The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 26

The moonlight is still bright, the window screens are flying, and a little bit of moonlight penetrates in and casts on the bed.

Qi Yan didn’t sleep well, and when he kicked his legs, the quilt on his body fell to the ground. The moonlight shone on his belly, and the light and shadow merged, quiet and beautiful.

Sleeping in the morning to wake up naturally is one of the happiest things in the world, but today this happiness is destroyed. Qi Yan looked at his friend sitting on the sofa and gave him a breakfast in disgust, “Tell me a reason for you to come and knock at the door early in the morning.”

Wang Hang didn’t care about Qi Yan’s stinky face at all, he smiled and took a sip of the gruel, and then began to peel the salted duck eggs, “If it wasn’t for your phone to turn off, I wouldn’t want to come to you so early.” , Took out his mobile phone, clicked on a video and played it to Qi Yan, “Qianqian, is the live Leifeng in this video you?”

Qi Yan glanced twice and found that someone had taken pictures of the process from yesterday’s proposal to the hijacking. He coughed dryly, “Passing by the unevenness, draw a knife to help. You know, my wish is for world peace.”

“Don’t talk,” Wang Hang joked with him and said seriously, “Money, I know you can tell fortune-telling according to Feng Shui, but that is not super power after all. When you encounter this kind of lunatic in the future, you must pay attention to your own Safe. When I saw this video last night, I squeezed a sweat for you. Fortunately, this person got it. How dangerous would it be if it was Mucang?”

“I only dared to go when he saw him holding a knife,” Qi Yan gave Wang Hang a fried dough stick, noting that he was still wearing dark circles, “Are you staying up late to play games again?”

“I stay in the company, and I can’t get in touch with any real work. The people in the company can’t wait to confess me.” Wang Hang took a bite of fried dough sticks, “It’s still hello, do what you like, others I don’t dare to look down upon you. I heard that even the Cen family treats you as a guest of honor. If this happens, I don’t know how many people are jealous of you.”

Qi Yan listened to him complaining, and drank his porridge without talking.

After Wang Hang complained, the fritters were also eaten up unknowingly. He was somewhat scornful: “Qianqian, you said I am in this state, isn’t it a bit bad?”

“If you know, ask?” There is no need to be polite between Qi Yan and Wang Hang. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Wang Hang, “Do you want me to talk about some chicken soup jokes to inspire you?”

“That’s not necessary,” Wang Hang touched his nose, “I just envy you for being so free.” As the company’s Shaodong, as soon as he entered the company, he was carefully held by the company’s staff, even saying I was afraid of offending him by saying that, which made him very uncomfortable, who had always been hearty.

“Born in Fuzhong, I don’t know the good fortune. There are still many fresh graduates who haven’t found a job this year. Don’t be wronged by you, a big company, Shaodong. Be careful to get sacked after going out.” Qi Yan saw that Wang Hang liked to eat salted duck eggs, and then He took one from the bowl, “You can’t eat too many salted eggs, it’s not good for your health.”

“No way, the salted egg you made tastes so good that you can’t eat it anywhere else,” Wang Hang cracked the egg shell and peeled it quickly with his hands, “I love you, what am I.”

“Go go,” Qi Yan waved his hand like a fly, “Don’t be cute.”

The two of them ate a pot of porridge unknowingly. Wang Hang helped Qi Yan tidy the bowl, and hesitated to say: “Qianqian, now many people on the Internet are asking who the person in the video is. When you go out Be careful, don’t let people recognize it.”

If Qianqian is in other industries, it will be fine even if it is recognized. But Qianqian’s current identity is a master. He is afraid that Qianqian will be criticized because of his identity. “The girl you saved, wrote on Weibo the cause and effect of your rescue, and has been thanking you. Because you can’t find you. She and her family donated a sum of money to charity in the name that you are Lei Feng, saying that they hope to pass on this kindness.”

Qi Yan smiled upon hearing this, “Isn’t this good?”

Wang Hang shrugged and slumped on the sofa: “Money, or I will learn Feng Shui from you, maybe I am also a hidden master.”

“Don’t have convulsions,” Qi Yan knew that Wang Hang was depressed and wanted to find someone to complain. So I came out with a dish of dried fruits and chose a comfortable sitting position to lean on the sofa, “Let’s talk, I’m happy to say something unhappy.”

When asked by Qi Yan, Wang Hang suddenly felt that he couldn’t tell. He squinted at Qi Yan: “Qianqian, tell me, is it difficult for you to do this?”

“It’s not difficult. It is to learn mantras from the age of three or four, learn how to borrow the spirit of the five elements of nature from the age of five or six, learn the talisman formation at the age of seven or eight, and learn all kinds of ancient books at the age of ten, and start at the age of twelve. Learn about space theory, cosmology, historical and cultural traditions, superstitions and deceptions throughout the ages, the relationship between changes in nature and the weather, the direction of the country’s mountains, the influence of time on fate, human psychology, physiognomy, the correct calculation of fate…”

“Wait, wait, don’t you just meditate, just recite the spell?” Wang Hang saw that Qi Yan still continued to recite, and he knelt down, “Why do you have to learn so many things?” ”

This is completely different from what is shown on TV!

“Otherwise, do you think that fate and Feng Shui are so easy to see?” Qi Yan thought of his gloomy childhood and couldn’t help throwing Wang Hang a “stupid mortal” stare. “There is a saying that orange Sheng Huainan is orange. Oranges born in Huaibei are trifoliate. Even if two people were born at the same time, their destiny is not the same. The sorcerer learns something incomplete, that is, it is half-hearted, and the calculated result may be inaccurate. Isn’t this deceiving and harming others? ”

At this moment, Wang Hang felt that Qi Yan’s figure had become taller in his eyes, and his little grievances were not a grievance at all. If he had been taught this since he was a child, he would probably be crazy now.

“Since you are an orthodox warlock, why do you still learn feudal superstition deception?”

“If you don’t understand this, how can you expose these liars?” Qi Yan began to knock up the seeds, “Know yourself and the enemy, and maintain orthodoxy.”

Wang Hang looked at Qi Yan lazily eating melon seeds with a numb expression, and silently grabbed a handful from the plate.

If the orthodox warlocks are like money, probably no one believes them. After all, the false gods are a little more mysterious and more fanciful.

But after hearing about Qianqian’s childhood life, Wang Hang began to feel that the problem he encountered was hypocritical. He stood at the door carrying a bag of salted duck eggs that Qi Yan had pickled and said that he must use his domineering spirit. Conquer the employees of the company.

Qi Yan looked at him, feeling that he was looking at a patient with secondary disease: “You may have a small dispute today, but there will be no bad consequences, don’t worry.”

Wang Hang heard that there were no bad consequences, so he left with confidence.

When taking the elevator down to the sixth floor, the elevator door opened and a pale woman walked into the elevator. Seeing that her complexion was not good, Wang Hang didn’t even apply her makeup. Guessing that she might be a little uncomfortable, she was about to ask her if she needed help. The woman fainted against the elevator wall.

Wang Hang was so scared that he retreated to the root of the wall, rang the alarm bell in the elevator, and cautiously approached the girl.

Qi Yan didn’t expect that something would happen if Wang Hang left for less than five minutes. He went downstairs to the property management office, and saw several aunts in the community surrounding Wang Hang and not letting him go. On the double sofa next to him, there was a young woman lying on her side, looking like she had fainted.

“Mr. Qi,” the property team leader saw Qi Yan coming, and stood up to meet him, “This Mr. Wang claims to be your friend, is it true?”

Qi Yan nodded and walked to Wang Hang: “What happened?”

“Just now when the elevator stopped on the sixth floor, this woman walked in, but she passed out soon after she came in,” Wang Hang shrugged his shoulders with depression, “I saw that there was a monitor in the elevator, so the button rang. The alarm, I was squatting down to see if there was anything wrong with her, but the elevator door opened…”

He looked at a few aunts, “I was twisted here by these aunts as criminals, but the elevator monitoring was broken today.”

Among several aunts, some people know Qi Yan, because his face is pleasing, so it is easy to make a good impression on the aunts.

For example, Aunt Wang, who has a good impression of Qi Yan, saw that Wang Hang and Qi Yan were really friends, and said, “Don’t panic, wait for the ambulance to come and this little girl wakes up, things will be clear. We can’t let it go. Bad guys, but good guys can’t be wronged either.”

As the leading figure in the square dance, Aunt Wang is very prestigious among several aunts, so when she opened her mouth like this, the eyes of the other aunts looking at Wang Hang finally ceased to be so sharp.

The ambulance hasn’t come yet. An aunt with experience in ambulance has been looking after the little girl, not allowing too many people to surround her, so as not to affect the patient’s breathing.

Qi Yan glanced at the fainted woman and found that it was the girl he met in the elevator last night. He frowned, wondering, judging from the face of this girl, she had never done anything evil, why is there bad luck around him?

At this moment, the woman opened her eyes in a daze, and shrank into the sofa when she saw people she didn’t know standing around.

“Little girl, don’t be afraid, we are all your neighbors,” Aunt Wang saw that she was a little nervous, and smiled to comfort her, “I saw you fainted in the elevator just now. Why do you feel uncomfortable now?”

“Thank you.” Lin Yu felt unable to lie down and talk to people, struggling to get up, but her body was limp and she didn’t have any strength at all. “I wanted to go to the hospital just now…”

“We have called an ambulance for you, you lie down and don’t move.” Aunt Wang looked back at Wang Hang, and was sure that he was not a bad guy with a bad heart: “Little brother, sorry, we misunderstood you just now. You apologize.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Wang Hang saw that these aunts were about the same age as his mother, and he was really worried about this sick woman. The depression in his heart disappeared early, “It’s all misunderstandings, all misunderstandings.”

But money is money, and if he says that he will encounter minor disputes, he will really encounter minor disputes.

With such a casual friend, he felt that his whole life was magical.


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