The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 19

After Qi Yan got rid of the murder weapon in the hands of the young man, several young and middle-aged men who stood by gathered up the courage to help Qi Yan hold the young man firmly on the ground. Some emotional onlookers even took the opportunity to sneak the young man. foot.

Several female passers-by comforted the frightened Linlin. Linlin cried and wiped her tears. Her eyes with eye makeup quickly turned into panda eyes.

“Fortunately, that young man was clever and persuaded people.” An enthusiastic aunt bought an iced drink, unscrewed the lid and handed it to Linlin, “Come on, little girl, drink some water to suppress the shock.”

“Thank you.” Linlin took a sip of the drink and turned to look at the young man who had just saved her. The other party… is being surrounded by a group of grandparents, and she can still vaguely hear them constantly Praise the savior.

The police arrived soon. Seeing that the attempted attacker had been subdued by the enthusiastic crowd, the police breathed a sigh of relief. After handcuffing the suspect, they brought Linlin and several witnesses on the scene. The police car. Because she was worried that Linlin’s mood had not stabilized, the police specially arranged two policewomen to accompany Linlin to appease her emotions.

“Boss, do we want to follow it?” Liang Feng, who was sitting in the passenger seat, didn’t think about it. He was only accompanying the boss to sign a contract, and he could also witness the scene of the righteousness, and the parties who saw the righteousness were the same as they used to be. Master Qi that I have seen.

Cen Baihe looked at the police car going away and did not speak.

“I don’t see that Master Qi can fool people,” Liang Feng didn’t care when the boss ignored him, and continued, “but people are very enthusiastic.”

Cen Baihe raised his wrist to look at the time, and said to the driver: “Come with it.”

As a party who was brave enough to save the victim, Qi Yan was also invited to the police station to make a transcript. Along the way, he briefed the police on what happened.

“Thank you so much this time,” an elderly policeman said with emotion. “For criminals who are too emotional, sometimes committing homicides is just a blink of an eye. If you didn’t come forward today, only afraid…”

They work as policemen and have encountered all kinds of strange cases. In the past two years, a man proposed to a woman’s marriage. The woman did not agree. The man drew his sword on the spot and cut the woman more than ten times. In the end, the woman died after the rescue failed. . Afterwards, they asked the man why he wanted to do this, but the man said he was unintentional, but his brain was out of control at the time, and his brain was full of resentment and nothing else.

There are a lot of familiarities between today’s situation and the case at the time. The only difference is that today someone stopped the suspect before he committed the crime, while the woman two years ago was not so lucky, and ended up in the end. .

“I’m doing my best without causing any worse consequences.” After Qi Yan rescued the girl, he wanted to take the opportunity to slip away. He didn’t know that the uncles and aunts were so enthusiastic that he couldn’t leave even if he wanted to leave. Lose.

“You dealt with it in a timely manner and saved lives in the hands of the gangster.” The elderly policeman thought for a while, “After this case is over, our police will consider applying for a righteousness award for you. I don’t know your surname, sir?”

Like this kind of good-hearted people, the police can’t force them to leave their names or addresses, so he asked this specifically.

“I just did a little bit of what I could.” Qi Yan smiled a little embarrassed. He is now doing the great work of the magic stick, saving people only incidentally, and holding it “a reward for righteousness and bravery” may be a bit hot. Thinking of others looking to him to see Feng Shui in the future, they would say “Are you someone who has won a prize for righteousness and bravery” at the first meeting. The picture was so beautiful that he hardly saw it.

“It’s not a trivial matter,” the policemen saw that Qi Yan was reluctant to disclose his personal information, and it was not easy to force it. After arriving at the police station, Qi Yan told the police what happened again. When he was about to leave, Deng Linlin, who was waiting outside the door, came over.

Deng Linlin’s mood has calmed down a lot, except for her pale face, no one could think of what she had experienced not long ago.

She kept thanking her, and was full of gratitude to Qi Yan for saving her life.

“You’re welcome, don’t mind what I said to the gangster just now, I did it to numb him, not the truth.” Qi Yan glanced at Deng Linlin to wash off the cosmetics face, this is a very beautiful girl Even without makeup, the facial features are very delicate, and it is a very good face.

A kind heart, a happy family, and a peach blossom in the year of your birth. If you meet the help of a noble person, you can break your bad luck. Otherwise, you may die.

“I know, if it weren’t for you today, maybe I would be dead.” Deng Linlin looked at the shy boy in front of her. She was twenty-four years old. The big boy in front of her looked two years younger than her, but But he was able to stand up bravely for an unrelated passerby and fight the gangster with the murder weapon, which made her impressed and admired.

“Linlin!” A middle-aged woman rushed in, still panic and impatient on her face. Behind her was a man in a suit who looked no better than the middle-aged woman.

Qi Yan guessed that these two people should be the parents of the victim, otherwise they wouldn’t be afraid to be like this.

Sure enough, he guessed right. After seeing Deng Linlin, the two people looked at Deng Linlin as a rare treasure, and they were still talking with a trembling voice, which shows that this incident frightened them. Seeing this family of three with lingering fears, Qi Yan turned around and walked out of the room while they were not paying attention.

“Sir,” the policeman on duty outside the lobby saw Qi Yan preparing to leave and stood up and said, “You…”

As a policeman, he also admired the people who were brave enough to see righteousness.

Qi Yan smiled at him, and then made a goodbye gesture. The police opened his mouth and wanted to persuade him again, but when he saw the good-hearted man walking out of the door with a smile on his face, he thought it was better to respect the other party’s wishes.

When others like to do good things without leaving a name, their police should also respect the opinions of the parties.

As soon as Qi Yan walked out of the police station’s gate, he looked down at his empty hands, and his heart felt like a knife.

He queued up for an hour to buy the roast duck, and forgot to take it just now!

At this moment, Qi Yan felt that his steps were heavier. What could be more desperate than eating unexpired food?

Cen Baihe sat in the car and watched Qi Yan walk out of the police station crookedly with a smile, but he became depressed after not taking two steps, and couldn’t help frowning.

He opened the door of the car and walked to the downcast Qi Yan: “Master Qi?”

“Cen Wuye?” Qi Yan guessed who the person is before raising his head, because no one except Cen Baihe can bring the big group of purple gas special effects, even though he can only see this special effect. In front of strangers, Qi Yan has always been a good man.

How could he also eat a bowl of metaphysics, he should have a sense of mystery.

“It’s a coincidence,” Cen Baihe glanced at the plaque hanging at the entrance of the police station. “Meeting is a fate. I wonder if Master Qi can give you a meal?”

“You are too polite.” Qi Yan followed Cen Baihe’s eyes. After seeing the five words “Dongcheng Police Station”, his heart was a little complicated. Would this Cen Wuye think he was caught in propagating feudal superstition?

Cen Baihe smiled slightly, turned around to open the car door for Qi Yan, and said in a gentle tone: “Master Qi doesn’t dislike it.”

Qi Yan stopped rejecting what the other party had said, not to mention he was quite curious about Cen Baihe’s fate that had been rare in decades. For their metaphysical people, encountering this kind of rare fate is just like a doctor encountering a strange disease. Although they have not found a cure for the time being, they cannot dispel their curiosity.

After Qi Yan got into the car, Liang Feng, who was sitting in the passenger seat, turned around and said, “Master Qi, hello.”

Qi Yan glanced at Cen Baihe, who was sitting next to him, and nodded to Liang Feng, his attitude was very calm. Obviously the appearance of Liang Feng did not surprise him.

However, for Liang Feng, an expert like Master Qi was not surprised by his attitude, so after opening a big smile to Qi Yan, he turned his head and sat down properly.

The place where Cen Baihe invited Qi Yan to dine was a famous restaurant in the emperor’s city, the kind that could not even enter the door without a membership card.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. When all the dishes are ready, one dish is roast duck. Qi Yan watched the roast duck turn into pieces of fragrant meat in the chef’s knife light, and smelled the scent of roast duck in the air.

“The sauce they use is the old secret sauce of the palace.” Cen Baihe put on his gloves and spread the sauce evenly on the thin ground skin. Then he selected the good duck slices, sandwiched them with the side dishes, and delivered them after being wrapped. In front of Qi Yan, “Master Qi taste it.”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan took a bite with his head down. The taste was indeed better than the roast duck he had eaten before. The fragrance almost penetrated into every tooth, occupying his taste buds, and he hadn’t swallowed it yet. He could not help but want to take a bite.

Seeing that Qi Yan seemed to like the taste here, Cen Baihe took off the disposable dining gloves, took a sip of the white water on the table, and ate with Qi Yan without a bite.

Qi Yan noticed that since the start of the meal, Cen Baihe had hardly eaten anything heavy, and only ate two chopsticks and fish belly for the meat. The rest of the time, I am eating plain and tasteless vegetarian dishes.

“My stomach is not very good. I can’t eat heavy food. Master Qi don’t mind.” Cen Baihe wiped his hands and poured a cold drink for Qi Yan himself. “Actually, since the last time I went to the old house, I My appetite has improved a lot recently. If it were before, I wouldn’t be able to accompany Master Qi to dinner like I do now.”

Qi Yan put down his chopsticks, wiped his hands and lifted the drink, and raised it to Cen Baihe, “Mr. Zhu Cen is getting healthier and healthier.”

“Thank you.” Cen Baihe took a sip of white water from the tall wine glass, and gently put the glass back on the table. “These days I even often think, I will be so energetic now, is it when Master Qi asked me to stretch out my palm? , Can you help me a lot?”


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