The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 32

Qi Yan turned to look at the sports car and then at where he was standing. After a few seconds, he took out his phone and called 120.

If he didn’t leave just now, would he be over?

Click, click.

Qi Yan saw that the bottom of the sports car began to leak oil continuously, and thick smoke began to erupt from the rear of the car. He sighed in resignation, stepped forward and opened the door of the car, dragging the girl in the passenger seat to the side of the flowerbed. Just when he was about to move the young man in the driver’s seat, the rear of the car started to catch fire, making a beeping sound, making him feel like it would explode at any time.

“Hmm.” At this moment, the young man in the driver’s seat woke up shaking his head. He turned his head and glanced back. He was so scared that he wanted to climb down the car. He didn’t know that his foot was stuck in the car and couldn’t pull it out. I remember him yelling for help, only to burst into tears.

Qi Yan looked at him with a bit of acrid eyes. He stepped forward and opened the door of the sports car, grabbing the young man and pulling it out: “Don’t scream, come down.”

Seeing someone coming to save himself, the young man almost cried out of joy. His brain has lost his normal thinking ability. He just does what the other person says. When he gets out of the car, he still feels like he can’t figure out his direction. Only knowing that he grabbed the savior’s trouser legs, and didn’t want to let go.

He sat limply on the ground, watching his sports car after a few dull explosions, it burned only a frame, and he felt a sense of ecstasy of escape.

“Sir, can you let go?” Qi Yan held his pants in his hand, worried that the man sitting on the ground would drag it down for you.

“My life-saving grace is unforgettable, my benefactor…” The young man turned his head slowly, and after seeing Qi Yan’s appearance, he exclaimed, “Master Qi?!”

Qi Yan carefully looked at this young man wearing a skull pattern t-shirt, camouflage fat-leg pants and dyed purple and green hair, and felt that this man seemed familiar.

“Master Qi, this is Yang Tao. You showed me Feng Shui not long ago.” Yang Tao worried that Qi Yan no longer remembered himself, so he moved his head closer, “Don’t you remember?”

His eyes were a little sore from the purple and green hair on his head. Qi Yan took a step back and nodded indifferently, “Mr. Yang, it turned out to be you.” The hair changed color, and he almost didn’t recognize it. Out.

“Master Qi, thanks to you just now, otherwise I…” Yang Tao felt that there was water dripping on his forehead, and when he reached out his hand, he saw his palms were red with a smell of blood.

“Blood…” Yang Tao looked at his palm, then looked at Master Qi with a calm expression. He shook his body and fell to the ground with a grunt.

Qi Yan looked at Yang Tao who fell on the ground and the ambulance coming here, and sighed again.

In the hospital, after the Cen brothers and sisters confirmed that Cen’s third brother was in good health, they left two nurses and Cao Jingyan in the hospital to take care of them. They left first because they were afraid that the father would become suspicious.

Walking out of the elevator door, Cen Baihe saw a familiar figure walking in front of him, and hurriedly hurried to catch up: “Qianqian, why are you here?”

He didn’t plan to go home more than an hour ago, why is he still in the hospital?

Seeing Cen Baihe, Qi Yan looked helpless: “I just got out of the hospital when I was in a car accident. Because it was my emergency call, I accompany them to the hospital again.” Now, he is getting more and more. I suspect that the old man said that he is the authenticity of the life of a nobleman. Which nobleman would have such a bad luck with him and get into trouble when he goes out? Said that he was Conan and his physique was about the same, but these people could still be saved if he met him, and they would only die if they were met by Conan.

After listening to what Qi Yan said, Cen Baihe was silent for two seconds strangely, trying to suppress the corners of his mouth that was about to rise: “It just happens to be lunch time, why don’t we go to dinner together?”

Qi Yan looked at the Cen family a dozen steps behind him, “Are you not with your family?”

“They have other things to do, I won’t be with them,” Cen Baihe said lightly, “If I didn’t meet you, I would have dinner alone at noon today.”

“Okay,” Qi Yan felt that as a friend, he couldn’t just watch his friend alone. He slightly nodded towards Brother Cen and the group, and followed Cen Baihe out of the hospital lobby.

“Hey…” Brother Cen just watched the younger brother and Master Qi walk out of the hospital. The speed was so fast that he didn’t even react. He still wanted to say hello to Master Qi.

“Didn’t we say that we will go to dinner together at noon?”

“Leave him,” Sister Cen thought very openly, “It’s rare that Baihe would like to make friends, so don’t worry about it.” What’s more, with Baihe’s character, how can they intervene to change the decision?

Big Brother Cen remembered that his younger brother’s body was getting better every day, and this Master Qi had real abilities, and there was a faint hope in his heart. Maybe Master Qi could really cure the younger brother?

Qi Yan got out of the car and looked at this antique-style building with a plaque with the words “Qianweiju” hanging on it. He sighed inwardly, it was a good word, flying dragon and phoenix, vigorous and powerful, it contained a trace. Reiki, I don’t know which calligraphy master’s calligraphy is.

The decoration of the store is also very particular. Qi Yan even saw that there were several authentic artifacts in it. The spiritual energy contained in these artifacts just formed a real dragon absorbing water and making money, making the store’s customers come in like clouds and continue to make money.

“Cen Wuye, please here.” The lobby manager saw Cen Baihe and walked up to Cen Baihe with a smile, “We learned that you are coming, we have specially reserved the best room for you, please go here. Please.” He noticed that there was a young man next to Cen Baihe, but the young man was very face-to-face. He had never seen him before, so he smiled at him.

The other party smiled back at him, revealing two dimples looming, looking very gentle and pleasing.

The smile on the manager’s face became more sincere, leading the two of them to walk in, introducing the pattern inside and the calligraphy and painting on the wall as they walked. Only then did Qi Yan know that the calligraphy and paintings hanging on the wall were all genuine masterpieces, not copy works.

Finally, the manager pushed open a carved wooden door, revealing the antique private room, even the dining table is a carved sandalwood table, he can faintly smell the scent of logs.

“Serve your signature dishes first,” Cen Baihe took over the menu and handed it to Qi Yan, “Qianqian, what do you like to eat?”

“I have nothing to avoid,” Qi Yan ordered a few samples and returned the menu to Cen Baihe. “As long as it is not too weird, you can accept it.”

Cen Baihe ordered a few more desserts and vegetarian dishes. Qi Yan asked, “Can we finish eating so many dishes?”

“It’s okay, the dishes here are delicious, but the quantity is small,” Cen Baihe looked up at the manager, “right?”

“Yes, yes,” the manager nodded hurriedly, “our dishes here are refined and flavorful, and the quantity is really not too big.” Even if the quantity is large, Cen Wuye speaks, they can make it smaller.

Qi Yan nodded clearly. After the manager exited with the menu, two young waiters wearing slim cheongsam came in with the tableware. After setting them one by one, they kept a perfect smile and retreated to the corner. , Will never be so diligent to disturb them.

Looking at the expensive set of tableware in front of him, he only thought of one question, how much would it cost to eat a meal here?

Of course, he wouldn’t express this kind of thought. He is Master Qi, who is going to the pinnacle of the warlock world, how can he let people know that he is such a bun? So, no matter how great this kind of place is, he has to keep smiling calmly.

The dishes were served quickly, and the dishes were all seen before, but when they ate them, Qi Yan had to admit that the taste was really good.

In terms of eating, Qi Yan never wronged himself, so even though there was a large table full of food, half of it went into his stomach.

After he put down his chopsticks, the manager also gave him a membership card, saying that he would use this card to dine without making an appointment, and he would enjoy the highest quality service and a 20% discount on consumption.

“Thank you.” Qi Yan casually stuffed the membership card into the wallet. In his opinion, the usefulness of this membership card should not be much different from that of major supermarket loyalty cards.

As for the manager of this store, the idea is different. You must know that after their Qianweiju opened, this kind of gold membership card is hard to find. Some local tyrants out there are even proud of getting their store’s membership card. Show it off. I don’t know the identity of the young man next to Cen Wuye, so calm after getting the card.

It can only be said that it is worthy of being someone who can accompany Cen Wuye out for dinner, and the experience is so extraordinary.

As soon as Qi Yan and Cen Baihe walked out of the private room, they met Big Brother Cen and Sister Cen walking here, their eyes were facing each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little embarrassing.

The calmest of the four was Cen Baihe. He looked at Big Brother Cen and said, “Big Brother, Second Sister, didn’t you say that you have something to eat but you can’t eat it?”

“Huh?” Big Brother Cen glanced back and forth over his younger brother and Master Qi, “Just now there was a call and said the meeting was cancelled.”

“Well,” Cen Baihe nodded, “Master Qi and I have finished eating, you eat slowly, let’s take a step first.”

Big Brother Cen smiled at Qi Yan and said, “Master Qi, this time our third brother’s affairs, it depends on you to escape, you are the savior of our Cen family.”

“Young Master Cen is polite,” Qi Yan seemed very gentle and polite, “I just did it easily. It was the three young blessings who had a great life, and had the noble spirit to protect the body, so that I could escape the catastrophe.”

People come and go here, not the place to talk about these words. Brother Cen didn’t hold on to this topic, but he made up his mind to find a formal occasion to thank Master Qi. This is a great grace to save lives. They You can’t just assume that this has never happened because your younger brother and Master Qi are friends.

After Qi Yan left, the second sister Cen, who was silent for a long time, looked at her elder brother, “Brother, is there such a miraculous thing in the world?”

Maybe the third brother’s matter was just a coincidence, maybe the first brother’s body happened to be recovering, not necessarily the credit of Master Qi?

Brother Cen sat down on the chair in the box. Seeing that the second sister seemed to be skeptical of fate, he asked, “How can there be so many coincidences in the world. Feng Xuan, please tell me honestly, you are all serious.” Don’t believe that Master Qi has the ability beyond nature?”

Sister Cen opened her mouth, but she couldn’t say anything to object firmly.

After Yang Tao woke up in the hospital, he saw only his parents around the bed. The savior had already disappeared. He immediately looked at his father with regret: “Dad, why did you let Master Qi go? !”

“Master Qi?” Mr. Yang looked at Yang Tao in surprise, “Where is Master Qi?”

“Today I was in a car accident. It was Master Qi who rescued me from the car.” Yang Tao touched his head wrapped in gauze. “Dad, if it wasn’t Master Qi this time, I would become a burning stick. NS.”

“This kid, you’re talking nonsense, do you know what a stick is?” Mother Yang glared at her son disgustingly.

Mr. Yang looked even more excited than Yang Tao. He patted his son on the shoulder: “Son, don’t worry, I will find Master Qi and thank him.” If you can do well with such a great master, please try your best. Well, who can guarantee that there will be no strange problems in the future.

It’s just that Master Qi is so kind. He saved his son and left the hospital without saying a word. Now in this world, there are fewer and fewer people who do good things like Master Qi do not leave a name.

Cen Baihe sent Qi Yan out of the community as usual this time. Qi Yan was stunned by the heat when he got out of the car. The cold and comfortable car and the heat outside the car are simply two worlds of ice and fire.

“Money,” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan who was bathing in the sun, and couldn’t help but stop him.

“Huh?” Qi Yan turned his head, because the sun was so dazzling, he couldn’t see Cen Baihe’s expression in the car.

“It’s okay,” Cen Baihe smiled and shook his head, “You live alone, be careful.”

“Don’t worry, if someone dared to break into my house, unfortunately, who is not necessarily.” Qi Yan smiled, “Go back.”

Cen Baihe nodded, and after watching Qi Yan walk into the community, he closed the car window.

“Boss, the boss of Mingshun Real Estate Company called and said that he would like to see you.” The bodyguard added, “I am anxious to hear his tone.”

“No.” Cen Baihe’s attitude was very cold. “The Luluo community under Mingshun Company has caused so many things in just two months. Now I want to open a new building to make up for the lack of funds. There is no such easy thing.”

“I have also heard about the Luluo community,” the bodyguard frowned. “Some people say that the community is haunted.”

“You believe it?” Cen Baihe’s expression became colder, “People like Liu Shun don’t have to consider cooperating with him in the future.”

The bodyguard nodded, called Liang Feng and told him to reject Liu Shun. Liu Shun is a typical self-made man. If this is the case, it would be very inspirational. I don’t know that this person began to abandon his wife after he got married, and he even did things like forcing people to submit, so the real upper circles in the imperial capital simply looked down on this kind of person.

“Those who are wicked should live a little harder.”

Qi Yan walked into the community and heard several aunts scolding a certain cheating scumbag. It may be that the scumbag is not doing well right now. The aunts scolded them very much.

He listened and felt that the scolding was very interesting, so he stood there and listened with relish for a while, but it was a pity that the aunts changed the topic too quickly, and soon turned to someone who gave birth to a second child, and whose girl did not want to. He is not interested in topics like marriage.

Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly heard an aunt in a mysterious tone: “Have you heard that Luluo Community is haunted. In the past two months, several people have committed suicide by jumping off the building.”

“Isn’t it a rumor?”

“Any rumors, they are all true.” The aunt broke the news that she was dissatisfied with her gossip being questioned, and she immediately gave a real example to testify. “One of my nephews from a distant house lives in this community, and she asked me about some nearby There is no suitable house to rent, he wants to move out and live.”

“That’s your distant nephew who is a university professor?” Another aunt asked in surprise. “Didn’t he just move into the new house not long ago?”

“No way, so many things come out in the community, it makes people panic, and many people want to move. My nephew doesn’t believe this, but my nephew and daughter-in-law are not at ease.” After spending half a lifetime to buy a house, I still encounter this kind of thing. These black-hearted developers are really cruel. I heard that the land was a cemetery a hundred years ago, alas…”

For ordinary people, it is not easy to buy a house. As a result, it was hard to move in and haunted, how bad was it?

Qi Yan didn’t listen any more. He walked into the elevator, thinking about the Luluo community. When he checked the gossip forum some time ago, he saw someone on the Internet saying that the community was haunted, but not long after, this post was deleted. At that time, he thought it was a rumor deliberately spread by netizens to find a sense of existence. At this point.

Don’t look down on the aunts in the community. They can use their sharp eyes to find foreign undercover agents, report drug celebrities, and even find out which celebrities have cheated. They are like gods. Therefore, although the haunting of Luluo community is certainly not as exaggerated as the aunts, there should be some problems in this community.

If there is no problem, why do people in this community want to put up a good house and not live, so that the family must move out to rent a house?

But he quickly didn’t have time to think about this issue, because he just got out of the elevator and found three people standing in front of his house. These three people were dressed in ordinary clothes and looked ordinary, without any shining points from beginning to end.

After seeing this, Qi Yan didn’t move on, but watched the three people vigilantly.

“Mr. Qi, we are members of the National Task Force for Special Personnel. I am very sorry to bother you.” The middle-aged man among the three took out a sign with his name, position and official seal on it.

Qi Yan inexplicably remembered the news he had seen some time ago. Someone claimed to be a UN diplomatic ambassador and wanted to inspect work in China. This person also took out documents to prove the authenticity of his identity. The style is very similar to the current one.

Thinking of this, his whole person is not good. Looking at this person who claims to be a special personnel task group is like looking at three swindlers with no IQ.

When is he stupid? Since he was young, the country has taught him to believe in science and oppose feudal superstition. How could it be possible to form a task force for special personnel, and the name is so not domineering.

The author has something to say: Xiaoqianqian: I have never seen such a witty liar!


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