The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 10

Cen Baihe listened to the host with a slightly sharp and excited voice, dragging a long tone to describe the appearance of a good-hearted person who was brave and brave. The more he listened, the more he felt that the porridge in the bowl was difficult to swallow. He looked up and watched the TV. The boy was rescued. ‘S parents are facing the camera thanking the kind people. A piece of news was broadcast for five or six minutes, but there were no clear photos of well-wishers, let alone the first name or last name.

In the end, this news topic ended with the host’s sentence “A good man lives in peace”. Cen Baihe put down and only ate one-third of the porridge. He shrank into the bed and didn’t want to move anymore.

When Liang Feng came, he saw that there was not much food on the table and helped Cen Baihe move the bed table aside, “Cen, do you have something like this?”

“No appetite.” Seeing him empty-handed, Cen Baihe picked up the remote control and turned off the TV. “It’s so late, what are you doing here?”

“I just heard the news that the old man seems to be going to rebuild the ancestral house. Recently, he is looking for a good Feng Shui.” Liang Feng saw that Cen Baihe still didn’t have much expression on his face, and added, “It is said that someone told the old man that the ancestral house is new. After being in disrepair for a long time, Feng Shui may have changed, which may harm the lifespan of the offspring, and the old man made the decision to do this.”

As we all know, among the five brothers of the Cen family, only Cen Baihe was sick and weak since childhood. The father’s tossing was probably for him.

The youngest son, the eldest grandson, the lifeblood of the old man. The old man really felt painful to his old son Cen Baihe, and he was more concerned about his grandchildren.

Cen Baihe frowned slightly, watching what Liang Feng wanted to say, but finally fell silent.

His appearance fell in Liang Feng’s eyes. He didn’t know what to say for a while. After sitting with him for a while, Liang Feng spoke again: “Maybe it’s useful?”

It’s a pity that after he spoke these words, he only got a cold look in Cen Baihe’s eyes.

“Okay,” Liang Feng shrugged, “I just think that in such a big world, maybe there is some mysterious power that we don’t know, right?”

Cen Baihe slightly raised the corners of his mouth, looking a little indifferent and fearless: “Okay, it’s not early, you go back early.”

Seeing this, Liang Feng couldn’t persuade him anymore, and after reporting the company’s situation to Cen Baihe, he got up and left.

When passing by the nurse’s station, he suddenly remembered the content of the nurses chatting a few days ago. An expert showed Feng Shui at the patient’s home and soon woke up. He didn’t believe this statement at all in his heart, but thinking of the boss’s indifferent look through life and death, he stopped and turned to look at the nurses on duty.

It may be that he was lucky, and he saw the nurse who was talking about this gossip that day. He stepped forward and knocked on the desk of the nurse station and glanced at the work card hanging on the nurse. “Miss Zhang, I’m sorry to disturb you. I want to ask you a question, do you have time?”

Nurse Zhang never thought that the people around the big man would find herself. She was stunned and turned to look at the head nurse sitting next to her. Seeing the head nurse nodding, she stood up and said, “Mr. Liang, please speak.”

Liang Feng looked around and said to Nurse Zhang: “I heard you say a few days ago that a patient who was almost a vegetative awakened. Could you please contact her family for me?”

Nurse Zhang heard the words and said: “Please wait a moment. I will contact the patient’s family and get his consent for this matter.”

Liang Feng smiled and nodded: “You have work.”

Du Dong has been in a good mood recently, and his chubby body is windy when he walks. My mother’s operation was successful. I can go home after recuperating for a while. My wife’s health is also mostly recovered. My daughter is still alive and clamoring to go to school. The company has received new capital injection and has a smooth turnover. All this is as good as The days before half a month were like nightmares.

So when he learned that Cen Wuye’s assistant contacted him, although he didn’t know why the other party was looking for him, he went to meet him politely.

“Superior?” Du Dong’s heart jumped, and a gentle smile was squeezed out on his face. “Mr. Liang, the expert’s whereabouts are uncertain. I will contact him first and then contact you, okay?”

Although he wanted to hug the Cen family’s thigh, he was not a white-eyed wolf. Liang Feng wanted to find Master Qi, but he was unwilling to explain his intentions. If he confessed to Master Qi in this way, what should he do if he brings trouble to Master Qi?

Being a man can’t forget his roots. Master Qi saved their family. He turned his head and sold them for profit. Then who did he become?

Liang Feng could see that Du Dong was not telling the truth. He probably guessed the other person’s mind and did not act too aggressively. He just smiled and said, “I hope Mr. Du can bring me good news.”

Du Dong laughed twice, nodded and said nothing else.

After Qi Yan learned that he had been on the TV station, he hid at home for several days. He was about to vomit when he ate takeout. So when Wang Hang called him and asked him to make a string, he agreed without hesitation.

Business in the night market in summer is very good. The young girls in beautiful clothes, the hospitable guys, and the family group who come out for a walk together are crowded in the narrow and shabby streets, making it extremely lively.

Wang Hang’s car couldn’t get in, so he could only walk in with Qi Yan. In the corner, he found the most prosperous stall and ordered a lot of skewers and two grilled fish.

The two sat down at a simple table, and Wang Hang drank a cold beer: “I met an elementary school classmate a few days ago and said that after his family invited an expert to watch Feng Shui, his luck gradually improved and he said Gao Ren’s surname is Qi, shouldn’t this expert be you?”

“What’s your classmate’s name?” Qi Yan doesn’t like to drink, so he bought a jar of cold herbal tea and drank it slowly.

“His name is Yang Tao. When we met before, his mouth was quite awkward. This time we met a lot.” Wang Hang suddenly felt that the heat in his body had dissipated a lot, and his expression relaxed.” Tell me quickly, is the expert their family invited you?”

Qi Yan nodded and said: “I just met, so I helped to take a look.”

Hearing that, Wang Hang approached Qi Yan curiously: “Qianqian, tell your brother, will you really change people’s luck?”

“I won’t change people’s luck, just let people take less detours.” Qi Yan shook his head and said, “There are times in fate, but there is no time to force it.”

“I don’t seem to understand what you said,” Wang Hang scratched his head. “But after thinking about it, it seems that I understand a little bit. It probably means that you are just helping people get what they should get, but you don’t Help people take away things that belong to other people?”

“It’s almost what I mean,” Qi Yan stretched his finger to the top of his head. “If you come around in a random manner, you will be punished.”

Wang Hang looked in admiration. Although he didn’t understand many things, he felt very powerful.

“Last time you helped my house look at Feng Shui, it was a pity that you left when you saw it halfway.” Wang Hang felt a little regretful in his heart, an expression of chagrin on his face.

“What’s the matter? I just need to come to visit at a time,” Qi Yan laughed. “To be honest, I didn’t notice anything bad in your house, so it doesn’t make much difference if I don’t see it.”

Upon hearing this, Wang Hang felt much better. After the boss delivered the skewers, he stopped his mouth after eating a few skewers and said in a low voice, “I heard that the Cen family recently invited a great Feng Shui master at a high price. Would you like to try it?”

Qi Yan directly shook his head and said, “No, the imperial capital is Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and there are all kinds of powerful characters, I won’t join in the fun.”

It’s just that some of these powerful characters have real abilities, some are just fools, and don’t know how to read Feng Shui at all, but a mouth can just say that death is alive. In fact, this can only be called greed, and there is another kind of person called evil.

There are some scammers who not only make money, but also try to kill them. They use quack tricks to get wealth and make some people with little knowledge do stupid things. This kind of talent is the most deserving of a thousand swords.

When he was a child, he once saw a so-called goddess who said that the little girl of a certain family was Kemuk brothers, and then the family believed deeply in what the goddess said, and beat and scolded the little girl. In the end, the little girl could not bear this kind of being. Abusive life, jumped into the river and committed suicide.

After learning of this, the old man told him specifically that this is the evil in human nature. The goddess knew that girls’ parents preferred sons over daughters and the family’s economic conditions were not very good, so she caught their mentality and talked nonsense.

There are also acts of not seeing a doctor when being sick, and asking gods to drink runes, all of which are ignorant.

If sickness can be cured by just asking God, what else is there for doctors in this world? How can there be birth, old age, sickness and death?

Seeing more of these ignorant deceptions in remote small towns, Qi Yan became disgusted with these quack swindlers, and now he is unwilling to deal with these real or fake masters.

“I know you don’t want to join in the fun,” Wang Hang wiped his greasy mouth. “The big tree of the Cen family has too many people to hug.”

“The noble person you were going to visit in the hospital before was from the Cen family?” Qi Yan liked to eat chicken wings, so he quickly ate two skewers. He seemed very casual when he mentioned the tone of the Cen family.

“Everyone has to go to the hospital to show sincerity. We don’t make a trip to our house, it won’t look good.” Wang Hang knew very well in his heart that with their family background, ordinary people can still see them, and they can be seen by the Cen family. Come, that’s scum.

He waved his hand: “But no one saw anyone.”

Qi Yan expressed his understanding that human relations are the norm.

When the two of them finished the skewers and were about to go home through the alley, they saw a thin man on the side of the road showing the palms of the two young girls.

If you just look at the palmistry, the man kept touching the hands of one of the little girls, obviously with impure intentions.

The little girl caught her hand realized something was wrong and wanted to retract her hand, but the man held it so tightly that she couldn’t move at all.

Perceiving the little girl’s repulsive behavior, the skinny man said helplessly: “Little girl, I think your boyfriend seems to have other thoughts.”

The little girl looked at the man in surprise, forgetting the struggle.

How does he know he has a boyfriend?

The author has something to say: Xiaoqianqian: Believe in science, not feudal superstition.


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