The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 13

Qi Yan glanced at the four men outside. These four men looked firm and bluffing all over. But he could tell at a glance that these people weren’t like big brothers in the underworld, they should have been trained in the army.

The four people standing outside found that there were others in the house, especially when they saw Liang Feng sitting inside the house, their eyes changed slightly.

“Sorry, Mr. Cen, take the liberty to interrupt.” The man who spoke took out an invitation letter with a bronzing blue background and handed it to Qi Yan, “I have heard of Mr. Qi’s name for a long time, and come here today, please accept this invitation. letter.”

Qi Yan accepted this invitation letter. It turned out that someone invited him to see Feng Shui, and it was signed by Cen Qiusheng.

Cen Qiusheng?

Qi Yan looked at the strange name, looked up at the four men standing at the door, and said with a smile, “It seems that Mr. Cen is a great man.” Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such a big tone. Invite a master?

It is commendable that ordinary people can invite a truly capable master, but this Mr. Cen intends to invite several people over, showing that he has the confidence to dare to do this kind of thing.


Qi Yan remembered the Cen family that Wang Hang had mentioned to him. Could it be this family? He had no interest in joining in the excitement, and did not expect the excitement to be delivered to his door.

Closing the invitation, Qi Yan’s tone was flat: “Sorry, I may not have time by then, I’m afraid I will disappoint Mr. Cen’s kindness.”

The four of them didn’t expect that someone would reject the invitation of the Cen family. Knowing that the other famous masters just gave a little airing and agreed, there was really no one like this young man who refused so directly. So at this moment, they are at a loss.

“As the saying goes, saving one’s life is better than building a seventh-level floating tutu. I also ask Master Qi to think about it.” In the end, the man headed the first reacted, and he said sincerely, “I beg you.”

Qi Yan observed these four people carefully and found that there was a very faint purple aura on them. If he looked closely, he could not find it.

What a good day today is, he has already seen several people dyed in purple.

This Cen Qiusheng should be a very expensive person, and a person with good fortune and merit. This kind of people either saved a lot of people or made a great contribution to mankind, otherwise they would not be able to achieve such an effect.

Thinking of this, Qi Yan raised the invitation letter in Yang’s hand: “I know, I will consider it.”

Seeing Qi Yan’s unpleasant attitude, the four of them didn’t know if he would be there, and after looking at each other, they politely left.

After the four of them got in the car and left the community, some people doubted: “Do you think Master Qi is really hopeless, or does he have no real ability and feel guilty in his heart?”

The partner sitting next to him said nonchalantly: “Whether he is really capable or acting, Mr. Cen asked us to send him invitations. We have already sent them. It is his business whether he comes or not.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, Mr. Cen will send him invitations, indicating that this person must have real material,” the headed one frowned, “and you haven’t found out that the fifth master’s assistant is also at Master Qi’s house. ?”

“Fifth Young Master’s assistant?!” The person who spoke at the beginning had a weird expression, “This Master Qi is really such a good man, even the people around the Five Young Master came to visit?”

This time, Mr. Cen was invited by all the famous masters of the emperor. Only this master Qi was young and had no reputation. I really don’t know how Mr. Cen would consider inviting such a person.

“Master Qi,” Liang Feng stood up and said, “I disturb you today.”

“You’re polite.” Qi Yan nodded slightly, and put the invitation card in his hand on the table, as if what he had put down was just a piece of paper, not the invitation letter written by the old man of the Cen family. Liang Feng’s eyes swept back and forth on the invitation, and he euphemistically reminded: “Master Qi, sometimes it’s fate to visit the door specially, why don’t you try it?”

“Maybe you are right,” Qi Yan smiled lightly, lacking interest in the things in the invitation letter.

When Liang Feng saw this, he couldn’t say more and said goodbye to Qi Yan. Qi Yan didn’t keep him. After he and Du Dong both left, Qi Yan picked up the invitation letter and looked at it carefully.

The invitation letter is exquisite, the content is all handwritten, the pen is vigorous, like a dragon flying with phoenix, it is very beautiful. The handwriting and content of the inscription are exactly the same. Either the invitation letter was written by the inviter himself, or the invitation letter was written by someone else from beginning to end, including the inscription.

But instinct told Qi Yan that this invitation letter might have been written by Cen Qiusheng himself.

Qi Yan smiled after brushing the words on it.

The weather at the end of July was too hot to breathe. Today is the day when Cen Qiusheng is going to show Feng Shui master to see the Feng Shui of the old house, so all the Cen family can stay at home sitting in the living room.

The four masters invited by Cen Qiusheng have arrived one after another. These people, with apprentices or assistants, all look like masters. It only takes a glance to make people feel that they have real abilities. . And these four masters have their own styles, some with a childlike look, some with one eye missing, and a bright head. The more normal one is the last Master Zhao, who is tall and thin with rimless eyes. He looks like a scholar from the beginning of the last century. He is very bookish.

The four masters also knew each other, and all smiled and nodded to each other as a greeting.

If ordinary people invited people like this, they would have changed their faces long ago, but the person who invited them was Elder Cen, so they rushed over, even if they were not satisfied in their hearts, they would have to look happy.

Everyone waited for a while. Seeing that Cen Qiusheng was still sitting on the sofa and did not intend to leave, they were a little curious. Are they waiting for others?

“Dad,” the boss of the Cen family glanced at his watch, “it’s getting late, we won’t leave, it will be too late to get to the old house.”

“What’s the hurry,” Cen Qiusheng said slowly, holding the crutches, “the people are not there yet.”

The boss of the Cen family glanced at the four masters. These masters have all arrived, who else hasn’t been there?

It’s a pity that Cen Qiusheng didn’t satisfy his elder son’s curiosity. He just looked towards the door of the villa and didn’t say much.

Qi Yan got out of the taxi and was stopped by two men in shirts and black vests before they walked through the gate. Because of his white shirt and jeans style, he was so neatly like a college student, the bodyguard who looked after the door of the Cen family did not consider him an invited person at all.

The other masters are always shouting and cuddling, coming in luxury cars, like Qi Yan, a young man with a tender face and a single-handed man who takes a taxi. It is not in their consideration at all.

It wasn’t until Qi Yan took out the invitation letter that he walked into the door with the shocked eyes of the bodyguards. Some bodyguards even worried that he was a fake master and sent him all the way to the door, then turned and walked back.

“Sorry, Mr. Cen, dear masters, I am stuck in traffic on the road, and everyone has been waiting for a long time.” Qi Yan walked into the sight of everyone generously, and then apologized to everyone. In fact, the time stated on the invitation letter arrived at twelve o’clock, and there is still an hour before twelve o’clock, so he is not late.

The four masters looked at Qi Yan suspiciously. This young man was the one Mr. Cen insisted on waiting?

Although the identity of this young man is still unclear, the four of them nodded to him very well.

“Master Qi, welcome.” Cen Qiusheng stood up with his crutches, “Thank you for coming here today. The car prepared for you is already waiting outside, and several masters will come with me.”

The four masters who arrived first realized that this young man was not a relative of the Cen family, but just like them, watching Feng Shui for the old house of the Cen family.

However, none of the four of them saw the young Qi Yan in their eyes. All four of them have apprentices, and I am afraid they are a little older than Qi Yan. It’s clear though.

If you really have great abilities, how can you not even be able to hire an assistant? This is also a bit shabby.

Everyone followed Cen Qiusheng out of the gate of the villa, and saw a row of black cars parked outside, reflecting the dazzling light in the sun. The uniformly dressed bodyguard walked to the door, bent over and opened the door, and stood quietly aside, waiting for the masters to take their seats.

“Dad,” the second child of the Cen family is a daughter. She held Cen Qiusheng’s hand, glanced across the five masters, and said to Cen Qiusheng, “Dad, who is that young Master Qi?”

Cen Qiusheng shook his head: “I’m not sure how capable he is, but I checked a few things he did when he came in, and I’m sure he is capable.”

There is still a difference between ability and ability, but Miss Cen Er did not say this, anyway, there are four other real masters present, and I am not afraid of what will happen to the foundation this time.

Thinking of her frail and sickly brother, she shook her head. If the doctor said there was no way, it would actually be just a psychological comfort to find these so-called masters.

Thinking like this in her heart, she didn’t dare to say anything. Instead, she bent down and helped her father to get into the car. As soon as she sat in with her, she saw a black Bentley coming in front of her, looking at the license plate number that looked like her brother Chang. The car in.

Thinking of this, she immediately got out of the car. Isn’t Bai He in the hospital? Why did she come back at this time?

Cen Baihe saw a row of cars parked at the door of the old house, and knew that his dad was going to invite these masters who didn’t know the truth or not. He took the handkerchief, coughed a few times while covering his mouth, then opened the door and walked down.

“Five less.”

“Five Young Masters!”

People outside call Cen Baihe the fifth master, but at the Cen family’s side, he is the fifth youngest of these people.

He glanced across everyone’s faces, then walked to Cen Qiusheng’s car window and said, “Dad, where are you going?”


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