending is different.\”

He Yang was just about to turn the page, and after hearing this, he asked casually: \”What’s the difference?\”

\”The ending that Brother Qin Zhou said is not this.\” Xiao Cheng shook his head.

He Yang was stunned for a moment, and the movement of turning the book stopped.

He Yang asked: \”What’s the ending?\”

Xiao Cheng frowned and tried very hard to explain, but he didn’t know what to say, he shook his head and said: \”The ending is different, I don’t like you.\”

He Yang looked at the storybook in his hand, but did not speak.

Xiao Cheng sat on the chair, dangling his short legs, and looked around boredly.

Suddenly, Xiao Cheng saw something and hurriedly jumped off his chair.

\”Brother Qin Zhou!\” Xiao Cheng ran in a certain direction.

He Yang looked over and saw the youth.

Qin Zhou leaned over slightly, caught Xiao Cheng, rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head, and asked, “Why did you come here?”

\”There are butterflies!\”Xiao Cheng was a little excited, pointed to the direction of the chair, and said: \”And my uncle helped me tell stories!\”

Qin Zhou got up, looked in the direction Xiao Cheng pointed, and saw the man on the chair.

The man was wearing a white casual shirt with slightly rolled-up cuffs and a storybook in his hand.

Qin Zhou walked over with Xiao Cheng, smiled and said hello: \”Good afternoon.\”

He Yang lowered his eyes and did not speak.

Qin Zhou walked over and sat on the bench, \”Why did you come to the hospital?\”

He Yang whispered: \”Just passing by.\”

Qin Zhou didn’t speak anymore, and the two of them had nothing to talk about.

Xiao Cheng sat between the two of them, very active, and said to Qin Zhou: \”Brother Qin Zhou, the mermaid that my uncle talked about is different from yours.\”

Qin Zhou smiled, touched Xiao Cheng’s head, and said to He Yang: \”You told him about mermaids?\”

\”Yeah.\” He Yang responded.

Qin Zhou said: \”I changed the ending of the mermaid… After all, I am a child, so I changed him to a happy ending.\”

He Yang lowered his head and habitually wanted to take a look at the time on the watch, but the left wrist was empty and there was nothing.

Qin Zhou also looked at He Yang’s hand and saw that He Yang’s left wrist was empty.


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