The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 17

Everyone in the whole room turned their eyes to Qi Yan. Although few people in the room really put this young master in their eyes at the beginning, when other masters couldn’t help them, these people only Can hold the mentality of a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

So suddenly, Qi Yan became the focus of everyone’s attention.

“Mr. Cen, just now several other masters have said that your ancestral house has a good feng shui, and there is no need to change it.” Qi Yan turned to look at the man standing at the door, his face calm and indifferent, as if he didn’t know. What everyone in the room really cares about.

Sometimes people are so strange, you may have accepted the facts, but others still dare not face it.

After hearing what Qi Yan said, Mr. Cen nodded after a long silence, “I see.”

“Dad,” Cen Baihe’s slender legs crossed the threshold and walked behind Cen Qiusheng, “it’s not early, we should go back.”

As Cen Baihe approached, Qi Yan saw the purple qi on his body wrapped around Cen Qiusheng, enveloping Cen Qiusheng.

The love of parents and the filial piety of children, the two complement each other is the great way.

Although the master Cen Wu was indifferent, he still valued his family very much in his heart, otherwise the purple energy in his body would not give Cen Qiusheng so much feedback.

Cen Qiusheng looked at his son, nodded silently, shook his head when he got up, and was held by Cen Baihe.

Upon seeing this, the masters felt uncomfortable and turned their heads away from Cen Qiusheng.

Cen Qiusheng has done countless good deeds over the years. There are schools all over the country that he has donated to build, and he is also involved in many poverty alleviation projects, so he is well-known in the imperial capital and even the whole country.

Such a good person may experience the sadness of sending a white-haired person to a black-haired person. Who can not afford to feel compassion?

“Mr. Cen…” Master Liu couldn’t help but said: “Maybe there are other ways. We can’t do it because the skills are not good. Those great masters at the celestial master level will definitely have a way.”

Cen Qiusheng only sighed when he heard what Master Liu said. Those celestial masters can be met but not sought, which can be moved by power and money.

In fact, let alone a celestial master, there are not many people in the entire emperor who are truly capable. Otherwise, he will not only invite such a few people, even Qi Yan, who is just emerging and has no reputation, will also invite him.

Master Liu said that, it means that he really has nothing to do, and Cen Qiusheng also knows their style of doing things, and he didn’t ask any more questions.

Cen Baihe opened the mouth and said: “As the saying goes, people’s fate is determined by nature, dad, don’t think about it too much.”

His tone was too calm, as if he was only talking about a trivial matter. Boss Cen and Sister Cen looked away from him, and the room suddenly became quiet.

“Cen Wuye is right. Heaven and earth are sentimental, life and death are destiny. If you don’t force it, you may have a better ending if you take a step back.”

Cen Baihe looked at the speaking young man, his eyes were clear and energetic, the skin on his face was white and red, and he was full of vitality.

“The Cen family has been good to people for generations, how can it produce bad results?”

Although Qi Yan didn’t speak the truth, it was the best comfort to Cen Qiusheng. Their Cen family has been good from generation to generation, so how can God bear to see him send a white-haired man to a black-haired man?

“Thank you, Master Qi, for waking up the person in your dream.” Cen Qiusheng looked a little better. “This time I have troubled every master to accompany me this old man to walk so far. I would like to thank you first.”

After saying this, someone held up five big red seals, and Cen Qiusheng personally delivered the things to the five people, and then arranged the five people to board the car.

Master Liu looked ashamed, and they didn’t help much. The red seal was a bit hot.

However, they did not refuse. According to the rules, the master helped to watch Feng Shui, and the host should express his gratitude to the nature of heaven and earth and Mr. Feng Shui, otherwise unlucky things would happen.

The Cen family came and left in a hurry. Only the ancestral house of the Cen family still stood in the same place, like the root of a big tree. No matter it is windy or rainy, it is there and will never leave.

“Master Qi, your place is here.” The bodyguard who sent Qi Yan home opened the door for Qi Yan.

“Thank you,” Qi Yan thanked him, turning around and entering the gate of the community without looking back.

He didn’t ask how Cen Qiusheng knew his residence and contact information. Similarly, Cen Qiusheng was not curious about his ability and mentorship. This was a topic that neither he nor the Cen family would mention.

After Cen Baihe came back from the hospital, his condition really improved a little bit, even his appetite improved a lot. Even the second sister Cen, who doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, can’t help but wonder, is it really the credit of those masters who have seen Feng Shui?

You must know that before entering the hospital, the younger brother was not in good health. Because of his poor appetite, he was very picky when eating. After coming back this time, he could eat half a bowl of rice more than before.

“Bohe, the weather is hot recently, so you don’t want to go to the company.” Sister Cen was lying on the sofa reading a magazine. Seeing that the younger brother was about to go out, she threw down the magazine in her hand and stopped him. “There are so many people in your company. Let you do it, what else do they want?”

Cen Baihe took the suit jacket handed by the nanny and put it on his arm: “Second sister, I’m just going to the company to have a look, you don’t have to worry.”

Sister Cen wanted to persuade her again, but when she saw her younger brother’s expression, she knew it was useless to say more. The younger brother has been very assertive since he was a child. It is useless to persuade others to persuade him to decide things. But every time he makes a decision, he can’t make a mistake.

The entire Cen family is very large, and its subsidiaries involve all aspects, and the relationship between the characters is also intricate. As far as business is concerned, no one can guarantee that he will only make money and not lose money, but the younger brother has done it.

Outsiders say that the five brothers and sisters of the Cen family, the most powerful is the sick young son Cen Wuye, because he turned a small company into profit, and in just two years, the company has become very famous in the entire industry. , To become a very competitive large company.

With my younger brother’s precise investment vision, the Cen family has grown bigger and bigger in recent years, so big that other people mentioned the Cen family, and they all thought of these industries under the Cen family, as well as… the powerful Cen Wuye.

Among the five siblings, only the younger brother has the most prestige outside, and he is not even inferior to his father who has been standing for many years.

The people in the company heard that the big boss had been discharged from the hospital and was coming to inspect the work, and they had accumulated a lot of energy. If you’re not there, just fish and be lazy.

“Have you heard of it?” An employee of the logistics department said to a colleague, “The daughter of the Lu family is going to marry the rich second generation of the Sun family.”

“Who?” The other employee was blank, without any impression of what the colleague said about the daughter of the Lu family.

“It’s Lu Xuan who is rumored to have a relationship with our boss in the entertainment industry.” Seeing that the content of his gossip was questioned by his colleagues, the employee felt that he was very shameless, and added a few words, “Now it is spread out to Lu. Xuan would rather marry Sun Xiang than with our boss, because she doesn’t want to be a widow in the future.”

“Sneer!” The colleague who heard this laughed disdainfully, “How big a face she has, I think our boss will like her. What widows are not widows, as if she can go in at the gate of Cen’s house. Usually she is there. Outside, she claims to be from a wealthy family. In fact, who doesn’t know her family business? And that Sun Xiang, what kind of rich second generation? It’s just that she finds herself not popular and uses the boss to make a topical hype. She is not just fighting If the boss doesn’t watch the entertainment news, will he dare to let the gossip of Yuji send out this kind of gossip to get eyeballs?”

The logistics department has always taken care of some miscellaneous things, and it is usually not their turn to decide important matters of the company’s senior management. Therefore, outside of work, they occasionally gossip and gossip.

For the employees of the company, the boss is handsome, temperamental, and rich. He is the only one who chooses other people’s shares. There is no other possibility at all.

The most important thing is that the boss’s face looks good!

People in the world always look up to people with good looks, regardless of gender.

“You gossip so much, you must have never heard of this news,” the third colleague joined the gossip army, he pointed to the computer desktop, which was opening a webpage, “An expert on the Internet is showing Sun Xiang and Lu Xuan. , Saying that these two people will grow old together and will never grow old.”

Several people squeezed over after hearing the words, and saw that the page really stated that the two of the couple had mutual restraint. If they insist on getting married, it will have an impact on their offspring and their work.

“Now these fortune-telling scammers like to use celebrities to talk about things. If they are accurate, they will be superb. If they are not allowed, they will never show up again. Anyway, across the Internet, no one knows whether the person behind the screen is a person or a dog.”

“Boss…” The logistics manager stood behind the door, listening to the gossip of the employees at his hand, and then looked back at the boss beside him, just wanting to kneel for the few people in the office.

When it’s bad to talk about gossip, you must talk about gossip related to the boss when the boss comes down for inspection.

“Let’s go.” Cen Baihe didn’t push the door and walked directly to the next department. The logistics manager followed Cen Baihe, cautiously massing the expressions on his face along the way, but it was a pity that he got nothing.

Qi Yan didn’t expect that someone from the entertainment industry would find him and wanted him to help others see the picture, but he still had to sign a confidentiality agreement before seeing it.

“Non-disclosure agreement?” Qi Yan looked at the man who claimed to be an agent in front of him, and smiled lightly, “Since you can’t believe me, then go find a master who is willing to sign a confidentiality agreement, please.”

The agent’s complexion changed, and his tone was a little unpleasant: “Master Qi may not understand the rules. If you open the entertainment market, what business will you have in the future?”

“I think you may not understand the rules. I am a Feng Shui master who knows fortune-telling, not a businessman.” Qi Yan raised his hand and signaled that the other party could go, “Go slowly, don’t send it.”

Asking him to do errands and looking at people with his chin up, his little temper is not willing to wait.


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