The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 33

Xiang Qiang sensed that after introducing himself, Master Qi looked at their eyes a little strangely, as if they were so unfriendly.

“That’s it. Our department found that Mr. Qi, you are a master of the metaphysics school. Through the research and discussion of department leaders, and the instructions of superior leaders, our department sincerely invites you to join us to inject new blood into our organization,” Xiang Qiangba A document with the official seal of the department was handed to Qi Yan, “This is the department’s work regulations, please read it carefully.”

Qi Yan took the document and saw all kinds of discounts at a glance. He couldn’t stand it anymore. The conditions were opened so well, it didn’t meet the national conditions at first sight!

“Sorry, I have never heard of such a department in the country, and I don’t know what a metaphysical master is.” Qi Yan stuffed the document back into the middle-aged man’s hands. “If you say such inexplicable things again, I will call the police. NS.”

Xiang Qiang did not expect that he was rejected so thoroughly and he was regarded as a liar. He hurriedly explained: “Mr. Qi, please believe us. We are definitely not joking with you. If you don’t believe me, we can help you. Connect Master Qian, he is a special adviser to our team and enjoys the treatment of deputy department level in the national establishment. He can testify for us.”

“Master Qian?” Qi Yan looked at the middle-aged man suspiciously, “You mean Master Qian Chengru?”

When I showed Feng Shui to the old house of the Cen family last time, Qian Chengru was among them. However, Qi Yan and these famous masters are not familiar with each other, so they didn’t say a few words to each other. He didn’t expect this so-called special group to know that he had met Master Qian.

“Yes, that’s Master Qian,” Xiang Qiang saw that Qi Yan finally had a reaction, he was happy on his face, and then he lowered his head to apply for a video call with Qian Chengru.

Not long after, Master Qian’s voice came from the phone, “Xiao Xiang, why did you contact me at this time?”

“Master Qian, I’m sorry, I interrupted your lunch break.” Xiang Qiang took a look at Qi Yan. “We are at the door of Master Qi’s house. Master Qi seems to have some misunderstandings with us. We were helpless and interrupted. For your rest, please don’t be offended.”

“Oh, Master Qi.” In the video, Master Qian, who was still lying lazily on the big bed, immediately sat upright, “Give your phone to Master Qi and I will talk to him.”

Hearing this, Xiang Qiang had a show, and hurriedly took his mobile phone to Qi Yan.

Qi Yan saw that the person in the video was really Master Qian, so he took the phone and opened the door to let the three people in. If these words are heard by the neighbors, maybe the aunts downstairs will start to say tomorrow. There is a young man on the 7th floor who looks young, but he squats at his door every day to promote feudal superstition.

The people in the special group did not put on airs because Qi Yan was young. Instead, they were very careful and polite. After entering Qi Yan’s house, they also put on shoe covers politely and sat on the sofa without walking around. They looked very good. Understand the rules of warlocks.

“Master Qian, it’s been a long time.” Qi Yan opened the refrigerator, took cans and cans of drinks on the coffee table, pretending that he hadn’t seen the big printed pajamas on Master Qian, and motioned to the special group of three to drink drinks.

“Yeah, but I haven’t seen you for a while,” Master Qian laughed, and was completely stunned by the spicy-eyed pajamas on his body. “Did the people from the special group really contact you?”

Qi Yan turned around and glanced at the three people sitting on the sofa, and nodded: “Master Qian, what is going on with this special task team?”

“Don’t be nervous, this group is under the jurisdiction of the national security department, not a scam group,” Master Qian introduced the function of the special personnel task group, which is probably to look at Feng Shui, deal with incredible events, and prevent foreign masters from doing things. .

After listening to what Master Qian said, Qi Yan believed that the special team was a secret department of the country that could not be publicly displayed, but he still had doubts in his heart. With such a big country, what kind of talent could not be found, and he would be attracted to such a young warlock?

Seeing that the video call between the two masters had ended, all three members of the special group put down their drinks and drank only two sips, looked at Qi Yan eagerly, waiting for his answer.

“Sorry, I misunderstood you just now.” Qi Yan returned the phone to Xiang Qiang, and Xiang Qiang shook his head again and again with both hands. ”

Their overly diligent attitude made Qi Yan a little uncomfortable. He coughed dryly, “There are many warlocks in China, so your team doesn’t necessarily find me?”

“Master Qi, we don’t dare to lie to you. When we first learned that you were showing Feng Shui to the Cen family’s ancestral house, the leaders of the group started paying attention to you,” Xiang Qiang smiled bitterly, “Now we have real materials in China. There are fewer and fewer profound masters, and the older masters with real abilities are getting older, and the younger generation is willing to learn profound skills and talents are even rarer, and the department will be in a bad mood.”

What he did not explicitly say is that China has many mountains and rivers, and there are more geomantic treasures. Since China opened its doors, its economy has become more and more developed, and once it became a flying dragon again, foreign forces have deliberately sent warlocks to destroy China’s geomantic and chaotic. Chinese people’s fortune. It’s okay to have these masters barely supporting them now, but when these masters are over a hundred years later, and the younger generation of warlocks don’t have much real talents, what should they do at that time?

Some celestial masters who returned to the mountains were unwilling to go out of the mountains, and most of those who watched Feng Shui fortune-telling outside were liars, and there were only a handful of sorcerers with upright character, good intentions, and true ability.

Qi Yan never thought that there would be such an organization in the country. His ideal life should be free to eat, drink and sleep, and use his fortune-telling to watch Feng Shui to save the world. Joining a small group so solemnly, it really doesn’t fit his life setting.

“Sorry, I don’t think I’m suitable for such serious work,” Qi Yan said euphemistically, “We do whatever the teacher pays attention to, just want to be free, like this…”

The people in the special group didn’t want to give up, and they told Qi Yan a lot of preferential policies, as long as they joined, they would enjoy division level treatment. If they made great contributions, they would continue to be promoted. The state will not restrict them too much freedom. In case of emergency, they will deploy local departments at all levels to support their work.

For many ordinary civil servants, the treatment of the division level is not easy to do, but to the special group personnel, it seems that this is only the lowest treatment. As long as Qi Yan is willing to follow them, he must be delicious and spicy.

However, no matter what they said, Qi Yan still did not agree to their invitation.

For an unfamiliar organization, Qi Yan could never easily agree to any request, even though they had proven that they were not liars.

After Xiang Qiang and others were repeatedly rejected by Qi Yan, although they were a bit disappointed, they were not too disappointed, because in their opinion, it is really true that such a master with real ability is not tempted by their conditions and directly rejects them. It’s too normal.

Because of their work, the more they understand the abilities of these masters, the more respect they will be, so even though Qi Yan rejected them, they politely said goodbye to Qi Yan, and did not forget to leave the visiting gifts they bought. .

The visiting gift was two fruit baskets with ribbons, which looked like they were produced by a fruit shop near the community.

Picking a bunch of grapes out of the fruit basket, washing them, and filling them with bowls, Qi Yan lay on the sofa holding the bowls, watching TV while eating grapes, and ordered a takeaway when it was time for dinner.

About half an hour later, his door was knocked, opened the door to see, a young man wearing a peaked cap and black-rimmed glasses was standing outside the door.

“Sir, this is the meal you ordered,” the young man smiled and handed his pocket, “I wish you a pleasant meal.”

“Thank you.” When Qi Yan took the bag, he accidentally touched the back of this young man’s hand and found that the temperature of his body surface was a little abnormally hot: “Are you sick?”

“It’s okay, I have a little cold.” The boy’s skin is dark, probably because he often delivers meals to people, and it becomes like this.

“Wait a minute,” Qi Yan turned around and took out a bottle of unopened drink from the refrigerator and handed it to the young man. “After the meal is served, go see a doctor.”

After a few times of resignation, the young man took the bottle of drink, turned around and hurried downstairs.

The young man rode a battery car out of the community, and returned to his rental room after serving the remaining two meals. He put half of the drink on the table, touched his waist, and took off a knife.

He stared at the fruit knife that hadn’t been pulled out of the scabbard, faintly glad that he did not impulsively commit a mistake today. Turning to look at the half bottle of drink on the table, perhaps because of the customer’s smile, or because of his caring words, he dispelled the idea.

The young man touched the handle of the knife and pulled the knife out. As a result, only the handle was held in his hand, and the rest of the blade remained in the sheath.

He was silent for a long while, and threw the knife into the trash can. Twenty yuan three kinds of things in the store, the quality is so unreliable.

But at this moment, he was more fortunate than ever. Fortunately, he met a gentle customer. Fortunately, he retreated from the cliff. Otherwise, what is waiting for him now is the stainless steel conjoined double-ring bracelet.

It only takes a small step and he is about to embark on the wrong path. Fortunately…fortunately…

After eating the rice bowl, Qi Yan praised the gourmet restaurant with his mobile phone, and also praised the dedication of the food delivery brother. After putting down the phone, Qi Yan threw the fast food box into the trash can and turned on the computer to start copying. By the way, he boasted to his friends in the game that he saved a lost boy. Unfortunately, no one in the gang believed what he said.

He sighed, the world of an expert is so lonely that no one can understand.

At this moment, the phone rang. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Cen Baihe’s call. “Bohe, it’s so late, haven’t you fallen asleep?”

“I’ll go to bed in half an hour,” Cen Baihe listened to Qi Yan’s brisk tone on the phone, as if something happy had happened, “What good happened?”

When he heard Cen Baihe’s question, Qi Yan’s heart for Lise finally became active, so he withdrew from the game copy and began to show off his achievements to Cen Baihe. He was not doing good deeds and didn’t want to leave his name. It was just that after leaving his name, he would cause too much trouble, so he could not maintain a low-key and mysterious high-cold posture. Now he finally has a bragging object, and he feels that the whole world is bright.

Cen Baihe quietly listened to Qi Yan talking about what happened in the afternoon, and asked him from time to time to make Qi Yan more interested, but when he heard that Qi Yan even opened the door to get a drink to the deliveryman, he couldn’t help it. He frowned, “What if he enters the house and closes the door and attacks you with a knife?”

“Don’t worry, let’s not say that the knife on his body can’t be pulled out at all. Seeking a dead end, unless he is more powerful than this Feng Shui master.

At the moment the meal delivery boy took the drink, Qi Yan saw that his breath and face changed. Originally it was the fate of being young and lonely, mother dying prematurely, father being unkind, imprisoned, old being helpless, and dying of hardship. As a result, it became the fate of suffering in the first half of life and hard work in the second half of life.

“I have said long ago that there is no path to heaven and human beings. One thought of heaven and hell,” Qi Yan said with a sigh, “but too few people seize fate, and too many go astray.”

“Perhaps those who can’t seize the opportunity don’t want to seize it at all,” Cen Baihe didn’t like to hear Qi Yan sigh, “Why do you feel sorry for these people.”

“It is not them that I regret, but the innocent passers-by who have been hurt by them.” Qi Yan turned to look at the game character he was manipulating, and suddenly became angry. Didn’t he just hang out in the wild, who killed him?

After opening the list of enemies, Qi Yan snorted and muttered a few words.

In a corner of a city, a man is driving a game number to kill people in the wild. Suddenly his stomach hurts like a knife. He can’t pay attention to the game characters anymore. He clutched his stomach and ran back and forth to the toilet five or six times before he managed to get better. A little bit.

But after he finally had no diarrhea, his game account was already lying in the underworld.

“Fuck!” He just finished cursing this sentence, his stomach hurts again, immediately dropped the mouse, and rushed to the toilet.

This Xiang Qi Yan exited the game page, rolled onto the bed, and said to Cen Baihe on the other side of the phone, “By the way, the blessing kit has blessings. Although the effect is not as good as the seal, it is guaranteed to be carried on the body. For the effect of peace, you tell your family not to throw it away.”

After a weird moment of silence on the phone, Cen Baihe’s voice came out again: “Maybe I will ask you to draw another one.”

He didn’t say the reason, but Qi Yan understood that the Cen family thought that the talisman paper was useless to block the disaster, so they threw it away, “Well, I will draw you a few more when I have free time.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe responded with a smile, “Thank you.”

“It’s all friends, it hurts feelings to say thank you,” Qi Yan said heartily that it didn’t matter, anyway, it was a matter of convenience.

After the two hung up the phone, Qi Yan looked at the talk time of more than 20 minutes, and wondered a little bit puzzled, what did Cen Baihe call him just now?

It seems that they have been chatting?

Forget it, it’s normal to talk nonsense between friends. If you contact you if you have something, it’s not a friend, it’s a subordinate relationship.

Yang Tao’s parents found Qi Yan’s house the next day. The couple carried large and small bags. They only hated that they didn’t have eight hands and couldn’t carry more bags.

Last time when Qi Yan went to Yang’s house to watch Feng Shui, Mother Yang happened to be not at home, so this time she was extra cautious. In order to see Master Qi, she even got up early in the morning to get a haircut.

“Master Qi lives here?” Mother Yang looked at the room number 704, “As expected of the master, there is no need to avoid anything.”

“That’s not it,” Father Yang said with emotion, “If it weren’t for Master Qi to change our Feng Shui, our company would not be so smooth, let alone others saved our children yesterday. You will see this master later, Don’t be too slow just because he is young, Master Qi is this!” He gave a thumbs up.

“Don’t worry, are you stupid?” Mother Yang rolled her eyes at him and knocked on the door lightly.

As soon as the door opened, Father Yang bowed in high spirits and thanked him: “Master Qi, thank you for your life-saving grace. Without you, the dog would be in danger this time.”

However, the person standing at the door was not Qi Yan, but a man who looked very familiar.

Father Yang was a little embarrassed to find that he had recognized the wrong person, but he was even more embarrassed after three seconds because he recognized who this person was.

Liang Feng, Cen Wuye’s special assistant!

How many people can’t hold the thigh Assistant Liang!

“Mr. Liang, hello.” Father Yang sorted out the expressions on his face, trying to make himself smile more naturally and enthusiastically.

“Hello,” Liang Feng looked at the couple with their bags full of bags, “Are you also here to find Master Qi?”

Father Yang felt that the word “also” was very subtle, and nodded again and again: “Master Qi is the nobleman of our Yang family. I am here to thank him especially this time.”

“Who’s here?” Qi Yan walked out of the kitchen, holding a tray with a set of tea sets in his hand. He glanced at the door, “Mr. Yang?”

“Master Qi,” Master Qi was in front of him, and Father Yang didn’t care about holding Liang Feng’s thigh. He approached Qi Yan with a full face and bowed to him. Unforgettable teeth!”

Qi Yan guessed that he was here for Yang Tao’s business, so he invited the couple to come in and sit down, and put the tray on the coffee table.

Liang Feng noticed that Master Qi placed in the tray on the coffee table. In addition to the teapot, there were a few teacups, no more than four.

Is this a coincidence, or has it been predicted?


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