The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 29

After breakfast, Qi Yan deliberately changed his clothes and washed his hands, and said to Cen Baihe: “I will draw you a symbol now. Would you like to follow me into the study?”

“Will I be here to affect you?” Cen Baihe put down the outdated magazine in his hand and looked up at Qi Yan.

“No,” Qi Yan saw that Cen Baihe had stood up from the sofa, and guessed that he was still a little curious about painted symbols in his heart, so he smiled and said, “I have painted symbols for so many years, how can it be because there is no one around him? Affected.”

If it is so easy to be affected, it can only show that the ability is not enough. When the warlocks fight, no matter what your surroundings are, you can see the true chapter directly under your hand. For example, a few days ago, when he encountered the formation of Destroyed Luck, the man who manipulated the formation used the Destruction of Souls Curse to kill him, but there was no mercy at all.

At that time, he spent most of his spiritual energy in order to dismantle the formation. If it hadn’t been for Cen Baihe’s sudden appearance, maybe he would really kneel at that time.

In fact, what Cen Baihe is curious about is not how Qi Yan draws symbols, but the furnishings in his study. Because whether it was the living room or the door, Qi Yan’s home was too inconsistent with the style of a metaphysical master. He had never seen a metaphysical master’s home so grounded.

When the study door was opened, Cen Baihe felt “it really is so” in his heart. Different from the simple style of the living room, the study is decorated in a very antique style. The desks, chairs and bookshelves are all made of logs. The desk is filled with the four simple treasures of the study. There is no trace of modern style in the whole house. He did not even find an electrical jack in the house. .

Qi Yan removed a wooden box from the bookshelf, took out the cinnabar pen in it, and took out two yellow talisman papers from the other box, and bowed solemnly to the east for three times before starting to write.

He has been particularly talented with Fuzhuan since he was a child. After discovering this at the time, the old man always felt sorry for him, because people nowadays don’t believe in the things of Fuzhuan. Yunfu is a kind of useless and unfounded talisman developed by crooks. If it had been a few hundred years ago, he might have become a famous figure in history.

Of course, when the old man found out that he was also exceptionally good in other aspects, instead of sighing, he just shook his head and said to him that all this is fate when he is not born at the right time.

On the contrary, he himself felt indifferent to all of this. Metaphysics was his hobby. Whether talent was good or bad, it didn’t matter whether he was born in a bad time or not.

Since then, the old man has taught him a lot of messy and wonderful techniques, and they are also called good things at the bottom of the box, even though many techniques are not even used by the old man himself, only let him follow the ancient book to draw a gourd. study.

With Qi Yan’s ability, painting innate talisman is a matter of convenience. Even the tedious rituals before painting the talisman can be simplified and not done, but the talisman drawn is more effective than other people’s.

As soon as the congenital talisman is drawn, it must be drawn from beginning to end. If there is insufficient aura or there is a gap in the middle, the drawing will be a piece of waste paper, which is useless.

The two rune papers were quickly completed. There was no need to spray water on the rune paper, let alone hold the peach wood sword to invite the gods and send them to the gods. The process was so simple that the bodyguard standing next to him wondered if Qi Yan was painting.

Qi Yan folded the two made talisman and put them into the two kits, and said to Cen Baihe, “In the auspicious cloud pattern kit is the tranquility charm, and the blessing pattern kit is the peace talisman.” When he said this, he suddenly Smiled, “But you may not use this safety charm. You can give it to your family when you return.”

Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan with complicated eyes. Yesterday, Qi Yan only mentioned the painting of tranquility runes, but today he gave him two runes. Is this easy or not?

But Qi Yan didn’t explain, so he didn’t ask. Cen Baihe knew in his heart that Qi Yan would not deliberately conceal him if he could explain things clearly. Now Qi Yan doesn’t say anything, it’s just that he can’t say it, or it’s really just that he does it easily.

But no matter what the possibility is, this is the kindness of the other party.

After doing all this, Qi Yan turned and pushed open the window of the study room, and heard a muffled sound from downstairs, like something exploded.

“Bohe, something may have happened downstairs,” Qi Yan said to the bodyguard brought by Cen Baihe, “I need your help.”

The bodyguard glanced at Wu Shao, and when he saw Wu Shao nodding slightly, he said, “Master Qi, if you have any needs, please don’t hesitate to speak, and I will cooperate fully.”

“You go down with me first,” Qi Yan thought for a while, then turned to look at Cen Baihe, “Bohe, if you are bored, there is a TV in the living room and a computer in the room. I haven’t set a password, you just use it. ”

“No, I’ll go down with you.” Cen Baihe’s slender thigh took a step in Qi Yan’s direction. “Multiple people can also have multiple helpers.”

“Fifth Young Master…” The bodyguard was worried about Cen Baihe’s body, but as soon as he spoke the words of dissuasion, he noticed that Young Master Fifth glanced at himself lightly, so he closed his mouth honestly.

“Okay,” Qi Yan did not refuse Cen Baihe, “then let’s go down now.”

I don’t know if it was because of Cen Baihe’s being together. Qi Yan felt that even getting into the elevator went smoothly. As soon as the three of them arrived at the elevator door, the elevator door opened automatically, and there was no one inside.

From the seventh floor to the sixth floor, it was just a blink of an eye. Qi Yan walked out of the elevator and said to the bodyguard: “You should turn on the camera on your phone now, and be careful not to shoot my hand as much as possible.”

Before saving someone, you must first make sure that you will not fall into the pit. With the camera on the phone, he could make it clear even if there was an accident at the scene, even though he looked at the girl’s face, it didn’t look like she had died soon. But this is only under normal circumstances, if someone hates her to the core, ask an expert to do it, then everything is hard to say.

It’s always right to sail the ship carefully.

When he arrived at 604, Qi Yan found that the door had not been closed from the inside, but had been concealed, leaving a gap between the door and the door frame. He stood outside the door and called Lin Yu’s name several times, without any answer inside. He thought for a while, took out his cell phone to call the property, and then called the police.

After doing all this, he saw the evil spirit constantly seeping through the cracks in the door, but it quickly disappeared invisible, as if water vapor had evaporated. Qi Yan looked back at Cen Baihe, who was full of purple air, and instantly felt as if he was carrying a Big Mac golden finger.

“Miss Lin?” Qi Yan is almost certain that Lin Yu has fainted now, but his life is unhindered, so he first pinched his hand to drive away the evil spirits in the house, and then stood at the door and continued to wait for the people from the property to arrive.

About three minutes later, the property security guard rushed over.

These two people are both tall men and big men. Probably the property owner was worried that gangsters would break into the owner’s house, so they arranged for the two of them to come over.

Qi Yan explained the situation to the two property security guards and asked, “Shall we go in and have a look now?”

The property security guards were a little hesitant. They were afraid that the owner would have an accident, and they were also afraid of being complained by the owner that they had entered the house privately, and they were immediately caught in a dilemma.

Qi Yan knew their embarrassment, so he said, “Why don’t I go in and have a look? You prove that I am not going in now to steal.”

“I will accompany you in.” One of the property security guards thought about it, but still felt that the owner could not be allowed to enter alone. What if the gangster was hiding in the house?

Removed the electric shock baton worn on his waist, the security guard put on his gloves and leaned on his side carefully and pushed open the door. There was no one behind the door.

As soon as the door was opened, Qi Yan saw Lin Yu lying on the floor of the living room, and his whole person had lost consciousness.

“When I came to you just now, I met her in the elevator.” Cen Baihe has a very good memory. He recognized the woman lying on the ground at a glance, and entered the elevator with him in the morning.

Qi Yan didn’t enter the room, but stood at the entrance, his eyes focused and began to observe the surroundings. The decoration style of the house is very warm, there are many cute animal pillows on the sofa, and many green plants are planted on the balcony, but most of them are listless, only succulents and cacti grow better.

But no matter how you look at it, there is no feng shui problem in this room, nor did he feel that there are other unclean things in the house. Where did Lin Yu’s evil spirit and bad energy come from?

“Miss Lin!” The security guard was taken aback by Lin Yu who was lying on the ground. He hurriedly took out his mobile phone and called 120. The poor one-meter-eight man turned pale. Especially when he found that the lights in this room had exploded several times and the glass shards fell all over the floor, his face was pale and blue, and it was hard to see the extreme.

People in the real estate industry have heard of all legends, but some are false, and some are not true or false, but they cannot be fully explained by scientific theories.

For example, this scene is a bit weird now. The security guard swallowed and tried to make himself look less flustered, so as to stabilize the owner who came with him, so as not to make more people know.

Fortunately, the police arrived soon. Lin Yu, who was in a coma, was taken to the hospital. Qi Yan, who was the first to discover the incident, explained the cause and effect to the police before returning to his home.

“Master Qi, what happened to that… just now?” Even Cen Baihe’s bodyguard felt that something was wrong with this. Before he was discharged from the army, he was a special soldier, and later changed his career as a policeman for a period of time. So he could tell at a glance that there were no signs of intrusion by outsiders, but the fragments of electric lights in the room, and other undamaged household appliances, seemed too weird.

If it’s just a simple circuit problem, it doesn’t make sense that there is only a problem with the light, but all other electrical appliances are as usual, and even the air conditioner is still blowing and not automatically turned off.

Qi Yan poured a few glasses of water out and put it on the table, “Miss Lin’s feng shui is okay, and her face is okay. If it wasn’t a coma caused by illness, it was caused by external forces.”

“What external force?” The bodyguard was very curious about this question.

Qi Yan took a sip of tea and slowly said, “For example, if someone wants to harm her, they take her birthday horoscope practice. Or too many people feel resentful towards her, and the grievance develops over time. But the former requires birthday horoscopes. The latter is even less likely to be precise. Why is she so young and not a murderous villain?”

“Is there any…scientific view?” The bodyguard asked a little hard.

“Yes,” Qi Yan put down his teacup. “Scientists once studied that everyone has their own unique magnetic field. People born in different periods have different magnetic fields. Some people’s magnetic fields attract each other, while others repel each other. So there are two completely different extreme emotional reactions: love at first sight and not pleasing to the eye. Knowing a person’s birth date can be said to have mastered his magnetic field. If someone disturbs your magnetic field, your body and spirit will appear naturally. There is a problem.”

Listening to Qi Yan’s serious nonsense, Cen Baihe shook his hand holding the teacup, and then changed his sitting position to make the expression on his face look calm and serious: “Maybe the job she is engaged in?”

“Why would you attract such a big grievance?” Qi Yan touched his chin, a little puzzled.

The bodyguard looked at him with a dazed expression. Looking at Master Qi with a serious face, he felt that his entire outlook on life was about to collapse. If Master Qi had told him that this was a spiritual event, he would definitely not believe it. But Master Qi used this kind of “not so scientific science” to explain this matter, instead he began to doubt that perhaps there might be an unsolvable event happening in this world.

This is really a strange thing.

Until the Fifth Young Master was sent back to the Cen family mansion, the bodyguard’s expressionless face was still at a loss after Sanguan was crushed.

“Bohe, didn’t go to the company today. I came back so early?” Cen Sange went downstairs and saw his younger brother came home. He pulled a tight tie, and hurriedly took over the suit and briefcase from the helper. Go out.

“Brother, are you going out soon when it’s time for lunch?” Cen Baihe glanced at the big clock hanging on the wall, fifteen minutes short of 12 o’clock noon.

“I just received a notice that an emergency meeting is going to be held,” Cen Sange smiled helplessly. He planned to accompany his children out to play today, but it ended up in a boil.

Seeing that the third brother had walked out of the door and was about to descend the steps, Cen Baihe unconsciously called him, “third brother, wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter?” Third Brother Cen looked back at the younger brother who usually talks very little, feeling a little strange.

“This friend gave it to me, you take it.” Cen Baihe handed a flat kit to the third brother Cen.

Third Brother Cen conveniently stuffed this kit into his suit trouser pocket. Although he didn’t believe this, he still had to give it to his younger brother.

But who is the younger brother’s friend who can carry this kind of thing with him, who is usually dismissive of feudal superstition?

The power of friendship is great.


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