The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 34

The four people sat down around the table, and when Father Yang saw that Liang Feng didn’t mean to speak first, he began to solemnly thank Qi Yan. By nature, he is a profitable businessman, and treats masters like Qi Yan only to flatter and not offend him. Emotionally speaking, he is a father, facing the benefactor who saved his son, even if he knelt down and kowtow to thank his gratitude.

He has been such a child in his entire life, and no matter how much money he earns, it will be left to him. If the child is gone, what is the use of no matter how much money he has?

Qi Yan maintained a cold smile and listened to the endless grateful words from Father Yang. After the other party finished speaking, he nodded with a smile, and filled Father Yang’s cup with half of the tea missing: “Mr. Yang I really don’t have to be so polite. The son happened to meet me when the accident happened, and I happened to be able to save him again. This is probably also a fate.”

“You can’t say that. The situation was so dangerous at the time. If you didn’t take the risk to rescue the dog, maybe the child would be burned alive…” Mother Yang couldn’t say the word “dead”, and her tongue fluttered. The concealment passed, “Although this matter may be a trivial matter for you, it is a great kindness to our family.”

After hearing this, Qi Yan smiled, and did not argue with the couple anymore. He raised his teacup and took a sip.

Seeing his attitude, the couple felt at ease, and praised Qi Yan again and again, and they were satisfied.

Liang Feng didn’t have a deep impression of Yang’s father. There are too many bosses in the imperial capital, and there are many like Yang’s father. His only impression of this person is that Qi Yan had visited his house to see Feng Shui. Later, he deliberately investigated Father Yang and learned that there was a decent company under his name, and he could barely be called a rich man in front of ordinary people. Judging from his perspective, Master Qi does not need to please the Yang family specifically.

It seems that Master Qi is really kind enough to do this kind of thing. He somewhat understands why the Yang family is grateful to this point.

“Mr. Liang,” Qi Yan turned to look at Liang Feng, “I don’t know why you are here today?”

Liang Feng smiled and said: “I have been upset since I came to disturb Master Qi last time, so today I am here to thank you specially.” After that, he took out a small cuboid brocade box and put his hands on Qi Yan. before.

Qi Yan turned the tea cup in his hand, glanced at the brocade box, and slowly said, “Mr. Liang is polite.”

“Yes,” Liang Feng said after seeing that Qi Yan was not very interested in thanking gifts, put down his teacup and hesitated for a while, “Actually, I’m here today and I still have something to ask for.”

Qi Yan knew that Liang Feng was here today, definitely not to give any thanks. At that time, he had already charged Liang Feng to look at the situation. Now that Liang Feng has brought up the old things again, it is impossible to be grateful after such a long time. There must be other things to say.

Father Yang and Mother Yang are very eye-catching people. Seeing that Liang Feng had opened this mouth, they got up to say goodbye to Qi Yan. Before leaving, they insisted on giving Qi Yan a big red envelope before leaving the gate of 704 happily. .

After the Yang family and his wife left, Qi Yan closed the door, went to sit down at the tea table, and gestured to Liang Feng to speak.

“Thank you,” Liang Feng smiled, “I disturbed Master Qi last time. Because of the limited time, I never had a good chat with Master.” Liang Feng paused, “I originally wanted to ask Master Qi to give our boss. Look at the picture, but I didn’t expect you to have become friends.”

When Liang Feng learned of this incident, he felt that it was really incredible. It was really surprising that the boss should be friends with a Feng Shui master.

Qi Yan smiled indifferently. When Liang Feng found him, he didn’t say at all that he was Cen Wuye’s assistant. Perhaps the other party has some scruples, so he deliberately concealed it, and he didn’t care about this kind of thing. Now that Liang Feng brings up the old matter again, I am afraid that he is also worried that he will misunderstand him because of this matter.

Seeing that there was nothing unpleasant in Qi Yan’s expression, Liang Feng was relieved in his heart. At the beginning, he deliberately concealed his identity because he was afraid of causing trouble to his boss. The boss is not ordinary, and there are many people in the capital who want to flatter him. If the boss is unwilling to see Master Qi, then he is the only one who offends him, and will not involve the boss.

“At that time, there was something improper, please forgive me for Master Qi.” Liang Feng was a little grateful that this master Qi was not a person with a small belly, otherwise he was not very thoughtful in detail. These masters wanted to deal with him and moved. It’s probably not too difficult.

Qi Yan continued to smile, waiting for Liang Feng to say his intention.

“Master Qi, I don’t know if there are any ghosts in the world?” Liang Feng hesitated for a moment, and finally said what he had hidden in his heart. They are about to get married, but recently their wedding room has started to be haunted.”

Qi Yan raised his eyebrows: “Have an abnormal incident happened at home?”

“There were women and children crying in the middle of the night, and when she went to the bathroom in the middle of the night, she found red blood stains on the bottom of the bathtub, and even ghosts appeared.” Liang Feng wore melancholy on his face, “Now my sister-in-law is all day long. She was in a daze and didn’t dare to live in the house she bought with her fiancé. The whole person became haggard a lot.”

“Have they ever asked their neighbors, maybe there are women or children crying?” Qi Yan himself doesn’t quite believe this. Many so-called ghosts only say that they are actually psychological factors caused by scary people.

When a person is alive, there is anger, and anger is the nemesis of unclean objects. It is unreasonable and always hits the human body. Only people who are about to die or are not angry enough to see abnormal aura objects.

Liang Feng shook his head: “I have asked, none of the other neighbors heard these strange noises.”

“I don’t know how Lingmei’s body is?”

Hearing this irrelevant question, Liang Feng was taken aback for a moment and said: “It’s good, I can eat, run and jump, but my appetite is a bit poor in the past two days.”

“I understand,” Qi Yan glanced at the time, “Is Lingmei free today? I have to go to her new house to see what’s going on.”

“She happened to ask for leave to rest at home today, so please ask Master Qi.” Liang Feng bowed to Qi Yan. It was about his sister. He, the older brother, would inevitably be worried.

Qi Yan returned to the study and took a two-adult slap-sized box, and said to Liang Feng who was waiting for him in the living room, “Okay, then we will leave now.”

Cen Baihe finished the meeting and said to the secretary: “Liang Feng asked for leave from the personnel department today?”

The secretary nodded and said, “It seems that something happened to Brother Liang’s family, and Brother Liang needs to deal with it.”

Cen Baihe didn’t ask any more when he heard that. As the boss of the company, if something happened to his confidant’s house, if he didn’t even ask, it would be too chilling. “I understand. Record a copy and give it to me.”

Liang Feng drove the car directly to the downstairs of his sister’s new house. Qi Yan got off the car and saw a beautiful woman in fashionable dress walking towards them. Although her expression was a little haggard, the aura of a strong woman could not be concealed.

“Hello Master Qi, I am Liang Yun.” Liang Yun walked to Qi Yan on high heels and thanked him, “Thank you for taking this trip specially for me.” She heard her brother say that this young man Master Qi had seen Feng Shui for the Cen family and had a very good relationship with Cen Wuye. She knew that this master was a very powerful character.

Many people like to associate age with ability, but those who are truly capable are not necessarily all elderly.

After the two greeted each other, Liang Yun led Liang Feng and Qi Yan upstairs.

Liang Yun and his fiancé bought the house with a very lucky number, 1606, facing south, with good lighting and ventilation, and the decoration is very warm. After Qi Yan entered the house, he looked around and saw that the owner of the house was very concerned about the decoration of the house.

After reading it in a circle, Qi Yan faced the hot eyes of the brother and sister, and did not say anything, but opened the toolbox he brought.

Liang Feng originally thought that there were various magical instruments in the toolbox, but he didn’t expect that there were various tools for chemical experiments. He looked at Qi Yan in confusion, not understanding what the other party meant.

Not knowing which two things Qi Yan mixed together, Liang Feng saw that the liquid quickly turned red, and he was a little confused for a while.

Qi Yan didn’t look at him, but closed the curtains in the living room to make the whole room dark, then turned on a lamp and asked Liang Yun, “Does the blood you see at night resemble this color?”

Liang Yun was stunned for a moment, and shook her head blankly: “I don’t know. I was scared at the time. I turned around and ran away. Later…” Later, her fiance came over and saw that she was terribly scared, so she drained the water to flush the blood in the bathtub. gone.

She glanced at the contents of the beaker again, and felt that the color really looked a bit like.

“What is this?” Liang Feng asked.

But when he asked these words, he felt that Qi Yan looked at him very strangely.

“Phenolphthalein indicator plus an alkaline solution with a pH of 8.2 to 10.0,” Qi Yan shook the red liquid, “this kind of chemical reaction will occur.”

“Of course…” Qi Yan poured the chemical waste together, turned his head and rushed into the toilet, and said to the brothers and sisters, “You may also see the blood of other animals or ketchup, but the ketchup can’t be washed with water. Disappear without a trace.”

“Master, what do you mean is that there is no…” Liang Yun glanced at the room where the curtains were closed, “Is there anything unclean?”

“At least I didn’t notice anything wrong in this room,” Qi Yan packed his toolbox. “Actually, I don’t think you should be looking for a master, but you should call the police.”

Liang Yun had a cold back when she heard this. Before, she thought her house was haunted, and she didn’t think much about it because she was afraid. Now she is very scared, if this is not haunted, but man-made… Then who did it and who can enter her home?

Click, the sound of twisting the key came, and then a man with glasses and a shirt walked in from the door with a bag of fruit in his hand.

“Big Brother,” the man was taken aback for a moment, and then happily walked to Liang Yun’s side, “Yunyun, I heard that you are coming over today, and I specially bought the fruit you like to eat. I don’t know if this is?” He looked at Qi Yan. , I don’t know why a stranger suddenly came to the house.

“This is the master that Big Brother invited for us,” Liang Yun said with a smile, “Why didn’t you go to work today?”

“I took two days off from the company,” the man explained with a smile, “You are not in good spirits, I want to accompany you more.”

Jiang Yun smiled, with a touch of sweetness on her face, carrying the fruit bought by the man into the kitchen.

The man greeted Liang Feng and Qi Yan to sit down, and walked to the balcony to open the curtains, and then sat down opposite Qi Yan: “Master, you really want to help us see. Recently, there have been a lot of inexplicable things in this room. , Yunyun and I are going to dispose of this house and buy a new one.”

Qi Yan looked at the man with a faint smile, “What if he continues to be haunted after selling it to others?”

The man smiled embarrassedly: “I also thought about this issue with Yunyun, the big deal is that we will lose money and deal with it at a low price. This house…I really don’t want to live anymore.”

The future elder brother Liang Feng did not speak. Judging from his slightly plain attitude towards men, he doesn’t seem to like this sister-in-law so much, but he hides his emotions very well. If Qi Yan hadn’t learned micro expressions, it would be true. can not tell.

“Brother, Master Qi, eat some fruit.” Liang Yun walked out carrying the washed fruit and put it on the table with a smile, “Wenhan, you go to the supermarket to buy some vegetables and come back.”

“Okay.” Zhou Wenhan nodded and went out with his wallet.

Qi Yan glanced at his back, reached out his hand and took a washed grape and put it in his mouth, almost crying with soreness. He quickly took a sip of water to suppress the sour taste in his mouth. Liang Feng’s stretched out hand came back when Qi Yan lowered his head to drink tea.

Liang Yu didn’t notice the movements of the two of them. After peeling a grape and putting it in her mouth, Liang Yu’s entire expression became distorted. After barely swallowing the grape, she smiled at Qi Yan awkwardly: “Master Qi, ask him. I won’t pick something, it makes you laugh.”

“It’s okay.” Qi Yan took a sip of tea, and said in a calm tone, “Sour grapes are still refreshing, very good.”

Hearing what Qi Yan said, Liang Yun lifted the broken hair from her temples to her ears. The embarrassment in her heart still remained, but she barely maintained a smile on her face.

Liang Feng sighed: “Yunyun, I heard Zhou Wenhan say that you are going to sell this house at a low price?”

Liang Yun hesitated: “Wenhan mentioned this matter to me yesterday, and I haven’t decided whether to sell it or not.” She knows that the family is not satisfied with Wenhan and his family, so this is a little lack of confidence. This house was bought three years ago, and it cost more than two million when he bought it. Because Wenhan’s family conditions were not good and his job was just starting, his family only paid less than 400,000 yuan, and the remaining two million were all She gave it. At that time, she didn’t have enough money, and the family also helped her with one million.

“Miss Liang, your house now only increases in value without depreciation. It would be too bad to sell it at a low price,” Qi Yan frowned. “It is better to consider this kind of thing carefully.”

“It took me a lot of effort to renovate this house, and I don’t want to sell it,” Liang Yun looked up around the house, her smile a little relaxed, “Now that Master Qi says the house is okay, I feel relieved.”

“Why don’t you worry, the man behind you hasn’t caught it yet, you live with peace of mind, and I can’t let it go.” Liang Feng’s tone was a little unpleasant, maybe because of the presence of an outsider like Qi Yan, he was still restrained. .

Qi Yan listened to the brother and sister chatting. About half an hour later, Zhou Wenhan came back, Liang Yun got up and said to him: “You can chat with my brother and Master Qi, I’ll go in and cook.”

Zhou Wenhan sat down on the sofa and saw that the fruit in the fruit plate had hardly moved, so he pushed the fruit in front of the two of them: “This fruit is very fresh, you can eat it.”

Qi Yan stared at Zhou Wenhan’s face and suddenly said, “How long have Mr. Zhou and Ms. Liang been together?”

Zhou Wenhan was stunned, and then smiled: “It’s been almost eight years. We met in university back then. It’s not easy to walk all the way to the present.”

Liang Feng’s cell phone rang at this moment, and Qi Yan swallowed back when he was about to speak.

I didn’t know what Liang Feng was talking to the person on the other end of the phone, and suddenly turned his head and glanced at him: “Yes, Master Qi is with me, too.”

“Yes, he helped my sister look at the house.”

After the mobile phone call was over, Liang Feng said to Qi Yan: “The boss also asked about you just now, saying that he would come to you for something tonight.”

Qi Yan moved his eyebrows, nodded slightly, and his eyes fell on Zhou Wenhan again.

Zhou Wenhan was stared at by Qi Yan. I don’t know why. It is clear that this so-called Master Qi does not look like a real master at all, but his eyes look at people, as if he can see into people’s hearts. Faced with this Master Qi.

“I look at Mr. Zhou’s face. Since I was young, my family background should be very ordinary, and there are many brothers and sisters. It should not be easy for your son to train you to go to university?” Qi Yan lowered his eyelids slightly, “It’s really rare to fly into the sky.”

Zhou Wenhan smiled embarrassedly, “My parents are really not easy.” It is already polite to say that his family is ordinary.

“Since everything is hard-won now, why don’t you cherish it?” Qi Yan raised his eyes and looked at him sharply, “Mr. Zhou seems to have committed a peach blossom recently?”

“Master Qi, don’t spit people!” Zhou Wenhan stood up from the sofa abruptly, looking at Qi Yan and Liang Feng angrily, “Brother, I know your family despise my poor family, but you can’t deliberately find someone to provoke me. My relationship with Yunyun, if you really think we are inappropriate, you can tell me directly, you don’t need to use this method!”

Qi Yan didn’t get angry but laughed at being yelled like this. He glanced at Zhou Wenhan lightly and turned to the kitchen, “Why don’t you come over and listen to it with Miss Liang?”


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