The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 16

The flowers are more beautiful in the fog, and everyone is more handsome in the distance. Standing in the mountains, Cen Baihe has a long body and looks like a star. Standing there is almost a painting.

“Fifth Young Master.” After seeing Cen Baihe, the two bodyguards following Boss Cen hurriedly greeted them with a solemn expression on their faces.

Qi Yan glanced at the four people behind Cen Baihe, and then at the two bodyguards who rushed up to greet him. The attitude of this family towards Cen Wuye was like a rare item. In his opinion, this Cen Wuye, except for his poor health, was full of vigor, standing there without speaking, would make people afraid to ignore him.

Cen Baihe did not look at the bodyguards around him. He glanced over the young man standing next to his elder brother, his hands behind his back, his profound attitude completely inconsistent with his baby face.

“Master Qi?” Cen Baihe approached, stood next to Qi Yan, bowed his head and looked at the scenery at the foot of the mountain, and there was a winding river not far away, quiet and beautiful.

Hearing the other party calling himself, Qi Yan returned a smile to the other party.

“How old is the master this year?” Cen Baihe’s tone was calm. Although this question seemed a bit abrupt, his expression was serious, which made people think that this question was very important to him.

“Twenty-two,” Qi Yan asked back, “Where is Cen Wuye?”

Cen Baihe didn’t seem to expect Qi Yan to ask him this question back, his eyelids trembled, “I’m seven years older than you.”

When Mr. Cen heard the conversation between his younger brother and Master Qi, he had an unspeakable feeling in his heart. He thought that several fortune-telling masters had said that his brother could live thirty-five-five years, and he was already loved by God. He felt that his brother would grow one year old every year. , Are all silent torture to them.

After talking about his age, Cen Baihe raised his mouth slightly: “It’s nice to be young.”

Boss Cen almost didn’t burst into tears.

“Mr. Cen is young and promising,” Qi Yan smiled, “Why praise me.”

Cen Baihe laughed lightly, and suddenly said after a long while: “Master Qi said this joke is really good.”

The mountain wind blew, Qi Yan squinted his eyes, opened his eyes and then looked at Cen Baihe, his face was indifferent to see through the world, his eyes were like a pool of stagnant water.

He looked away and chuckled softly: “Mr. Cen, I never make jokes with strangers.”

Cen Baihe looked at him steadily, and said after a long time: “I thought I was in the same car with Master Qi, so I’m an acquaintance.”

Qi Yan smiled and shook his head, stretched out his hand in the air and grabbed it, spreading his palm and handing it to Cen Baihe: “Time is like the wind, you can’t catch it, but when you spread your hand, why didn’t you think about it? In your hands?”

Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan’s hand and did not speak.

Qi Yan smiled, “Mr. Cen, please stretch out your hand.”

Cen Baihe glanced at him and slowly opened his palms. His palms were white and thin, and his palm prints were clear. Only the lifeline was intermittent, and the back became blurred.

When he was eight years old, the old man once said to him that it is also a virtue to help someone who is extremely expensive.

Just when Boss Cen thought Qi Yan would say something, Qi Yan didn’t say anything. His fingers ran across Cen Baihe’s lifeline, and he felt a resistance push his hand away.

After a while, he retracted his hand, curled up his slightly trembling index finger, and turned his head to Cen Old Avenue: “Mr. Cen, the mountain is very windy, let’s go indoors.”

Mr. Cen, who was worried that his younger brother would catch a cold by the wind, wanted to say this a long time ago. Hearing Qi Yan’s words about going down the mountain, he hurriedly agreed.

Cen Baihe looked down at his palm, wondering if it was his illusion. Just now, when the young man named Qi reached out and touched his palm, his palm seemed to be penetrated by a hint of coolness.

The old house of the Cen family is the most traditional kind of old-fashioned courtyard house, but because the Cen family has been careful to maintain the main body of the house, although this house has a history of over a hundred years, it will only make people feel the ancient charm brought by history, rather than dilapidated. .

When Qi Yan walked into the Cen family mansion, the first thing he saw was an osmanthus tree of a few years old in the yard. The osmanthus tree grew very luxuriantly, and the green leaves appeared vibrant.

It is a good choice to plant osmanthus in the yard. Many communities and even parks will load the osmanthus tree. One is because its fragrance is long and not sweet, and the other is because it has the meaning of auspiciousness, wealth and peace, so it won’t make any taboos. .

The whole yard is in the form of “Gathering Blessings”, which means gathering precious energy and benefiting the Quartet. The carved patterns on the window lattices are mainly grapes, double lotus, and pomegranate. I don’t know whether the owner of the house intentionally or unintentionally. I didn’t see anything related to the dragon pattern here, and even the hints related to the leap of the dragon gate by the carp did not appear.

This land is in the trend of crouching tigers. If something related to the dragon appears, it will become a battle between the dragon and the tiger. Not only can it not seek peace and wealth, but it may even cause restlessness in the house and constant struggle with others.

But what’s more interesting is that the introduction of patterns such as weak birds and small animals in Crouching Tiger Land will make this feng shui treasure land more prosperous. The only downside is that it may affect the fortunes of other people nearby. .

With the skill of the ancestors of the Cen family, it is impossible for the invited Feng Shui to not know this, but Qi Yan did not see this in this house.

Standing in front of the gate of the Cen family hall, he looked at the plaque above the plaque with the words “Honesty and Consignment”, and he had a new understanding of the Cen family.

“Master Qi.” Master Zhao and Master Liu came out, and saw Qi Yan standing outside the main entrance of the Cen family’s main hall. The two of them motioned to their apprentice to wait beside them, then walked to Qi Yan and watched the Cen family “Hou” with him. The plaque of “De Zaiwu”.

After a long silence, Master Liu touched his forehead, “What can Master Qi do?”

When he asked this, it meant that neither he nor Master Zhao had a particularly suitable way, and the behavior of the Cen family was admirable.

Seeing that the two masters were embarrassed, Qi Yan knew that while they were helpless with the current situation of the Cen family, they also felt that they should help the Cen family. He turned his head and glanced back. Cen Baihe stood quietly under the osmanthus tree, looking up at the emerald osmanthus tree, his profile was perfect and a little unreal.

He can understand the feelings of these two masters, just like when he can’t speak when he clearly sees that a natural disaster is possible in a certain place. Because heaven is perpetual but ruthless, if he speaks out, then what is waiting for him is the scourge, and there will be more serious natural disasters.

Thousands of years ago, such a powerful celestial master as Li Chunfeng and Yuan Tiangang could only speak carefully and act cautiously in front of the way of heaven.

In the past, the common people trusted the heavenly masters, and they had faith feedback. The heavenly masters had countless functions, and they could not go against the heavenly way, let alone this era where faith was lacking and the heavenly masters had no status.

With the development of science and technology, mankind has long regarded himself as the master of the earth, but he does not know that no matter how advanced science and technology is, no matter how powerful mankind is, all these things come from nature and the earth. With each passing day, the sea becomes a mountain, and the high mountain becomes a flat ground, but nature is still that nature, and the heaven and the earth are still that heaven and earth, but humans are not necessarily the masters of the earth.

No one can resist the heavens and the earth, and so are the so-called masters of them.

Therefore, the clearer this truth is, they will feel helpless when they encounter many incidents that they know the result but are powerless and powerless. From the time he remembered, he hadn’t seen the old man take action to cut his fate. Perhaps because he had experienced too much, he never wanted to experience that kind of powerless pain.

“Master Qi?” Master Liu saw that Qi Yan didn’t speak, and then whispered to him.

Qi Yan retracted his gaze, bowed his head and shook his head with a sigh. He spent so much effort today, and it was only to help Cen Baihe extend his life for less than two years. He hadn’t thought of other solutions yet.

Seeing Qi Yan also shook his head, Master Liu and Master Zhao showed such expressions as expected.

After a while, the other two masters also came out. Five of you look at me and I look at you. No one spoke.

After seeing the silent expressions of the five people, Cen Qiusheng’s heart sank suddenly. He knew that this method of modifying the ancestral house might not work. But before the five of them spoke clearly, he didn’t give up and insisted on asking: “What do the five masters have in mind?”

Master Wei, the most prestigious of the five, said, “This is a place where a Crouching Tiger hides its treasures. It is a rare and good place.”

Cen Qiusheng was silent for a few seconds: “Is there nothing to modify?”

Master Wei knew what Cen Qiusheng was expecting, but he still shook his head slowly.

Hearing this, Cen Qiusheng leaned against the back of his chair, as if he was a few years old in an instant, and his whole body was slumped down. He closed his eyes, concealing the emotions under his eyes, and opened them after a long while, “Is there a way to alleviate it?”

The four prestigious celestial masters were silent again, lowering their heads and not looking at Cen Qiusheng’s expectant eyes. They really couldn’t bear to hit this old man again, but they couldn’t do anything in the face of the facts.

“Mr. Cen, I’m sorry…”

Cen Qiusheng waved his hand, interrupting Master Zhao’s unfinished words, and said hoarsely: “You are not to blame for this.” After saying this, he suddenly remembered that the youngest Qi Yan hadn’t spoken yet, and couldn’t help it. Cast his eyes at him.

In fact, before this incident, he didn’t even know that Qi Yan was a person. Later, he heard the news from the division and said that he met a particularly amazing young man who could not only tell fortunes, but also watch the sky, so Go to investigate specially.

Then I discovered that although this young man had not made a few moves, he never made any mistakes every time he made a move. The few people who showed him Feng Shui had indeed come out of the predicament.

“I wonder if Master Qi has any ideas?”

When Cen Baihe walked into the house, he heard his father ask.


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