The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 21

What is the most important thing when hitting a place with people?

The most important thing is momentum!

Even if one person is single-handedly single-handedly against a group, one person must also be used as a guardian, so that ignorant mortals will worship.

After Qi Yan knew that he had spoken this sentence, Sun Xiang would explode in anger. But no matter what his attitude is now, Sun Xiang can’t be too polite to him. Since the results are the same, how can he not let himself suffer.

“Damn, this kid really owes a lesson!” Sun Xiang was so angry that he smashed a bottle of wine in his hand, and the strong alcohol filled the entire box, mixed with the smell of smoke and perfume, and suddenly turned into a disgusting and unpleasant smell. , Qi Yan slapped his nose in front of his nose.

When the person next to him saw Qi Yan’s appearance, he looked at Sun Xiang and his face turned into pig liver-colored with anger. He couldn’t help suspecting that this kid was here to **** off Sun Xiang, otherwise, why would he be so embarrassed when he speaks and does things?

“What are you guys doing while standing there, teach me the rules.” Sun Xiang looked at the three punks standing behind Qi Yan and motioned for them to do something. However, the three of them dragged their feet and didn’t dare to do anything, causing Sun Xiang’s anger to escalate again.

Usually these punks follow behind him like dogs. They haven’t done anything. What happened today, all of them turned into wood?

Sun Xiang has always been spoiled since he was a child, and if he wants him to beat others by himself, it is not always certain who he and Qi Yan beat. The friends who usually assemble a bunch of wine and meat are all persuaded at the critical moment. No wonder Dad said that the imperial capital has a lot of people’s hearts and eyes. He didn’t think so at the time, and only today did he know that Dad was right.

Isn’t it just a magic stick, what can I dare not offend?

But the fact is…most people really don’t dare to touch Qi Yan.

Some well-informed people have already inquired that Qi Yan has been invited by the Cen family. Those who are not well informed are not stupid. Seeing that other people don’t understand, they sit as firm as a mountain, and are determined not to be the cannon fodder in their early days.

The only joke that Qi Yan looks like a white-faced person, cringed and squeezed into the corner, not wanting Qi Yan to see his face clearly. He dared to say that just now, but just wanted to hold a handful of Sun Xiang, but he didn’t know that Qi Yan was standing at the door.

This is really not talking about people behind the scenes, saying that people will be unlucky.

The atmosphere suddenly became embarrassed, and those who wanted to teach others did not have the help of small partners, and those who were forcibly brought in, instead, turned on the host and opened the mocking mode to the owner. The plot changed too quickly, and Sun Xiang was a little unable to react.

As a child who has been spoiled and grown up, he has few advantages, but there is no shortage of human ugliness. He is face-saving, impulsive and irritable. Greedy, not respectful. Any one of these shortcomings is annoying to one person, not to mention Sun Xiang, who has accumulated all the conditions in one breath.

“Shao Sun invited me here so hospitably, is it just to show me your face-changing skills?” Qi Yan chuckled, his eyes swept across the faces of everyone in the room, and no one was seen by him. Look away comfortably.

I always feel that they are a little guilty in their hearts when they are stared at with such clear eyes that see through the world.

“Shut up!” Sun Xiang took out the cigarette case, put a cigarette in his mouth, and after the closest accompany girl lit him, he shrank his neck and hid on the side. Looking at today’s posture, we know that things are going to be a big deal, and they, these little people at the bottom, don’t want to mess with any uncle.

“Let’s talk, why don’t you give my girlfriend face,” Sun Xiang spit out his eyes and squinted at Qi Yan, “As long as you admit me a mistake today and then make my girlfriend happy, I won’t care about you. Mistakes made.”

When Qi Yan heard this, he couldn’t help but laugh. This Sun Xiang wanted to help his girlfriend while looking for a call girl to drink and play in the nightclub. It was really ironic and ridiculous. If he really loves his girlfriend, how can he use his friends to play these in the nightclub?

I don’t know if he is too feudal and conservative, or the rich world is too complicated. Anyway, he doesn’t understand this kind of love view.

“It’s my honor that Miss Lu can look up to me. But it’s all by eye to see who is next to you and whether you will be able to eliminate disasters for others. By doing this, Sun Shao and Miss Lu are breaking my rules.” The corner of Qi Yan’s lips bends slightly.

“What are you, you deserve me to obey your rules?” Sun Xiang laughed mockingly and let out a puff of smoke, “Don’t shame your face.”

“Then what are you, you deserve me to give you a special case?” The smile on Qi Yan’s face faded a little bit, “Do you look ugly?”

“Puff!” I don’t know who couldn’t help but laughed out loud, so the originally embarrassing atmosphere became even more embarrassing.

Sun Xiang’s appearance is indeed not very good-looking, he is a very mean face. Although it is not possible to determine a person’s appearance based on his appearance alone, Sun Xiang’s face is too harsh and his eyes are evil. At first glance, people may have a feeling of “ugly like a bad person”.

Even his own people couldn’t help laughing when they heard what Qi Yan said. It can be seen that the relationship between Sun Xiang and these so-called friends is not much better.

Sun Xiang finally became angry. He picked up a wine bottle and slammed it on the table. The bottle broke in response, accompanied by Sun Xiang’s wailing. It turned out that the whole bottle was broken, and the fragments plunged into Sun Xiang. His entire hand became bloody.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded. In a few seconds, someone responded and called an ambulance, and there were also medical staff from the nightclub for emergency treatment.

Generally, medical staff will be arranged in such high-level places. Just afraid of something wrong with these wealthy people, they can deal with it urgently, and then they can come to the hospital.

This act of pretending not to be an anti-failure can simply be included in a classic example that a dude can’t do. Don’t watch the plots of the plot characters knocking beer bottles and fighting in the TV series are very cool. In fact, if you put more effort into it, it’s not impossible for the entire bottle to explode, so it’s okay. And hurt yourself.

Qi Yan looked at Sun Xiang’s constant wailing in pain, raised his eyebrows and sighed, turned his head and said to the jacket man standing behind him: “Do you understand?”

“Wh, what?” The jacket man looked dumbfounded, his eyes looking at Qi Yan in awe and dazed.

“The brain is a good thing. Take it with you when you talk and do things,” Qi Yan looked at his immature eyebrows and sighed. “At a young age, it’s not uncomfortable to wear a jacket on a hot day? Go home and study hard. , Care about your family and don’t do things that worry your family.”

The jacket man’s complexion slightly changed, and he lowered his head and touched the jacket on his body without speaking.

This jacket was bought by him at the night market for a half-day price with the proprietress at a price of 68 yuan. It was only worn for two days, and it still smelled of inferior leather. When Qi Yan said so, he felt both ashamed and unspeakable.

Since failing the college entrance examination, he has followed his so-called brothers and friends every day to find a way out for the past two months, but…

He looked at the wailing Sun Xiang in the house, and the rich second-generation people who pretended to be worried, but actually watched the excitement, began to feel at a loss. Is this his way out?

Doing things that violated discipline for these people, turning around and boasting to other people how many times I have seen in the world, even though these people don’t know, I am just a dog behind the rich.

Is he going to live like this for a lifetime? Maybe I don’t know one day, I’ll be arrested for committing a big mistake, locked up for ten or eight years, and become a social cancer in the mouth of others, making my family members unable to raise their heads?

The man in the jacket was in a mess. When he raised his head, the master standing in front of him was no longer where he was. He looked around and found that the master was sitting on the sofa holding a fruit plate and looking at Sun Xiang with a smile. Weeping, and the other people in the room, whether intentionally or unintentionally, all walked around him, for fear that they would accidentally hit him.

Jacket man:…

The master is worthy of being a master.

The medical staff from the nightclub quickly rushed over and gave Sun Xiang some emergency treatment. Sun Xiang finally didn’t howl so much. Turning his head and pointed at Qi Yan viciously: “You guys will get him for me! Get out of me if you don’t want to help!”

The faces of the people present were a bit ugly, but they really didn’t want to offend Sun Xiang, because they offended him, who would treat guests as generously as he did?

When everyone looked at Qi Yan and hesitated to help Sun Xiang clean up Qi Yan, there was a sudden noise in the corridor outside, and the people in the nearby boxes seemed to have come out.

Someone in the box was curious, and ran out to take a look. After a while, his cheeks were flushed, his eyes flashed and said: “Cen, Cen Wuye! I heard that Cen Wuye has come to this nightclub?!”

“Cen Wuye?!” When everyone in the box heard these three words, no one was going to take care of Sun Xiang, and they all ran to the lobby on the third floor. Even Sun Xiang clutched his injured hand and ran out after the crowd.

Qi Yan was also quite surprised to hear that Cen Baihe had come to such a place. He put down the fruit plate in his hand, wiped his mouth, and walked out of the box and stood in the corridor.

After a while, the noise went from far to near. I saw that Cen Baihe, dressed in a white shirt, suit and trousers, appeared in the hallway with his hair neat and tidy. His steps were not fast or slow, but because of his slender legs, his walking posture was particularly good. The people behind him are all set off into potatoes.

A middle-aged man next to him nodded and said something, like the manager of this nightclub, but Cen Baihe’s expression was very cold, and the corners of his lips slightly pressed made his whole person serious, a kind of not angry and arrogant. The momentum.

Qi Yan couldn’t help thinking, this is really a man with a beautiful aura all over his body.

He even suspected that Sun Xiang who troubled him would be injured by the bottle today because of Cen Baihe. He only ate dinner with Cen Baihe at noon today, and he rubbed purple gas on him. Sun Xiang, a dude who doesn’t accumulate good fortune, confronts Cen Baihe’s purple air.

Cen Baihe got closer and closer, and just when he thought the other party was going to pass him by, Cen Baihe stopped in front of him.

“Master Qi.”


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