The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 22

“Mr. Cen,” Qi Yan did not expect that Cen Baihe would suddenly stop in front of him. He was a little surprised, but he still maintained a gentle posture on his face, “What a coincidence.”

They had only eaten together an hour or two ago, and then they met again in this place. Looking at the other party’s dress, it should have come from a formal occasion, and the bow tie hasn’t had time to take it off.

“I heard someone invited Master Qi here. I happened to be passing by, so I came here to have a look.” Cen Baihe turned his head and looked at the people behind him. “I don’t know who invited Master Qi so kindly?”

Everyone at the scene looked at Qi Yan’s eyes suddenly changed. This young man can be called a master by Cen Wuye. What is his identity? And why does Cen Wuye’s words sound a bit wrong? He is here to support this Master Qi?

Who offended Master Qi who didn’t have eyesight and brought in the evil **** Cen Wuye?

Many of them were present and followed behind Cen Wuye, not wanting to hold his thigh, but not dare not to come out to greet him. I’m afraid that people will feel that they know that Cen Wuye is here, and they hide in the box to play with themselves, and then they won’t be able to tell.

Sun Xiang and his friends are confused. How could Qi Yan be so familiar with Wuye Cen? Cen Wuye also made a special trip to help Qi Yan on such occasions that he rarely set foot in them?

Hu Peng Gouyou’s heart had already collapsed, but Sun Xiang almost knelt down. He had known that Qi Yan was so powerful backstage, so he wouldn’t dare to cause such trouble.

At this moment, Sun Xiang wanted to hold Qi Yan’s thigh and call his father, as long as he didn’t tell Cen Wuye, he brought him here. It’s a pity that Qi Yan didn’t hear him crying madly in his heart, and answered Cen Wuye’s question straightforwardly.

“I just ate with you, and I was invited by the Sun family to drink here just a few steps after getting off the car,” Qi Yan glanced over Sun Xiang with a smile, “Shao Sun is enthusiastic, but unfortunately he is not lucky. Okay, I just hurt my hand by a beer bottle.”

When Qi Yan looked at him like this, Sun Xiang shuddered inexplicably. This kind of chill that burst from the depths of his heart made him feel a kind of alternative fear.

He suddenly remembered the small folk tales told to him by his surviving grandmother sitting outside the country tiled house with him in his arms when he was very young.

“Those skilled carpenters and Feng Shui masters must not be offended. They will have a lot of skills. If they are accidentally unhappy, they will be unlucky, but they will lose their lives and become disabled…”

At that time, he was too young to look down upon his grandmother’s family living in the country, and he didn’t want to listen to the old stories of his grandmother, so that these stories had long been forgotten by him.

Now this memory suddenly appeared in his mind, letting him know for the first time that perhaps money is really not everything.

“Sun Shao is very interested,” Cen Baihe didn’t even know who Sun Shao was. In the entire imperial capital, there were not many people who could communicate with him, and Sun Xiang was definitely not one of them. He scanned the crowd, and finally found Sun Xiang whose palm was wrapped in gauze. He looked at him lightly from head to toe, “Sun Shao has a unique way of treating guests.”

“Cen Wuye, I…” Sun Xiang looked around. The friends who were standing with him didn’t know where they were hiding. It was like a vacuum zone next to him, and there was no one.

But Cen Baihe was not in the mood to listen to him explain: “There are too many people here, and Master Qi Xijing, I’m afraid I can’t continue to be Sun Shao’s guest.”

Sun Xiang shrank his neck and dared not speak.

Cen Baihe turned his head to look at Qi Yan: “Master Qi, there is a place to go now, I will see you off.”

“I have Mr. Lao Cen, just take me home directly.” Qi Yan smiled at Cen Baihe and walked to Sun Xiang, “Thank you Sun Shao for the warm hospitality.”

The others retreated to each side one after another to make way for Qi Yan. Qi Yan turned to look at Cen Baihe, “Mr. Cen please.”

Cen Baihe didn’t move, and gestured to ask Qi Yan to go ahead. Qi Yan chuckled and didn’t refuse any more. Under the eyes of everyone, he really walked in front of Cen Baihe. And Cen Baihe didn’t feel dissatisfied at all. Before entering the elevator, he personally held the elevator door for the master to prevent the elevator from malfunctioning and hurt Master Qi, showing his respect.

The others hurriedly followed from the other two elevators, and watched Cen Wuye and Master Qi get in the car and left, then walked back in twos and threes.

When he arrived upstairs, he saw Sun Xiang standing in place with a pale face and no love. No one had the heart to sympathize with him, and they went back to their own private rooms. This Sun Xiang is not at all together with them. They play with them, but they still know how to measure, and they will not be as lawless as Sun Xiang.

In the imperial capital, there are too many people with identities. Perhaps the uncle who charges at the entrance of the public toilet has an awesome relative in his family. If you have money, you can eat, drink, and have fun. What’s the point of bullying ordinary people?

But at this time, who cares whether he hurts or not?

As long as he is with this fifth master Cen, Qi Yan has the illusion that purple qi is not so valuable, although in fact, for most people, as long as there is a ray of purple qi in life’s luck, it is already considered a rare good. Fate.

“Mr. Cen, thank you.” Qi Yan is not stupid. At this time, if he still doesn’t understand that Cen Bohe made this trip for him, then his IQ will be touching.

“Master Qi doesn’t need to be polite to me,” Cen Baihe’s pale face showed a smile, “What’s more, even if I don’t show up, Master Qi can retreat all over the body, I’m just superfluous.”

“Mr. Cen is willing to run this trip for the next time, so how could he be extravagant,” Qi Yan smiled. “Can be so troublesome for my friend who meets on the water. If Mr. Cen doesn’t think I am climbing, I will make you a friend. .”

For a person who knows the truth, he can tell with his naked eyes whether others are genuine or fake. Cen Baihe made a special trip for him, and he started to truly face this Cen Wuye, whom countless people looked up to.

He is cold-spirited, yet he values ​​love and righteousness. The personality of this person is very contradictory, but it is not surprising. Some people are naturally unfeeling, but those who are treated with sincerity will never worry about being betrayed or let down.

“Friends.” Cen Baihe spit out these two words between his lips and teeth, and the corners of his beautiful lips raised slightly, “I thought we were already friends.”

Cen Baihe’s complexion was a little sickly white, his whole body’s aura combined with his sickness, there was a kind of unspeakable charm. People are in awe of him and admire him from the bottom of their hearts. Although he is unhealthy, no one will treat him with slight contempt because of his unhealthy health.

“It is an honor for me to be friends with Mr. Cen.” Qi Yan smiled.

“Bohe,” Cen Baihe pulled the bow tie on his neck, “Since we are already friends, you will call me Baihe from now on.”

“The evergreen pines and cypresses stretch, and the cranes are auspicious fortune,” Qi Yan leaned on the back of his chair, “you have a very good name.”

The blessings of the elders are all in this name, which shows the family’s love for him.

Cen Baihe smiled, looking very calm. He doesn’t know the care and blessings of his family, but there are some things that he can’t get by force.

Qi Yan stretched out his hand in the air and grabbed it, and smiled and said to Cen Baihe: “On the first day, I will officially be a friend. I will give you a gift.”

Cen Baihe spread out his right palm.

“Left hand.” Qi Yan lifted his chin and motioned for him to change his hand.

Cen Baihe smiled helplessly and stretched out his left hand in front of him.

Qi Yan put his hand on the palm of his left hand. At this moment, Cen Baihe felt that his palm was so hot that he was flustered.

But this panic was only a matter of blinking an eye, because Qi Yan quickly put his hand back, there was nothing in his palm.

The bodyguard sitting in the co-pilot was a bit speechless. As the bodyguard of the fifth minor, he should always pay attention to anyone who has contact with the fifth minor. There are many people who usually want to please the fifth minor, but he saw someone for the first time. Grab a handful of air as a gift.

“Thank you.” Cen Baihe smiled and squeezed his palm, as if there was something in the palm of his hand.

The bodyguard shook his head, but he didn’t expect that the fifth youngest of their family would also have the potential to win the Hundred Flowers Award.

Qi Yan liked people like Cen Baihe, who didn’t understand anything, but still gave a lot of face. He smiled and said, “You’re welcome.”

The bodyguard was crazy in his heart, and he didn’t expect that the criteria for choosing friends of the Five Young Masters was such a brazen person, who was completely different from the innocent and unpretentious people outside.

The car drove out of the prosperous block and entered the old city area. Qi Yan’s community was just outside the old city area. Because of the municipal planning, the houses here still retain the architectural style of the 19th century. Staying in this kind of place, if it is not for the modern clothes of passers-by, it is easy to create a sense of time and space.

When the car was about to pass an alleyway, Qi Yan frowned as he looked at the narrow alley: “Wait a minute.”

The car stopped, and Cen Baihe saw that Qi Yan’s face was a little unpleasant, “What’s wrong?”

“Someone is here to borrow luck.” Qi Yan opened the door and just got out of the car, and saw that the purple gas that he was rubbing against Cen Baihe’s body was also sucked away by the luck array in the alley. He turned around and pressed the bodyguard who wanted to get out of the car back. Then, under the confused eyes of the bodyguard, he made a knot on the car, “Don’t come out!”

This Luck Array has become a climate, much stronger than the one encountered at the vegetable market last time, and it is also much more brutal. With his naked eyes, he could see that this alley was filled with evil spirits and even death. Perhaps soon, there will be accidents similar to the fire house, causing many casualties.

It’s just that today’s temperature is too high. It’s the hotter time at three or four in the afternoon. There are hardly many pedestrians in the alley, and I don’t know whether these pedestrians are residents in the alley or passersby, so I can’t tell from the faces of these people. Where did the situation go?

Someone wants to use this formation to change their fate against the sky, the price is huge, even if the names of ten people are sacrificed, it may not be possible to prolong the life of another person by ten years.

“It’s crazy!” Qi Yan glanced around. After making sure that there was no surveillance, he didn’t care that Cen Baihe and others were still in the car. He hid in a corner where no one noticed, and took out a…finger from his trouser pocket. The long pencil, writing like a god, is so fast that people can only see the afterimage.

“Five or five young masters, what is Master Qi doing?” The bodyguard was a little dumbfounded. He wanted to open the car window to see more clearly, but found that the car window seemed to be out of order and could not be opened.

Cen Baihe’s gaze fell to the corner of the wall, and the figure who kept writing and painting under the blazing sun looked strange and harmonious at the entrance of this peaceful alley.


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