The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 28

Qi Yan opened the door of the room and said to Cen Baihe on the other end of the phone: “I have already entered the house.”

Putting on comfortable slippers, he threw himself on the soft sofa, and then lay down and didn’t want to move anymore: “There was someone in the elevator just now. I’m not comfortable talking about other things. In addition to your better appetite recently, Has your sleep improved?”

As far as he knows, people with the right constitution like Cen Baihe should have poor sleep quality.

Cen Baihe squinted his eyes and watched the afterglow of the sunset gradually faded, and the corners of his mouth curled up again: “I haven’t had insomnia in the past few days.” Only those who have experienced the pain of insomnia know how rare it is to sleep sweetly.

He didn’t tell Qi Yan that he had symptoms of insomnia, but the other party seemed to know everything, and he took the initiative to ask, and he didn’t have to hesitate and be cautious during the conversation.

This is how friends get along?

“That’s good,” Qi Yan relaxed, “I will draw you a calming rune for these two days. If you press it under the pillow, it will also help you sleep.”

“Okay, I’ll come to see you tomorrow.” Cen Baihe thought that he had never been to Qi Yan’s house, and had a little expectation for the meeting tomorrow.

“Okay.” Qi Yan stretched out his arm and had enough biscuit on the coffee table. When he was about to throw it into his mouth, he remembered that he was still talking on the phone with Cen Baihe, and put the biscuit back.

“Then we’ll see you tomorrow.” Cen Baihe hung up and smiled helplessly at the gloomy mobile phone screen.

Brother Cen, who was standing downstairs, raised his wrist and looked at the time. His brother actually talked on the phone for more than ten minutes, which was not related to work. This made his brother feel very surprised.

“Bohe,” Brother Cen waved to his younger brother, “Come down for dinner.”

In recent days, Baihe’s appetite is extremely good. Even the family doctor said that his body is slowly getting better, so the whole family became happy. I wish that Baihe’s appetite would last forever, and his life would be a hundred years old, and the family would feel relieved.

Cen Baihe found out that his eldest brother was downstairs, he nodded to Cen, put the phone behind the bed, and walked downstairs.

The Cen family had a very rich dinner today. Because the family of Cen San Ge, who worked in other provinces, was transferred back to Beijing, a special family banquet was held. The husband and wife saw that the younger brother, who had always had a poor appetite, had eaten a lot of food, and finally believed in the eldest brother’s saying that “the younger brother is much better”.

After dinner, Brother Cen found Cen Qiusheng with a smile on his face, “Dad, Bai He looks a lot better. Which hospital did he go to this time and the effect was so good?”

Cen Qiusheng shook his head and did not answer the third son’s question. He remembered clearly that the day his son came out of the hospital, his complexion was very ugly. But after coming back from the ancestral house, he suddenly got better. A few days ago, when he went home wearing a half-damp clothes, the changes were even bigger. It was like…like someone changed his fate against the sky.

Thinking of this, his eyelids trembled slightly. As a father, he loves his children very much, but this method of changing fate against the sky is really harmful. He had been heartbroken for a while, but he really couldn’t do this kind of behavior that hurt many people, just because his children didn’t know how long their lives would last, so he let go of his thoughts.

The hospital had no choice, and the invited master had no choice. Just after he had given up hope, Bai He’s body suddenly began to change. Isn’t it true that God can’t bear to see him send a white-haired person to a black-haired person to make Baihe body? Get healthy?

“What’s the matter?” Seeing that his father’s expression was not right, Cen’s eldest brother sat beside him and said nothing, “Is this not related to the hospital?”

He suddenly remembered that the second sister had mentioned to him some time ago that his father invited several masters to the ancestral house to see Feng Shui. Although he didn’t believe this in his heart, he did not object. Perhaps in his heart, he also hopes that a miracle will happen to Baihe, so that he will abandon the materialism he has always done and turn a blind eye to everything his dad has done.

“Hanggu, I remember that on the day when I saw the ancestral house, you were with Master Qi all the way,” Cen Qiusheng said suddenly, “Did Master Qi do anything special at the time?”

He knew a lot about the other four masters, and they said there was no way to solve it, then there must be no other way. The only thing he didn’t know well was Master Qi. Although this Master Qi was young, he didn’t look like an ordinary person because the other person’s eyes were so bright that he didn’t even dare to look directly at him. Too long.

“It doesn’t seem to be anything special. The other day I accompanied him to the mountain to see the trend of the mountains behind the ancestral house, and he came down,” Cen Changgu, Cen Changgu, shook his head, and then he added, “But we are going down the mountain. When I met Bai He, Master Qi asked… to let Bai He stretch out his hand.”

“Baihe agreed?” Cen Qiusheng was a little surprised. He remembered that his younger son was not cold with these feng shui talks, so he asked the master to see the ancestral house and deliberately kept it from him. I don’t know what went wrong, Bai He just rushed back from the hospital that day.

Brother Cen nodded: “Bohe has a gentle and polite attitude towards Master Qi. I don’t see any sense of rejection in him.”

“Who is Master Qi?” Third Brother Cen looked at Cen Qiusheng dubiously, “Dad, don’t you mean that Master Qi cured Bai He?”

Although he doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, he also knows the famous Feng Shui masters of the emperor. Where did Master Qi emerge from, he has never heard of it at all.

Cen Qiusheng was silent for a long time: “It would be great if this is the case.”

If this Master Qi really has a way, why did Master Qi say the same as several other masters when he asked? But if it wasn’t him, who could it be?

But if it was Master Qi, what method did the other party use to change his life for Bai He? He has lived for so many years, and none of the ways he has seen or heard about changing his fate is without harming the innocent.


Cen Qiusheng waved his hand: “I don’t know about this. I can ask Baihe some time.” As a father, he hopes his son will live a long life. But as the head of the Cen family, he also hopes that his son’s health is not based on the casualties of others.

Brother Cen and Brother Cen saw their father look tired, and got up and left his father’s room to let him rest.

“Eldest brother, third brother,” Cen Baihe walked out of the room and saw two older brothers standing at the door of his father’s room, “It’s so late, are you still asleep?”

“I just came back, so I wanted to have a chat with my dad and my eldest brother,” Cen Sange walked up to Cen Baihe, with worry in his gentle eyes, “Insomnia again?”

I don’t know if his eyes are not so good recently, Bai He seems to have some flesh on his face.

“No, I slept very well recently,” Cen Baihe turned a blind eye to the uncomfortable expressions of the two brothers, “I can drink a glass of water, so don’t stay up too long.”

“Okay,” Cen Sange added, looking at his younger brother’s back, “Don’t drink too much water before going to bed.”


Down the stairs came the little brother’s unsatisfactory response. Cen Sange turned to look at his eldest brother, “Brother, Baihe’s temperament is too cold. I always think it’s better for young people to make trouble.”

Brother Cen shrugged: “Why don’t you persuade him?” Anyway, this younger brother has been like this since he was a child, and he has stopped trying to change him.

Brother Cen:…

Lin Yu feels that although his health is not very good recently, his eyes are lucky. When he goes out for a walk in the morning, he can meet rare and beautiful men.

There is a kind of man, even if he wears a conservative white shirt and suit pants, he will become a walking hormone.

For example, the one in front of her, although every button is meticulously buttoned, and the hair is neat and tidy, it gives people a sense of abstinence. The slightly pale face, the elegance of his gestures, is simply a model version of the elegant nobleman.

She saw the strong man behind the superb man press floor 7, and he himself was carrying a bag of breakfast, standing there with a magnificent temperament, giving her the kind of feeling that he was not standing in the elevator, but in the magnificent palace. illusion.

“Miss, where are you?” The strong man’s voice was rough, but very polite.

Lin Yu didn’t feel embarrassed to let him press for himself, and blushed and pressed his own floor number. I don’t know why, she has some intuition that this superb handsome guy is looking for the cute guy on the seventh floor. Maybe when the handsome boy was trapped in the elevator yesterday, he was also his good friend who kept talking with him on the mobile phone.

Realizing that he was actually supplementing the three-dimensional real person in his brain, Lin Yu squeezed his face to make himself a little more awake, and could not do such a down-to-earth thing. The elevator quickly stopped on the sixth floor. After Lin Yu got out of the elevator, he looked back reluctantly, but it was a pity that the superb man didn’t look at her from start to finish, it was simply indifference in capitals.

After Qi Yan was awakened by the knock on the door, the first reaction was that the third child had come for breakfast again. But when he got up from the bed and saw the purple gas surging at the door, he knew who came.

Cen Baihe stood at the door and looked at the door of Qi Yan’s house. Spring couplets were pasted on the door. The couplets were based on simple red paper, and the characters on them were handwritten, not printed. But no matter how you look at it, this is not like a place where “masters” live, but more like an ordinary residence.

At this moment, the door opened, and Qi Yan, who was wearing pajamas and curly hair, stood at the door with sleepy eyes and smiled at him: “Good morning.”

“Morning.” Seeing Qi Yan’s smiling face, Cen Baihe felt that he was in a much better mood instantly, “I disturbed you to rest?”

“No, I usually get up at this time.” Qi Yan put the breakfast that Cen Baihe had bought on the table, bent over and found two pairs of slippers from the shoe cabinet, “Sit down first, and I’ll wash my face.”

Cen Baihe laughed, and after changing his slippers, he began to play with the breakfast he personally brought. The bodyguard saw him arranging the bowls and chopsticks, his movements were unfamiliar, and felt that he couldn’t stand it, “Fifth young man, just leave this to me.”

“No.” Cen Baihe set his chopsticks and looked at the breakfast on the table, quite satisfied.

The bodyguard murmured in his heart that the fifth master did not usually do this, and now it is rare to have a breakfast by himself.

After Qi Yan washed his face and brushed his teeth, he saw that Cen Baihe had already set up the breakfast, and the fragrant polenta exuded a tempting aroma. He walked up to Cen Baihe and sat down and said with a smile: “Come on, no need to be special. Buy breakfast.”

Although he said so, his hands had already moved his chopsticks honestly.

Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan’s brows and eyes, and the corners of his lips were stained with warmth.

It turns out that giving sincerely to friends can make people feel so happy.


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