The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 25

“Your life style is in troubled times. It is an extremely noble life style to be the king. It’s a pity that you were born at an untimely time, and you were born in a peaceful and prosperous age. There was a purple qi but nowhere to use it, so your body couldn’t bear it. The extravagance is gradually declining,” Qi Yan observed Cen Baihe’s face and found that his expression was very calm, so he continued, “It stands to reason that a person like you will not be born in a peaceful and heyday. If there are special cases, all of them are jealous of talents and die early.”

When he heard the word “death”, Cen Baihe lowered his eyelids and said in a calm tone: “Why?”

“Probably God will not allow you to show up at the wrong time,” Qi Yan looked at the car window like a pouring rain, “but the road is ruthless, and the heaven is sentimental, it will always give people a ray of life.”

Cen Baihe’s gaze fell on the young man’s side face, perhaps because the practice in the alley just a moment ago wasted him too much physical strength. The young man’s complexion was a little too pale, and his lips were pale, a simple and harmless doll. Face, no one can think of it, he dared to save the innocent girl in front of the knife-bearers, and spent so much energy to save the people who had nothing to do with him.

His eyes became calm and distant, and the corners of his mouth gradually stained with a smile: “If someone told me this three days ago, I probably wouldn’t believe a word.”

Qi Yan turned to look at him.

“But I believe in you now,” Cen Baihe’s tone was lighter than ever, “I believe in what you said.”

“Although this is a bit narcissistic, I still have to say it,” Qi Yan speaks very slowly because of a tongue injury. “This method looks simple, but it is difficult to use. Because of this borrowing of purple energy. Few people know how to do it. Even if someone has heard of it, others don’t know how to do it.”

In the eyes of ordinary people, it is just a small matter of one loan and one giving, but for the warlock, it involves the laws of nature, the luck of people, and the number of fate. What’s more, there are so few people who have so many purple qi that burst their bodies. Who would have thought that purple qi could be borrowed? All warlocks have only one idea for people with heavy purple energy. Such people can’t offend them. If they offend, they will be condemned by God. Who would dare to hit them with the idea of ​​purple energy.

However, Qi Yan is different from these people. Although he has less actual combat experience than these warlocks, he has a master who does not know the origin but has a lot of skills. Since childhood, he has instilled a lot of ordinary warlocks. The incident also taught him various solutions.

He used to think that the old man was too idle, so he had nothing to toss about. Looking back now, he suspected that the old man was an expert in the mountains and forests, and because he was tired of the life that was sought after by everyone, he went to live in a remote small town.

“Then what do I need to do?” Cen Baihe secretly inhaled when he saw him talking, and handed him a bottle of water, “Drink some water.”

“When you are okay, just join me to save the world.”

After Qi Yan said these words, there was a strange silence in the carriage. There is a romantic light music echoing in the car, the melody is light and romantic, like a pair of lovers dancing on the street full of flowers, which makes people happy and relieves the embarrassment in the car.

Cen Baihe suddenly chuckled, “Well, you remember to call me when the time comes.”

The bodyguard in the front passenger seat finally turned his head and looked back at Wu Shao and Qi Yan. The second phase of Wu Shao’s lateness has finally come?

Save the world… Why not go to heaven to save the galaxy?

Qi Yan smiled, unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip, he admired this upright person.

Cen Baihe saved his life, and he paid the end of his life and added merits.

The car quickly drove outside the gate of Qiyan Community, Cen Baihe handed Qi Yan an umbrella, “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Qi Yan opened the umbrella and found that the umbrella was in the style of Cen Baihe. It was a large, pure Tibetan blue umbrella without any pattern. The rain crackled and hit the umbrella. After Qi Yan took two steps out, he heard Cen Baihe calling him.

“Money, wait a minute!”

Qi Yan turned his head helplessly, how could Cen Baihe also know his nickname?

“Here.” Cen Baihe’s long arm stretched out from the car window, and was soon wetted by the heavy rain. Qi Yan stretched out the umbrella to block the rain for him, and took what Qi Yan handed him, only to realize that it was a business card.

Qi Yan laughed, only to remember that although the two had become friends, they didn’t even have contact information.

“It’s raining, you go back early to rest. This is my private number, you can contact me 24 hours.” Cen Baihe smiled at Qi Yan, “I’ll remember to send me a text message later.”

“Okay.” Qi Yan waved at him and turned to enter the community.

Cen Baihe watched his back disappear behind the gate of the community, and slowly closed the car window, still with an unresolved smile on his face.

The bodyguard looked worriedly at Cen Baihe’s wet sleeves, “Fifth Young Master, there is a spare shirt in the car, do you want to change it?”

“No,” Cen Baihe wiped the back of his wet hand with a handkerchief, “Go straight back.”

Entering the elevator, Qi Yan retracted the umbrella. At the moment when the elevator was about to close, he found a young woman carrying things in both hands running towards this side. He pressed the open button, and the young woman finally caught up and walked into the elevator. , Thanked him quietly.

“You’re welcome,” Qi Yan glanced at the big bags of snacks in her hand, “Which floor are you on?”

“Floor 6, thank you.” The young woman glanced at the button area and saw that Qi Yan had already pressed his own floor, so she reported a number.

After Qi Yan helped her press down, he took a step to the side. In a confined space, if he encounters a woman who is alone, he will deliberately stay away from the other person, and try not to stand behind the other person to reduce the other’s tension.

Sure enough, after he took a step back, the tight shoulders of the woman relaxed a lot, and when she got out of the elevator, she thanked him again.

Lin Yu is a very homely person, and she will never go out unless she can go out. Fortunately, she is engaged in writing work and does not have to deal with outsiders. In addition, her parents are not in the imperial capital, so she can’t control her, so there is no pressure even if she lives in this house.

If it was normal, she would not go out to buy these things, and she would place an order directly online and have someone send it to her. But today, it is also unfortunate that the internet at her home was down and her mobile phone was down. She could only go out to recharge her phone bill and order snacks at home by the way.

Putting the bought snacks on the sofa, she opened the author’s chat group and sent a message with excitement.

Yu Shuling: Just now I met a handsome super gentleman in the elevator. The most important thing is that he looks very cute, and my girlish heart is about to be resurrected!

After sending this sentence blankly, Lin Yu closed the chat group and started to scan Weibo. Then, on the homepage, he saw a video titled “A witty guy fights bravely against the five scum brain gangsters, a new era of live Lei Feng”, this The number of reposts on Weibo has exceeded 10,000, and the number of likes is even more than 70,000, so she clicked it curiously.

The video was trembling, and there was a lot of noise. At first it was a marriage proposal, and then it turned into a hijacking scene. When the young man who saved the little girl appeared, she faintly felt that the young man was inexplicably familiar.

However, because the video definition is not high, the young man’s face is not very clear. But it can still be seen that this young man is in good shape, especially with big long legs.

Clicking on the Weibo comment, unsurprisingly, it was full of praise, praised this young man for being brave, witty, handsome, and asking for contact information. It was very lively.

Lin Yu matched the cute expression and reposted this Weibo. When he was about to continue to scan, the light above his head flickered several times and then went out with a bang.

She sighed, already used to this situation. In recent months, I don’t know what’s going on. The lights at home are particularly prone to breakage. She suspects that there is a problem with the wiring at home.

With the faint light of the mobile phone screen, she picked up a bag of snacks and returned to the room, turned on the bedside lamp and sat in front of the computer, and continued to write her unfinished novel published on Jinjiang Literature City.

Although the reality is boring and boring, in the world of novels, she can let the protagonists experience life and death, making their love vigorous and moving.

When Cen Baihe returned home, it was time for dinner. He went upstairs and changed his clothes, and the food was already on the table.

After he sat down, Boss Cen looked at him unconsciously for several times. Seeing that his brother hadn’t reacted at all, he hesitated and said, “Bohe, I heard people say you went to a nightclub?” When he heard the news, he hesitated. , He almost thought that there was a problem with his ears.

Bai He hated noisy places since he was a child, and he didn’t drink alcohol and tobacco. It was really shocking to suddenly go to that place with great fanfare.

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe picked up a piece of duck meat that he never usually eats, bowed his head and ate it gracefully. For some reason, he felt that the dishes on the table today were so delicious that he couldn’t help but move his chopsticks.

Boss Cen watched his brother eat a whole duck leg, and all the doubts about the nightclub were thrown out of the sky, and he began to wonder why his brother’s appetite suddenly became so good.

Although my brother’s appetite has improved a lot the other day, it is definitely not as exaggerated as it is today. Since childhood, he has never seen his brother eat a whole duck leg.

“Brother,” Boss Cen tremblingly gave Cen Baihe a bowl of soup and put it next to him, “have you crossed it?”

Cen Baihe put down his chopsticks, wiped his mouth and said, “Brother, have you watched a web drama with your sister-in-law again?”

Brother Cen:…

Qi Yan didn’t know that he was on fire. He turned on the TV and saw that the local news station was playing an interview.

The little girl in the white hat was holding a bag of roast duck, and she was a little shy towards the camera: “The good-hearted man gave me the roast duck before he left, so I can keep it safe.” The camera turned to this one again. The manager of the roast duck restaurant said with excitement that as long as the hero who has done a good deed and does not leave his name, he will buy roast duck in their restaurant for free and there is no need to queue.

Qi Yan remembered the half of the roast duck that had been forgotten by the clerk in the roast duck restaurant, and silently turned off the TV. Although the store manager said that this condition was very attractive, he felt that he would still walk around the store in the future.

After all… he is Master Qi who has done good things without leaving a name.

It’s a pity that half of the roast duck has been in line for so long, and he hasn’t eaten it yet.


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