Stand-in Shou Faked His Death Chapter 99

Qin Zhou was a little surprised and asked: \”Are you wearing a watch?\”

He Yang put down the cuff of his shirt, blocked his wrist, and said in a low voice: \”Broken.\”

Qin Zhou responded and stopped talking.

At this time, Xiao Cheng handed over the story book, \”I want to hear about Qin Zhou’s brother’s mermaid.\”

Qin Zhou took it, turned to the chapter on mermaids, and read it slowly.

He Yang sat next to him and listened quietly.

The young man’s voice is still very gentle, just listening to this voice will make people feel at ease.

\”When the prince woke up, he saw the princess.\” Qin Zhou turned a page.

For the story in front of The Little Mermaid, Qin Zhou still read according to the content of the book.

However, in the second half of the plot, Qin Zhou changed the content.

\”The little mermaid wrote on the paper to tell the prince that she was the one who saved him.\”

\”So the prince canceled the wedding with the princess of the neighboring country, and held the wedding with the little mermaid, and everyone came to celebrate——\”

\”Finally, the prince and the little mermaid lived happily ever after.\”

Qin Zhou finished the story.

Xiao Cheng on the side also nodded and said to He Yang: \”Brother Qin Zhou’s story is better.\”

He Yang rubbed Xiao Cheng’s head and responded.

Qin Zhou asked: \”Do you still want to listen?\”

Xiao Cheng wanted to nod his head, but suddenly noticed the little butterfly flying back not far away, so he shook his head and said: \”I don’t listen.\”

Xiao Cheng jumped off the chair and went over to play with butterflies.

Qin Zhou looked at Xiao Cheng’s figure with a smile in his eyes, and put the storybook aside.

Qin Zhou said: \”Children still prefer a happy ending.\”

After He Yang heard it, he said: \”When he grows up, he will know that you lied to him.\”

\”This is a white lie.\” Qin Zhou smiled, \”If it were me, I would also like to hear happy endings.\”

He Yang stopped talking and just looked at Xiao Cheng.

Xiaocheng is still very energetic, and has been bouncing around, catching butterflies everywhere.

\”He Yang.\” Qin Zhou looked over and suddenly asked: \”The little mermaid, why didn’t she tell the prince the truth?\”

He Yang: \”She can’t speak.\”

The Little Mermaid lost her voice.

Qin Zhou thought about it and asked again: \”What if she could talk? Will she tell the prince?\”

\”should be.\”

Qin Zhou nodded and sighed a little: \”Yes…\”

If the little mermaid could talk, she would tell the prince the truth.

Qin Zhou: \”If the little mermaid could talk, I would be able to be with the prince.\”

But He Yang said: \”Not necessarily, the princess also saved the prince.\”

For the princess, it was she who discovered the prince on the shore.

The princess also rescued the prince.

\”After all, the prince is too scumbag.\” Qin Zhou laughed, \”Because someone saved him, he suddenly liked that person.\”

Qin Zhou leaned back in his chair lazily, basking in the sun, and didn’t speak any more.

Both fell silent, and no one spoke.

After a long time, He Yang asked: \”Is your health better?\”

\”Okay.\” Qin Zhou nodded.

\”There was a fire that day…Are you injured?\”

\”No.\” Qin Zhou shook his head and smiled: \”I was lucky that day, someone rescued me.\”

Having said that, Qin Zhou paused for a while, and then continued: \”It’s a senior in our crew, it’s really bothering him.\”

After He Yang heard this, there was no reaction.

He saw the hot search.

On the hot search, there are all videos of Pei Yuan saving people——

It was Pei Yuan who came out of the fire with Qin Zhou in his arms.

He Yang looked at the young man beside him and seemed to want to say something.

But in the end, He Yang still didn’t say it, he just said: \”You’ll be fine.\”

Just be safe.

He Yang: \”Pay attention to safety outside.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, came down, and continued to look at Xiao Cheng.

Xiaocheng was still fluttering butterflies, and seemed to be tired from playing again. He squatted down and rested for a while, then slowly got up and returned to Qin Zhou.

Xiao Cheng ran over and said to Qin Zhou: \”Brother Qin Zhou, drink water.\”

So Qin Zhou took the schoolbag next to him and handed the water cup to Xiaocheng.

But when Xiao Cheng saw the water glass, he shook his head and said: \”I want to drink Coke.\”

\”I have to drink Coke every day.\” Qin Zhou smiled and said: \”Then go to the supermarket to buy it.\”

After speaking, Qin Zhou packed his schoolbag and prepared to leave.

Qin Zhou said to He Yang: \”I’ll take him outside first.\”

He Yang got up and said: \”I will send you.\”

\”I’m going to buy a drink.\” Qin Zhou smiled, \”You don’t need to give it away.\”

But He Yang said: \”Not safe.\”

\”Why is it not safe?\” Qin Zhou got up and led Xiao Cheng to the outside.

He Yang didn’t say anything, just followed Qin Zhou.

It is too dangerous and unsafe for Qin Zhou to be outside alone.

I always get hurt and I can’t take care of myself.

The two walked quietly in the garden path, keeping a short distance between them.

Xiao Cheng was in the middle of the two, with Qin Zhou holding one hand.

Xiao Cheng was a little curious, and couldn’t help but look at He Yang.

He Yang was alone beside him and looked a little pitiful.

Xiao Cheng thought about it for a while, but still leaned over and reached out to hold He Yang’s hand.

He Yang also noticed Xiao Cheng’s movements and was slightly taken aback.

Qin Zhou was beside him and saw that Xiao Cheng wanted to lead He Yang, but he still didn’t stop him.

Not long after, the two came to the outside of the hospital.

Qin Zhou wore a hat, took out a mask from his pocket and put it on.

There is a supermarket opposite the hospital, so Qin Zhou took Xiao Cheng there.

As soon as he entered the supermarket, Xiao Cheng released his hand instantly, cheered, and ran inside.

Xiao Cheng came to the beverage shelf and took a bottle of Coke.

But there was a snack shelf next to him, Xiao Cheng looked at the snacks and couldn’t walk anymore.

Qin Zhou noticed it and said: \”Go and get what you want.\”

\”Okay!\” Xiao Cheng was pleasantly surprised, ran to the snack shelf, and also took a shopping basket and filled it with snacks.

Xiao Cheng walked around and bought a lot of snacks.

But when buying candies, Xiao Cheng took out two packs of candies with different flavors and said to Qin Zhou: \”Brother Qin Zhou, which flavor should you buy?\”

Qin Zhou took a look and found that one was strawberry and the other was grape.

Qin Zhou tangled for a while and said: \”Strawberry is this… Grapes are also delicious…\”

Two people, one big and one small, stood in front of the shelves, struggling for a long time because of one taste.

He Yang saw it next to him, walked over and said: \”Then buy them all.\”

Qin Zhou shook his head and explained: \”He is changing his teeth, so he can’t eat more.\”

Xiao Cheng was also a little tangled, not knowing which one to buy tastes better.

In the end, Xiao Cheng chose a pack of grape flavored ones and put the rest of the pack back on the shelf.

However, Xiao Cheng was still a little reluctant. He stood in front of the shelf and didn’t leave, staring at the candy on the shelf.

When He Yang saw it, he took off the bag of candy and put it in the shopping basket, \”I’ll buy it for him.\”

\”He Yang.\” Qin Zhou frowned slightly and said with a headache: \”It’s not a question of whether to buy it or not, it’s because he is changing his teeth and can’t eat it.\”

He Yang didn’t understand very well and looked at Xiao Cheng beside him.

Xiaocheng was also full of grievances, and was very eager for candy.

So He Yang said: \”He wants to eat.\”

\”But he’s changing his teeth, so don’t eat more candy.\”

He Yang glanced at the bag of candies and said: \”There’s not much candy in a bag.\”

The two stood in front of the shelf because of a pack of candy.

Qin Zhou frowned, took out the bag of candy and put it back on the shelf.

Xiao Cheng was on the side, holding He Yang’s hand and whispering: \”I want to eat candy…\”

At this moment, an aunt next to him passed by and heard the quarrel here.

The aunt glanced at the two adults, and then at the child, she almost understood something, and said: \”Oh, it’s okay for children to eat candy, just listen to your husband…\”

The aunt was very enthusiastic, and she was thinking about it alone.

Xiaocheng also said to Qin Zhou: \”I want both bags…\”

Qin Zhou had no choice but to take off the bag of candy, put it in the shopping basket, and drag Xiao Cheng to check out.

After paying the bill, Qin Zhou came out of the supermarket with a large bag of snacks.

Xiao Cheng came over, took out a small toy from the bag, and said to Qin Zhou: \”Brother Qin Zhou, this can win the lottery.\”

Xiao Cheng took the small toy and took it apart, and found that he couldn’t take it apart, so he handed the toy over, \”It can’t be disassembled.\”

Qin Zhou still had a large package of snacks in his hand, so he handed the snack bag to He Yang.

He Yang helped to take it, and Qin Zhou also took the toy in Xiao Cheng’s hand.

The toy is in the shape of an egg shell, and the packaging is a bit difficult to unpack.

Qin Zhou was walking on the road while removing the egg shell.

Soon, Qin Zhou took apart the outer plastic shell.

With Xiao Cheng beside him, he quickly asked: \”Have you won the lottery?\”

\”I’ll take a look…\” Qin Zhou flipped inside and walked forward.

Unconsciously, Qin Zhou came to a corner.

He Yang was beside him, suddenly noticed something, and quickly pulled Qin Zhou back.

Just then, a motorcycle sprang out of the corner.

Qin Zhou was also taken aback.

He Yang let go of his hand, frowned slightly, and asked: \”Why don’t you even look at the road?\”

\”Aren’t you watching from the side?\” Qin Zhou smiled.

He Yang still frowned and whispered: \”I can’t keep looking at you.\”

Qin Zhou: \”This time it was an accident, I’ll pay attention next time.\”

Qin Zhou put the egg shell back in the bag and took Xiao Cheng back to the hospital.

After coming downstairs, Qin Zhou stopped and said to He Yang: \”I’ll go up first.\”

He Yang should come down.

Qin Zhou asked again: \”Is your health okay?\”

\”Huh?\” He Yang looked over.

\”Are you injured?\”

However, He Yang only thought that Qin Zhou said that he was almost hit by a motorcycle at the intersection, so he said: \”I didn’t hit it.\”

He Yang reminded again: \”Walk carefully, don’t get distracted.\”

Qin Zhou nodded.

\”Put more clothes on. Don’t catch a cold.\”

Qin Zhou continued to nod.

\”take care of yourself.\”

Qin Zhou nodded, looking a little perfunctory.

He Yang couldn’t say anything else and stopped talking.

Qin Zhou turned around and walked towards the first floor.

However, before Qin Zhou could go far, he suddenly turned back and shouted: \”He Yang.\”

Qin Zhou laughed, \”Thank you.\”


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