The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 15

“Second sister, I’m okay,” Cen Baihe pursed his mouth slightly, revealing a smile that is too small to be easy. But this expression was enough to make the second sister Cen show a big smile happily, and after repeatedly confirming that there was no problem with her younger brother’s body, she left with peace of mind.

After Sister Cen left, Cen Baihe coughed a few times and said to the driver: “Catch up with the car, don’t just stop by the road.”

Although the fifth master’s tone was calm, the driver could still hear the unhappiness in the other’s tone, “Okay, fifth master.”

Cen Baihe didn’t speak any more. He was always taciturn. Although the driver was a little nervous, he still adjusted well.

After the car entered the country road, it was a bit bumpy. The driver drove very carefully, but the road conditions were so bad that it couldn’t stand it. Qi Yan still enjoyed the feeling of riding in the cradle from time to time.

The Cen Wuye next to him was silent all the way, he was sitting in a pile of purple gas, rubbing the other side’s good fortune silently. However, there is no personal relationship between him and Cen Wuye, so these purple qi just floated around him, and there was very little that really touched him.

Although there is only a small amount of glue on it, but thinking about it, I can sit in a large group of purple, such an arrogant thing, tell the old man, the old man may be envious of it.

After driving the car on a country road for nearly an hour, I finally heard it. Cen Qiusheng didn’t take them to see the house immediately, but found a farmhouse to arrange for them to eat.

The lunch was prepared very well, but Qi Yan could see that the faces of the four masters at the same table were not pretty, and it seemed that they had encountered some major problems.

Of course they were worried. This time they came to show the Cen family to show Feng Shui, originally to increase the life fortune of Cen Wuye, but when they saw the face of Cen Wuye himself, they knew that they could not do it.

They can also be regarded as well-known masters in the capital. Although they are not as good as those who rarely show up, they have many celebrities who have been in contact with them. If things are not done this time, it will affect their reputation after it is spread out.

The only thing that cannot be solved by Feng Shui is to use the side door, but they are all righteous sorcerers, how can they use harmful methods to help people continue their lives?

The former damages their reputation, and the latter harms others. The four of them have the knowledge in their hearts, so they are so entangled.

Cen Wuye’s life is too expensive, and the expensive life will be damaged. This kind of prosperous life style, even if they use partiality to solve the life problem, they may not be able to succeed. Sometimes when the fate is too strong, it’s just the sky. Even if others try their best to change, it will only be in vain.

When the four of them were so sad that they had no appetite, Qi Yan, who was eating a lot, was a little conspicuous.

Tianshi Zhao pushed his glasses and smiled and said, “Master Qi has a good appetite.” The young man just doesn’t know the severity. Can he eat this kind of occasion?

“I’m growing up right now, and I feel hungry when I lose a meal.” Qi Yan eats quickly, but he is not rude at all. So when others see him eating, they will only hate him for his appetite. Well, it won’t make people feel sick when he eats.

After hearing Qi Yan’s answer, Tianshi was speechless. At Qi Yan’s age, it was indeed a time when he had a big appetite, but when he could have such a good appetite, what do people like them who are not in the mood to eat?

The bald-headed Master Liu was the fattest of the four masters. He watched Qi Yan eat, and he couldn’t help eating a small bowl with him. After hearing Master Zhao asked Qi Yan, he remembered to put down his chopsticks. Master, do you think there is any good way to deal with this matter today?”

They can’t see Qi Yan’s path clearly, so they have to inquire in advance. If they are a person who likes to use sidelines, they can also remember to stay away from him in the future.

No one in the world does not cherish their feathers, and neither do they. For people like them, if they use partial means to change their lives, even if the country does not know it and will not liquidate them, other people within them will not be able to spare him.

Qi Yan put down his chopsticks, wiped off the oil stains on the corners of his mouth with a paper towel, and shook his head slightly: “The expensive pole must be folded, there is no solution for the time being.”

After hearing this, the four knew that Master Qi was a man of real ability. Generally, a warlock who couldn’t wait for home could only see that Cen Baihe was expensive, but he couldn’t see that this person was extremely expensive.

The four of them did not dare to despise Qi Yan because of his age. Together with the warlocks, there are those who have acquired hard work to achieve success, and there are also those who are born with outstanding abilities. They are naturally good at this. The four of them belong to the middle of the two. Yan may belong to the latter.

Thinking of this, they felt a little pity. If they could meet this young man sooner, they might be able to accept a good apprentice that countless people would envy.

I don’t know who is so lucky to have such a good apprentice. It’s no wonder they have never heard of Qi Yan’s name before. I’m afraid that his master deliberately hid the precious apprentice. Just let him out.

“Master Qi is young and promising. I don’t know who the teacher inherited?” Liu Tianshi’s voice was a little hoarse. Although he lacked one eye, his face was very gentle, like a Taoist who saw through the world, which made people feel good.

Qi Yan smiled and said, “The master is just an unknown sorcerer, not worth mentioning.”

The four of them knew the rules, and the other party didn’t talk about the teacher’s sect, and they would offend if they asked again, so they all made a clear statement and exposed the matter.

“Second sister, I think the faces of those masters don’t seem very good, don’t you…” Boss Cen pulled the sleeves of the second sister and whispered her to see the table where the masters were sitting.

Sister Cen didn’t look back: “Aren’t all people doing this work like this, and how can they show their ability if they don’t make things serious?”

Boss Cen knows that the second sister is a firm atheist, and it is not surprising to hear her speak like this, “What if someone is really good at it?”

Sister Cen looked at him and didn’t speak, she didn’t want these people to be so powerful.

The two turned their heads to look at the younger brother who was sitting next to his father, sitting gracefully and eating well, and felt a little uncomfortable in their hearts.

After everyone had eaten, they continued to ride in the car on the road. But this time, Qi Yan was the only one in the car in which he was sitting. The fifth master Cen probably went to the car in which the Cen family drove.

After driving for about half an hour, the car stopped again. The bodyguard outside opened the car door for Qi Yan. After he got out of the car, he saw a house with blue tiles and red bricks and wooden beams. .

There is no need to think about the value of such a large house in the village of the imperial capital. I don’t know how many entrepreneurs, in order to buy a house in the imperial capital, worked hard to save a down payment. As a result, after entering the house, the mobile phone will receive a text message from the information platform. X Province welcomes you.

“Master Qi,” Boss Cen saw that Qi Yan was still standing there, and he walked to him and made a please gesture, “Do you want to look inside?”

Qi Yan shook his head, and pointed to the hill behind the old house of the Cen family, “I will go and take a look on it.”

“Okay, I’ll accompany you.” Seeing that the others had accompanied the four masters into the old house, Mr. Cen decided to take his two bodyguards to accompany Qi Yan to climb the mountain. Anyway, the mountain is not high and won’t last long. .

The four people followed the stone steps up. There were no crops on the mountain, and there were lush trees all around. The sounds of cicadas and birds one after another, there was a kind of exceptional tranquility.

It took more than 20 minutes for four people to climb up the mountain that didn’t seem to be too high. Qi Yan stood on the top of the mountain and looked at his feet, and found that the old house of the Cen family was located on Crouching Tiger Ground.

Hidden dragons and crouching tigers are either rich or expensive. Judging from the site selection, this is a prosperous land. It can be seen that the Cen family also spent a lot of energy when building this house.

“Good place, Mr. Cen’s ancestor must be a rich family.” Qi Yan put his hand behind him, looking at Cen Lao Dadao, “The people of your ancestors are very discerning.”

No one doesn’t like to listen to good words. Boss Cen thinks that Master Qi hasn’t said a few words from the beginning to the end since he climbed the mountain to the present, but the words he said make people feel happy. Our descendants of the Cen family just renovated on this basis, and did not move the location of the foundation.”

Qi Yan nodded and didn’t say much. When he had seen enough and was about to go down the mountain, a vague figure appeared on the mountain road, and there was a faint coughing sound.

He looked intently and recognized who it was.

The fifth master of the Cen family.


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