The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 20

Qi Yan didn’t expect Cen Baihe to say this suddenly, he looked at Cen Baihe with a puzzled face: “What does Mr. Cen mean?”

This Cen Wuye’s observation ability and association ability are too strong, no wonder people mention him with awe and too careful thoughts.

Seeing Qi Yan’s blank face, Cen Baihe rubbed his pale knuckles on the goblet a few times and smiled: “It’s nothing, just say it casually.”

After the meal, Cen Baihe sent Qi Yan home. When passing by the roast duck restaurant, Qi Yan did not give up and took a few glances at the roast duck restaurant. The roast duck restaurant with good business was closed in the afternoon. I don’t know if he will go tomorrow. Take roast duck, can the clerk still know him?

Even if you know him, the roast duck is probably already broken and can’t be eaten. Thinking of this, Qi Yan deeply regrets it. When I went to the police station just now, how could I forget to bring my roast duck with me? It is shameful to waste food!

“Master Qi?” Cen Baihe noticed that Qi Yan’s mood seemed to be something wrong, and glanced out the window, “What’s wrong?”

Qi Yan smiled and shook his head. After the car reached the gate of the community, Qi Yan got out of the car and said to Cen Baihe, “Thank you, Mr. Cen, goodbye.”

Cen Baihe nodded slightly, “You’re welcome.”

The window was slowly closed. Qi Yan watched Cen Baihe’s car drift away, humming and walked towards the community. Before two steps had been taken, he was stopped by two people.

“Are you Qi Yan?” The speaker wore a leather jacket, glanced at Qi Yan with his slanted eyes, and said to his companion: “It’s him.”

Without saying anything, the companion and the jacket man took Qi Yan’s arm, pinched him from left to right, and got into a car next to him, closing the door with a bang.

It was Qi Yan’s first experience of being taken into the car by “kidnapping”. He looked at the jacket man sitting on his right, his face was impatient, as if he didn’t want to pay attention to Qi Yan. The man sitting to his left has a sharp-mouthed monkey cheek and a shaggy beard.

Seeing that Qi Yan was looking at him, the pointed-mouthed man lit a cigarette and took a big puff in his mouth, “Looks like a little white face, and when he comes out to cheat money, he won’t give his grandson face, boy, Are you a little bit ignorant of the rules?”

Qi Yan squeezed his arm that was hurt by the two people, and said in no hurry, “I don’t know when I won’t give your grandson face anymore?”

“Boy, are you pretending to be stupid?” The sharp-mouthed face raised his hand and wanted to hit Qi Yan. He didn’t know that he suddenly braked, and he threw himself on the back of the front car seat, suddenly wailing, nosebleeds flowed.

“Lao San, how did you drive the car?!” He cursed, and the driver murmured a few words and ignored him. The sharp-mouthed man thought he hadn’t heard, and the paper plugged his nose. Seeing Qi Yan still looking at him, he cursed: “Look at him, believe it or not, I cut you?!”

Qi Yan smiled and said, “I advise you not to do this, otherwise it won’t be the nose.”

“Hey, you’re addicted to pretending to be a magic stick, right?” But the sharp-mouthed man, just about to punch Qi Yan, the car suddenly turned and his head hit the window with a “bang”.

He clutched his head and wailed a few times, and when he looked up at Qi Yan, a sense of fear was already in his eyes. Once it was a coincidence, but both times, things were a bit wicked. So after this time, he sat back honestly and even moved aside to make more room for Qi Yan.

The man in the leather jacket witnessed what happened, and he changed from being half-believing in Qi Yan’s ability to half-belief. He glanced at the miserable sharp-mouthed man, and said to Qi Yan: “You really know these methods and things. means?”

Qi Yan smiled innocently: “It’s just a coincidence, just a coincidence.”

But the more he said this, the more the Jacket Man believed that he had some abilities, so when he passed a supermarket in the car, he also bought a bottle of iced drink for Qi Yan, and he was more polite to him.

Although they are just street gangsters, they have heard some legends about strange people and strange things since they were young, and they know how much these experts can’t offend. Thinking of treating this master so rudely just now, they felt a little guilty in their hearts.

“Master Qi, a few of our brothers are ignorant and offended you just now. Don’t be familiar with us.” The jacket man unscrewed the drink bottle and handed it to Qi Yan, “Please drink water.”

“Thank you, I’m not thirsty.” Qi Yan still kept a mysterious smile.

The man in the jacket had to screw the bottle cap back, put the drink behind him, and smiled flatteringly: “We brothers are also doing things for others. The young master of the Sun family heard that you have taken the face of Sister Lu, so I was so angry that we would take you over.”

Seeing that Qi Yan’s expression hadn’t changed much, the jacket man explained Lu Shao’s identity and how famous they called “Sister Lu”.

Only then did Qi Yan know that the tall and fat man he refused last time was Lu Xuan’s agent, and now it was Lu Xuan’s fiance Sun Xiang who was looking for trouble.

Qi Yan probably understood the causes and consequences. He felt that he still wanted to see Sun Xiang. After all, people who didn’t think about things in the imperial capital were really rare.

The car drove all the way to a nightclub and stopped. The jacket man opened the door for Qi Yan, nodded and asked him to get off, and before entering the elevator, he nodded and bowed to let Qi Yan go in. If someone else saw him, it would only be because of which boss brought him. The younger brother came out to play, and would never think that this “boss” was forcibly brought over by the younger brother.

The elevator went all the way up and stopped on the third floor. Qi Yan glanced across the glorious corridor, slowly put his hands behind him, and stepped out of the elevator.

“Welcome.” The waiter at the elevator door bowed to Qi Yan. After Qi Yan thanked him, he turned to the Jacket Man and said, “Lead the way ahead.”

“Master Qi, please come here.” Seeing that Qi Yan finally took the initiative to speak to him, the jacket man became energetic and led the way doglegally. The sharp-mouthed face who was a step behind him hated himself for not reacting fast enough, and let the jacket man seize this good opportunity.

“Shao Sun, I heard that these experts can’t offend, did you really arrange for someone to bring him over?”

“What can’t be offended? If he is so powerful, how can he still live in a broken community.” Sun Xiang put the wine glass on the table again, “He doesn’t give my girlfriend the face, that is, he doesn’t treat me Sun Xiang. In my eyes, I can’t swallow this breath.”

After everyone on the scene listened to it, some agreed, and some made a haha ​​as if they were not participating. Anyway, these people can get together, and they are just friends of wine and meat. The Sun Xiang family only moved into the imperial capital two years ago. Although they don’t have much background, they are generous. They are always willing to give him a hand when nothing is wrong. Who wants to make trouble with money?

“I heard Gao Fatty say that Master Qi is so white and tender, do those rich and powerful who made him look at Feng Shui favor him, or do they favor him?” Someone said trivially, making him amused. Everyone in the room laughed.

“Sorry, I’m bothering you Yaxing!”

The nice male voice came into everyone’s ears. It was obviously not loud, but it made everyone in the room hear clearly. The laughter in the box stopped abruptly. Sun Xiang raised his head and looked at the door. I don’t know when the box door had been opened. A young man in a white shirt stood there with slightly curled hair sticking to his ears, like Very simple and harmless college students.

But the three little brothers he arranged to find someone bowed their heads and bowed, like frightened quail, hiding behind the young man and daring not to make a sound. Seeing them like this, Sun Xiang couldn’t fight back. The little brother was not promising, but he was still the one who was ashamed.

“I asked you to bring someone here, why have you been there for so long?” Sun Xiang lifted his chin and looked at Qi Yan squintly. “Are you Qi Yan?”

Only then did the others in the box know that the young man standing at the door was the little white face Sun Xiang wanted to clean up, but seeing the white face of the other person, and the clean temperament that was different from them, they felt a little bit for Qi Yan. pity.

Sun Xiang is a small-minded person who is bullying and fearful of hardship. Almost all ordinary people who have offended him in the past two years have been severely retaliated by him. This young man looks like a child who has been spoiled by his family since he was a child. I am afraid I still don’t know about this society. How dark, how terrible are the means of revenge.

Seeing Qi Yan’s white and tender face and cute curly hair, a girl who accompanied the wine was moved with compassion: “Master Sun, I don’t think this Mr. Qi looks like an ignorant person, you see. Is there any misunderstanding in this?”

“Is here for you to speak?” Sun Xiang picked up the wine glass in front of him and splashed it on the face of the companion girl, “Get out of here.”

The wine girl was splashed with wine on her face, but she didn’t even dare to wipe it. After apologizing to Sun Xiang, she got up and walked out of the private room.

When passing by Qi Yan, he was stopped by Qi Yan.

The eyes of the accompany girl were reddening, but she didn’t dare to really let the tears fall. She shook her head at Qi Yan and signaled him not to fight Sun Xiang. These rich young masters have more ways to clean up people. This boy looks almost as old as her sister, so he has not experienced this kind of suffering.

Unexpectedly, Qi Yan didn’t say anything to her, just put an unopened wet tissue in the palm of her hand, and then thanked her.

The companion girl did not speak, and quickly walked away holding the wet tissue.

Qi Yan leaned on the door frame with a smile, looking at Sun Xiang and said: “Shao Shao has a bad life, he has a short life and a restless family. Life.”

As soon as he said this, the eyes of the sharp-mouthed man and the jacket man looked at Sun Xiang suddenly changed, with some gloating and sympathy.

The other people in the box even took a breath, this little white-faced bearish, cursing people when he opened his mouth, it was also unlucky.

The author has something to say: Xiaoqianqian: I will quietly watch you die.


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