The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 27

After about ten minutes, the ambulance finally arrived at the community.

When Lin Yu was carried on the car on a stretcher by the nurse, she glanced back in a wicked manner. She saw the baby-faced man who helped her open the elevator door last night. It’s a pity that she only had time to take a look, and was carried into the car. The captain of the property and Aunt Wang accompanied her in the car.

Soon she fell asleep in a daze. At the moment before going to bed, she once again remembered the look in the eyes of the baby-faced man looking at her last night.

It seemed to be looking at something on her body, and it seemed to take a casual glance, maybe it was just that she was too suspicious.

In order to comfort the “frightened” Wang Hang, Qi Yan had to accompany him to lunch.

When passing by the old alley yesterday, he asked Wang Hang to park the car to the side of the road and get off to see the situation in the alley.

Unlike the weird silence yesterday afternoon, this alley is very lively with people coming and going.

At this time during the summer vacation, many children were playing under the banyan tree, and several plant experts were surrounding the banyan tree to study the cause of its sudden large-scale fall of leaves.

The old people looked at the big tree anxiously, muttering things like the tree was here when they were young.

“The young man passed by here?” Seeing that Qi Yan is unfamiliar and should not be a neighbor in the neighborhood, an old man enthusiastically pointed to the front, “This is a dead alley. You can’t get through. You can go outside.”

“Okay, thank you.” Qi Yan looked up at the big banyan tree and found that many of the leaves on the canopy had turned yellow, making a swish sound in the breeze.

“This tree is hundreds of years old now,” the old man noticed that Qi Yan was looking at the big tree, thinking he was wondering why this tree is so big, and began to explain to him, “Generally, banyan trees do not live so long. But it’s an exception. These years have been fine, and I don’t know what’s going on. After a rain yesterday, the leaves suddenly turned yellow so much.”

The old lady’s tone was full of worries, and her muddy eyes were filled with distress and nostalgia, as if she had fallen into his past memories.

“When I was eight years old, it was already very tall and big, so many years passed in the blink of an eye…”

Listening to the old man’s words, Qi Yan glanced over the big tree that was worried by countless people, and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, old man, this tree will definitely be fine. Maybe it’s in a good mood and wants to change its leaves.”

The old man smiled and happily said that at this moment, the wrinkles left on his face by the years have stretched a lot.

Farewell to the old man, Qi Yan walked out of the alley, looked back at this lively and warm alley, and returned to Wang Hang’s car humming a small song.

“I met a beautiful woman in the alley, so happy?” Wang Hang started the car and joked, “The female classmate in the class asked you how you are in the group a few days ago, but didn’t see you come out to say something.”

“I didn’t notice, I haven’t played WeChat groups in the past few days,” Qi Yan turned his head and smiled, “You help me thank you.”

Wang Hang looked at him speechlessly: “Really meaningless to her?”

Qi Yan shook his head: “I don’t have this thought now, so don’t let people have hope. If you are boring and ambiguous to others, it will be unlucky for morality and character.”

“Really?” Wang Hang slowed down and observed Qi Yan’s expression in the rearview mirror, trying to judge whether his words were true or false.

“Guess what?” Qi Yan looked at him with a smile.

Looking at his smile, Wang Hang silently reminded himself in his heart.

When eating at noon, Wang Hang suddenly thought of a very important question: “Money, money, I think you can open a studio with your current reputation, and ask a few assistants to handle the chores for you. You see, the imperial capital has some famous feng shui Sir, whoever goes out doesn’t bring assistants, secretaries, drivers, bodyguards, that’s so magnificent. You are alone, I am worried that your lack of aura will be underestimated.”

“Who brought other people around when you watched those real masters in the TV series?” Qi Yan took a sip of soup. “Generally, most of the high-profile appearances are the demon leader or the villain. The protagonist slapped his face and brushed his experience.”

Wang Hang was silent, and his words were so reasonable that he was speechless.

“But you can’t always wait for others to come to your door. The more you operate, the more you become famous.” Wang Hang, who is a family business owner, knows how much profit the advertising effect will bring. “The bigger the reputation, the more money you can make. I don’t know whether some so-called masters have real abilities, but their reputations are not small. They can make millions or tens of millions if they just make a hand. There are also a bunch of celebrities crying and begging to let him fortune-telling to see Feng Shui.”

His brother is so awesome, how can he be compared to those masters who don’t know the truth? !

“No hurry, the fate hasn’t arrived yet.” Qi Yan smiled, “My master had calculated it to me before he was alive. My life is a good fate for both fame and fortune. Not only is the blessing deep, but also the merit is added.”

Wang Hang immediately felt relieved, the money was already so great, and his master must be even more powerful.

After spending a whole day with Qi Yan, the depression in Wang Hang’s heart has long since disappeared without a trace. When I went to work at the company the next day, I no longer cared about the staff’s cautious attitude towards themselves, but took the initiative to discover problems. Whenever he felt angry, thinking of the things Qi Yan had to learn when he was young, instantly disappeared.

Qianqian was able to suffer so much when he was in his teens. He is now in his twenties and can’t do well in his own company?

Lin Yu stayed in the hospital for a few days. The doctor did a full set of physical examinations for her, and found nothing wrong with her body. In addition, after seeing her mental state recovered, he prescribed some medicines to invigorate Qi and blood. She was discharged from the hospital.

Because there were no serialized novels updated for several days, the first thing Lin Yu did when he returned home was to open a notebook and open a document, but just after typing a few lines, she felt that she was in a trance, and her mind was chaotic, what? The inspiration is gone. Finally, she reluctantly closed the notebook and lay back on the bed.

Maybe the doctor is right, she is too ecstasy and needs more exercise. After lying on the bed for a while, the feeling of dizziness disappeared without a trace. She got up and changed into a set of lightweight sportswear, ready to go out for a walk in the community.

When she walked into the elevator, she met the handsome baby-faced guy she had seen on the Internet who was a dirty old driver, but in reality she was a very shy person. So despite the rich theater in my brain, I actually just smiled at this handsome guy, and didn’t feel embarrassed to take the initiative to speak to him.

Qi Yan has an impression of this girl because she has unexplained bad luck and evil spirits. After a few days of absence, the bad luck on her body has become more serious, and she still carries a ray of resentment. If this continues, the girl’s body will collapse in two days.


The elevator door opened, and the girl grinned at him and trot out of the elevator.

Qi Yan then walked out of the elevator and frowned when she saw her running farther and farther. Could it be that this woman had a lot of anger?

I ate a bowl of beef noodles outside. I don’t know if it was a coincidence. When Qi Yan came back, he met this woman at the elevator door. More coincidentally, there was no one else in the elevator except for them.

Lin Yu didn’t expect it to be so coincidental. She looked at Qi Yan a little bit embarrassedly as she helped her count the floor, and she thanked her in a low voice.

“My name is Qi, and I am called Qi Yan, and I live upstairs.” Qi Yan stopped moving after seeing the elevator’s floor number card on the fourth floor, but the girl hadn’t reacted yet, “Have you healed?” ”

“It’s already a lot better. I just finished the discharge procedure today.” Lin Yu was very excited when he saw the handsome man taking the initiative to talk to him, but there was no fluctuation in his face, “Thank you for your concern. My name is Lin Yu.”

Qi Yan smiled and glanced at the elevator display. The number of floors was still on the fourth floor. He had to say to Lin Yu: “There seems to be something wrong with the elevator. Don’t be nervous. I will call the property first.”

Lin Yu found out that the elevator was stuck on the 4th floor and didn’t move. She was just taking care of the handsome guy and didn’t notice it at all. At this moment, countless classic scenes of horror novels and horror movies flashed in her mind, but after seeing the dimples on Qi Yan’s face, all of them disappeared without a trace in an instant.

She took out her phone, secretly took a pair of Qi Yan’s long legs, and sent it to the group of friends: “Ask, I am stuck in the elevator with Mengmengda, what should I do? Urgent, wait online!”

The friends jumped out and said that they could play with these legs for a year or something, but soon their concern for handsome guys turned into concerns about Lin Yu’s safety.

Authors with larger brains have found a lot of first aid knowledge trapped in the elevator, including how to escape if you encounter a supernatural event in the elevator, and how to protect yourself when you encounter a satyr in the elevator and cannot escape.

Lin Yu touched his face, then glanced at Qi Yan who was standing in front of him, feeling that he was the pervert who wanted to commit a crime.

Qi Yan turned around and saw Lin Yu covering her face, thinking she was afraid, so he said: “Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong, the people from the property will rush over immediately.” While Lin Yu was not paying attention, he quickly pinched one. The maneuver, dispelled the strong bad luck, evil spirits and the slightest grievances in the elevator.

If this young girl named Lin Yu was trapped alone in this elevator today, it is really hard to say whether something will happen.

Thinking of this, his cell phone rang, and the caller’s name was displayed as “Cen Wuye”.

Cen Baihe listened to the energetic voice on the phone, and smiled unconsciously on his face: “We don’t need to save the world recently?”

“Because the world has been peaceful in recent days.”

Hearing this, Cen Baihe finally chuckled. He opened the French windows and walked to the balcony, looking at the crimson clouds in the sky, “Have you had dinner?”

“I have eaten, now I am stuck in the elevator and can’t get out.”

“Why are you trapped in the elevator?” Cen Baihe’s tone increased, his brows frowned, and even his eldest brother was standing next to the garden downstairs looking at him without noticing, “Is there any safety problem when I am stuck on a few floors?”

Qi Yan listened to Cen Baihe’s worried tone on the phone, and laughed relaxedly: “It’s okay, don’t worry, the property steward will come over soon. How is your appetite in the past few days, do you feel the charm of food?”

“In just one week, I have grown two catties of meat,” Cen Baihe jokingly said, holding the balcony with one hand, “Don’t you say that I am a rare nobleman in a century? I rushed to call this time. Will it make you luck better, and then turn bad into good fortune?”

Before Qi Yan could answer this question, there was a knocking sound from outside the elevator.

“The owner inside, please take two steps back. We are about to open the door.”

Qi Yan squinted his eyes and watched the elevator doors being forcibly opened by external forces. He said with a smile: “Yes, when I meet you, a noble person, I will be able to turn bad luck and turn the crisis into peace.”

Originally, Cen Baihe was his life-saver, so he didn’t have any pressure to say this.

Then he heard the deep laughter of Cen Baihe on the phone, and it was obvious that the other party took his words as a joke.

In this world, it is not easy to be trusted to tell the truth.

After Lin Yu was rescued by the property owner and returned home, he sent a message in the group.

Jade Spirit: I have arrived home safely. Handsome guy Meng seems to have a good friend. When he was trapped in the elevator, the other party kept on the phone with him. And before he answered the phone, I found that he seemed to be secretly playing with a series of gestures. I don’t know if it was a psychological effect. I think that after he finished those poses, his sense of security has improved a lot.

Friends came out to comfort her and give her a shock. Some people joked that maybe this cute guy is a cosplay lover, and he is practicing gestures while he is in the open, striving to make a blockbuster in the show.

Soon the focus of the chat in the group shifted to the friendship between the handsome guy and his friends. Lin Yu turned off the group and looked at the laptop on the desk. There was a sense of fear that he didn’t dare to open it.


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