The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 12

Fu Zhuan uses its own aura to draw unique lines, so as to attract the aura of heaven and earth, and use the power of nature to improve one’s abilities to achieve a certain goal.

Not long after Qi Yan learned to pick up a pen, he learned to scribble like a master, but something that he didn’t expect actually caused a fluctuation in his spiritual energy. It was precisely because of this that the master concluded that he was born to follow this path. people.

From the age of four to twenty-two, Qi Yan drew a total of eighteen years of talisman, but he could only remember some of them in his mind, but he could not draw them. The old man once told him that he fits too well with the spirit of the five elements. It is okay to draw some symbols such as praying for blessings, praying for peace, praying for rain, and sending rain. If you draw some seals that bring bad luck, it may affect it. The fortune of the people around you.

So when he really mastered the technique of making talisman, he easily did not draw talisman, because he had no intention to change the fate of others.

Just when I drew myself a safe talisman and hung it on the wall, and was about to draw another blessing talisman, he received a call from Du Dong. Du Dong had already brought the Mr. Liang to the downstairs.

He glanced at the unfolded talisman paper, put aside the cinnabar pen, and left the study.

Liang Feng followed Du Dong with a distorted expression. In his imagination, even if an expert does not live in a retro-style villa, he still lives in a good place surrounded by mountains and rivers. A person like this who is crowded with countless ordinary people in ordinary elevator buildings is really amazing. Grandmaster?

Is it a liar who fools you?

When Du Dong pressed the elevator, he took a special look, and the number of floors was 7. It seems that this expert is not taboo in terms of numbers.

There was no one else in the elevator, so the two of them quickly reached the 7th floor. Du Dong led him to a door on the corner. It was fine. The house number was 704.

Before his hand could go dark, the door opened from the inside. Liang Feng glanced at the young man standing behind the door, with a very pleasing face. Could it be that he was a master’s apprentice?

Fortunately, he didn’t speak out the doubt in his mind, because the next moment he saw Du Dong nodding and bowing to the young man, carefully putting a bunch of rare supplements he had brought on the table in the dining room.

He glanced inside and found that the layout of the whole house didn’t look big, at most it had an area of ​​eighty or ninety square meters, and the decoration was no different from that of ordinary people, and there was no sense of mystery that an expert should have.

At this moment, the young man in a white shirt suddenly turned his head and glanced at him. Liang Feng didn’t know how to describe this look, but at that moment, he felt like he was seen through by this young man. He had stepped out. The steps were not consciously retracted.

“Please come in.” The young man didn’t seem to see his gaffe at this moment, narrowed his eyes and smiled at him, then turned to the kitchen.

Liang Feng came back to his senses, walked into the living room, leaned on Du Dong and sat down on the sofa, and took a look around. The living room made people feel that there was a sense of indescribable comfort and security. He even thought, if Staying here for a while, he might fall asleep unsuspectingly.

“Mr. Liang,” Du Dong whispered to Liang Feng, “are you here this time for fortune-telling or for feng shui?”

Liang Feng smiled and said, “Master Qi is good at both?”

Seeing that Liang Feng still seemed to be skeptical, Du Dong wanted to open up a few more explanations, but at this time Qi Yan had already walked out with the tea, and he closed his mouth in awe. Now he has infinite awe and trust in Qi Yan, only to confess him.

The three cups of tea were arranged one by one. Qi Yan sat down diagonally above Liang Feng. He was not in a hurry to ask Liang Feng what he was coming from, but said to Du Dong: “Look at Mr. Du’s expression, I am afraid that he has already come here?”

“I would also like to thank the master for helping me. Du is grateful.” Du Dong got up and bowed to Qi Yan.

Qi Yan sat down on the sofa and received the gift, but after Du Dong sat down, he filled Du Dong’s teacup with water, “If the water is full, it will overflow, and the moon will be full. Although Mr. Du has survived the catastrophe of life, Also remember the principle of accumulating goodness into virtue, and don’t lose sight of it and cause misfortune again.”

Du Dong nodded repeatedly, and decided to donate a sum of money to the welfare institution after he went back.

Everyone who knows how to look at pictures is very sensitive to micro expressions, so after Du Dong nodded, Qi Yan smiled, and then turned to look at Liang Feng: “I don’t know what’s wrong with Mr. Liang?”

Liang Feng took a sip of tea. The tea was very ordinary, but the taste was exceptionally unique and fragrant. He put down his teacup and said in a low posture: “Today I rushed to disturb Master Qi because there is something unclear in my mind. I hope the master can help. One trigram.”

“From the point of view below, Mr. Liang has been a talented son of heaven from childhood to most of the time, and he has the appearance of supporting the hero. If a talent like you was born in troubled times, he might become a generation of famous ministers. People like you, Is there something that can’t be solved, I have to find someone like me to help?” Qi Yan said this, chuckled, “I think you are not for yourself, but for someone else.”

Liang Feng’s expression moved slightly, and then he smiled slightly: “Master Qi is joking, and he is only ignorant of learning, how can he have such an ability.”

Qi Yan glanced at him and didn’t argue with him about this issue. He poured a half dish of water from the teacup and pushed it in front of Liang Feng: “Mr. Liang write a word for me to see.”

Liang Feng stretched out his hand, dipped his index finger in the tea, and a trace of coolness passed from his fingertips into his heart. He shook his hand, and before he wrote the words, he dropped a lot of water on the tabletop. He raised his head to look at Qi Yan, and saw that the expression on his face had not changed, he lowered his head and continued to write.

This character is beautifully written, vigorous and powerful, with extraordinary momentum.


Qi Yan carefully observed the word, “Good word, what does Mr. Liang want to ask?”

“I want to know whether the things I worry about now can turn the crisis into peace.” Liang Feng’s words were very vague, obviously he did not trust Qi Yan’s ability.

“Difficult.” Qi Yan pointed to the water droplets that Liang Feng accidentally dropped on the tabletop just now. “There is something on the top, and the crane is about to fly but it is difficult to spread its wings. If Mr. Liang asks for someone else, then this person should have been weak and sick since childhood. Body. But the word “Crane” has always meant auspicious longevity and happiness in Chinese culture. Although this person is frail and sick, he is loved by his family. Although there are imperfections, there are also places that are enviable.”

After Qi Yan uttered the word “difficult”, Liang Feng’s face was not so good. After hearing what Qi Yan said, he continued to ask: “Is there no place to turn around?”

“Heaven’s compassion will always leave a ray of life to all things in the world,” Qi Yan stretched out his hand and brushed the tabletop, the word “Crane” turned into a blur of water and could no longer be distinguished, “It’s just that Mr. Liang looks at me too high. Now, I don’t even know the birth date of this person, so how can I deduce everything?”

Liang Feng was silent for a moment: “Master Qi, where can you find the glimmer of life you mentioned?”

Qi Yan observed this man named Liang. He had a good appearance, clear eyebrows, and slightly thin lips, but he had righteousness in his eyes, and his luck was white with red. The whole body was still slightly stained with imperceptible purple qi, but this purple. Qi is not his own, but is given back to him by the people around him.

As the saying goes, “one person can get to the heavens”, sometimes a person with a very good fate will let the people around him also follow the good luck. This is the true meaning of hugging the thigh.

“With all due respect, there should be someone with a very prosperous life around Mr. Liang. This person not only makes your fortune better and better, but also allows you to avoid some unnecessary twists and turns,” Qi Yan took out a paper towel and wiped it off. The cup of tea in the palm of the hand, “Mu Xing meets the main star, Miao Xing touches the glory of the main star. The more prosperous the main star, the brighter the main star, and the weaker the main star, so the main star will be dimmed. I think… Mr. Liang should be for your boss. Come?”

The peace on Liang Feng’s face finally couldn’t be stretched. He had repeatedly confirmed with Du Dong before coming. Du Dong did not tell Master Qi his identity, but what the other party said now all fit his current situation.

He believed that with Du Dong’s courage, he would never dare to collude with this young Master Qi to deceive him. Is there such a mysterious thing in the world?

“Master Qi is really eye-catching, there is nothing we can’t know,” Liang Feng gritted his teeth and made up his mind, “I don’t know when the master will be free, can you ask the master to take a look at the face of our boss?”

When Du Dong heard this, the whole person was stunned. Mr. Liang’s boss… isn’t it Cen Wuye? !

Cen Wuye’s body, no one in the entire capital knows whether it will survive thirty-five years, and it is hard to save the gods. Calling Master Qi now, wouldn’t it be troublesome for Master Qi? But he could only think about these words in his heart, and didn’t dare to say it clearly, so he had to wink Qi Yan secretly, hoping that he would not agree to Liang Feng’s request.

“Crane…” Qi Yan had an indescribable affection for creatures like Baihe since he was a child. He smiled and looked at Liang Feng with anticipation: “Mr. Liang, you can’t force this kind of thing. It’s a good time to meet each other.”

Du Dong breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but fortunately Master Qi did not agree to this request.

“However, if the matter is really unresolvable, Mr. Liang can call me.” Qi Yan handed a business card to Liang Feng, “The ability to play is meager, so I can only do my best, Mr. Liang just don’t mind.”

“Boom boom boom!”

The knock outside the door interrupted Liang Feng’s words that he hadn’t said yet. He looked at this colorless business card with black letters on the white background and carefully put it into his wallet. He has always been exquisite, not knowing whether it was intentional or unintentional, and he did not return his business card to the other party.

Qi Yan didn’t care about this question either. He got up and opened the door. There were four men in the same dress and style standing outside. The man in the lead looked at him from head to toe, and then said: “May I ask if it’s Master Qi Yan. ?”

The author has something to say: Qianqian: I pretend to be mysterious, even I am afraid of myself.


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