The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 1

The imperial capital at the end of June is like a steamer on a pyre, too hot to breathe. At this time, people’s tempers are extremely violent, as if the high temperature is the key to the violent temper, and they can explode in minutes.

“Can you drive? Can you?!”

“What are you yelling, who are you yelling, I can’t drive or you can’t?!”

You stare at me and I stare at you. After a few minutes of fighting, you can’t stand the sun. You look at me, I look at you, hiding in the shade of the roadside with a tacit understanding. Down.

Because of the limited area of ​​the tree, the two stood close together. You look at me, and I look at you. For a while, there is a little bit of noise.

“Hey!” The two heard a clap behind them, turned around and turned to look, and saw a young man sitting in the shade of the adjacent tree with white face, round eyes, some natural curls in his hair, and his left hand. Holding half of the boxed ice cream, his right hand is catching the mosquitoes on his leg.

The young man looked up and saw them. He smiled before saying a word. Two small dimples appeared on his cheeks, looking like a shy college student.

When the young man laughed like this, the last trace of anger in the hearts of the two drivers disappeared without a trace. The two looked at each other, and the overweight master took the lead and said: “Little brother, it’s such a hot day, what are you doing here? ”

The young man bent down and picked up the wooden sign he had placed at the root of the tree, and handed it to the two of them: “Two big brothers, are you fortune-telling?”

The thin driver stretched out his neck and saw that there was a black old wooden sign between the palms of an adult man. It was written with a brush, “Iron mouth, magic calculation, three trigrams every month. Sincerity is the spirit, and fate is the calculation.”

This is also blunt. If it doesn’t work, it’s because of insincereness. It doesn’t matter if the number of fortune-telling in a month exceeds the number of hexagrams, anyway, if you have fate, you can count more. Young people nowadays are too impatient, and don’t know how to deceive people.

However, it is also possible to meet on such a hot day. They quarreled so much that there was no one to watch the excitement, which shows how hot it is today. The thin driver wiped the sweat off his face, “Little brother, have you forgotten this month?”

Today is the last day of June. Isn’t he still calculating the three trigrams of each month? Then this business is really bleak.

The ice cream in the young man’s hand was almost melted. He threw the wooden sign aside at random, lowered his head and quickly ate the ice cream into his stomach, turned and threw it, and the ice cream box flew into the trash can two meters away from him.

“There is still a divination this month. Who is interested in the two elder brothers?” The young man took out an unopened wet tissue in his trouser pocket, opened it and wiped his mouth and hands, not in a hurry to persuade the two of them to believe in himself. Turn around and throw the used tissues into the trash.

“Little brother, you are young, so why…” Why did you do this?

When the fat driver saw that this young man was neatly dressed and young, but he was doing such a deceptive business, he really didn’t know what to say.

However, this young man was extremely calm. Hearing the fat driver’s words, his face did not change at all. He just looked at them with a smile, and the dimples on his cheeks were looming, which made people really disgusted with him.

“How much does it cost?” the thin driver asked casually.

The young man stretched out a slap.


The young man shook his head, “Five hundred.”

The skinny driver’s face changed and he said helplessly: “Little brother, it’s not that I don’t believe you, but that five hundred is too expensive.” When he went back to report the account book with his wife, he said that he took five hundred yuan to tell his fortune, his wife. Will believe it?

And he felt that if this kid hadn’t looked harmless, he would have rolled his eyes and left because of this lion’s open mouth behavior.

The young man smiled without saying a word. He didn’t tell the thin driver Amway how accurate he was in his fortune-telling, nor did he say that he was willing to lower the price, as if it was not him who was going to fortune-telling just now, but someone else.

The three people stopped talking, and the atmosphere was filled with a faint, unspeakable embarrassment.

After two minutes, the fat driver glanced at the red envelopes on the young man’s legs that were bitten by the mosquitoes, touched his wallet, took out three red tickets from the inside and stuffed them into his hands: “Little brother, this business It’s not easy to do. It’s hot at noon, so you go back to rest early and find a decent job. Don’t do this in the future.”

His own child seemed to be not much younger than this young man. At this moment, he was hiding in the house and playing air-conditioning games, but the young man came out alone to do this kind of thing. As long as the family’s conditions are good, which parent is willing to bear the hardship?

After saying this, he looked a little embarrassed and said: “I’m not fortune-telling, you can spend the money.”

The young man looked at the three hundred-yuan bills in his hand, smiled, put away the old black wooden sign on the floor, and said: “Big brother is kind, I will break the case today.”

The fat driver saw him with such a serious appearance, he could only smile and said, “Forget it, forget it, go home and rest soon after finishing the calculation.”

“My eldest brother has been born with the expectation of his parents in this life. He has been loved by his parents since he was a child. He married his wife in his twenties and was in harmony with his wife. He had children and no daughters, right?” The young man leaned on the tree trunk, his voice soft, like a one. The fresh breeze makes people happy both physically and mentally.

But the fat driver was shocked, because the other party was too accurate. His parents were married for many years and failed to give birth to children, but they finally had him and they were very spoiled for him. When he was in college, he met his current wife, so two years after graduation, they got married and gave birth to a son.

The thin driver’s helplessness became more obvious when he saw the fat driver’s shocked look. Nowadays, fortune tellers like to play this set. They say how you have been since childhood, how your family is. In fact, as long as you are a strong observant, you can guess some clues from the words and deeds of the other party. This is basically the so-called Fortune-telling has nothing to do with it.

Just when the thin driver thought that the other party would continue to pull a lot of things to win people’s trust, the young man didn’t even say anything else.

“No one has a perfect destiny. He who can be perfect is already loved by heaven.” The young man glanced at the fat driver’s forehead. “If you believe me, big brother, when you go home today, One way to avoid catastrophe.”

Having said this, he carried the wooden sign in his hand and still had three hundred dollars to maintain the mysterious and expert status, and slowly walked out of the sight of the two of them.

Thin driver: There seems to be something wrong with this routine…

But he didn’t have time to think about it anymore, because the traffic police rushed over and began to deal with the incident. But with the previous experience of hiding under the tree together, the two took a step back and the matter was quickly settled.

After a busy day outside, when the fat driver was about to go home, it was already after nine o’clock in the evening. Because the car was sent for repair, he could only take the bus home. When he got off the night bus, when he was about to cross the alley, he tripped over a brick under his feet, and suddenly remembered the young man with dimples he met at noon.

He looked at the empty alley, hesitated for two seconds, and finally turned around to go home in a circle.

Not a few steps away, he heard a loud noise suddenly in the alley, as if some heavy object had fallen. His heart trembled, he quickly turned around and ran back, stunned by the sight of the alley.

Not far from the entrance of the alley, a lot of cement, bricks, etc. were dropped. It turned out that a family’s balcony collapsed and the whole fell.

If he just walked this way…

On this hot summer night, he couldn’t help but shiver.

“Money, you are our second parent!”

“Yes, I love you for ten thousand years.”

“Get off, I don’t love you.” Qi Yan disgusted his roommate aside, then put the dinner he brought back for them on the table, “You divide it by yourself, I’ll take a shower.”

The roommates watched him take out a wooden sign from his body, they were very calm, they had long been used to Qi Yan occasionally going out to pretend to be a magic stick.

After taking a shower, the three in the dormitory had finished their dinner, and the whole room was full of food. He stretched his leg, kicked the stool in front of him, walked to his study desk and sat down, turned on the computer, and donated 300 yuan to a charity.

The teacher is instructed to give people three trigrams every month. The money from these trigrams cannot be used for oneself, but can only be used for good deeds.

“I’m going back to my hometown the day after tomorrow,” the boss smiled reluctantly. “The family arranged for me the work, the salary is not high, but it is stable.” He didn’t have much dissatisfaction with the arrangement at home, but he was about to talk to his brothers. Separately, some reluctant.

All four of them calmed down when they mentioned this topic.

The four brothers have lived in the same house for four years, and now they have to go their separate ways, who can be happy.

“Tomorrow our brothers will go out for a big meal, I’ll treat!” Wang Hang is the third in the dormitory, a native of the imperial capital, and the family is also wealthy. “Don’t forget the rich and honorable!”

“Okay, go to the big family tomorrow.”

“Don’t eat the right ones, just eat the expensive ones!”

Qi Yan turned off the computer and said, “First serve a few cups of Wuyi Dahongpao, and then get a copy of all kinds of rare seafood. What do you think?”

“Qianqian makes sense. It’s best to order a few more portions and pack them back for supper when you can’t finish them.”

Speaking of eating, the atmosphere in the bedroom finally relaxed.

For the hard-working and brave Chinese people, there is nothing that food cannot solve. If one meal fails, then two meals.

The brothers chatted until they went to bed very late. As the graduation season was approaching, there were four people in their dormitory. Some went back to their hometown, some continued to study in graduate school, and some went home to inherit their careers. Each decided on a different path.

Qi Yan turned over on the bed and fell asleep, then he had a dream in a daze.

Someone in the ear kept talking to him, and then slapped him on the forehead.


Qi Yan sat up abruptly from the bed, the old air conditioner in the bedroom was still blowing, the sound was loud, but the cooling effect was not strong, and the effect of adjusting the gear to 24 degrees was only 27 degrees. He yawned, wiped his forehead, glanced outside the window that was still not lit, retracted into the quilt and continued to sleep.

Outside the window, the half-circle moon pierced through the clouds, and the bright moonlight entered the window, casting a faint moonlight on the sleeping Qi Yan.


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