The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 31


Cen Baihe stood outside the ward, heard Qi Yan’s voice, turned his head and saw the head sticking out at the corner of the corridor, and the hand waving to him. The grateful emotion in his heart seemed to have turned into a warm stream of water, enveloping his entire heart.

Taking the phone away from his ear, he slowly smiled at Qi Yan.

Qi Yan panted and walked in front of Cen Baihe and wiped the sweat on his forehead: “What kind of card do I need to swipe up to your floor? I walked around for a long time to find a safe passage and climbed up. I was almost caught by a cleaner. Aunt as a suspicious person.” Seeing Cen Baihe’s expression relaxed, he guessed that his family shouldn’t be a big deal, “How is your family?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a very slight bruise and concussion. The traffic police who watched the video of the incident said that this is a miracle.” Cen Baihe knew that this was not a miracle, but Qi Yan helped him, “Qianqian, thank you you.”

Qi Yan frowned: “No, he took the safety talisman on his body. It is logical that no car accident would happen.” He looked at Cen Baihe, “Did your family ever touch the kit?” He also forgot before. Tell Cen Baihe that the kit containing the talisman paper cannot be opened casually.

He put the talisman paper into the blessing character kit, which was originally a blessing of the aura of the talisman paper. If ordinary people take it out casually, some of the aura will be lost, and the effect of the talisman will be halved.

Cen Baihe didn’t think of this, he didn’t even know that Fu Zhuan was so particular. In his opinion, the third brother was able to suffer only a little bruise in such a serious car accident, and he was already relying on this talisman sent by Qi Yan.

“But it’s okay. Sometimes this disaster is avoided, and the next disaster is waiting. He is injured now, which means that bad luck has passed.” Qi Yan put the phone in his trouser pocket, “Since nothing is wrong, I Just go down.”

Cen Baihe called him before and talked about the car accident. After learning that he was in a hospital with him, he ran up to have a look. He was relieved when he learned that there was no major incident.

“Why did you come to the hospital too?” Seeing him running up and down, Cen Baihe was out of breath. He regretted that he didn’t make it clear on the phone just now, and Qi Yan made this trip deliberately.

“Lin Yu wakes up, I will come with Aunt Wang to see her,” Qi Yan remembered that Cen Baihe might not know who Lin Yu was, and added, “It’s the girl who passed out at home two days ago.”

“Are you familiar with her?” Cen Baihe’s gaze fell to the corner of Qi Yan’s lips, and then he looked away, “How is she?”

“I don’t know too well, but everyone is neighbors upstairs and downstairs. If you can help, you can help,” Qi Yan took a deep breath, “I plan to solve her problem today.” Things, the more procrastinated, the more troublesome it is, and it will be resolved sooner.

If it hadn’t been for worrying that Lin Yu would treat him as a perverted liar with bad intentions, and let him hesitate for two days, things would not have progressed to this point.

So procrastination is not very good and needs treatment.

“I’ll take you down,” Cen Baihe pointed to the elevator in front, “so you don’t have to climb the stairs again.”

Qi Yan did not refuse, and followed Cen Baihe to the elevator entrance. The security guard guarding the elevator door saw Cen Baihe, bowed slightly to him, and opened the elevator door.

Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe nod slightly to the security guard, and thanked him. Seeing this scene, he smiled.

The general ward is very different from the high-level ward. There are people coming and going in the corridors, because there are not enough beds, there are many extra beds, and the wailing of patients and the quarrels in the ward are heard from time to time. The nurses here seem to be extremely busy, walking with wind, even if a handsome guy like Cen Baihe appears, there is no time to take a look.

Seeing that Cen Baihe seemed a little uncomfortable with this atmosphere, Qi Yan didn’t show an expression of disgust, and said with a smile: “Lin Yu’s condition is special, so the hospital arranged for her a single ward, which is relatively quiet.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe silently followed Qi Yan. After walking around the corner, the ward here was really quiet, but it gave people a very uncomfortable sense of death.

Lin Yu and Deng Linlin were complaining about some weird incidents on the Internet. Seeing Qi Yan knocking on the door and coming in, Deng Linlin stood up happily: “Male god, are you back?”

As soon as she finished her words, she saw a superb beautiful guy coming out behind the male god. It was the first time she saw someone wearing a shirt that looks so good, and she couldn’t help but look at it a few more times.

“This is my friend, Mr. Cen.” Qi Yan turned to introduce the two, “Bo He, this is Miss Lin’s editor, Miss Deng.”

“Hello.” Cen Baihe and Deng Linlin greeted each other briefly, and the idiot mood in Deng Linlin’s heart instantly receded like a tide. Although this Mr. Cen has an outstanding appearance and elegant manners, even the faint smile on his face is impeccable, but her instinct still tells her that this is a very indifferent man. He looks at him without emotion, as if Look at an inanimate object.

“The doctor came just now. I didn’t say anything else, just let her rest.” Deng Linlin could see from the doctor’s expression that they still couldn’t figure out Lin Yu’s condition, so they had to stay in the hospital for observation. As a literary worker, she also has big brains. For example, at this moment, she suspects that Lin Yu is not ill, but that she has encountered something that she shouldn’t encounter. “Male god, you can help Lin Yu to see, she is Didn’t you encounter something unclean?”

Qi Yan laughed and shook his head: “Don’t scare yourself, there are so many messy things.” He turned around and motioned to Cen Baihe to lock the door, and said to Lin Yu on the bed, “Lin Yu, how many people know your birth date?”

Lin Yu was stunned: “Apart from my parents, no one should know.” Although she was suspicious of metaphysics, she also held a respectful attitude. Usually, I never enter my birth date and name randomly on those online fortune-telling websites, and I am afraid that others will use her birth date as a hand and foot.

“I understand,” Qi Yan poured a glass of water in a cup and walked to Lin Yu: “I want to find out where and where your bad luck comes from. You give me three hairs and a few drops of blood.”

Qi Yan thought Lin Yu would hesitate, but she didn’t know that this girl had an extraordinarily determined personality. When she cut her finger, she didn’t even wrinkle her brow.

Qi Yan wrapped his hair around the cup and placed it in the east of the room. When the other three people saw this, they all held their breath, fearing to disturb the master’s practice.

“Wait a minute.” Qi Yan turned his head and looked at the cabinet. He pulled out an unopened bottle of mineral water. He unscrewed the lid and took a sip. When he turned around, he found the other three people looking at him curiously and nervously. He shook the bottle. , “I’m just a little thirsty and want to drink saliva.”

Three people:…

“Let’s ask the gods from all directions today, all directions are evil,” Qi Yan put down the bottle and began to pinch his hands.


The plastic bags in the ward began to dance without wind, and even the bottle for Lin Yu’s infusion was slightly shaken. But the moment Qi Yan clasped his hands on the ground, these shaking things stopped abruptly at the same time, and the whole room became silent.

Deng Linlin opened her mouth slightly, almost forgetting to breathe. She watched the reddish blood in the water glass slowly flow over the glass, like a snake winding forward, curled up somewhere in the corner and not moving. She slammed her mouth tightly, trying not to let herself scream.

Why does the water move and crawl out of the cup on its own? This is so illusory? !

Deng Linlin felt that she had never seen the market for the first time. The moment the water crawled out of the cup, she wanted to offer her knees to the male god. Lin Yu looked calmer than her, but the motionless appearance was more like being frightened.

“Xie Zhufang, lend me the eyes of the **** of a thousand miles.” Qi Yan found two talisman papers from his trouser pocket, patted it between his forehead, and then put his backhand on his fingertips. The two talisman papers instantly spontaneously ignited. Fu Hui happened to all fall on the **** water.

The **** water squeaked instantly, two thick smoke came out, one east and the other west rushed towards Qi Yan.

However, this heavy smoke did not pose a threat to Qi Yan at all. He waved his hand, and the two heavy smoke disappeared in an instant, and it seemed that there was still a woman’s wailing voice.

Deng Linlin and Lin Yu had shrunk in fright, but because they were worried about affecting Qi Yan, the two of them did not make a sound.

“To bury the deceased with a living time, the evil way!” Qi Yan’s eyes were sharp, his index finger dipped on the mixture of blood water and talisman ash, and quickly drew a talisman on the ground.

The rune emits a dim red light, and finally turns into a light, which passes through the window and flies toward the southwest.

Because this red light is so conspicuous, even though the other three are just ordinary people, they can see this scene clearly.

Qi Yan clapped his hands and pulled a tissue from the cabinet to intervene. When he turned around, they all looked at him stupidly. He smiled and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“What was the red light just now?” Deng Linlin felt a little knotted on the tip of her tongue.

“Similar to double the damage in the game?” Qi Yan felt that if he told them the magic techniques, they would not understand, so he changed the way of saying, “Some people regard Lin Yu as a dead person and take her name. , Bazi married the dead person.”

“Dirty marriage?!” Deng Linlin looked at Qi Yan incredulously, “How come there is such a person, so wicked!”

Qi Yan looked at Lin Yu and didn’t speak, Lin Yu lowered his head, his face was very ugly. No matter how stupid she was, she knew who could do such a thing.

Dark marriage… In the eyes of her parents, the only value of her daughter is actually marrying a dead person?

“The evil spirits and bad luck on you are gone, in the future…” Qi Yan sighed, “In addition, you may have committed the villain some time ago. Think about whether anyone gave you something or borrowed something you use frequently. Just take care of that thing.”

Lin Yu was silent for a moment: “Are computers and mobile phones the same?”

Qi Yan guessed that she might have thought of something, and nodded: “The times are evolving, and the spells can’t be the same.” It’s not incomprehensible to be able to curse on a computer or mobile phone.

“I understand.” Lin Yu usually doesn’t like to go out. The only friend who has been to her house recently is a friend who also writes on the website. At that time, this friend came to the Imperial City for a business trip. There was a problem with the hotel, so he came to her house. Borrowed for one night.

That night, this author friend said that her computer was malfunctioning and she wanted to borrow her computer to update it. At the time, she agreed without thinking about it.

“In fact, if these two things don’t happen at the same time, you will be unlucky for a while at most, and there will be no risk of life,” Qi Yan saw Lin Yu’s mood very depressed, comforted, “They didn’t expect you to be so dangerous, but they I also did not expect that there are so many people behind you who are blessing you.”

Lin Yu smiled reluctantly. She knew that Qi Yan was comforting herself, but thinking that the root of these things happened in her relatives and friends, she would not be completely relieved for a while.

Money and jealousy, these two things may really awaken the sins in some people’s hearts and make them abandon their nature, even if they do things that hurt others, they won’t stop.

What Lin Yu thinks in his heart is not what Qi Yan should intervene. After receiving the fortune-telling money and life-saving money that Lin Yu had transferred to him in his cell phone, he got up and said goodbye to Lin Yu.

“Thank you.” Lin Yu solemnly thanked Qi Yan. Qi Yan waved his hand and took Cen Baihe out of the ward.

It took a long time, until Deng Linlin also left, Lin Yu hugged the quilt and sobbed in a low voice.

After crying for a long time, she picked up her mobile phone and opened the Weibo page. There were thousands of messages in it. Numerous authors, readers and passers-by were all wishing her a quick recovery on Weibo.

In the hot comment, a reader said: Thank you for embellishing my youthful dream with your article, and I wish you peace and health.

Seeing this comment, Lin Yu cried and laughed, laughed and cried, but the sadness in his heart disappeared a little bit.

She wiped the tears from her face and sent a Weibo with her mobile phone.

Jade Spirit: Thank you for your blessings. I have woke up today. Thank you for having me all the way, thank you!

She put down the phone, suddenly felt that her whole mood was let go, and smiled while holding the quilt and fell asleep.

“What happened just now?” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan puzzledly, “I think that Miss Lin’s mood is not right.”

“I was sold by my own biological parents and married a dead man. Who can be happy?” Qi Yan suspected that Lin Yu’s evil spirit was related to her parents, but as a stranger, he felt that It’s not good to talk about other people’s parents so casually.

Most of the parents he has seen treat their children as treasures. Even if the family conditions are not good, they can’t do this kind of marriage between a living child and a dead person. However, the world is so big, there are so many people, and weird incidents are happening every day. Thinking about it this way, it’s not surprising that anything happens.

Cen Baihe was silent for a long time: “Then what will happen to her parents after you resolve this matter?”

“I don’t know.” Qi Yan shook his head, standing at the elevator entrance and watching the elevator rise one after another.

He chose to use Lin Yu’s blood and hair method for this reason.

“Ding.” The elevator stopped in front of the two of them, and Qi Yan made a gesture of asking, “You go up first, I should go home.”

The corners of Cen Baihe’s lips moved, and he wanted to invite Qi Yan to go up with him, but felt that this was a little inappropriate, so he nodded, “Then you go down first, I’ll wait for the next elevator.”

“Okay.” Qi Yan was not polite with him, because only with Cen Baihe could he take the elevator that was fast and uncrowded, even in the hospital. He walked into the elevator and waved to Cen Baihe, the elevator door closed in front of Cen Baihe’s eyes.

The number of floors in the elevator display area of ​​Cen Baihe dropped to 1 and then stopped, and soon the elevator came back up again. When he stepped into the elevator, a picture of Qi Yan smiling at Lin Yu appeared in his mind.

He frowned unconsciously, looked up and saw that the elevator had arrived, then returned to his indifferent appearance and returned to the third brother’s ward.

As soon as he walked in, Cen Baihe found that several people in the ward were looking at him. He ignored these gazes and walked to the third brother Cen: “Brother third, you opened the kit I gave you?”

Brother Cen nodded blankly: “Ah, yes, what’s the matter?”

Cen Baihe pursed his lips. He stared at the dirty kit in Sange Cen’s hand, remembering Qi Yan’s concentration when drawing the talisman, and reached out to take the kit from Sange Cen. There was a scoop of ashes in the kit, and he shook lightly, shook all the ashes in it, and then carefully fastened the sachet bag: “This is useless, I took it away.”

Third Brother Cen stared blankly at his brother’s words and deeds, unable to react for a long while.

“Bohe, what’s the matter with this sachet?” Cao Jingyan and Cen Baihe are close to each other, so they don’t pay attention to politeness when they talk. For him before?”

“This was made by a friend. I saw that the third brother was going out, so I passed it to him.” Cen Baihe gently wiped the stains on the kit with his thumb. It’s useless anymore.”

“Your friend, who?” Brother Cen seemed more excited than Cao Jingyan. His younger brother, who is so indifferent, hadn’t been able to play with other children since he was a child, let alone make friends with people, and now he suddenly risks How come he is not surprised to have a friend who can draw symbols?

Because there is a big age gap between the two, Brother Cen almost raised Cen Baihe as his son. How could he not understand his younger brother’s preferences? However, the younger brother never looked at anything related to fortune-telling and feng shui, let alone believe them. Now the younger brother actually told him that he had made a friend who can draw symbols? !

What’s even more amazing is that he also took the initiative to transfer the charms given by his friend to the third brother, and let the third brother escape fortunately?

Brother, where did you get good luck, just meet a friend casually, just so capable?

At this moment, not only Brother Cen was curious, but several other brothers and sisters in the Cen family also wanted to know who this magical master was seen by his younger brother.

Cen Baihe put the kit in his suit trouser pocket, and said with a calm face: “It’s Master Qi who has seen Feng Shui in our ancestral house last time.”

“It turned out to be him.” Brother Cen was very fond of the young Master Qi, so after hearing his brother’s answer, he immediately understood why his brother could be friends with that young master. Because that Master Qi looks so pleasing, just looking at his face can make people feel good. If he were a dozen or twenty years younger, I am afraid he would also want to make friends with him.

Cao Jingyan looked at her eldest brother and her second sister with an understanding expression, and couldn’t help but say again: “Who is this Master Qi?” How does it seem that both the elder brother and the second sister know each other?

Seeing that her younger siblings were curious, Sister Cen told her about the origins of Master Qi. Of course, the highlight is how cute this Master Qi looks, because she doesn’t understand other aspects.

At this moment, Qi Yan, who looks cute and cute in the mouth of the second sister of the Cen family, is squatting under a big tree waiting for a taxi. It’s a pity that it’s noon, not to mention that the car is not good, and even the masters in the taxi-hailing software are not willing to take orders.

At this time, he missed Cen Baihe, who was full of purple air. If he was standing with Cen Baihe at this moment, he would definitely be able to wait for a car in less than three minutes.

However, the famous Cen Wuye in the capital can’t take a taxi.

He wiped the sweat from his face and felt that the shade of this tree was too small, so he walked under another tree next to it. As soon as he walked under the tree, he heard a loud noise coming from behind him. Looking back, he saw that he had hit a sports car under the tree where he had been standing, and a man and a woman in the car had their heads shrugged, as if they had passed out in a coma.


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