The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 37

“Lao Yang, if you don’t help me, I will really have to jump off the building,” Boss Li was sitting in the living room of Yang’s house, his chubby face was full of sorrow, “I have already smashed this project in the early stage. A lot of money went in, and now it’s ups and downs outside, I want to find a partner and can’t find it. I even have to throw in my capital. Also, now my family is all in the hospital, and no medicine will work. We have been using it for so many years. Brother, you can’t die without saving.”

“Lao Li, I’m not unhelpful with this task, but that master is more casual…” As soon as Yang Gang said this, Lao Li knelt in front of him, “Lao Yang, even if I beg you today, You have to help me with this.”

“Hey!” Yang Gang immediately bounced off the sofa and reached out to help Lao Li, “Don’t do this, I will take you to see Master Qi, but he is willing to do this favor, can he do you this favor, I can’t guarantee it.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Old Li repeatedly thanked Yang Gang. Since the incident, he brought a few Feng Shui masters to look at them, and they all shook their heads and said that there was no way. Originally, he thought it was these Feng Shui masters who were alarmist, but he didn’t know that the company had accidents in the past few days, which caused him to be overwhelmed. In desperation, he could only ask Yang Gang here.

There are multiple paths and multiple hopes, and now he has nothing to do. Lao Yang was willing to take him to meet people. It was considered kind. Now how many people in the circle would like him to step on the ditch and stop getting up.

When Lao Yang took him to a very ordinary community, he almost thought that Lao Yang took the wrong way, but because he wanted to ask for help, he didn’t dare to ask, and followed Lao Yang into the elevator.

The elevator ascended all the way to the 7th floor. He walked out of the elevator and saw a very ordinary corridor. There were small advertisements on the wall, such as professional maintenance and professional unlocking. It did not look like the place where a master-level person lived. .

“When you see the master, you must respect it,” Lao Yang turned his head and instructed Boss Li, and then rang the door of 704. Boss Li squinted at the house number. He always felt that this number was not auspicious. Like him, the cell phone number, house number, and license plate number were all related to 6 or 8.

But seeing Lao Yang’s respectful appearance, Boss Li thought to himself, maybe this Master Qi is a stranger who likes to live with ordinary people?

The door suddenly opened. Boss Li looked intently and saw a young man in a blue shirt standing at the door. Is this Master Qi’s grandson or his apprentice?

“Master Qi, I’m sorry, I’m here to disturb you again.” Yang Gang couldn’t help but bend down when he saw Qi Yan, with a respectful posture.

Boss Li didn’t think that this young man was the powerful Master Qi in Old Yang’s mouth. He couldn’t help but wonder whether Lao Yang was deceived by this young man. How does this person look like a master.

Thinking like this, the Master Qi raised his head and smiled at him. Those clear and clear eyes made Boss Li temporarily suppress the doubts in his heart. No matter if he is true or not, let him take a look first. .

“Master Qi, hello.” The business person always knows what kind of posture will make the other party more satisfied. “My name is Li Fu, I am disturbing your cleansing, and I hope you can forgive me.” After that, he Present your prepared gift with both hands.

They were all good things about ginseng and deer antler. He originally thought that Master Qi was an elderly person, so he went home to take these good things. How could he have thought that they would be such a young boy? Tell him in advance, really…

“Hello.” Qi Yan saw that this man named Li Fu had a big waist and a round waist, his hairline moved back, revealing a bright forehead, but the gold watch on his wrist and fingers were more shining than his forehead. A huge gold inlaid jade ring, “Please come and sit in the house.”

According to the old rules, he made tea for the two of them, and then looked at Li Fu with an unfathomable expression, “Mr. Li’s hall is dark in gray and he is suffocated. What is this offense?”

As soon as Qi Yan said these words, Li Fu almost knelt on his knees. But soon he calmed down. Maybe Master Qi had heard the rumors, so he said so deliberately. He had to stay steady and not be fooled. “You are not afraid of a joke, Master. I have indeed encountered some trouble recently.”

Qi Yan smiled and stretched out his hand to take a sip of the teacup, “Why don’t you tell me what’s going on first.”

Li Fu was here to ask someone to do something, not to check the true or false master, so after Qi Yan asked him, he said one to five to ten. Even before he bought land to contract the mountain, Mr. Feng Shui asked Mr. Feng Shui to see it. Said it.

“The place where the flying dragon gathers spirits?” Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, “This master didn’t lie to you, maybe it is really the place where flying dragons gather spirits, but has Mr. Li ever thought about what dragons represent in our culture? ”

Li Fu looked at Master Qi cautiously, “It’s… the emperor.”

“It can be said to be the emperor, or it can be said to be the supreme position,” Qi Yan smiled, “Do you think you have such a fate?”

Li Fumeng shook his head and waved his hand. If he had such a good life, how could he rob the market with his peers?

“The cliché is that your life can’t hold back this kind of good thing,” Qi Yan said with a pale face when this tall boss Li was scared, “presumably boss Li should ask someone to help you before. Solved?”

Li Fu smiled awkwardly, this kind of thing didn’t seem very good for Master Qi to know. When he looked up and saw Master Qi’s expression of “I know everything”, he could only nod his head obediently, “Those masters also said the same. Someone did it for me, but the effect didn’t seem obvious.”

Because the ritual was still over, there was a wind blowing away the things on the altar. The master of the practice changed his face on the spot. He didn’t even want a red seal, and turned his head and left. Recently, all his family members have had physical problems. It is not because of fever or vomiting. After several days of treatment in the hospital, there is no effect at all.

Qi Yan touched the tea cup in his hand, considering whether to take a look. According to Li Fu’s description, there must be spiritual things in this mountain named Hongliang Mountain. For their cultivators, spiritual things are extremely rare and good things. During the feudal period, there were some evil Taoists who specialized in capturing spiritual things in order to improve spiritual power, but this kind of people can only be proud of them for a while, and the final outcome is not very good. .

With the development of science and technology and the lack of human beliefs, the spiritual energy in nature is becoming less and less, and the spiritual things are even harder to find. If there is a spiritual thing, almost no one dares to touch it, because it can be under such difficult conditions. Become a spiritual thing, it should be loved by God.

I dare to move things that God loves so much, how can I not figure it out?

“I’ll accompany you to take a look.” Qi Yan sighed. In ancient times, the so-called gods actually included this kind of spiritual creatures generated in nature. It was not just Li Fu who was unlucky at the time.

“Thank you Master Qi, I don’t know what I need to prepare?” Li Fu took out the phone, “No matter what you need, I will let people prepare it.”

After Qi Yan said a few things, he looked at Li Fudao: “Of course, these are secondary. The most important thing is that you need to write a book of sin.”

“Book of Sin?” Li Fu and Yang Gang were both taken aback, why do they still need this thing?

“You are shocked by the gods, just pay for the things, don’t you need to apologize in person?” Qi Yan took out a stack of letter paper and a bottle of ink, and put it in front of Li Fu, “write it.”

I don’t know what the letter paper and ink are made of, but there is a faint fragrance. Li Fu slowly calmed down when he smelled this smell. He picked up the pen and dipped it in ink, “Master Qi, is there any taboo about writing this?”

“Taboo and insincere,” Qi Yan placed three incense sticks beside Li Fu, “write.”

Li Fu didn’t love reading since he was a child, and his articles often don’t make sense. So now staring at the letter paper, he feels a little worried. He really doesn’t know how to write so that he can be more sincere.

“Think about it if someone comes to your house one day and says that you think your house has a good view, and you want to throw out all your house’s things to redecorate, and then let a bunch of strangers come to your house without problems, your mood will be better. How is it?” Qi Yan looked at Li Fu, who was not frowning, “Why don’t you think about it, that mountain has been standing in the suburbs of Beijing for so long, why no one has been developing it? The imperial capital has every inch of land and the housing price is getting higher day by day. It’s not a heritage reserve, why is there no one to move?”

This is just a matter of telling Li Fu directly, IQ is a good thing, I hope you can have it.

Qi Yan didn’t say a word, Li Fu’s huge body was one inch shorter. After Qi Yan finished speaking, Li Fu could not wait to squat down at the foot of the table.

“You write slowly, and we will go out after you finish it,” Qi Yan glanced at the time. “Anyway, it’s still early, so it’s more appropriate to wait until evening.”

“Why?” Yang Gang couldn’t help asking.

Qi Yan looked at him with a mysterious smile, and Yang Gang suddenly acted like it. It must be better at that time.

I don’t know what Yang Gang’s brain made up. Qi Yan looked at the sun outside the window. He didn’t want to face such a strong sun to ask the gods, and even talk nicely to the gods.

Following Qi Yan’s prompts, Li Fu’s sinful self-writing was very inspired, and even pulled a few elegant sentences that he didn’t usually use to show his twelve points of sincerity.

Yang Gangxing sat restlessly looking at Master Qi who was quietly drinking tea, and whispered: “Master Qi, I heard that all the masters invited by Lao Li are helpless, and some even vomit blood. You must be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just going to worship the gods, not disturbing its peace. It’s nothing terrible.” Qi Yan picked up the remote control and turned on the TV, and said to Yang Gang, “Don’t be nervous, we will watch TV to pass the time.”

Yang Gang: No… I can’t get into the TV at all.

About two hours later, Li Fu’s book of sins was reluctantly written. Qi Yan took the letter paper and read it again. The characters were a bit ugly, and there were a few crossed-out ink balls. Although the writing was not very good, but his words were sincere. It can be seen that Li Fu was really scared this time, and he was so trembling. , Let him do what he does.

“The words are not good-looking, I made you laugh.” Li Fu’s old face was a little red, almost a little embarrassed to see Qi Yan’s expression.

“It’s okay, it’s good.” Qi Yan shook the letter paper, spreading it on the table, “put a fingerprint on each letter paper.”

Li Fu stretched out his big palm, still thinking about how to print, so Qi Yan slapped his hand on the letter paper. I don’t know if it was his illusion. When his hand touched the letter paper, there was a faint heat transmitted from his arm to the palm, and finally disappeared.

“Okay,” Qi Yan loosened Li Fu’s arm, “I will leave when I get my things.”

When the group drove to the foot of Hongliang Mountain, after six o’clock in the evening, Qi Yan looked up at Hongliang Mountain, bathed in the afterglow of the setting sun. As soon as he stepped further up the mountain, the mountain breeze blew up, and his hair was in the squally wind. It is flying like a grass that has dried up in the cold wind in winter. Li Fu, Yang Gang and some employees who followed Qi Yan turned pale with fright.

Qi Yan stepped back nine steps, bowed and worshiped the mountain for three times. “Today, one of the twenty-third generation disciples of a school specially came to visit the mountain god, please forgive the disciple for the sin of harassment.” After the worship, he took out three. The incense sticks into the ground.

Everyone behind him could see that these three incense sticks burned spontaneously without fire, emitting a curl of green smoke flying in the mountains and forests.

The mountain wind stopped at this moment, and the few people behind Qi Yan were happy. Looking at the three incense sticks, the incense burned out in such a short time.

“Thank you God.” Qi Yan bowed towards the top of the mountain and continued to move forward. This time there was no movement. Walking along the mountain trail that the mountain people stepped on with their feet, everyone soon discovered that this road was really too quiet, and it was a bit horribly quiet.

It stands to reason that summer is the time when animals and insects are the most, and there is no sound at all.

But at this time, no one dared to disturb Master Qi who was walking in the front. They only dared to follow Qi Yan carefully and cheer each other up. Yang Gang’s intestines were almost regretful at this time. He had known that this place was so scary, he shouldn’t have joined the fun out of curiosity.

Because the mountain is not too high, the group soon climbed to the middle of the mountain, where the ribbon was cut before. Qi Yan saw that there was still an uncleaned altar here, but the altar table was lying on the ground with a broken arm and leg, and the tribute on it was nowhere to be seen, leaving only two broken tribute plates.

When Li Fu saw this scene, his legs trembled slightly, because these things were only put on yesterday. At that time, the master was injured and went down the mountain. Became like this.

But this scene seemed to have no effect on Master Qi at all. He watched Master Qi walking around here, and even lifted up the table with missing legs. What’s more amazing is that this table is really real. Is standing upright.

Burning the three pillars of incense and burning a piece of magic rune, Qi Yan raised his head on the leaves that were beginning to shake in the forest, and bowed to the top of the mountain: “Please calm down your anger. This is just a misunderstanding. Li Fu definitely does not mean to offend. This is Li. Fu wrote his own book of sin, please go to God to read it.”


A gust of wind rolled up the letter paper that Qi Yan held in his palm. Everyone watched the letter paper flying in the mountains before disappearing into the woods.

The masters Li Fu invited all said he offended the gods, but no one can help him. Now I see that Qi Yan can not only calm down the sudden mountain breeze, but also talk to the gods and see Qi Yan’s His eyes seemed to be looking at a half immortal.

Just when everyone thought that the letter paper was blown away by the wind, it was considered magical. Unexpectedly, in less than a minute, the mountain wind rose again, and the letter paper that was blown away floated back, and it happened to fall in front of Qi Yan, and then never again. Not moving anymore.

Qi Yan didn’t move the letter paper, but he said: “Thank you God for his magnanimity, but Li Fu’s incident was purely unintentional. He asked God to eliminate his bad luck. Not to mention his family is innocent. Please go to one side.”

The meaning of this creature is that it will never move the name of the village below the mountain and other people, but it still doesn’t want to forgive Li Fu’s family.

It’s a pity that Qi Yan’s persuasion didn’t work for the mountain spirit. When the wind rose again, everyone felt that the temperature around them dropped sharply, and they were shivering from the cold. Especially Li Fu, the person involved, his face turned blue.

Perhaps for Shan Ling, the names of the villages at the foot of the mountain are the children he protected, but these children sold him for their own benefit. He was angry and unwilling, but instinctively did not want to hurt the villagers, so all the negative emotions were transferred to Li Fu.

Seeing that the people who followed were getting more and more unbearable from the cold, Qi Yan had no choice but to take action. He took out a piece of talisman paper, stretched out his hand to pat it in the air, and the talisman made a bang in the air, and Li Fu and the others felt the heat around him returning in an instant.

However, they were comfortable here, but the cold air rushed towards Qi Yan, and they even saw a thin layer of ice on the ground where Qi Yan was standing.

A cloud of black energy slammed into Qi Yan, but before it hit him, Qi Yan broke it up with a single finger.

At this time, Qi Yan was very grateful for the purple qi sent by Cen Baihe. If it were not for these purple qi, he would not have been so able to resist beatings.

“Boss…” The secretary stammered against Li Fu, “Is this master…is fighting the mountain god?”

When he said this, everyone turned their heads and looked at it, as if he had said something terrible, and he shrank his neck in fright.

“Ah…” Li Fu opened his mouth for a long time before making a sound, “Look at it!”

Everyone turned their heads and looked, and saw countless dead leaves flying in the wind, but these dead leaves were like sharp blades, making several cuts in Master Qi’s clothes, but they didn’t know if it was a coincidence. These leaves just didn’t hurt Master Qi’s body. , Can only spin around him in vain.

Everyone looked at it for a while, and even if they didn’t understand the technique, they could see that Master Qi was defending from start to finish, and he didn’t mean to hurt the mountain **** at all.

I don’t know if the mountain **** also understood this, the attack gradually weakened, and it even meant to retreat. Qi Yan took advantage of this opportunity and quickly pinched a tactic: “I invite the gods of the Quartet to testify today. Li Fu is willing to set up a golden body for the mountain **** here, build a view of the gods, and never go beyond the thunder pond, and ask the mountain **** to calm down his anger.”

The mountain wind stopped abruptly, only the leaves were still swaying slightly. Qi Yan turned to look at Li Fu, “Li Fu, come here!”

Li Fu took small steps and ran to Qi Yan’s side, his whole body trembling.

“Kneel down! Talk!” Qi Yan kicked his calf, and the big man Li Fu knelt down.

“Say, say what?” Li Fu looked at Qi Yan, almost like a poor cabbage.

“Say that you would like to build a statue for the mountain **** to cultivate the gods, and you will sincerely come to sacrifice every year.” Qi Yan saw his frightened look, and couldn’t let out his anger. “The gods have always been magnanimous. As long as you do what you say, he I will forgive you for sure, and bless your family to be safe and everything goes smoothly.”

Li Fu honestly knocked his head nine times upon hearing the words, and then pressed Wu Qing’s forehead and made a promise according to Qi Yan’s statement.

All the swaying leaves stopped, and the originally quiet mountain forest began to sing insects and birds, as if all unnatural phenomena had never existed just now.

“Master Qi, Qi…” Li Fu knelt on the ground, looking at Qi Yan pitifully, not daring to get up.

Qi Yan didn’t look at him, but looked towards the top of the mountain: “This mountain is indeed the place where flying dragons gather spirits. The long-lasting dragon energy of the imperial capital is hidden under this mountain for a while. Don’t feel that it is a pity to give up this mountain. It is actually your merit.”

“No, no,” Li Fu shook his head again and again, “I never meant to be a pity. What I want to ask is, has the mountain **** gone?”

“Go?” Qi Yan looked down at him, “He is this mountain, and he has been guarding this land.”

Hearing this, Li Fu felt even more awe, thinking that he had brought a lot of people with him before, and he was planning to open mountains and cut wood to build buildings.

However, Master Qi, who dared to talk to the mountain **** and beat him up, was really a godlike existence.

When the group went down the mountain, Li Fu asked curiously: “Master, how dare you do the mountain god?”

“If you don’t do anything with him, do you think he would be willing to negotiate terms with me?” Qi Yan turned his head and looked out the car window. The Hongliang Mountain in the night looked like a tall black shadow, covering the entire Hongliang Village, “because he realized that there is nothing left. I reluctantly agreed to the condition I mentioned later.”

If the solution can be solved by just building the gods, the great gods Li Fu invited have already proposed them.

As soon as Qi Yan finished saying this, Li Fu received a call from his family, saying that the high fever had suddenly disappeared and all the symptoms of vomiting had disappeared. It was almost inexplicably good. After he hung up the phone, he looked at Qi Yan with grateful eyes. If they were not in the car at this moment and there was not enough space, maybe he would immediately kneel to Qi Yan.


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