The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 39

In front of his friends, Qi Yan was decent for less than three minutes, handsome for only three seconds, and his lazy appearance could hardly see the slightest mastery.

Seeing his soft appearance, Cen Baihe couldn’t help but smile and asked, “Did you sleep well last night?”

“I didn’t sleep last night,” Qi Yan stretched his legs. “Your car has a lot of space, and it’s really comfortable to sit on.”

“Would you like some iced coffee?” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan, “Drinking some coffee may make you feel better.”

Qi Yan shook his head, pointed to his stomach and said, “I’m keeping it for dinner.”

Seeing him like this, Cen Baihe couldn’t help but smiled and nodded: “Okay, we’re going to be there soon.” The driver driving in front heard the boss say so, he started to speed up, and by the way, he glanced at his colleague sitting in the passenger seat. However, His colleague just looked down at his palm, motionless, like a sculpture.

The manager of Qianweiju didn’t expect that in a short period of time, Cen Wuye would come to eat with them for the second time, and he almost didn’t feel happy in his heart. However, after seeing the people traveling with Cen Wuye, he vaguely guessed the truth. I am afraid that it is not Cen Wuye who likes their food here, but this handsome young man.

They led the two into the private room. After the manager determined that they did not need his service, he exited the box with a smile on his face.

“Manager Huang, I want to invite a very important guest today, can you arrange the best private room for me.”

“Mr. Yuan, it’s a coincidence that a distinguished guest just used that private room.” Manager Huang recognized this as the boss of the Yuan family. Such a big man can’t easily offend him, so he was very polite, “Why don’t I arrange for you to Man Tangfang? ”

Yuan Peng frowned and looked a little unhappy, “Can you go and discuss with the person in the private room, and say that Yuan Peng owes him a favor.”

“This…” Manager Huang cried secretly. If there are other people in the private room, he is willing to ask Yuan Peng for a while, but now sitting in the private room is Cen Wuye, the evil god, how dare he say this.

Seeing Manager Huang’s hesitation, Yuan Peng’s brows furrowed even tighter, as if he did not expect that he would make people hesitate. He was about to say something when a beautiful young woman came over with a decent smile on her face.

“Miss Ruan, hello.” Manager Huang finally understood why Yuan Peng wanted the best private room. He wanted to pursue beautiful women. This Miss Ruan is a white and rich beauty in the true sense. She is beautiful, was born in a wealthy family, graduated from a prestigious school, and has countless men who pursue her, but it’s a pity that no one has won the heart of a beautiful woman.

Manager Huang has even heard of some trail gossip, saying that Miss Ruan was secretive to Cen Wuye, but it was a pity that Luohua deliberately flowed and ruthlessly, Cen Wuye never showed enthusiasm for any woman.

Ruan Youyi reservedly nodded to Manager Huang, then looked at Yuan Peng and said, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay,” Yuan Peng smiled softly at Ruan Youyi and said to Manager Huang, “Manager Huang, please lead the way.”

Manager Huang pretended not to see Yuan Peng’s unhappiness, and led the two to Man Tingfang. As soon as he opened the door of Man Tingfang, he saw the waiter in the Royal Dragon Court on the left front come out, still holding it in his hand. Order a good menu.

“I’ll just say why Manager Huang didn’t take us to the Royal Dragon Court today. It turns out that there are people inside,” Ruan Youyi chuckled. “I don’t know who is here?”

The people in Qianweiju are very good at doing things. Knowing that they are going to eat, they also arranged for them to go to Man Tingfang instead of Yulong Ting. It can be seen that the people inside are even higher than them. But in this realm, how many people are better than them?

At this moment, Ruan Youyi’s mind flashed a figure of someone, but he felt that he was a demon. That person was always particular, and he almost never ate outside, so how could he come here?

“Sorry, Miss Ruan, this is the guest’s privacy…” Manager Huang smiled apologetically and cried secretly in his heart. If the two people meet, the scene will be lively.

Ruan Youyi nodded in understanding, turned around and entered the private room with Yuan Peng without asking more questions.

“Ma Xiao is delicious, I think I can still eat ten catties.” Qi Yan took off his gloves, ignored the pile of shrimp shells on his plate, and took the warm Jinpa from the waiter to wipe his mouth.

Cen Baihe ate one of a large pot of spicy crayfish, and Qi Yan ate all the rest. Unfortunately, he still had some ideas, “Unfortunately, your stomach is too weak to eat more.”

If this were the buddies in their dormitory, they would be so angry that they had been beaten by him. However, Cen Baihe is obviously more calm and tolerant than his roommates. “It’s fine if you like to eat.”

In fact, for Cen Baihe, watching Qi Yan eat is a kind of enjoyment. He has never seen anyone who mixes huge appetite with elegance without contradiction. Qianqian’s dining table etiquette is very good. It can be seen that his master is very strict with him in this regard, but he doesn’t know what he has experienced during his growth, and he will have such a big appetite.

“First drink something light to press on his stomach,” Fearing that he would not be able to bear his stomach after eating so many spicy crayfish, Cen Baihe scooped him a bowl of crab soup. Where did you go?”

Qi Yan shook his head: “My master said, maybe my nutrition was too poor when I was born, which caused me to eat more, but I won’t grow meat.”

Knowing that Qi Yan was adopted by his master, when he heard this, Cen Baihe felt as if he was being grabbed by something in his heart. There was an indescribable sourness.

“But I think the old man must be talking nonsense,” Qi Yan took the crab soup soup in Cen Baihe’s hand. “If it is really malnourished, what would I take to grow it? None of my elementary school classmates and junior high school classmates are longer than mine. .”

Cen Baihe suddenly laughed: “I thought you didn’t go to school when you were a child, but learned skills from your master.”

“I think the world seems to have misunderstood our industry,” Qi Yan sighed. “It’s not easy in any industry. If we don’t read more and read more, how can we compete with others. When I was young, the old man told me that I am Zhang Lian really doesn’t meet industry standards. If you can’t be a feng shui master, you can study hard and find a job, so as not to starve to death.”

Cen Baihe couldn’t help thinking that Qianqian must have a good master, because when he mentioned his master, Qianqian’s face was full of nostalgic gentleness.

“It may be that your team is too mysterious for ordinary people, that’s why everyone thinks that way.” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan with deep eyes, his eyes full of tenderness, “After understanding, you will know how good people are.”

Qi Yan smiled. He stretched out his hand and patted Cen Baihe on the shoulder, “You are so good at talking, you look good and you have an identity, will people who like you have already circled the capital?”

Cen Baihe shook his head: “No.” In his memory, there are few other strange women around him, and he has never paid attention to them himself.

“A liar will have a long nose,” Qi Yan shook his shoulder. “Really?”

Cen Baihe shook his head honestly, “I didn’t lie to you.”

Facing the appearance of Cen Baihe explaining so seriously, Qi Yan patted him on the shoulder: “Well, I believe you.”

“Did anyone express a good impression to you when you were at school?” Cen Baihe blurted out these words as he looked at Qi Yan. After the words were spoken, he felt a little surprised. When did he talk to people about such meaningless topics?

“Yes,” Qi Yan frowned. “My roommate said yes, but I didn’t see it myself.”

“Don’t say anything, believe that your vision is right.” Cen Baihe turned to the waiter and said, “Here are ten more spicy crayfish.”

The waiter’s heart was a little broken. She couldn’t believe it. The fifth master of the Cen family invited a friend to Qianweiju for dinner. The main food turned out to be spicy crayfish. Who would believe it?

Shouldn’t the normal rhythm be all kinds of rare and precious ingredients, or just the special dishes served inside? Why is it spicy crayfish? !

And this Mr. Qi is also a strange man, who can be friends with Cen Wuye, but his hobby turned out to be Ma Xiao. Doesn’t he think that when he eats Ma Xiao, he will easily affect his temperament and image?

Qi Yan ate a meal with a happy mind and body. When he went out, Manager Huang, who was waiting for him, showed a big smile when he saw him. No one in the entire imperial capital knew that Cen Wuye seldom ate outside, but their Qianweiju could allow each other to visit twice in a short period of time. What does this show? It shows that they are a cow!

He has already seen countless celebrities fighting for their first membership card.

“Thank you Wu Ye and Mr. Qi for your patronage, and welcome to come again next time.” Manager Huang bowed at a standard ninety degrees, and Qi Yan couldn’t help but return a gift.

Manager Huang seems to be able to be his father at his age, but he doesn’t want to receive such a gift.

Manager Huang is usually used to these respectful actions, and now suddenly he sees someone responding to him, and he feels an indescribable move in his heart. Working hard in this society, who wants to really nod and bow to others, or even be called by those rich as servants, just to live, to support the family, has to bury their heads, bend their spine, and compromise with life.

“Sneer.” Suddenly a laugh came out, seeming to laugh at Qi Yan for not seeing the market, and even giving the service staff a gift in return.

Manager Huang looked up and saw a gorgeous woman carrying a brand-name bag standing around the corner, her exquisite makeup still carrying a smile that was not taken back. He frowned. This seems to be a female artist who followed Boss Wang. Why did she come here?

Qi Yan glanced at the woman who was obviously drunk, didn’t care about her sneer, turned his head and said to Cen Baihe: “Let’s go.”

Some people look down on the people who serve him from the bottom of their hearts, so when they find that there is a “traitor” in their group, and they will give back to the lower-level people who are inferior to them, they will subconsciously kick the “traitor” out of their circle. , And thought that this person was a bumpkin who had never seen the world before.

There are two types of people. One is the pride of nature, which is full of arrogance and prejudice. Prove that your success is superior to others.

That’s why Qi Yan admires people like Cen Baihe more. The tolerance and politeness are like hidden in his bones, and every move is graceful. In his view, this is the real successful person or real aristocrat.

“I asked you to make a roast duck for you,” Cen Baihe didn’t even glance at the woman in the corner. “Remember to bring it when you go out.”

“If you don’t tell me, I have forgotten, their roast duck is also delicious,” Qi Yan’s eyes suddenly smiled like a crescent, “buddy, you are still caring.”

Cen Baihe laughed softly when he heard the words, and his mood was also infected by Qi Yan’s joy.

Lu Xuan saw that she had been ignored, and her face was immediately embarrassed. Since she broke up with Sun Xiang some time ago, her career luck has not been very good. Recently, she has managed to get on the line with a producer, and when she comes to Qianweiju where she is rich and may not be able to enter for dinner, she feels a little bit small in her heart. Proud.

Since she lost power, the so-called friends in the circle have become cold and indifferent to her. She has been holding a breath in her heart. Now she can ignore her when she sees a soil bun, and she doesn’t even want to look at her. She feels that both Feeling wronged and angry, but fortunately the only reason left tells her that this is Qianweiju, there are countless people with identities, and she can’t go crazy and affect her image.

At this moment, at Man Tingfang’s door, she saw the Yuan family come out, her eyes lit up. That’s the Yuan family, the Yuan family who countless people in the imperial capital want to hug their thighs, if she is…

But when the people behind Yuan Peng came out, Lu Xuan immediately took all his thoughts back, and instead squeezed the limited brand-name bag in his hand and shrank back.

For many female artists in the entertainment industry, Ruan Youyi is the object of their envy. She has the advantages that many people can’t even think of in her entire life. Even the entertainment media said that the so-called beautiful entertainers in the circle are like maids in front of Miss Ruan.

“Cen Wuye…” Ruan Youyi could hardly believe the look in her eyes when she saw Cen Baihe. She was stunned for a moment before remembering to say hello to the other party, “I didn’t expect to meet you here, it’s a coincidence.”

“Hello.” Cen Baihe glanced over her without any emotion.

Ruan Youyi pursed her lips: “Long time no see, how are you doing?”

Qi Yan glanced at the beautiful woman opposite, and then at the expressionless Cen Baihe. He probably understood why Cen Baihe said no one likes him anymore? Because even if people are interested in him, he can’t tell it.

“Not bad, thank you for your concern.” Cen Baihe nodded politely and turned to look at the man next to Ruan Youyi.

“Cen Wuye.” Yuan Peng smiled very politely towards him, not seeing the displeasure of wanting to change the private room just now. He was faintly grateful that he didn’t insist on changing the private room just now. If he had known that the person in the Royal Dragon Court was Cen Baihe, he would not even mention this, “I wonder if this is?”

“This is my good friend Qi Yan.”

Yuan Peng was shocked, looking at Qi Yan’s eyes as if looking at a miracle. There are many people in the circle who claim to be friends of Cen Wuye, but none of them are called friends by Cen Wuye, and now there is one out of them.

He carefully looked at this young man named Qi Yan, who was very pleasing, and Juan Pengpeng’s hair looked a little innocent and cute. This little appearance stood with Cen Wuye, it was a sharp contrast between the indifferent emperor and the innocent little white cat. It seemed too strange.

Even though he thought so in his heart, Yuan Peng’s face still bloomed with a warm smile: “Hello, Mr. Qi, my name is Yuan Peng, and you can call me Dapeng.”

“Hello, Mr. Yuan.” Qi Yan shook hands with Yuan Peng, and found that Mr. Yuan was so enthusiastic that he could not resist.

Ruan Youyi looked at the young man who shook hands with Yuan Peng. The shoes on his body were of ordinary workmanship, and the clothes and pants weren’t like famous products. Who is this Qi Yan that could make Cen Baihe treat him differently?

Seeing that Cen Baihe hadn’t introduced Yuan Peng’s female companion, Qi Yan couldn’t say anything to him, so he smiled at him.

Ruan Youyi, who was peeking at Qi Yan, saw this smile and was taken aback for a moment, then randomly sent a smile back to the other party. I thought to myself, maybe it’s because this person smiles so cute?

No matter how stupid Lu Xuan was, he could understand what was going on. It turned out that this soil bun was a powerful character, and even the young master of the Yuan family took the initiative to shake hands with him. And the man next to Tubaozi is even more powerful, just don’t know what identity he is.

Lu Xuan was a little regretful thinking that he had laughed a while ago.

However, when she turned around and was about to leave, the investor who brought her to Qianweiju came over. When passing by her, the investors didn’t even look at her, and walked directly to Yuan Dashao and his party.

“Cen Wuye and Yuan Shao, I was so lucky to meet two of you here. Liu is really lucky.” The investor smiled with enthusiasm and his eyes were almost glowing.

Qi Yan frowned slightly looking at the man who nodded and bowed. The face of this man is really terrible, treacherous, licentious, and greedy are all occupied.

Cen Baihe noticed the change in his expression and turned to Yuan Peng and said, “Let’s talk next time, goodbye.”

“Cen Wuye, please wait.” Liu Shun saw that Cen Baihe was about to leave, so he jogged to catch up. “Cen Wuye, I always wanted to see you in the next place. It’s a pity that you just don’t have time for you. I finally saw you today, and I hope you can reward Liu for a thin noodle…”

“Sorry,” Cen Baihe glanced at Liu Shun blankly, motioned him to step aside, “I’m in a hurry.”


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