The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 36

“Are you here so soon?” Qi Yan saw that the person who came was Cen Baihe, and waved at him, “Come here and sit down.”

Liang Feng looked at Master Qi’s posture as if summoning a pet, and silently moved his gaze away.

After Cen Baihe’s bodyguard handed the souvenir to Liang Feng, he whispered a few words to Cen Baihe and left Liang’s house.

Liang Feng looked at the pile of things in his hand: “Boss, you come as soon as you come, what gifts do you bring?”

“It’s nothing, just bought some. Some of them are cooked food, remember to take them out.” Cen Baihe saw a young woman in the kitchen wiping her eyes with her head down, and expected something happened to Liang Feng’s sister. So he turned his head and pretended not to see anything, and walked towards Qi Yan.

When Liang Feng returned to the kitchen, Liang Yun was washing tea cups, but her face was still a little pale.

Seeing his sister’s pretending to be strong, Liang Feng felt a little uncomfortable, but at this point, she can only figure it out on her own. All he can do is to accompany her as much as possible to make her happy.

“Do you want to watch this?” Qi Yan stopped the channel on a news station and whispered to Cen Baihe, “You are too coincidental at this time.”

Cen Baihe chuckled lightly, “What’s wrong, didn’t you come to help Sister Liang Feng watch Feng Shui, why their atmosphere is so strange?”

“It’s not that there are ghosts in this family, but people have ghosts in their hearts,” Qi Yan shook his head, “I really don’t understand feelings.” He was raised by an old man since he was a child, without parents, and he doesn’t know what a normal couple is. How do they get along, but it must be abnormal between Liang Yun and her boyfriend.

Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan Chengche’s eyes, and knew that he hadn’t lied. He really didn’t understand the relationship between men and women. Thinking of this, Cen Baihe laughed instead, “If you don’t understand, it’s better to understand, and there is a beauty in understanding.”

“Then do you understand?” Qi Yan asked curiously, “You are a few years older than me, you must know better than me.”

“Emotion has nothing to do with age,” Cen Baihe slowly shook his head, “I don’t believe in such things as love.”

When Liang Feng came out carrying the tea cup, he heard that the boss was talking about feelings with Master Qi. He was shocked for a moment, and then put the tea cup in front of Cen Baihe with a smile, “Master Qi, I have been working with the boss for several years. I haven’t seen any woman he has been close to.”

Qi Yan nodded, expressing that he understood, his expression was calm and cold, “Innately emotionally incompetent?”

But when Liang Feng entered the kitchen, he immediately revealed his true shape, “Bohe, you said that you have money, a car and a house, and you have such a dull life. What is the difference between this and salted fish?” He shook his head and sighed with emotion. “If I had a net worth like you, I would definitely travel the world, enjoy life, show off my wealth if nothing happened, and make a group of people who eat melons jealous of me every day, thinking about being scolded by people as being rich, this kind of picture is really beautiful. ”

“Salted fish?” Cen Baihe was stunned for a long time before he laughed lowly.

When Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe doing this, he shook his head speechlessly. This person’s smile was really low.

The lunch was very hearty. Qi Yan noticed that Liang Yun was a little restless, and sometimes put nothing on the chopsticks in his mouth. Having a relationship hurts so much, he just saw Liang Yun quite courageous. It turned out that she was only strong on the face, but she still couldn’t pass the hurdle inside.

“Would you like this?” Cen Baihe noticed Qi Yan’s eyes and pointed his finger at the dish in front of him. “Last time we went to eat, I saw you liked this very much, so I packed a portion today.”

“Yes!” Seeing the food, Qi Yan gave up guessing about Liang Yun’s mental journey.

Therefore, the two outsiders Qi Yan and Cen Baihe who enjoyed the meal most comfortably, the two brothers and sisters of the Liang family had less appetites than the two of them.

After eating, the four of them sat on the sofa drinking tea and digesting food. Qi Yan looked at Liang Yun and suddenly said, “Did your ex-boyfriend have an accident?”

Liang Yun’s hand holding the tea trembled slightly. She raised her head to see her elder brother looking at her, and she suddenly felt the mixed flavors in her heart, as if she had knocked over a seasoning jar. She bit the corner of her lip and hesitated and said: “The police called just now and said that he was in a car accident and was seriously injured.”

Liang Feng wanted his sister to leave him alone, but seeing his sister’s expression, he didn’t want to say something too ugly and embarrass her sister. But Liang Yun understood Liang Feng’s expression, “Brother, don’t worry, I won’t look for him again, I just…”

It’s just that I feel a little uncomfortable thinking that my eight-year relationship has come to an end like this.

“People have to learn to look forward,” Qi Yan said, “I missed this eight-year relationship, and there are better people waiting for you. If you get together, you will get together, and if you don’t get together, you won’t get it. What a good result, you will have a good life in the future, but all this has nothing to do with your ex-boyfriend.”

If others say such things, Liang Yun will only take it as comfort, but when Qi Yan speaks it, it will have a different meaning. She looks at Qi Yan’s gaze as if she is looking forward to her own future: “Master Qi, you say Is it true?”

“Of course,” Qi Yan smiled, “you are a good girl, and you will have a good future.”

“Thank you.” Liang Yun smiled and thanked, but she shed tears.

Liang Yunqiang’s calmness finally took off the camouflage mask, but Liang Feng was relieved when he saw it. It is better to vent his emotions than to keep in his heart.

Cen Baihe filled Qi Yan with tea quietly, the expression on his face was calm from beginning to end.

“Brother, since you are not going to work today, please help me move.” Liang Yun put down her teacup and glanced at the house nostalgicly, “Since there are no problems with this house, I can sell it with confidence.”

“You don’t want this house?” Liang Feng looked at his sister, trying to tell the truth from her expression.

“No more,” Liang Yun shook her head: “If you want to break it, break it cleanly.”

“Good.” Liang Feng turned to look at Qi Yan and Cen Baihe, “Boss, Master Qi, look at…”

“You call a good moving company, tell me what you have to do, don’t make yourself embarrassed,” Cen Baihe glanced at the time, “I have something to do with Qi Yan, so go ahead.”

Qi Yan looked at Cen Baihe suspiciously, what’s the matter with them?

“Okay.” Liang Feng sent the two away, and after calling the moving company, he accompanied Liang Yun to sit down on the sofa, “The apartment I bought for you just happened to be vacant, so you move all these things in. , Let’s live there temporarily.”

“Thank you brother,” Liang Yun finally couldn’t help her emotions for a long time, hugging Liang Feng and burst into tears. Liang Feng looked at the wronged sister, feeling pity and anger in his heart. It’s okay if Zhou Wenhan is seriously injured and admitted to the hospital. If it is fake, he has a way to get him to the hospital.

“Have you changed your car?” Qi Yan looked at this beautiful car, bent over and sat in the car, “I am planning to buy a car recently, and I don’t know what to buy.”

“Why don’t I help you ask, if there is something suitable, I will tell you,” Cen Baihe saw Qi Yan’s eyes gleaming, “You go back and pick a good car model and send me the picture.”

“Okay.” Qi Yan nodded happily. He had already planned to buy a car. It was too inconvenient to take a taxi. He didn’t want to squeeze the bus or subway. “By the way, you came to see me specially today. Is there anything wrong? ”

They originally planned to meet in the evening, but he rushed to Liang Yun’s house deliberately, which seemed a bit inconsistent with Bai He’s usual style.

“In fact, it’s nothing,” Cen Baihe took out an invitation. “A few days later it will be my father’s sixty-ninth birthday. Our whole family is very grateful for your life-saving grace to the third brother, so our whole family hopes that you can Come to my dad’s birthday party.”

Qi Yan accepted the invitation openly. He knew that the Cen family was deliberately giving him a face, otherwise he would not specially invite him such a little-known sorcerer. Tangtang Cen family is in the boundary of the imperial capital, and how many people want to make good friends can’t find a way, but he was sent by the fifth master of the Cen family personally to present the invitation, which simply gave him a lot of face.

“I will be there on time then,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “but do I need to follow the money?”

“You are the best gift to come,” Cen Baihe looked serious. “You are the savior of my third brother, and you are also my savior. You have given us the best gift to the Cen family, and others don’t care about it. Nothing can compare to you.”

Originally, Qi Yan just wanted to make a joke with Cen Baihe, but he didn’t expect that he would be so serious, so he couldn’t help being stunned.

Seeing Qi Yan’s dumbfounded appearance, Cen Baihe couldn’t help itching his hands, and touched the small bunch of hair on top of his head: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s just that you are not used to thanking me so solemnly,” Qi Yan patted a messy hand on his head. “Don’t talk to me like this next time, it’s awkward.”

“Okay.” Seeing him like this, Cen Baihe chuckled lightly. The laughter echoed in the car, making the driver and the bodyguard couldn’t help but look at him. The boss seemed to be in a good mood today?

Hongliang Mountain in the imperial capital is a little-known hill. Except for the dense woods, there is no other distinctive scenery at all. Usually, there are a few backpackers who come to play and the villagers under the mountain. There are almost no other people. .

In the past, the old people in Hongliang Village often talked to future generations about some strange things about Hongliang Mountain. For example, someone once saw a large python with horns on its head in the mountains, and some people saw golden deer running and meeting Man-eating mountain charm. The young people in Hongliang Village have long been tired of these old stories, and the children prefer to hear stories about Transformers vs. aliens, or magic fairies, fat beaten dance witches, and so on. There is no prince or princess like this. The story of the hero of the savior does not arouse their interest at all.

Only the old people chanted the legends of the past, reminiscing about the childhood when they had no toys, no TV or computer, but ran all over the mountains and fields.

However, the atmosphere in Hongliang Village today is somewhat different, because Hongliang Mountain has been contracted to a tourism development company a year ago, and today is the day when the tourism company entered the mountain and completed the construction. Young people rejoice, because it means that in the near future, there will be countless tourists here, and they will have an additional source of income.

The old man watched the lively crowd rushing into the mountains, and shook his head and left, not seeing or worrying about it.

There are gods in this mountain, and if these people interrupt the gods’ rest, there will be retribution.

Tourism development is a big project. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of this company is specially prepared to be on the mountainside of Hongliang Mountain. The boss of the travel company, with the company’s top executives and platform artists, smiles under the camera held by a bunch of reporters. The earth appeared on the ribbon-cutting stage.

Facing the camera, the fat company boss and a popular female artist picked up the scissors tied with red satin, and when they were about to cut the red silk cloth, suddenly there was a strong wind in the mountains, dead leaves and dust flying together, many people were I can’t even open my eyes when I blow.

“Ah!” The female artist who was originally standing on the stage cutting the ribbon suddenly screamed, with fear in her voice, as if she saw something terrible. Everyone stretched their heads and widened their eyes to look over, and they all felt a little creepy. There were several black snakes with thick baby arms on the ribbon-cutting stage, looking very oozing.

The courageous employees took tools and wanted to kill these snakes, but at this moment, there was another mountain breeze. When the wind stopped, the snakes on the stage had already disappeared.

On the day of the ribbon-cutting, I encountered such evil things, how unlucky to think about it, the company’s boss was so stubborn and asked the staff to send a big red envelope to each reporter at the scene, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was interrupted.

Such a wicked thing happened as soon as the ribbon was cut. If the development continues, something might happen.

The original lively ribbon-cutting ceremony was so overwhelming. After returning to the car, the boss lost his temper to the assistant. “What the master you invited at that time said, this is a treasured place of feng shui, as long as I develop it, it will definitely make money. He also said that today is a good day to cut the ribbon, and as a result, so many evil things have happened. If this matter goes out today, I will lose my face!”

The assistant knew that the Feng Shui Mr. Feng Shui he invited might be a liar, so when he was scolded, he didn’t dare to say a word. He hesitated and said, “Boss, or let’s change another person.” have a look?”

“What’s the use of changing someone?” The boss flushed with anger. “The contract has been signed and the money has been spent. Even if the mountain can’t move, I’ll be at a loss.”

The assistant shrank his neck, “Boss, will someone deliberately frame us behind this time?”

After saying this, he saw the boss’s face changed.

“Damn!” the boss scolded fiercely, “I’ve gotten the bastards!”

Now that the economy is developed, many people like to go around during the holidays, so the tourism industry has also developed. Those who are engaged in tourism development all want to make more money by taking advantage of this shareholder’s wind, and they also hope that the more bad luck for their peers, the better, and that there will be more rice with fewer competitors. This is what he has been fooled by his peers.

This mountain may really be a treasure of geomantic omen, but it cannot be developed as a tourist spot.

“Who was the Feng Shui master that Lao Yang’s family invited last time?” The boss remembered that Lao Yang had been awkward for a while, but then it went smoothly, and he signed a lot of cooperation orders, so that their friends could look at them. Can’t help being hot.

The assistant doesn’t know which expert these big bosses have hired. Anyway, these big business bosses believe this, and if you are fine, they like to ask the master to help you check the feng shui and calculate the fortune. Perhaps the richer people are, the more afraid of losing everything they have, the more they are in awe of the gods and ghosts.

“Forget it, I’ll ask myself.” The boss felt even worse when seeing the assistant. If the development project is really shelved, he will lose a lot of money, and even the capital turnover will not work well in the later stage.

Qi Yan found that every time he had a meal with Cen Baihe, he was especially easy to eat, because the food was so delicious.

“I think if I eat with you, I will definitely grow a big circle of meat.” He has collapsed on the seat of the car.

“Even if you grow two rounds of meat, you won’t get fat,” Cen Baihe handed Qi Yan a box of Jianweixiaoshi tablets, “but don’t eat so much next time, it’s not good for your stomach.”

“Looking at so much food left on the table, I feel uncomfortable.” Qi Yanlian stuffed a few digestive tablets into his mouth. “When I was a kid, my master told me that wasting food would reduce merit, so I rarely leftovers. .”

Cen Baihe was silent for a moment, but he didn’t expect this to be the reason. I glanced at Qi Yan’s stomach, it was flat and flat, and I couldn’t see that its owner had eaten a lot of food just now.

“Didn’t you say that I have a lot of purple energy?” Cen Baihe smiled and said, “The big deal is that I will give you a part. Next time you can’t eat it, don’t hold on.”

Qi Yan just wanted to explain to Cen Baihe that purple qi and merit are two different things, but when he looked up, he saw a cloud of purple qi rushing towards his face, and then all entered his body.

For the first time that Zi Qi was truly and rightly distributed from Cen Baihe, Qi Yan was stunned.

The first few times he stayed with Cen Baihe, a few purple auras would stick to his body, but these purple auras would only disappear after staying on him for a day or two at most, because after all, it was not his own thing, just follow it once. Sex supplies are almost the same. But today this is different. The shelf life is at least one year or more, because Cen Baihe offered to distribute it to him.

“What’s the matter with you?” Seeing Qi Yan’s expression strange, Cen Baihe thought that there was something wrong with what he said earlier.

“No,” Qi Yan shook his head, his expression a bit complicated. When Cen Baihe said this sentence just now, he seemed to be joking at random, but it was sincere. If it weren’t sincere, how could this purple energy fly to him on its own initiative.

Words can deceive, actions can deceive, and even eyes can be deceived. Only the fortune on the body cannot deceive.

“Bohe,” Qi Yan grew up so old. Cen Baihe was the second time he met someone who was so generous to him. The first time he met his less serious master, “Thank you.”

Cen Baihe didn’t know why he thanked him so seriously, but there was still a smile on his face, “If you want to thank me, give everyone in our family a peace talisman.”

“Okay.” Qi Yan nodded and nodded, “I promise to make you the highest quality safety talisman.” When he said this, he paused, “How many people in your family?”

“Not much, you can just draw a few strokes at will,” Cen Baihe guessed that drawing amulet requires so-called spiritual energy, so I don’t think Qi Yan really does so much. “I’m kidding you, don’t take it seriously.”

“Oh.” Qi Yan squinted at him suddenly, but he didn’t expect Tangtang Cen’s fifth master to be getting more and more dishonest.

After sending Qi Yan home, Cen Baihe saw his father sitting in the living room and watching TV. The eldest brother and sister-in-law and the second sister were all there. He passed the coat to the helper and sat down next to his family. “It’s so late. Are you still awake?”

“Can’t sleep,” Cen Qiusheng glanced at his younger son. “You seem to go out to eat a lot recently?”

“Accompany friends,” Cen Baihe noticed that the phone was shaking, and took it out to see that it was a WeChat message sent to him by Qi Yan.

Qian Qian is the most handsome: I just weighed in and gained two catties.

Just looking at this message, Cen Baihe could think of how tangled Qianqian’s expression was, he couldn’t help but smiled back to the past.

Cen Baihe: More meat is good, you are now on the lean side.

Cen Qiusheng looked at the cheerful smile on his son’s face and couldn’t help but glanced at his phone: “Your friend?”

“Well, a friend of mine.” Cen Baihe put the phone away, “I have sent the invitation to Master Qi, and he said he will arrive on time.”

“You have a good relationship with Master Qi?” Cen Qiusheng said unintentionally, “I found that you have improved a lot since you became friends with him.”

Cen Baihe glanced at his dad and knew what his dad was worried about, so he straightforwardly said: “Dad, Master Qi said that there is a way to improve my physique.”

“Are you serious?” Although Cen Qiusheng had long been skeptical, but he was afraid of letting himself down, so he reluctantly suppressed this idea. Now listening to Cen Baihe say this, the whole person bounced off the sofa: “There is really a way. ?”

Seeing that his elderly father reacted so strongly, Cen Baihe felt a little uncomfortable. He helped Cen Qiusheng to sit down: “Yes, Master Qi does have a way. And you can rest assured that this method will not harm people, nor will it be bad for others. Influence.”

“That’s good, that’s good,” The only worry in his heart also disappeared, and Cen Qiusheng suddenly felt that he was relaxed. “I didn’t expect Master Qi to be so capable at such a young age. It’s really…”

Big Brother Cen and Sister Cen both became happy, especially Big Brother Cen, wishing to go to Qi Yan’s house to thank him now.

Even the second sister Cen couldn’t help crying with joy: “When Master Qi came last time, we didn’t entertain him properly. It was really rude.”

Although they invited five masters last time, in fact all of their hopes are placed on the four masters. For Qi Yan, they have more of a mentality of treating dead horses as living horse doctors. Who knows they are the least. The young master who is optimistic is the only one who can save his brother.

Who can think of this turning point?

The author has something to say: Cen Baihe: Why is my friend so hot and so cute, so hot so cute? Why do you always want to treat him better and better?


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