The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 3

For those who are really good at fortune-telling, it is not difficult to count the past, but the difficult is the follow-up. Because the previous events have already happened, they are fixed, but there are still many possibilities and changes in the future events. If the skill is not deep, it is possible to mislead others and oneself.

As for whether others believe what he said, he doesn’t care. He has said everything he can say, and others don’t care about it, it’s his own business. Only a liar will be afraid of others not believing him, with a lot of tongue and a lot of good words, and the final outcome will always make people “lost money and avoid disaster.”

“Sir, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, the child is ignorant,” the mother of the child pulled the boy behind her, not letting him speak, “You will calculate for him, his future studies, career, and marriage.”

Qi Yan smiled and shook his head: “Madam, as I said before, Ling Lang’s two greatest calamities in this life have passed, and there will be no more catastrophes for the rest of his life.” Being proud and conceited when he was young is not a big problem, this child With straight eyebrows, justice in his heart, he will not be a wicked person when he grows up.

Although the mother still wanted to know more, she was very happy to hear that the little master said that her child would live well for the rest of his life. Neatly took out five hundred-yuan bills from the wallet and brought them with both hands, “Thank you, Mr.”

After receiving the money, Qi Yan couldn’t help but smile when he saw the boy’s mouth still a little unconvinced. This smile made his somewhat small face a bit more mysterious, “Madam, don’t be so polite, Ling Lang will definitely be a promising person in the future.”

The boy’s expression was a little unnatural, and he seemed to feel a little impolite just now. When the mother and son were about to leave, he whispered “I’m sorry.”

Qi Yan chuckled and put the money in his wallet: “Youth, it’s normal to have doubts in your heart.”

The boy’s face was a little red, and he lowered his head and said nothing.

“Madam, if it is not necessary, please do not go south this month.” Qi Yan picked up his small wooden sign, “Goodbye.”

“Huh?” The boy’s mother nodded blankly. After Qi Yan walked far away, she came back to her senses. Did she really meet an expert this time?

As a member of the Cen family’s branch, she has never been short of money since she was a child. Five hundred yuan is really a drop in the bucket for her. When she is not busy, she likes to read articles about ghosts and strange things. Now even though she is in middle age, this hobby has not changed. When she just passed by here, she saw this young man holding a wooden sign in his heart, and it said something ironic about fortune-telling. The ghost wanted the other party to help her son in the fortune-telling.

Thinking of what the young gentleman said, she took out her mobile phone and called her husband. When he heard that he was going to travel south for two days, she felt a little uneasy, so she told a little lie and kept him. .

People in these branches like them, even if they have a position in the head office, they are just optional, so whether her husband goes on business trips has no effect on the company’s arrangements.

No matter how accurate he is, there is nothing wrong with being careful anyway!

“Brother Hang, what’s the matter?” Qi Yan called Wang Hang back and bought a bottle of frozen drink in the small shop next to him. Wang Hang’s excited voice came from the phone.

“Money, money, you bull, you bull go to heaven, my brother gave you his knee!”

“Your knees are useless if I want them, let’s take them back.” Qi Yan walked to the sidewalk and saw the traffic light for more than ten seconds, so he stood there and waited.

The red light quickly turned green, and he looked around before walking forward with confidence. As soon as he passed the double solid line section in the middle, he saw a black car with a left-turning light rushing over from his right, and then drove away violently.

Qi Yan, who was sprayed with exhaust gas, wiped his face. Although this section of the road is allowed to turn left, the speed is too unfriendly.

“Money, money, do you know anything other than fortune-telling?” Wang Hang circled the room excitedly, “For example, catching ghosts and monsters, asking gods and immortals?”

Qi Yan:…

“Read less novels and read more science and education books,” Qi Yan sighed helplessly, “feudal superstition is not a must.”

“You a **** stick actually want to teach me not to cover superstition?!” Wang Hang was speechless, “then what would you do?”

“Just fortune telling, look at Feng Shui,” Qi Yan squinted and looked forward. “Don’t think about other things.”

“It’s okay to see Feng Shui,” Wang Hang said enthusiastically, “Tomorrow you come to my house and help me see my house’s Feng Shui.”

“Okay.” After Qi Yan agreed to Wang Hang, he hung up the phone and prepared to go home.

Qi Yan’s home is on Wutong Road, the location is very good, the community is not too big, but the greening is very good, and the property management is very reliable. It is impossible to buy a house here without spending a few million.

I don’t know where the old man got so much money.

I bought two big bones and a pack of kelp shreds at the supermarket, and stewed them when I got home.

Turning the fire down, Qi Yan returned to the study, turned on the computer and started to scan the nonsense forum. It was quite interesting to see the serious nonsense of the host inside.

After flipping through a few posts, he frowned when he saw the poster in one post saying that the newly moved community had had several suicides and sudden deaths in just two months.

But when he refreshed again, this post has been deleted. So he didn’t take this matter to heart. After all, it’s hard to tell whether the news on the Internet is true or false. Some people deliberately fabricate rumors in order to find a sense of existence, without considering the consequences at all.

After the bone soup was boiled, Qi Yan first took a bowl and bowed in front of the master’s photo, then put the bowl back on the table and drank it by himself. Anyway, his old man has become immortal, and he can’t eat these mundane things, so he might as well help the master to eat it without wasting it.

After dinner, Qi Yan took out the Taoist scripture left by his master and read a paragraph.

There are countless branches of Taoist techniques, and what he is learning now comes from the same line of Taoism, but the truly capable Taoist magicians have always adhered to the casual attitude that you believe in love, and the master of Tao is too lazy to tell you more. Taoism is becoming more and more declining. When ordinary people think of Taoist priests, they only think of alchemy and liars.

In fact, Taoism contains many useful treasures, but it is a pity that the times have moved, the speed of life has accelerated, and the competition in society is fierce. Taoism.

Early the next morning, before Qi Yan had time to eat breakfast, Wang Hang knocked on the door of the room.

“Qianqian, how about breakfast?” As soon as Wang Hang entered the door, he saw the breakfast that he hadn’t had time to make on the table, put the breakfast he bought for Qi Yan on the table, and brought Qi Yan’s porridge cheeky. I can’t wait to take a sip in my hand, “You’re really nowhere to be skilled in making porridge. I think if you open a porridge shop, your business will be very good.”

Qi Yan glanced at Wang Hang disgustingly, took apart the breakfast he bought and ate, “Why did you come here so early?”

“You haven’t been to my house. I’m afraid you will get lost, so I came to pick you up specially.”

“Oh.” Qi Yan was very touched.

After the two had breakfast, Qi Yan changed his clothes and went downstairs with Wang Hang.

Wang Hang came to pick him up and drove the car deliberately. This car looked only slightly better than the ordinary scooter and was not a big luxury brand. It can be seen that the parents of the Wang family do not intend to raise their children into dudes who do not know how to suffer.

“Qianqian, if there is something wrong with my house, just say it’s okay, don’t worry too much.” Wang Hang parked the car in the garage and took Qi Yan out of the car. “My family knows that I will bring my classmates back. They are all happy. Can’t do it.”

Qi Yan smiled, carrying a large bag of fruits and following behind Wang Hang into the king’s gate. Facts have proved that what Wang Hang said was not a polite remark. The Wang family really welcomed his arrival, and his enthusiasm made him almost unbearable.

Looking at the fruit plate that was so sharp in front of him that it was about to fall, Qi Yan hurriedly stuffed the two pieces that were about to fall into his mouth.

However, Wang’s parents didn’t take the initiative to bring up the matter of watching Feng Shui. Perhaps in their hearts, it was just two young people playing around. They didn’t take it seriously at all.

“Hanghang will accompany your classmates to visit our house,” the queen mother said to Qi Yan with a gentle smile, “you are also welcome, just treat this as your own home.” She had heard her son mention this friend a long time ago, and never Dad has no mother, but he was raised by Taoist priests in a small town. It can be seen that he has suffered a lot from snacks.

Now that this young man looks lovable and gets along with his son, he naturally has a good impression of him in his heart.

No way, Qi Yan’s appearance is too easy to arouse the fatherhood and motherhood of the elders.

“Qianqian, follow me and take a look around,” Wang Hang stood up excitedly and looked at Qi Yan expectantly, “Shall we look upstairs first or downstairs first?”

“Look from the outside first.” Qi Yan smiled politely at the Queen Mother, then stood up and looked outside the door. No matter how well the furnishings in the house are done, if the position is incorrect and the front door is slanted, then everything is useless.

The imperial capital is the place where dragons are gathered. It is very popular, and it is a good place from a large point of view. The community where Wang Hang lives should be seen by professionals when it is being built, so it can be regarded as a prosperous land, let alone the common sense problem of wrong orientation.

Walking out of the Wang’s villa gate, there are simple grass and green plants on both sides of the gate, and there is no fountain or rockery. It looks generous and comfortable, which is very much like the feeling that the Wang family gave him. The shape of the gate is broad and simple, the pattern is simple, there is no uneven personality shape, and no lion head or tiger head decoration is made to show off.

“Qianqian, is there any problem with my family?”

Qi Yan shook his head: “Open-minded, blessed home, no problem.”

“Then let’s go and look inside?” Wang Hang showed Qi Yan a little bit of a doggie, and he was able to rest assured that Qi Yan could praise him inside and outside the house.

But as soon as he saw the house halfway through, the king’s father received a call and he had to take Wang Hang out.

Seeing that the king’s father looked a little serious, Qi Yan knew that this was not a trivial matter, so he took the initiative to say goodbye.

Wang Hang embarrassedly sent Qi Yan to the car, and whispered to him: “I heard that a big man has entered the hospital. Many people in the imperial capital have gone to show their courtesy.”

With their identity, I don’t know if they can show their faces in front of them.

The author has something to say: Someone: Listen to the wind, I have passed by you…


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