The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 30

After Lin Yu was sent to the hospital, she woke up in a coma for two days. The attending doctor felt a little silly holding various examination reports. Although the patient was somewhat sub-healthy, all the indicators were basically within the normal range and occasionally were low. Yes, it will not cause such a long coma.

Because the patient’s case is very special and has research value, the hospital also specially set up a rescue team, hoping to find the correct treatment method.

“In just one month, the patient has been hospitalized three times in a coma, but each time the real cause of the illness has not been checked,” a female doctor in her 50s shook her head. “The patient is only 22 years old this year. I am very young, and I hope to find out the cause as soon as possible so that the patient can heal.”

“There is no problem in other aspects. Could it be a brain lesion?” The attending doctor took out the brain CT film from a pile of reports. “Although it looks good on the surface, the brain structure is complicated. Maybe we didn’t check it.”

After he said this, the other doctors fell silent. Since they couldn’t check the specific cause, they couldn’t treat the symptoms.

“What is this girl’s occupation? Could it be caused by work?”

“It is said that it is the author of a well-known female original literature website,” the doctor in charge thought for a while, “I heard that many Internet authors have the bad habit of reversing their work and rest, plus the excessive use of their brains in order to imagine the plot, is it because of this aspect? The reason, causing the body to regress, and fainting is just her body protesting?”

“It’s also possible,” the female doctor frowned. “Let the patient stay in the hospital for observation for a few days, and then we will look for other reasons.”

In the minds of the doctor’s parents, no one wants to see such a young girl suffering from an unexplainable disease, which will affect future life too much.

At this moment, an official website called Jinjiang Literature City released a Weibo, to the effect that the well-known author Yu Zhiling on the website has been rushed to the hospital three times within a month because of an unknown emergency, and the novel she is serializing needs to be temporarily suspended.

In the comment area, almost no readers are concerned about whether the novel will be serialized or not. Everyone is constantly asking about Yu Zhiling’s physical condition, whether the hospitalization fee is enough, and whether everyone needs to donate. Occasionally, one or two yin and yang weirdness came out, and everyone scolded them back.

The administrators of Literature City learned that the author was seriously ill because they received a call from the police yesterday. After learning that the police could not contact the parents of the patient, they deliberately called out the emergency contact information left by the author, but they did not expect to contact him urgently. The phone number of a person is just an empty number, and no one can be found at all. In the end, they could only arrange for an editor to visit the patients in the hospital, and by the way cooperated with the work of the police to provide Jade Spirit’s personal information.

When Deng Linlin rushed to the hospital, Lin Yu was still awake. As soon as she handed over all the information to the police, she heard the nurse say that the patient was awake.

Although she is the author of, Lin Yu has never seen the editor herself, so when she saw Deng Linlin standing next to her bed, she felt a little embarrassed.

As an editor, Deng Linlin knows that many authors are funny on the Internet, but in reality they are soft sister papers. So take the initiative to talk to Lin Yu to ease the strange atmosphere between each other.

After the two finally got acquainted, Lin Yu hesitated: “Edit, I think you seem to be familiar with the video that was particularly popular on Weibo some time ago…”

The ward was strangely quiet for a few seconds, Deng Linlin sighed faintly: “That’s me.”

Lin Yu was frantic in her heart. I’m going. I can’t take this sentence anymore. Why is her mouth so owed, which pot is not opened, which pot is lifted!

Just when the atmosphere was going to be embarrassing again, a knock on the door sounded, and Aunt Wang walked in with a thermos kettle in the community, and behind her followed Qi Yan, who was dragged by temporarily grabbing a strong man.

It’s also such a coincidence. After learning that Lin Yu woke up, Aunt Wang, who had always been enthusiastic, was worried that it would be inconvenient for her to stay alone in the hospital. So she bought a bunch of daily necessities in the supermarket next to the community, and when she came out, she ran into Qi Yan who was out for a walk.

Seeing that she was carrying a lot of things, Qi Yan helped her carry one, so he followed all the way to the hospital.

“Benefactor!” The moment Deng Linlin saw Qi Yan, the whole person bounced off the chair instantly, and she forgot even the author was lying on the hospital bed. She walked to Qi Yan emotionally, “I have been worried these days, you saved my life, but I don’t even know who you call.”

Qi Yan didn’t expect that just to help the old lady carry something, he would meet people he had saved. He put down the two big bags in his hand and smiled plainly: “Don’t be so polite, I just did what I wanted to do.”

“I heard from the police that if you didn’t effectively calm the other party’s emotions that day, my situation would be very dangerous,” Deng Linlin’s eyes were red, and she was still a little unstable when she mentioned the incident. After the news came out, some people accused her of being poor and loving the rich, which forced the man to go to desperation.

But in fact, she didn’t know the man at all, was wooed inexplicably, and encountered this kind of thing, she was the real victim, okay?

She didn’t want to think about the past experiences anymore, but Deng Linlin was truly grateful to Qi Yan, the lifesaver.

Aunt Wang was about to rush home for lunch. Seeing that Qi Yan met the two young girls again, and she had the thought of “adult beauty”, she left shortly after staying in the ward and threw one to Qi Yan before she left. “I am optimistic about you” eyes.

Lin Yu sitting on the hospital bed did not expect that there would be so many coincidences in the world. No wonder she felt familiar with Qi Yan when she first met Qi Yan in the elevator. It turned out that he was the live Leifeng in the video. The degree of goodwill towards Qi Yan is even more overwhelming, with demeanor, handsome, and sense of justice. Such men should not be too good. But thinking of the superb beautiful man who is very familiar with Qi Yan, Lin Yu realized that he could not feel the slightest affection for such a good man.

After Qi Yan exchanged contact information with Deng Linlin, he turned to look at Lin Yu, who was very quiet on the bed. The grievance and evil spirits on the other party were still there, but they were reduced a bit, and there was still a layer of faint wishing power on him.

The aura on this girl is so strange, he hasn’t seen such a contradictory aura for a long time.

Seeing that handsome Meng was looking at him, Lin Yu was a little embarrassed to pull his messy hair a few times: “Mr. Qi, is there anything wrong with me?”

“Could I take the liberty to ask about your occupation?” Qi Yan smiled and revealed two dimples, completely unaware that the two women in the house were yelling about how cute they are.

“I’m a network author, and she is my editor,” Lin Yu was a little shy when it came to his profession. “I didn’t expect you to know each other. This is a coincidence.”

Qi Yan looked at her blessing with golden light on her body and said with a smile: “You must have many very lovely readers.”

“Huh?” Lin Yu smiled more shyly, but his eyes were full of brilliance, “Yes, they are all very nice.”

Because of their support, she can stand out, and even have the strength to escape the depressed family and live a comfortable life. She doesn’t need to be a tool for exchanging gifts, she doesn’t need to be inferior, and she even has a house of her own in the emperor.

She cannot choose her origin, but with the support of these readers, she has the opportunity to choose her future.

“Xiaoyu is a very well-known author on our website. He has published several novels and sold the film and television copyrights of several novels.” Deng Linlin said when Lin Yu was embarrassed to speak, “Many readers are very like her.”

“You are amazing,” Qi Yan smiled at Lin Yu, took out his mobile phone and said, “What is the name of your website?”

Deng Linlin didn’t conceal it, and directly told him the name of the website.

Qi Yan searched for this website called Jinjiang Literature City. This website has a strong aura. Like many well-known websites, there are more people browsing the website, and there is an invisible aura. He clicked on an article casually, but what he saw was not the content of the novel, but a hint of a page error.

Deng Linlin noticed his actions and smiled awkwardly: “The website server is under maintenance in the last two days, so it may not be smooth when browsing novels.”

Lin Yu squinted to look at his editor, and said this without a guilty conscience.’s server has not had problems once or twice. This is a lie that bullies people for not going to Jinjiang.

Qi Yan is not very interested in reading novels, so after Deng Linlin said that, he put his phone back in his trouser pocket and looked at Lin Yu and said, “From the appearance of Miss Lin, although your relatives were weak in your childhood, your relatives in the latter half of your life. The fate is very good, and the relationship between your family and you will be very good in the future.”

These words reminded Lin Yu of Qi Yan’s words about the gangster holding the knife in the video. She looked at Qi Yan curiously: “You really know the truth?”

Qi Yan smiled and said: “I can barely know how to do it, do you want me to calculate it for you? But the teacher has rules, there are only two cases where no fees are charged, one is the disabled, and the other is the lifelong lonely.”

“Do the math, handsome guy, math.” Lin Yu didn’t think Qi Yan would lie to her for money. The two lived in the same building on the same building. What’s more, she is not short of money. If Qi Yan is really a liar, it would be a good deal to spend such a small amount of money to see a person clearly.

The most important thing is that since the last time she saw this handsome guy secretly pinch the magic tricks in the elevator, she began to secretly fill the brains. The handsome guy is actually an expert apprentice with super powers that ordinary people don’t have. Slashing demons, Wen Neng draws a rune to invite gods, low-key and powerful.

“You have nothing to do with your childhood and adolescence,” Qi Yan looked at Lin Yu, who looked a little quiet. “The turning point in your life should have been three years ago, one step in heaven and one step in hell. You have made a choice, and your destiny will follow. Change.”

Lin Yu looked at Qi Yan in shock. She indeed broke up with her family three years ago, and then came to the imperial capital to live by herself. In that year, in order to remove her household registration from the household registration book, she and her family had a fight at the door of the police station. Many people pointed their noses and said they were not filial.

But no matter what, she didn’t regret it at all now, and she was even fortunate that she had the courage to break the boat again.

“No one’s destiny is fixed,” Qi Yan stretched out his hand toward Lin Yu, “I want to pre-collect two hundred yuan first.”

Lin Yu touched her body, only to remember that she didn’t have a wallet at all. She took out her mobile phone and looked at Qi Yan, “Is it okay to transfer money with my mobile phone?”

Qi Yan shook his head: “No, you have to pass the money in your hands.”

“I have.” Deng Linlin took out two hundred yuan from the wallet and handed them to Lin Yu, who then passed them to Qi Yan. “Is this okay?”

“No problem,” Qi Yan borrowed the money, rolling his fingers quickly, and soon the two yuan turned into a beautiful diamond shape, with the heads of great men on both sides.

“This is for you. If you don’t dislike my poor craftsmanship, you can take it with you.” Qi Yan saw Lin Yu’s face blank, and said calmly, “You have seized your destiny, and you should live a better life.”

Lin Yu pinched the handicraft made of two pieces of paper money, and looked a little moved: “Thank you.”

Deng Linlin sat next to her and didn’t speak, as she regarded Qi Yan as a male **** in her heart. Although I don’t know whether the male **** is fortune-telling, but this kind of heart is very gentle.

“I just said that you have a good group of readers,” Qi Yan looked at the golden light on Lin Yu, “Although I don’t know how many readers and friends you have, I think there should be many people who want you to wake up in the past few days. Come here, because these prayers suppress the evil spirit in your body, you can wake up.”

Deng Linlin’s face changed slightly. Yesterday, after receiving the police news, the website posted the news of Lin Yu’s illness on Weibo. In just one day, many readers under that Weibo prayed for Lin Yu, and Lin Yu’s author changed the background. It was rewarded by countless readers and authors, and the Bawang ticket ranking rose to the top 30 of all articles on the website overnight.

Hearing this, she began to suspect that the male **** could really tell fortune-telling. But what is the evil spirit? Could it be that Lin Yu’s fainting has something to do with this? Although I can’t figure out what’s going on, but I always think that the male **** is so powerful, is she already a fan of the male god?

Lin Yu didn’t expect Qi Yan to say these things either. She was about to ask, but Qi Yan’s cell phone rang at this moment.

In the hospital, the Cen family surrounded the third brother Cen who was lying on the hospital bed, with a sense of gratitude that he had escaped.

Brother Cen touched his bruised arm, faced the family’s burning eyes with concern, and smiled bitterly: “This time I really don’t know what’s going on. I opened my eyes and was sent to the hospital.”

After he was notified of the meeting urgently, he rushed to the meeting place. Because the matter was of great importance, the contents of the meeting could not be made public, and their entire department stayed in the hotel for two full days.

After the meeting this morning, the driver drove to pick him up. He fell asleep leaning on the back of his chair because he was too sleepy. When he woke up, he saw his wife’s red and swollen eyes.

“Third brother, you are considered to be lucky this time.” Brother Cen was still cold in his palms. He had watched the surveillance video of the road section where the incident occurred. The third brother’s car was directly hit by the crazy truck and the car was flying. The ground rolled several times, and finally stopped after breaking the barrier on the side of the road.

The surveillance video of less than one minute made him frightened. Anyone watching it would feel that the people in the car would not die or be seriously injured. But miraculously, the driver had no other wounds except for a broken leg. As for the third brother’s injuries, only minor concussions and arm bruises.

“If you don’t die in a catastrophe, there must be a blessing,” Sister Cen said to Third Brother Cen while supporting her third sibling. “You scared Jing Yan this time.”

Cao Jingyan turned her head, and wiped the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand instead of visiting her husband on the hospital bed.

“Sorry, everyone is worried,” Cen San Ge looked at his wife with shame and pity.

“You almost lost your life this time, do you know?” Cao Jingyan couldn’t hold back her emotions anymore, walked to the bed and grabbed Cen’s third brother’s hand and sobbed in a low voice. But after crying twice, she remembered that her husband had a concussion, so she suppressed the cries and plugged her phone into the phone of Brother Cen, “This is the live video I copied over. You can watch it for yourself.”

Brother Cen clicked on the video and saw that his car seemed to be doing a 360-degree backflip. It was hit by a fast-moving truck for a long time and fell heavily on the barrier.

After watching this video, he was frightened with a cold sweat on his back, “How is the driver?”

The car is so badly damaged, I’m afraid the driver…

“The driver is okay. He has a broken leg and is recuperating in the hospital.” Brother Cen sighed. “We haven’t told my father about this. He is getting older and I am afraid he is worried.”

Brother Cen nodded in understanding, remembering the amulet the little brother had given him, and touching it in his trouser pocket, he was still on him. He took out the kit and took a look, only to see a handful of gray-black powder.

He suddenly raised his head to look around, but he didn’t see the younger brother: “Where is Baihe?”

“He was there just now,” Big Brother Cen looked around the room, “Maybe he happened to be out when you were talking to your younger siblings.”

Cao Jingyan saw her husband take out a weird little kit embroidered with the word “Fu”, and asked incomprehensibly: “What is this?”

“It was given to me by Baihe before I left.” Third Brother Cen’s expression was very strange, as if he saw Godzilla fighting a little monster.

Before going to bed last night, he deliberately opened this kit because of curiosity. At that time, there was a piece of yellow paper in the kit.

But in one night, the yellow paper turned into ashes. What kind of chemical reaction is this?

Cao Jingyan looked at her husband with suspicion. Would someone as serious as the younger brother use such a beautiful kit to give him a ash?


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