The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 11

“Little girl, let me tell you that your palmistry is not very good.” The thin man touched the girl’s palm. “Seeing that there is no one here, there are countless branches on the emotional line, which means that the man you met just started paying off. Okay, but afterwards, all of them are indiscriminately, which will eventually lead to the end of your relationship.”

The thin man shook his head regrettably, “You have done evil things in your previous life, and you owe emotional debts. Only then will you pay the debts in this life.”

“Is it such an exaggeration?” The girl’s companion looked at the thin man suspiciously, thinking that what he said must be a lie. What is from the past and present, and is not a literary novel, nonsense, who believes it?

“I know you don’t believe it, but think about it, is this little girl’s emotional path not going smoothly?” The thin man had a firm expression on his face. Before the two girls hadn’t reacted, he continued, “You guys. Young people who have read books always do not believe this, but if you think about it carefully, can everything in the world be explained by science?”

“No, right?” The thin man seemed to unintentionally put down the girl’s hand and shook his head. normal.”

Qi Yan was listening to the liar’s decline from fortune-telling, then to heaven and humanity, and finally a few plausible things. When the two little girls believed him a little bit, they could barely bear it, but they heard each other. After asking for the little girl’s contact information, she finally stepped forward unbearably and patted the thin man on the shoulder.

The thin man was secretly smug, he was about to lie about the contact information of the two little beauties, but he was interrupted when he knew that he was about to succeed.

“Who?!” The thin man turned away impatiently and saw a baby-faced young man standing behind him, his smiled face looking pleasing and harmless. People are born to be less defensive against people with this appearance, and thin men are no exception. He frowned, “Little handsome guy, fortune-telling?”

“Yes, fortune-telling.” Qi Yan bent down and squatted next to the two girls, palms up: “I heard you say so much just now, why don’t you give me the calculation first?”

“Handsome guy, come first, come first, wait until I finish the calculations for these two beauties, and then I’ll do the calculations for you.”

The thin man’s positioning is very accurate, his hobby is women, especially beautiful women. Even if Qi Yan looks like a handsome guy, he will not change his original intentions.

It’s a pity that his positioning is accurate, but it doesn’t mean that Qi Yan will let him achieve his goal. He directly stopped the thin man trying to reach out to the two girls’ hand, and smiled: “Since you don’t want to tell me your fortune, eldest brother, then I’ll do it for you.”

The two girls were originally fainted by the thin man, but now they saw a young handsome guy stopped in front of them, and they realized in a daze that they might have encountered a liar.

“You dropped out of school and left home when you were fifteen years old, you were in jail when you were eighteen, you committed debts when you were twenty-three, and even after thirty years of age, you were smuggled and kidnapped to do everything,” Qi Yan stood up, condescendingly. Looking down at the man, “Now that you are pretending to be a fortune teller to lie to the little girl, you are also very versatile in your life.”

The skinny man’s complexion changed. He didn’t expect anyone to know his past. He glanced around and looked at Qi Yan vigilantly: “Who are you and why do you know about me?”

“Didn’t you talk to the two beauties just now?” Qi Yan smiled faintly, “Fortune-telling is mysterious and mysterious. It can know what ordinary people don’t know and see things that ordinary people can’t see. Then you can’t guess it. I also figured it out. Woolen cloth?”

“Don’t pretend to be a fool, if you can tell your fortunes, then I am your grandpa,” the thin man’s complexion changed and said sternly, “I advise you not to be nosy, or you won’t end up well. .”

“I don’t need to care about whether I will end well, but I know you will definitely not end well.” Qi Yan grabbed his hand and tore it **** his face. The beard on his face suddenly fell off.

Seeing that his disguise was dismantled, the thin man didn’t care about anything else, so he turned around and wanted to run, but Qi Yan had expected him to behave this way earlier, and grabbed his shirt with one hand, no matter how hard he tried, he broke free. not open.

When the two girls involved saw this, they took out their mobile phones and wanted to call the police. They didn’t know that they were not moving fast enough. Two policemen came here before pressing the three numbers.

“Brother policeman, here!” Seeing the whole process of Qi Yan debunking the scam and single-handedly defeating the enemy, Wang Hang was stunned. He finally recovered when he saw the police coming over and beckoned the police to notice them.

Seeing the police coming over, the thin man struggled even harder. He seemed to be extremely afraid of the police and did not dare to let them see his face. It’s a pity that the harder he struggles, the stronger Qi Yan’s hand will become, and he will be locked tightly around him like a pair of pliers.

“What’s the matter with you?” The two police officers walked over, looked at Qi Yan, and then at the thin man who was covering his face and didn’t dare to look up. Finally, he calmed down a bit and looked at Qi Yan, who seemed to be more talkative.

“Brother policeman, this is the case. I came out after dinner with my friend and saw this man pretending to be a fortune teller and deceiving others. I was worried that the two girls had something to do, so I just stared at him.” Qi Yan looked innocent. , “I don’t know that the more I look at him, the more I feel that he is a wanted criminal on a wanted order, so I deliberately pretended to be a scam to dismantle him, waiting for you to arrive.”

The wanted? !

When the two policemen heard this, their attitudes suddenly became more serious. They turned around and saw the thin man shivering with fright. They believed Qi Yan’s statement by three points without realizing it.

Finally, they took several people present back to the police station, including the two girls who were almost deceived. In the end, I didn’t know, I was shocked when I asked, the thin man who was caught was really a wanted criminal. Not only did he have a criminal record, he was later wanted for robbery and attempted rape. The police have never found anyone. He didn’t expect that he would become so thin from a man of medium build in just over a month. Coming out as a fortune teller to bluff and deceive.

However, his face is round in the photos on the wanted order, and now he is so thin that he is sunken. How did this young man recognize people?

In this regard, Qi Yan’s statement is a coincidence, and he is not sure about it himself. Although the police felt that this was a coincidence, they were still very grateful to him, an enthusiastic citizen, for helping the police catch the criminal, and promised that the bonus promised on the wanted order would soon be paid to Qi Yan’s account.

After Qi Yan left, the police discovered that the bank account he provided was not his own, but the public bank account of a children’s welfare institution in the Imperial City.

Therefore, Qi Yan, who wanted to fight for wanted criminals and didn’t want bonuses, not only made a wave of favor at the police station, but also let a reporter from a newspaper know about the news. Not only did he get a photo of the face mosaic from the police, but he also eloquently spoke about it. Wrote a praise article and sent it to newspapers and online platforms.

It’s just that the reporter’s writing is so vivid that he almost wrote the story of the wise fight against wanted criminals as scenes of martial arts masters catching robbers, which caused many melon-eating netizens who didn’t know the truth hahahaha, and then sighed about how brave this young guy was. There is justice in his heart, but not many people really care about it.

There are also a few people who noticed that this young man did not even ask for the bonus, but asked the police to transfer the bonus to the orphanage. Therefore, they praised this young man and believed that such a positive person is needed in this society. It will make life better and better.

Wang Hang was hiding at home, scrawling through the news on the Internet, feeling proud and proud, but he couldn’t tell these netizens that the brave brother was his roommate, so he felt uncomfortable.

In the end, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I sent a WeChat message to my WeChat Moments, and I felt better in my heart.

Wang Hang: My buddies are brave and proud of what is right.

In a short while, a few people gave him a thumbs up, and some people asked him who this buddy was. After reading these curious messages, Wang Hang calmly closed the circle of friends.

Seeing that these people didn’t know anything, but they were still curious, he felt satisfied.

Qi Yan doesn’t play Weibo or WeChat Moments, so he knows almost nothing about things on the Internet.

When he received Du Dong’s call, he was eating watermelon while blowing on the air conditioner, and he was very happy. After hearing what Du Dong said, Qi Yan calmly spit out the watermelon seeds in his mouth, “Since this gentleman is curious about me, you can bring him to meet him. As for other things, it depends on fate.”

“I see, Master Qi, I’m bothering you to rest.” Du Dong hung up the phone and heaved a sigh of relief. Regardless of whether the master is willing to help Liang Feng, at least he has already done what he should do. No blame on his head.

Liang Feng learned that the master in Du Dong’s mouth was not willing to take the initiative to see him, but after he came to visit him, he raised his eyebrows first, and then said to Du Dong: “Thank you, boss Du, for your help. If you are free now, just Come with me?”

He offers such a high price to people who are unmoved, whether it is real high or fake acting, it is worth his personal trip.

What can such a calm person do that can’t be done?

After the two got into the car, Liang Feng said: “Mr. Du, I don’t know what is magical about this expert?”

Du Dong knew that Liang Feng still didn’t believe in Master Qi’s abilities, so he said: “Mr. Liang, Master Qi is a real master. When you see him, don’t neglect.”

“So powerful?” Seeing Du Dong’s attitude, Liang Feng became even more curious about the expert in his mouth.

If this person is not very capable, it would not allow Du Dong to risk offending Cen Wuye and say these things.


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