The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 2

The next night, Qi Yan and a few brothers in the dormitory went to a hot pot restaurant with good business, ordered a table full of dishes, and ate with their belly open.

“Let me say, eating hot pot on a hazy summer night, drinking cold beer is the best taste,” the boss picked up two slices of lamb from the hot pot and sipped a sip of beer. “Qianqian, what are your plans for the future?” Qi Yan’s name read. It sounds like money, so the entire bedroom, including the entire class, likes to call him this nickname.

“Take one step at a time,” Qi Yan doesn’t like to drink, but today is a special day, and he doesn’t want to make everyone happy. He drank two glasses with him, his cheeks were slightly red, but his eyes were particularly bright, “Anyway, I eat alone. Full, the whole family is not hungry.”

When his master picked him up, he was still a non-talking milk doll. After the master brought him back to Xiaodao Temple, he discovered that he was born with a toe missing from his right foot. Later, the master went to the police station in the town to call the police, and no one came to him. At that time, the people in the town were poor, with backward thinking and many children. It was probably because he had no toes, and he would be gossiped about when he was undergrowth, so he simply threw him away.

At that time, there were no welfare institutions in such a small place. Seeing that no one came to look for him, the master finally saw him pitifully and raised him.

The master taught him a lot of things and insisted on sending him to school. Before his death, his old man still wanted him to go to university in the imperial capital. He also gave him a real estate certificate with his name written on it and the address of the house. In the imperial capital.

I really don’t know when he secretly bought the house in the imperial capital.

Thinking of these past events, Qi Yan pinched his nose and looked at the three buddies with a smile: “It just so happens that my three trigrams are useless this month, why don’t you count them for one of you?”

The boss and the second child waved together. The two of them knew that Qi Yan had a habit of giving fortune-telling, but as a top five young man who grew up under the red banner, they still believed in science.

Wang Hang, who has always had the best relationship with Qi Yan, asked with great interest: “I will count the money.”

Qi Yan stretched out his hand towards him and compared five fingers.

“Is the brother asking for money?” Wang Hang was holding his wallet, his face full of disbelief.

“Brother, settle the account,” Qi Yan patted him on the shoulder, “I get the money to help you do good deeds, donate it to people in need.”

“I don’t think you should call money or money,” Wang Hang took out 500 yuan from the wallet and took a photo of it in Qi Yan’s hands.

“You have to discuss this issue with my master and his elders,” Qi Yan shook his money with a smile, “But are you sure you want to communicate with his elders?”

“Don’t disturb his old man’s sleep,” Wang Hang waved his hand again and again, “Quickly give me the calculation, how is my luck in my life.”

After Qi Yan collected the money, he said slowly: “You should have a sister in your life, but it was gone because of an accident.”

Wang Hang waved his hand again and again: “You are not allowed, my family is just my baby, Miaomiao, where can I find a sister.” He said, Qi Yan has no trace of superior demeanor from head to toe. , How could it really be a fortune-telling.

The boss and the second child were laughing and watching the fun, not even grabbing the meat in the pot.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t finished talking yet,” Qi Yan fished the cooked lamb into a bowl, received Wang Hang’s half-suspecting and half-expected small eyes, put down his chopsticks and wiped his mouth. “But in your family’s good family, there may have been rare great good people in your ancestors. These merits have been protecting your royal descendants, so that you live better than ordinary people. As the saying goes, even if you have more blessings. Cherish good luck, many people have done a lot of good deeds from their ancestors, but the younger generations don’t live up to it, and no amount of blessing will be wasted.”

Speaking of this, Qi Yan concentrated his eyes, and saw a few red and purple mists faintly appearing on Wang Hang’s head. His heart was shocked, is he improving his skills?

In the past, he could at most see the ups and downs of his life fortune from the faces of others, but he could never see the other person’s “luck” with the naked eye. According to the cultivation novel, this is simply a direct rise from the training period to the cultivation of the gods. Period, opening and hanging are open to the point where most people don’t believe it.

When Wang Hang saw Qi Yan staring at him suddenly and stopped talking, his expression was still a little strange, and his heart was a little nervous, “Money, money, money, what do you see?”

“I can see that you have good luck in your life. As long as you don’t do evil and don’t die, it is the life style of good and longevity,” said Qi Yan, pretending to be an expert, shaking his head, “fate is too good to be jealous.”

“No way, reincarnation is a kind of technical job, most people are not as skilled as I am.” Hearing such good words, whether it is true or not, Wang Hang was still very satisfied.

When the boss and the second child saw this, they hushed together, “The third, fourth, you two are enough, look down at the ground, your faces are lost, do you want it?”

“This is not what I said. It is Qianqian who said that my life is good,” Wang Hang pointed at Qi Yan. “Even if it is shameless, it is money and money, and it has nothing to do with me.”

Qi Yan shook his head and sighed, “How do you stupid mortals understand the loneliness of an expert?”


“Don’t disgust us, do you want to eat hot pot.”

“Fuck, my lamb! Money, money, when did you sneak so much lamb into your bowl!”

Qi Yan glanced at it: “The expert is doing it, can you see it?”

The other three people in the dormitory squinted at this expression, and responded vividly to his shameless remarks.

The meal was eaten very late. The four of them came back to the dormitory with the smell of hot pot, drunk and humming. The only sober Qi Yan put them in bed and came back after washing. They saw that the three of them did not vomit and breathe. It was also normal, so he went back to his bed and fell asleep in peace.

In the middle of the night, I don’t know who said a few words in sleep, Qi Yan turned around in a daze, facing the window, his entire face was plunged into the bright moonlight.

A few days later, the four people in the 4605 dormitory moved out of the dormitory one after another, and then began their separate journeys.

As the family’s most beloved Miao Miao, Wang Hang received the warm care of the whole family when he returned home. The most direct expression is a large amount of pocket money and a table full of vegetables.

“Grandma, I can’t eat anymore,” Wang Hang clutched his stomach, slumped on the chair, listening to the elders at home chatting gossip.

What kind of owner’s daughter found a scumbag, and now she is cheated by the scumbag for money and sex, and even the company’s equity has been defrauded.

“That’s why it’s not a good idea to be a human being,” Mother Wang sighed. “That girl is pretty and she is energetic, so why did she come across such a thing.”

Father Wang nodded repeatedly, expressing his great agreement with these words.

But Mother Wang obviously hadn’t come out of her anger: “If our daughter hadn’t had a miscarriage back then, she would be about the same age as that girl. If anyone dared to lie to her like this, I would definitely kill him…”

“Mom!” Wang Hang bounced off his chair, “What did you just say?!”

daughter? abortion? The amount of information is a bit large, and he can’t accept it.

Only then did Mother Wang remember that her son was still present, and condensed her emotions and said, “Do you know the girl who was deceived?”

“No, I’m talking about the latter sentence,” Wang Hang carefully observed the **** expression, “You were really…”

I was pregnant with a daughter, but had a miscarriage?

Mother Wang’s voice was a little low, “It’s all over twenty years ago, what are you asking for.” Thinking of the daughter who has already formed, she felt a little bit distressed, and she didn’t want to say more.

Seeing that his mother’s face was not so good, Wang Hang didn’t ask any more questions, just sat back on the chair in a daze.

“You should have had a sister in your life, but it disappeared because of an accident.”

When Qianqian said this sentence to him, he didn’t care at all. He didn’t expect this sentence to be fulfilled so soon. Could it be that money is really a clumsy man who is hidden in the city?

After returning to the room, Wang Hang excitedly called Qi Yan, wishing Qi Yan could count on him again!

When Qi Yan received a call from Wang Hang, he was helping a mother and a son with a fortune-telling. To be precise, he was helping the son of the mother and son with a fortune-telling, but the son was impatient, but his mother was very polite, even though he was right. He held a dubious attitude, but his attitude was very good.

“Mom, what age do you still believe in this?” The boy glanced at Qi Yan disgustingly. “Even if you want to tell a fortune, you have to find someone like me. This person is not a few years older than me, so what can he be? “In fact, he also wanted to say that just like this little white face, this man doesn’t seem to be a fortune teller.

Qi Yan smiled without saying a word, and glanced over the boy.

Very good, Sao Nian, you succeeded in getting my attention.

So, when the boy’s mother was about to apologize, Qi Yan spoke.

“Ling Lang’s fortunes in this life are pretty good. There should have been a flood at the age of four, but fortunately the help of the nobles made it through. There was also a disaster at the age of twelve, but it can be regarded as a surprise. As the saying goes. Said that if you survive a catastrophe, you will have a blessing. Ling Lang has avoided the two biggest catastrophes in his life, and there will be no more catastrophes afterwards.”

Although the boy did not remember the incident at the age of four, he often listened to his parents at home saying that he fell into the creek when he was a child. Fortunately, a passing veteran saved his life. He remembered the twelve-year-old thing very clearly. He graduated from elementary school that year and was hit by a car on the way home, but miraculously, apart from a broken leg, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries.

By this time, the boy’s heart was already a little guilty. When he looked at Qi Yan’s tender white face, he unconsciously set his posture, but his mouth was still stubborn: “Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Who hasn’t fallen since he was a child? , Fight or something.”

Yes, that’s it, this kind of deception has long been exposed in the book, and he won’t believe it!


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