The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 18

Fatty Gao asked Qi Yan to do this. What he fancyed was that Qi Yan, a young man, had a certain amount of true ability, but he didn’t have much reputation in the imperial capital. Such people will definitely be eager to open up the market and are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements with them.

I don’t know that this master Qi is not very famous, and he is not small, even this point of face is not given, no wonder that other masters are more famous than God.

The tall fat man flushed with anger, and when he went down the stairs, he was still crippled. He glared at the stairs, this broken community, not to mention the elevator malfunction, even the corridor is so narrow.

“What master, you can live in such a broken community!”

He scolded bitterly, and turned his head to see the two aunts carrying vegetables squinted at him. Before he could speak, the two aunts snorted, opened the elevator door and walked in.


The moment the elevator door closed, these three words floated out.

The tall fat man was choked and couldn’t say a word. After getting in the car, he remembered to call Lu Xuan and told Lu Xuan to add fuel to the matter. Lu Xuan didn’t say anything over there, but asked him to come back first.

After hanging up the phone, Fatty Gao cursed in a low voice, very dissatisfied with Lu Xuan’s attitude.

As Lu Xuan’s agent, he knew better than anyone that Lu Xuan was not the so-called Bai Fumei, everything was packaged. Now that the Sun family knew the real situation of the Lu family, they were unwilling to let the two get married, so so many things had happened.

The Sun family may not be regarded as a real wealthy family, but for many artists who desperately grab resources and endorsements, the Sun family can already be called a wealthy family. After the Sun family knew the truth, they were unwilling to let Lu Xuan in. Sun Xiang had already guessed it.

Now Lu Xuan, in order to be able to marry into the Sun family, pray for God to worship the Buddha, through public opinion pressure on the Sun family, any method has been used, but the attitude of the Sun family is still very ambiguous, Sun Xiang’s mother’s attitude towards Lu Xuan It is also very cold, even if you marry in the future, your life will be hard.

He already had two potential newcomers in his hands. If he didn’t want Lu Xuan to help bring some popularity, he really didn’t want to worry about Lu Xuan’s bad stuff. Now that the competition in the circle is so fierce, there is no work that can be obtained, and there is no beauty to overpower other actresses, and even the topic of hype is not fresh, how can the popularity rise?

After mixing in the second line for so long, Lu Xuan is not advancing and retreating now, and he can’t get a good script, and there is no endorsement of a little bit of grade. The result is mixed like this at the beginning. It’s really dead.

Seeing that Fatty Gao couldn’t wait to hang up, Lu Xuan stared at the phone screen for a long time, and finally gritted his teeth to call friends in the circle.

“Boss, your complexion has improved a lot today,” Liang Feng talked about digression after reporting to work, “Do you need tea?”

“No, thank you.” Cen Baihe put down the pen in his hand and put his hands on the table, “Do you know Master Qi?”

Liang Feng smiled awkwardly when he heard the words, “Yes, I met Master Qi not long ago.” At that time, he wanted to ask Master Qi to tell the boss fortune-telling. He didn’t expect that the boss would meet Master Qi the next day, so he didn’t feel embarrassed anymore. Mention this.

Cen Baihe nodded. No wonder Liang Feng saw Qi Yan’s expression so strange when he went to the old house a few days ago.

Cen Baihe spread out his palm, and after the short lifeline, there seemed to be an inconspicuous branch that helped him continue the lifeline.

“Are you familiar with Master Qi?”

“What?” Liang Feng was stunned. He heard the boss calmly asking an irrelevant person, but he couldn’t respond, “No, unfamiliar, I just met a few days ago.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe nodded, saying nothing more.

Liang Feng felt as if he had heard a little disappointment from this simple tone. He took out Master Qi’s business card, “I have Master Qi’s contact information here, boss, if you have something to call him, you can call this number.”

After receiving the business card, Cen Baihe looked at the design of the business card with no color on the white background and black lettering in his hand, and inserted the business card on the business card holder on the table, “I see.”

Liang Feng couldn’t understand the boss’s thoughts, and simply said: “Master Qi… is very powerful. If you have time, boss, you can meet him privately.”

Cen Baihe opened the document and nodded to Liang Feng: “I will consider it.”

Liang Feng remembered after leaving the office that the boss had curiosity about Master Qi. This is really rare!

He thought for a while, then turned his head to tell the boss that Master Qi is good at everything, but he likes to do things with fate. Does the boss and Master Qi… have fate?

A roast duck restaurant outside Qiyan’s community is particularly good, and this one cannot shop online. If you want to eat his food, you can only queue up. Qi Yan had lined up for half an hour in order to be able to eat a duck, but there were still many people in line.

When he was bored, he began to look at the faces of people. The tattooed brother who had just left with a pack of ducks, his face was fierce enough to stop a child from crying at night, but he was actually a very caring and good man with a touch of touch on his body. Merit golden light.

The gentleman with glasses in the back was walking and calling his wife, but his face was full of peach blossoms, and he might have cheated in marriage.

Then I saw a few people. They all have their own shortcomings and their own advantages, but none of them are murderous and arsonful. Finally, when he finally bought the duck, he heard a noise coming from the side, and turned his head to see that a young guy was holding a flower and proposing to a pretty girl.

Passers-by who watched the excitement applauded, and even some people urged the girl to agree to the young man, but the little girl was embarrassed, not moved, only embarrassed.

Seeing that the pretty girl had never agreed, someone next to her started to gossiping. If this man drives a luxury car with a big diamond ring, maybe the girl will agree. Some people also said that this young man was kidnapped by public opinion and deliberately proposed marriage in front of so many people, so that the little girl could not get off the stage.

The onlookers have different opinions, but one thing is the same, that is, everyone is a melon-eater who doesn’t know the truth.

“Get up first, don’t kneel.” The little girl stretched out her hand to pull the young man, but the young man broke away.

“If you don’t promise me, I won’t get up.” The young man held up the flowers, his expression full of affection.

The crowd booed again: “Promise him, promise him.”

Being booed by so many people, the little girl couldn’t help but said directly: “If you want to kneel, just kneel!” After that, she turned around and left.

The young man seemed to have expected the little girl to have this reaction. He grabbed the little girl’s arm and held her tightly to prevent her from leaving: “Linlin, why are you unwilling to promise me? Is it because I don’t have a car and a house? Isn’t it handsome enough?”

“You let go! Don’t bother me anymore, okay?!” The young man was so strong that the little girl named Linlin couldn’t make it away. She frowned because of the pain, “You let go!”

“I won’t let it go, just don’t let it go!” The young man felt dull and his tone became tough. “You really don’t want to marry me?!”

“No! No! You let me go!”

The young man was irritated by the little girl’s words, his eyes were red, and he fumbled in his trouser pocket, and he even took out a two-fingered knife, put it on Linlin’s neck with his backhand, and screamed out of reason: “You are the one who forced him. mine!”

Everyone hardly reacted, and they never thought that the scene of a good marriage proposal would turn into a sharp confrontation. After a while, everyone screamed and ran away. The police called the police and persuaded the young man not to be impulsive. The scene was chaotic.

Qi Yan feels that he is very lucky, and he is always prone to small-probability events, such as “Men’s proposal is not successful, and the sharp edges meet each other.” This type of event can be published in major newspapers, or “Two parties quarrel, one of them is angry. In the event of “throwing a child”, if luck can be rated, his luck level should be E.

Give the roast duck to the clerk at the roast duck shop and ask her to take care of him. After he checked his watch, the police still had about five minutes to rush over. However, given the young man’s emotional state, if he doesn’t control it well, it might happen here. There was a bloodshed.

“Handsome man, what can’t you say,” Qi Yan squeezed out of the crowd and walked to the front. “There is no grass in the end of the world, I think you are handsome, how come you are attracted to such a woman? She looks like this. I don’t deserve you!”

Judging from the face of this young man, his family is poor and he has a low self-esteem to an extremely arrogant state, so he likes the praise and elevation of others the most, but when someone hurts his face, he will become very extreme and even take revenge on the society. .

Sure enough, after Qi Yan said this, the young man finally stopped yelling unreasonably, but stared at Qi Yan, “Are you serious?”

“Of course it is true. You are too infatuated with this girl and look down on other women. Otherwise, the woman who chased you would have been hitting him.” Step, “Dude, you said you can’t figure it out, you are so handsome at a young age, and you are obsessed with such a woman with heavy makeup. Isn’t she just a woman, if she’s uninterested, you’ll like you. Hanging to death on a tree, how uneconomical?”

Maybe it is because there are too few people who usually praise this young man. He now hears what Qi Yan said, and he can no longer care about Linlin, who is holding his neck by him. He keeps asking Qi Yan, he should want to hear more Compliments.

“What did I lie to you for?” Qi Yan looked at the young man with a look of admiration. “Looking at your face, you will be rich and wealthy in the future. Did anyone tell you when you were young that you must be blessed when you grow up? ”

“How do you know?” The young man thought for a while, then asked, “Do you know how to tell a fortune?”

“Yes,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “It’s a pity that I’m not good at learning. I can only tell who is good or bad. For example, I can see your face.”

After speaking, he said with envy and hatred: “I rarely see you such a rich and rich life. But… Is there a mole on your ear?”

The young man shook his head blankly, and began to think about whether there was a mole on his ear. Linlin, who was held hostage by him, turned pale in fright, but the knife was resting on her neck, and the cold touch made her dare not move.

Qi Yan approached step by step and stopped at a distance of three steps away from the young man. “Dude, when you are studying, do female classmates often watch you secretly?”

The boy thought for a while: “Yes.” Many of the memories of the student days are not clear, but after the baby-faced young man in front of him reminded him, he really felt that any teenage classmates had secretly looked at him.

“How many sins have you done and hurt the hearts of too many girls and children?” Qi Yan picked his chin, “male enemy, you!”

For this kind of person, satisfying his male vanity is a very important thing. In life, some people often boast about how many people like him, although in fact no one is curious about them at all.

This young man with a knife belongs to this kind of extremely low self-esteem, otherwise he would not be so interested in his flattery under such circumstances.

Because no one praises him, it becomes precious when someone is willing to praise him.

Just after the other party was excited by his various praises, Qi Yan grabbed the young man’s hand and pushed the little girl he was in his arms out, putting his backhand on the back of his hand. Knock, the knife in his hand fell.

The little girl who was pushed away by Qi Yan was also clever. She picked up the knife and ran to the crowded place. She played the fastest sprint speed in her life and was soon a dozen steps away from Qi Yan and the young man.

The author has something to say: Qi Yan: Please ask me to see righteousness and courage as a strange flower of luck, Xiaoqianqian.


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