The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 4

On the corridor outside the VIP area of ​​the hospital, many people stood. These men and women dressed up and down meticulously. Men who show off their wealth did not pile up all kinds of big names on themselves. Women who love beauty did not wear too much jewelry, even cosmetics. Not many people use it.

A group of people stood in the corridor, and few people dared to speak loudly, as if they were afraid of waking up the people in the ward.

“Dad, we’ve been standing outside for half an hour. When did we go in?” A young man with a thin face and a few strands of other colors in his hair couldn’t help but ask, but was stared at by his father. After a glance, “Don’t disturb Wuye Cen’s rest.”

In front of so many people, his dad’s face was dismissed, Xiaoyoung’s complexion was a little ugly, but when the door of the ward suddenly opened, Xiaoyoung hurriedly lowered his head and unconsciously took a step back.

Coming out of the ward was a man of about 30 years old. He looked ordinary and had a gentle temperament, but no one in the room dared to look down upon him. Because this person is Cen Baihe’s most trusted assistant, most people have to give him a bit of face.

“I’m extremely sorry to keep everyone waiting,” Liang Feng smiled apologetically to everyone, “It’s just the doctor who specifically ordered that Mr. Cen needs to rest. I will convey your kindness to Mr. Cen, and I hope everyone will go back to rest soon.”

“Everything is important to the body, the body is the most important thing,” the middle-aged man standing at the front quickly said with a smile, “If this is the case, we won’t bother Mr. Cen to rest. After Mr. Cen is well, we will visit him again. .”

“Thank you, I’m so embarrassed today.” Liang Feng bowed slightly to everyone, and several people standing in front of him avoided one after another.

The smile on Liang Feng’s face was even more gentle, and he turned around and asked the two bodyguards to send these people downstairs, posing a polite gesture.

These people hurried over and stood outside the ward for most of the day. They didn’t even see Cen Baihe’s shadow, but they didn’t dare to have any opinions until they were sent out of the hospital by bodyguards. It was not until the two bodyguards turned and walked back that they slowly breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts.

The entire imperial capital knew that the fifth member of the Cen family was the old son of the old man. He was of the same age as many people in the 50s and 60s in the imperial capital, but he was two or three rounds younger than these people. I don’t know if it’s an old man. The fifth master Cen is not in good health, and he usually doesn’t show his face in front of everyone, but no one dares to underestimate his ability.

I remember that a few years ago, there was a second-generation upstart from outside the city. After drinking too much wine, he started to talk nonsense, and said a few silly words in front of many people. Since then, this one has never appeared in the imperial capital again.

Everyone knows that this deep-minded, ruthless method, but he is still a particularly difficult person to get along with.

Everyone doesn’t have to visit him, anyway, it’s ok to put on this posture, even if you can’t please, at least you can’t offend him.

“What Baihehe’s, no matter how good the name is, it is not a short-lived look,” the young man who had been scolded by his father just now got in the car, cursing, “What kind of spectrum.”

“People can afford it,” his father hates iron for failing to become a steel track, “you will suffer from a character like yours sooner or later.”

Xiao Young snorted and ignored him.

After the father and son drove a certain distance, the car suddenly stalled. After half a day after the driver got out of the car for inspection, the reason was not found, so he had to wait for someone from the towing company to tow the car away.

“It’s a real dog!” The young man slammed the door and got out of the car, and couldn’t help cursing an internet language.

“Yang Tao!” Hearing these words, his father finally sank his face intolerably, “Who taught you to say such nasty things?!”

This is all messy, young people nowadays don’t know what to think, even dogs don’t let it go!

Yang Tao looked at his father’s angry face and was speechless for a while. How should he explain it? This is just a catch phrase. He really has no interest in dogs in that respect? The internet mantra is really silly. He must pay attention to it in the future, otherwise his dad may break his leg someday.

“Yes, yes, how do you know, it’s too accurate!”

“Then you can do the math for me, when will I find my true son?”

“Really, great.”

Yang Tao looked up curiously and looked at the source of the sound. He saw two girls standing in front of a young man with excited smiles on their faces, asking questions about career and romance from time to time.

This is…fortune telling?

Look at the fortune-telling young man, who is only twenty years old at most, with a little bit of baby fat on his cheeks, but it happens to be the kind of appearance that most easily stimulates the maternity of girls. Is this for fortune-telling or Are you making girls happy?

“You are here waiting for the people from the trailer company to come, I’ll go back to the company first.” Father Yang saw his son’s appearance that the oil and salt were not getting in, he hired a taxi out of sight, and drove away, even the extra. His eyes didn’t bother to give him any more.

This is really my father.

Yang Tao glanced at the driver who was still trying to check the car, and simply squatted on the street corner boredly, observing the fortune-telling scene not far away with his slanted eyes, without any image at all.

“My husband is really accurate, I do have a boyfriend who is dating now, then do you think he… is he suitable for my husband?” The girl in question was a little reddened, and seemed to feel that she was not asking this question. I’m sorry, it can be seen that her personality is a bit shy, and her concept is very traditional. Friends around her asked a lot of questions, and she didn’t speak a few times in total.

Qi Yan calculated that the girl now has a rotten peach blossom, but he will not easily judge the result before he has seen the face of the person, “Do you have a picture of him?”

So sister paper took out her mobile phone and showed him a photo that had been uploaded.

“Is there something more natural?” Facing the “PS technology” among the three major beauty sorceries in Asia, Qi Yan felt that even if he was a god, he couldn’t figure out the cause and effect with this kind of photos.

The girl herself felt a little embarrassed. She rummaged around in her hands and finally found a picture without a beautified look. Compared with the two pictures, it really didn’t look like a person.

At the first glance when he saw the real photo of this man, Qi Yan knew that this person was fine in other aspects, but he was a sloppy character, and he had to wait until middle age at least to stabilize his heart.

For this girl, he is not a good match. More importantly, judging from the faces of the two of them, they should not be related to each other, not even dewy, but they are more like blood relatives.

Qi Yan glanced at the quiet girl, and after two seconds of silence, he said, “If the lady doesn’t believe in fate, why should she tell a fortune? If I’m not mistaken, this person should not be your boyfriend, but your relatives.”

“Huh?” The girl was stunned. She took her phone back and took a look, only to realize that she had slipped her finger a little bit and swiped the picture of her boyfriend. The picture that the master saw was that of her cousin.

While she apologized repeatedly, she was secretly surprised in her heart. This is really an amazing expert. Just looking at the aspect, she can count so many, which is simply amazing.

Yang Tao didn’t expect that he would see such a good show. He stood by the side for more than ten minutes, and after the two young girls left satisfied, he got up and walked to the young fortune teller.

Qi Yan was about to take the sign and go home. When he saw that there was a person in front of him suddenly, he looked up and saw a well-dressed young man standing in front of him. It was just his dangling character and the rules and regulations on him. Some of the clothes don’t match well.

“You can tell fortune-telling?” Yang Tao looked at the shabby sign in Qi Yan’s hand and couldn’t help thinking, this expert is really…different, even if he looks so soft, even the sign is so low-key. not obvious.

“Sorry, the three trigrams of this month have been calculated. If necessary, sir, please be early next month.” As Qi Yan said, he put the brand in his trouser pocket, as if he was not affected by money.

Yang Tao didn’t expect that the other party would answer like this. After a few seconds, he pointed to the sign and said, “Master, don’t you see if it says fate? I think we have a fate. Look at my car. It just happened to be broken on the road next to you, what do you think it is because it is predestined?”

Qi Yan turned his head and glanced at the luxury BMW car parked not far away, knowing that this is a rich man, “Mr. is a rich man, he has a good life without fortune-telling.”

“The master is really an expert, and I can tell at a glance that my family is rich.” Yang Tao’s interest in fortune-telling became even stronger.

Qi Yan: Is this baby’s brain a little awkward?

It must be a rich person who drives a luxury BMW at home. Does this still count?

Seeing Qi Yan’s unmoved appearance, Yang Tao believed that he must be a capable person who learned from an expert, so he didn’t want to let Qi Yan go: “Master, you can calculate it for me, and the price is easy to negotiate! ”

It’s hard to find an expert, and it’s nothing to spend some money.

Such a stupid child, so easy to believe in people, how many times has he been deceived since he was a child? Qi Yan felt a touch of sympathy for Yang Tao in his heart.

However, reincarnation is a technical job. Although this person is a bit silly and sweet, his fortune is not much worse than that of Wang Hang.

When Yang Tao saw that he mentioned money, the master still didn’t react at all. He felt more and more that this expert was unfathomable. Even with a soft and cute face, he could still make people worship, it was simply too powerful.

Yang Tao’s eyes on the eyelids became brighter and brighter, and Qi Yan raised his eyebrows: “What do you want, sir?”

When asked by Qi Yan, Yang Tao got stuck in his head, because he didn’t know what he wanted to calculate. Since he was a child, he has no shortage of food and clothing, loved by his family, no shortage of beautiful girls around him, and no need to worry about work and career. What does he want?

Somehow, he thought of Cen Baihe, who was still lying in the hospital. His father wanted to hold the thigh of the Cen family, but he didn’t know if he could hold it.

“Master, please do the calculations for me, can our family get the eyes of the nobles?”

Although Yang Tao is stupid and sweet, but not sweet enough to be stupid, the question he asked is actually trying to find out how much Qi Yan really has.


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