The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 35

The house quieted strangely. Liang Feng worried that his sister would not be able to stand this kind of shock, so he looked nervously at the kitchen door.

Liang Yun stood there with a dazed and unbelievable expression on her face. She didn’t seem to know why her fiancé yelled at her elder brother. She took off the apron around her waist and walked silently to the living room, her eyes fixed on three. Sweeping his face, he finally sat down beside Liang Feng and looked at Zhou Wenhan: “Wenhan, what’s wrong with you?”

Zhou Wenhan pointed at Qi Yan angrily: “Yunyun, where did you invite this master? I don’t know if he has any other skills, but there is a way of talking nonsense. I graduated from a prestigious university, so I can’t do it. Such a despicable thing!”

Liang Yun turned to look at Qi Yan, seeming to want to know what he said.

It’s a pity that Zhou Wenhan’s bad attitude didn’t stimulate Qi Yan at all. He took a sip of water slowly, “I just said that Mr. Zhou recently ordered a peach blossom, and Mr. Zhou became so angry. This is really…”

He put the teacup down and it clicked, like it was hitting the hearts of several people.

“Even if you are married, you might be guilty of peach blossoms, peach blossoms provoke you, but don’t you want you to take over this peach blossom, why is Mr. Zhou so excited?” Qi Yan sneered and said lazily, “If you don’t know, I thought you did it. What kind of guilty conscience can be concealed by yelling.”

“You…” Zhou Wenhan looked a little uncomfortable. He turned his head and looked at Liang Yun’s expression carefully, and found that there was no smile on his girlfriend’s face, and his face was sullen so that he could not understand the joy and anger.

“Master Qi, I’m sorry, Wenhan doesn’t understand the rules, and his words offend you, please don’t be offended,” Liang Yun did not speak to Zhou Wenhan, but solemnly apologized to Qi Yan, “Please continue. ”

Qi Yan smiled and said: “It’s okay, I know this is called anger into anger.” He glanced at Liang Feng, whose expression was not very good. “Miss Liang, tell the truth, this house, Mr. Zhou, really sold 400,000 yuan?” He said Zhou. Wen Han’s family background is ordinary, that is a kind word. Actually, from the perspective of Zhou Wenhan’s face, he has at least three siblings, and one of them is still disabled, and his family background should be very poor.

Three years ago, it should have been less than two years after the two of them graduated. Don’t say that Zhou Wenhan didn’t have a lot of savings. Is his family still in debt? How can he get 400,000 yuan?

Liang Feng is not a fool. Hearing Qi Yan’s question, he knew what his sister did. He took a deep look at Liang Yun, and finally only sighed helplessly.

The lie was broken, and Liang Yun was a little embarrassed on her face. She opened her mouth to explain. She probably knew she was silly, so she couldn’t say a word, and she didn’t even dare to meet Liang Feng’s gaze.

Indifferent to other people’s housework, Qi Yan didn’t look at the facial expressions of the two brothers and sisters before, and said directly: “In fact, Mr. Zhou has not only committed peach blossoms, but also has children. But I see Miss Liang’s face. It looks like a child.”


Liang Yun felt as if her brain had been hit by something, except for the buzzing in her mind, she couldn’t think of anything.

“Bang!” Liang Feng, who was originally sitting on the sofa in a gentle and gentle manner, bounced up in the blink of an eye, grabbing Zhou Wenhan’s jacket and punching it down, making Zhou Wenhan cover his face and yell, and he could hardly fight back. force.

Qi Yan:…

The speed of this shot is too fast, he hasn’t had time to finish his words. Turning to look at Liang Yun, she was still sitting stupidly, as if it was not her fiance who screamed, but a sweet **** who had nothing to do with her.

Liang Feng beat Zhou Wenhan several times before throwing him into the corner, dusting the sleeves of his shirt, and sitting back to his original position without blushing or breathing.

Zhou Wenhan fell to the ground for several seconds before he took out his mobile phone and yelled to call the police.

“I also think it’s good to call the police. After all, this matter is also suspected of fraud,” Qi Yan said to Liang Feng, “This house is now worth about three million yuan, according to this amount…” He glanced at Zhou Wenhan in the corner, and the other party retracted and pressed the phone. Fingers.

Looking at Zhou Wenhan’s reaction, even if Liang Yun is a fool, he knows that he has a problem. She stared at the man squatting in the corner, who looked a little awkward, and felt her heart empty, as if she had been passed through by the wind. This man is the one she is about to discuss about marriage for eight years. They even discussed together what to name the future child and which school is better.

But when this illusion was torn apart, Liang Yun suddenly realized how many stupid things she had done for this man over the years.

For the sake of his face, he gave him 400,000 yuan to buy a house. For him, he learned how to cook and save. She grew up spoiled by her parents and lived a princess-like life. When did she cook before the two lived together?

In fact, she knew that her family didn’t like Zhou Wenhan very much, but she didn’t say anything because of concerns about her mood, and she pretended not to know anything.

However, her persistence over the years was nothing but a joke.

“Tell me, what is going on with these so-called haunts?” Liang Yun’s tone was calm and cold. “Did you make those blood, ghosts, and strange noises? You instigated me to sell this at a low price. The house, what is it for?”

Wen Han felt that Liang Yun’s eyes were full of contempt, as if she was a high princess, and she was just a poor boy who favored the princess: “I don’t want to explain!”

“Okay, I won’t ask you this.” Liang Yun blinked and pressed her tears back. “Then tell me, are you really having an affair with other people?”

Wenhan was silent for a moment: “Yunyun, it was just an accident. She now has my child in her belly, and she is still a boy. You know the situation in my family, my eldest brother is disabled, and both sisters are married to poor men. The whole family They are all supported by me. The family has always hoped that I can have a son…”

“Okay,” Liang Yun interrupted Zhou Wenhan’s explanation mercilessly, “I don’t want to listen to you as a last resort. You don’t hate it, and I don’t even listen to it. If you say so much, it’s just you. Not loving me enough, it proves how blind my eyes are and how stupid my brain is.”

Zhou Wenhan suddenly looked like a chicken choking his neck. He stared at Liang Yun in a daze. He couldn’t figure out how things had come to this point. “You don’t even want to listen to my explanation. It’s not because you always look down on me in your heart. I know that you can cover my monthly salary with a bag, and any piece of jewelry on your body is enough for my family to spend a year. These are all my mother and sister can’t even think about…”

“Yes, I just look down on you now, you go away now!” Liang Yun picked up a pillow and smashed towards Zhou Wenhan, crying, “Your family is poor, your mother and your sister’s life has nothing to do with me, I don’t want to Listen to these nonsense, you can get out of here now!”

“You, you…” Zhou Wenhan stammered, “Don’t let me go, I paid for this house.”

Liang Yun almost laughed at his words: “You really are thinking about this house, but you have to find out that we are not married now, and the purchase contract is also written in my name. If you want to divide the house and divide the money, you can die. I’ll burn your house and money when you die!”

“Liang Yun, don’t do things so cruelly. I have stayed in the imperial capital for so long, and I have my own connections.” Zhou Wenhan looked at Liang Feng cautiously, fearing that he would beat himself up again, “Don’t force me…”

“To your family!” Liang Yun stepped forward and slapped Zhou Wenhan with a backhand, “Go away!”

At the time she bought the house, she kept a mind-set. Everything was handled by her. Zhou Zhehan hadn’t touched it at all, so no matter what Zhou Zhehan is doing now, the house has nothing to do with him.

Qi Yan watched this live-action dog-blood drama silently, until Liang Yun’s palm tied Zhou Wenhan, and he found that Liang Yun’s face had changed. He put down his teacup, stood up and said, “I should go home when things are done.”

Liang Feng didn’t think that he just asked Qi Yan to take a look at Feng Shui, and he pulled out such a lot of things. It’s just that he is very grateful to Qi Yan. If Master Qi hadn’t revealed Zhou Wenhan’s true face today, maybe his sister would still be kept in the dark, and even marry this disgusting man…

Thinking of this possibility, Liang Feng’s mood became even worse, turning his head and looking at Zhou Wenhan, he had already thought of countless ways to deal with him.

But the most important thing now is to keep Master Qi. He still has many questions to ask Master Qi.

After Liang Yun slapped Zhou Wenhan, she retreated to Liang Feng. She was afraid that Zhou Wenhan would hurt herself. It is strange to say that she has been in love with Zhou Wenhan for eight years. After the incident was revealed, she was not as sad as she had imagined.

Perhaps because the frugal life of the past two years has gradually wiped out her feelings, her self-righteous sacrifice is just moving herself.

After more than 20 years of being spoiled by her family, she turned around to wash hands and soup for this man, buy cheap cosmetics, and even no longer buy brand-name bags. Unfortunately, in Zhou Wenhan’s view, she still feels that her life is extravagant and unacceptable. .

What she thinks of frugality is luxury in his eyes. Perhaps their worldviews and values ​​have not been on the same line. Only when they did not live together and did not have a thorough understanding of each other’s lives, they could each be well. When they really lived together and lived a life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, the contradictions really emerged.

Maybe in her heart, she no longer wants to have such a hard life, just to show her affection, she is not willing to bow her head…

“Let’s break up,” Liang Yun’s tone gradually calmed down. She glanced at this warm little home, and finally turned her gaze on Zhou Wenhan’s face, “Don’t show off your so-called interpersonal circle anymore, go Report my brother’s name to your boss and see how he reacts.”

She never told Zhou Wenhan’s family’s specific work. He only knew that her family was in good condition and each was a special assistant to the president of a certain company, but he didn’t know that the president was the famous Cen Wuye in Beijing.

Zhou Wenhan always had a guilty conscience when facing Liang Yun, but after Liang Yun said that he had broken up, his face was deeply reluctant. The two have been together for eight years. He has no feelings for Liang Yun.

His cell phone rang at this moment. He glanced at the phone call, his eyes dodged so that he didn’t dare to face Liang Yun.

“Take it,” Liang Yun laughed mockingly, “What can’t you pick up?”

Zhou Wenhan hesitated for a moment, then hung up the phone, but soon the call came back. Pinching and ringing again, the crisp ringing sounds a bit ironic in the room, because the ringing is a recording of Liang Yun’s singing.

How affectionate he is usually, how ironic it is to cheat.

“If you don’t answer the phone, what if her stomach is uncomfortable?” Liang Yun lowered her eyelids, her voice trembling slightly, “I dare not take this responsibility.”

Zhou Wenhan’s complexion changed slightly, and he answered the phone, his hand was a little trembling, so his finger accidentally touched the hands-free button.

“Brother Han, why did you go shopping for sour grapes for so long? Did you go to see her again?” The girl’s voice on the phone was very nice, soft and soft, giving people a sense of innocence, but talking The content is not so naive.

Zhou Wenhan only noticed that she had pressed the hands-free button and hurriedly reached out to shut it down, but was stopped by Liang Yun. She grabbed the phone and said to the woman over there, “Don’t worry, I don’t need this torn clothes I wore. , Take it if you want.”

After finishing speaking, no matter what reaction there is, he just hung up the phone, turned around and threw the phone to Zhou Wenhan: “I think there is nothing to say between us. You should get out of here, or wait for me to take your things. Throw them all out?”

Even if Zhou Wenhan had all kinds of calculations and unwillingness at this moment, they have all been in vain. Obviously everything has been planned, as long as Liang Yun sells the house at a low price, he will let someone buy it, and then wait for the baby in his lover’s belly to be born before he decides whom to marry.

Don’t know…

He looked at Qi Yan bitterly, where did this Master Qi get out of? Could it be that the private detective hired by Liang Feng has investigated everything he did?

Qi Yan, who was lying innocently, had no pressure in the face of this resentful look. He raised his eyebrows and didn’t want to talk nonsense with such a man.

“You send someone to investigate me?” Zhou Wenhan looked at Liang Feng, “Is it you?!”

Liang Feng ignored him, just lowered his head and rolled up his sleeves. Zhou Wenhan suddenly closed his mouth when he saw his attempt to beat someone. He looked at Liang Yun, who was expressionless, and he had nothing to do with the incident. Not to mention that Liang’s family is a local in the imperial capital, and there must be a lot of connections. He didn’t dare to really offend him too much.

In their village, he was the only intellectual who was admitted to a prestigious school and still worked in the imperial capital. He can’t offend the Liang family, he must stay in this place. Now their home is looked up and admired by the whole village, and he can’t go back in disgrace.

He doesn’t have many things. Liang Yun bought him most of the brand-name clothes, plus his personal ID, and there are only two boxes of things in total. Walking out of the room with the suitcase, he whispered sorry to Liang Yun, but Liang Yun did not respond.

Some nostalgic glanced at the house worth about three million yuan, he gritted his teeth, turned around and left.

“Hi,” Qi Yan, who was standing outside the door, saw him come out and gave him a kind and harmless smile. However, Zhou Wenhan only felt that this person had ruined his happiness, and his expression was very gloomy.

“Actually, I’m really a fortune teller,” Qi Yan puts his arms around his chest, rarely showing kindness. “I forgot to tell you just now that the children’s luck only means that someone calls your father.”

However, Zhou Wenhan didn’t want to pay attention to him, and rolled his eyes, and then entered the elevator.

Looking at the closed elevator, Qi Yan shrugged, “Treachery, wrong intentions, deserve it.”

“Master Qi,” Liang Feng saw Qi Yan standing outside the gate, knowing that he wanted to leave a private space for their brothers and sisters, and said gratefully: “Thank you for helping the sister-in-law to break the conspiracy and let the sister out of the quagmire. .”

Qi Yan walked into the room, looked at Liang Yun with red eyes, and comforted: “Don’t be too sad, who didn’t meet two scumbags when he was young.”

“Thank you,” Liang Yun smiled reluctantly, “I’ll go see the chicken stewed in the pot.”

Watching Liang Yun walk into the kitchen, Qi Yan turned to look at Liang Feng who was sitting upright: “Should we go out to eat?” At this time, let people cook, isn’t it a bit cruel?

“No.” Liang Feng said, “You can only grow after you have experienced pain.”

Qi Yan suddenly, it’s no wonder that Liang Feng can be Cen Baihe’s special assistant, and this character and courage are not comparable to ordinary people. However, in less than two minutes, the serious and courageous Liang Tezhu found an excuse and ran to the kitchen to accompany his sister.

Qi Yan was holding the TV remote control and his face was speechless.

Since ancient times, since ancient times, there is a lot of affection and hatred, only routines can win people’s hearts, and Liang Tezhu is also dubious.

When Cen Baihe called Qi Yan, he was bored. The heroine on the TV kept crying and talking nonsense, so miserable that Qi Yan couldn’t help but change the channel again.

“Bohe,” Qi Yan lazily leaned on the sofa cushion, listening to Cen Baihe’s voice on the phone, and said with a smile, “I’m still here to help my sister Liang Te. The two brothers and sisters are too hospitable and insist on keeping me for food. lunch.”

After hanging up the phone, Cen Baihe raised his wrist to look at the time, and dialed the secretary’s internal number: “You don’t need to prepare lunch for me at noon. I have to go out if I have something to do.”

After doing all this, he called Liang Feng again and said tactfully that he was going to visit him at noon.

After Liang Feng hung up the phone, his brain didn’t respond. Why did the boss suddenly decide to come and look for him?

“Brother, what’s the matter?” Liang Yun, who had calmed down, noticed that her elder brother’s expression was not right, and asked with concern.

“Wait for our boss to come over for dinner, do we have enough food?”

“I’ve done a lot, don’t worry,” Liang Yun smiled, “I didn’t expect Cen Wuye would also come to the employees’ house for dinner. It feels very down-to-earth.”

Liang Feng: Hehe, he didn’t expect the boss to be so grounded.

Zhou Wenhan felt that he was very unlucky today. After leaving the gate of the community, he waited for more than half an hour without a taxi passing by. Finally, he asked for a taxi on the taxi software. He didn’t know that the other party would not come for a long time. He was just a taxi. The phone urged a few words and was scolded by the other party.

By noon, the sun was getting stronger and stronger, and his whole body was a little weak from the heat.

From a distance, I saw a black Maybach approaching, and the yellow license plate pierced people’s eyes. It was not until this Maybach, which may be worth more than tens of millions, drove into the community that Zhou Wenhan took back his envious eyes.

He turned his head to find that a taxi was finally approaching, and hurriedly waved and sat in.

Liang Yun received a call with a very unfamiliar number, but the person on the other end of the phone claimed to be a traffic policeman, saying that her boyfriend was in a car accident. Although he was not life-threatening, he might be disabled. She now needs her money to go to the hospital to go through the procedures.

“Sorry, you made a mistake. Mr. Zhou’s girlfriend is pregnant at home, and I have already broken up with him.” Liang Yun hung up, opened the lid of the casserole, scooped out the chicken head with a spoon, and threw it in. In the trash bag.

Now no one in the family likes to chew on chicken head and butt, she still keeps this for what she does.

“Yunyun, what’s the matter?” Liang Feng turned around and asked her, “Who is calling?”

“It’s okay, I made a mistake.” Liang Yun pressed the shutdown button, whether he broke his leg or his hand, what does it have to do with her?

She rubbed the corners of her red eyes, trying to make her expression more relaxed.

When Liang Feng heard her say this, he didn’t ask any more. Just at this time, the doorbell rang, he turned and walked out of the kitchen and opened the door.

On the other side of the mobile phone, the traffic policeman looked at the end of the call and couldn’t get his head to read. This phone number, the note on the injured person’s phone is dear, but when he called, he said that he had broken up and that his real girlfriend was pregnant. strangeness.

He was embarrassed. The phone rang and the caller ID showed that it was a colleague. After he connected, there was a crying female voice over the phone, saying that she was dear.

The traffic police told the other party that the owner of the mobile phone had a car accident and he didn’t know what was said over there, so he quickly hung up the phone.

The former girlfriend’s remarks are dear, the current girlfriend’s remarks are colleagues…

It seems to be another big show of grievances.

The author has something to say: Qianqian: Actually, I am a master…


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