The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 41

When the Luluo Community first opened, the advertisements were full of hype. The forest garden in the city, the symbol of status people, and the most high-end apartments cost a lot of publicity, but the effect was obvious. At that time, the community sold very well. Later, after the community was built, some people said on the Internet that the community was not good in feng shui, and the wind could not let in, which would affect the fortune of the people.

As soon as this kind of remarks came out, they were ridiculed by people, believing that the person who said it could not eat the grapes and was so sour and deliberately made trouble.

I don’t know how much time has passed. There have been so many things in Luluo Community. Netizens who said that the community was bad at the beginning were regarded as half immortals by others, but it was a pity that this half immortal was scolded too badly at the beginning, and never again. Did not show up.

Quietly in the carriage, Liu Shun moved his **** uncomfortably, and squinted his mung bean eyes to secretly look at Master Qi, who hasn’t spoken since he got on the car, how he didn’t think he looked like an expert.

But it’s no use suspicion at this moment. He would rather give this Master Qi two or three million for free, rather than offend the evil **** Cen Wuye. Hey, I don’t know what Cen Wuye likes this Master Qi.

There was no words all the way, and the car sprinted all the way. As soon as he entered Luluo Community, he saw police cars and fire trucks parked outside. Liu Shun looked a little ugly when he saw this scene.

Qi Yan didn’t look at his expression, he opened the car door and ran to the place where the incident occurred. Liu Shun could only catch up with his fat belly when he saw it. Oh, this Master Qi looks white and tender, a young man, why does he run so fast?

Downstairs in Building A, the fire police have already laid out inflatable safety cushions. The residents watching the excitement all around pointed and pointed, and there was a sense of panic and excitement on their faces, and many people were taking pictures with their mobile phones. Come and shoot.

Qi Yan looked up and saw that there was a woman sitting on the balcony on the seventh or eighth floor. He couldn’t see the other person’s age and appearance when she was too far away, but her current posture was very dangerous, and she might fall from above at any time.

“Ouch!” Liu Shun ran over to see this scene, slapped his thighs heartily, “Why someone is going to jump off the building again, isn’t this for me to choose?” Now the rumors about the Luluo community have been full of ups and downs in the city. What is coming, isn’t that worse?

“Master Qi, look…” Liu Shun looked at Qi Yan with a bitter face, “What can I do?”

“Go up first and talk later.” Qi Yan was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, turned and ran upstairs, but after reaching the seventh floor, the police did not let him in at all, worrying that strangers would stimulate the mood of the suicide.

“Comrade policeman, I am the owner of the real estate company that built this community. I heard that some residents here were going to commit suicide by jumping off the building. I was up and down.” The assistant behind Liu Shun took out the famous cigarette and had to send it to the police at the scene. The police at the scene refused to accept it.

The police officers had also heard about the rumors about the evil sect of Luluo Community. Now that the company’s boss has also rushed over, a restless young policeman couldn’t help but look at him more.

Is this Luluo community really tricky? Otherwise, why is this boss’s expression guilty and irritable, for fear that the suicide would really jump off?

“It turned out to be Boss Liu,” an older policeman maintained his apparent courtesy. “There are psychologists from our police force who are persuading suicides. If you are not involved, please do not enter and disturb.”

Originally, their police team discovered that there were frequent suicides in the Luluo community. They thought there might be something strange, so they came to the community for unannounced visits. They didn’t know that someone had committed suicide as soon as they visited. In just half a month, five suicide cases occurred in Luluo Community, which completely exceeded the natural probability, and there was something wrong everywhere.

“Master Qi, this is Captain Hao, a famous detective in this area,” Liu Shun introduced to Qi Yan eagerly, “A good servant of our people.”

Qi Yan saw that Captain Hao had clear eyes and Haoran was upright, and smiled at him: “Captain Hao, hello.”

Captain Hao touched his unshaven chin and nodded slightly without saying much.

“Ah! Don’t come here, there are ghosts! There are ghosts!”

This scream made people feel terrified for no reason. Liu Shun shrank his neck in fright, and quickly stepped back several steps, far away from the door of the room.

Qi Yan didn’t even look at Liu Shun, and took advantage of the scream of the police to make him feel lost, and took the opportunity to sneak in. After entering the door, he saw the girl sitting on the balcony in a trance. Yes, this is still a little girl, she looks just seventeen or eighteen years old, her immature face is full of horror, as if standing behind her is not a policeman, but a demon who takes her life.

“Don’t come here!” The little girl kept touching her neck with a hand, and took out an amulet to tear the red string, and her white neck instantly revealed a deep red mark. However, she didn’t seem to feel any pain, and she didn’t seem to know that she was at an altitude of more than 20 meters. She just held the amulet and waved it up and down, screaming, “You spread out, spread out!”

“Oops, this girl doesn’t seem to be in a very good state of mind.” Upon seeing this, the psycho-negotiator hurriedly backed up a few steps, not daring to irritate her any more, while gesturing to other colleagues to prepare, trying to break through from upstairs and rescue .

In the eyes of the police, this little girl is a sophomore who was driven crazy by her studies, so although they sympathized with her in their hearts, they would never believe her nonsense.

“Don’t be afraid, little girl, I am a Taoist priest who specializes in collecting demons and demons. They can’t hurt you with me.”

The policemen at the scene looked at each other. Where did this young man emerge from, making trouble at this critical moment of life and death? ! The police close to the young man wanted to detain the man, but when he was close to his body, his arm suddenly became sore and paralyzed, and he couldn’t get it at all.

The policeman was shocked in his heart and unconsciously took a step back. This is too evil!

Just when everyone thought the young man was coming to make trouble, the originally emotional girl stopped yelling. She looked at the smiling young man suspiciously, as if she had grasped the life-saving straw in the strong wind. There are ghosts, there are really ghosts!”

“Don’t be afraid,” Qi Yan smiled softly, approaching the girl step by step, and finally stopped a step away from her.

“I have exorcism incense here, these ghosts can’t get close to you after lighting it,” Qi Yan took out an incense, a citrus-sized incense burner from her bag, and bent over and placed the incense burner beside the girl.

“Really?” The girl who was trembling with fear moved her body into the room, but her eyes still looked at the room in horror, “Really won’t be near me?”

“You have to believe me,” Qi Yan smiled soothingly at the girl, “I am the most outstanding disciple in the teacher’s school, and I have been appointed by the teacher to be the head.” After that, he stretched out his hand and brushed in front of the girl, “Don’t believe me. ”

The girl blinked and found that the world in front of her had changed. The room in front of her was filled with black air, but the black air did not dare to approach her, and even as the smoke from the incense burner dissipated, the black air was still gradually spreading. Retreat and become lighter and lighter.

“The evil thing has blindfolded you and made you recognize human beings as ghosts. Take a closer look at them. They are the policemen who came to rescue you.”

The girl plucked up the courage to look at the door, only to find that the vicious ghost in her eyes had turned into her parents and a policeman in a police uniform.

“They are all worried about you, come down quickly.” Qi Yan smiled and stretched out his hand to the girl. “All monsters and monsters can only become invisible in front of me, the head.”

The girl hurriedly handed Qi Yan her hand, and walked off the balcony cautiously, but there was still a fear in her eyes.

When the young people were talking nonsense, the police were a little angry, but when they saw that the girl was really willing to come down, they were relieved again. They just didn’t know if it was a psychological effect, they suddenly felt that the house was a bit cold.

“It’s okay,” Qi Yan took out a talisman and handed it to the girl. “After wearing this, I don’t dare to get any dirty things close to me.”

The girl immediately took it, and thanked her and put the amulet on her body. The girl’s mother came over, held the girl in her arms, and cried loudly.

Qi Yan looked at the crying mother, smiled and walked out of the room, and turned around to see Captain Hao looking at him, knowing that he had disturbed the police just now, so he honestly apologized to the police.

Although the police felt that this young man was a bit reckless, at least the effect was good, so when he asked him not to be so reckless next time, he did not say that he interfered with official duties.

Captain Hao even asked curiously: “Young people have studied psychology?”

Qi Yan smiled and nodded, “I took this course in college.”

“Well, well, young people have a future,” Captain Hao looked inside the house, and the girl was still crying with her mother.

Qi Yan smiled and did not speak. This little girl had such hallucinations, part of which was indeed related to the stress of study, but more of her family’s poor feng shui, coupled with the evil spirit of the community, led to her hallucinations. It almost became a tragedy.

Only the policeman who just wanted to detain Qi Yan looked at him suspiciously, and touched his arm that had returned to normal.

The little girl’s father came out with red eyes, bowed and thanked Qi Yan again, which made Qi Yan very embarrassed. After finally escaping into the elevator, he relieved himself.

Liu Shun, who followed him into the elevator, looked a little uncomfortable, and stammered: “Master Qi and Master Qi, will it really be haunted there, right?”

“What’s terrible about ghosts, what’s terrifying is the human heart,” Qi Yan didn’t bother to look at Liu Shun’s wicked face. One more look would make his eyes hotter. He didn’t want to abuse himself.

“You mean there is a ghost?” Liu Shun trembled, her voice trembling, “Master, do you think…the elevator seems to be suddenly cold?”

Qi Yan ignored him.

Liu Shun’s assistant whispered: “Boss, you are standing under the elevator exhaust.”

Looking downstairs to see that the people who jumped off the building were saved, they all clapped happily, and the fear in my heart diminished a lot with this incident. Qi Yan walked out of the building, and saw that the residents who were supposed to be busy chatting together in twos and threes were mostly related to strange events in this community.

Who saw the woman with the disheveled hair, who was pressed by a ghost, who was trapped in the elevator, who heard the crying, everyone said vividly, and rendered the atmosphere of horror very well.

Liu Shun’s face became whiter as he heard it, and he wished to ask Qi Yan to catch all the demons and ghosts immediately, but he did not dare to order Qi Yan.

Compared with Liu Shun’s fear, Qi Yan was much calmer. Not only did he stand there and listen to gossip for a while, he also took the initiative to chat with two enthusiastic aunts before slowly saying to Liu Shun, “Let’s go, take me. Look at the plot of the plot and the interior design.”

Seeing that Master Qi was finally willing to do business, Liu Shun hurriedly led people to the high-level hospitality room and asked them to bring the design drawings.

After reading the floor plan of the community, Qi Yan frowned. This community is indeed the so-called deadly pattern in Feng Shui. When designing such a large community, didn’t it think about it? Nowadays, most people in the field of architecture know some common sense of Feng Shui, so they shouldn’t make such mistakes.

More importantly, there must be more than one architect in Shunhui Real Estate Company, and Mr. Feng Shui will be invited to see before the start of the project. How could this happen again?

After Liu Shun finished reading the floor plan, he turned to look at Liu Shun: “Who was responsible for this community project at the time? Didn’t you ask the master to see it before completion?”

“This…” Liu Shun said with an embarrassed smile, “At that time, a manager of the company and my brother-in-law were in charge of this project.”

Qi Yan nodded, and took a pen to draw a line on the plan: “This wall is demolished, and an additional door is built.”

If you don’t have ventilation, you will be lethargic, so you can only find ways to ventilate.

Although water gathers wealth, but a pool of stagnant water not only does not gather wealth, but also gathers evil spirits and death energy. Qi Yan pointed to the fountain in the center of the community, “Bring out the water from the fountain and build it into a stream so that the community can circulate water. Remember to feed some living things in it.”

“Koi?” Liu Shun remembered that this could be a good luck.

Qi Yan nodded slightly: “This is up to you.”

“Then…Is there anything else needed?” Liu Shun asked anxiously.

“You build a community on a piece of land that is not good in feng shui, and you make the layout of the community a dead end. It can be solved simply.” Qi Yan looked at Liu Shun with a smile, “If you think this is enough, Needless to say, just send me back now.”

“No, no, no, Master Qi, I didn’t mean that,” Liu Shun was so suffocated by Qi Yan, he said bitterly, “Master Qi, you can change whatever you say, I have nothing to say. ”

“In fact, the best way is to razor this place to the ground and build a square or school,” Qi Yan saw Liu Shun’s face wrinkled, and he paused for a moment before saying, “It’s just that the house has already been sold. With so many people living in it, this method can no longer be used.”

Liu Shun’s expression loosened, and it seemed that this community could still be saved.

“Now it’s useless to rely on such a simple change,” Qi Yan lowered his eyes, “I have to resort to magical weapons.”

“Magic weapon?” Liu Shun was stunned, “What is that?”

“Ancient relics with auspicious meaning, such as those with turtle patterns, auspicious clouds, and five blessing patterns,” Qi Yan lightly touched the tabletop with his index finger, “the older the better.”

“This…” Liu Shun felt like cutting meat when he heard this, “Where can I find this good stuff from the past?”

“I just made an idea. Whether Mr. Liu is willing or not is your own business,” Qi Yan looked at Liu Shun calmly, “It’s just that this community is too angry. Will it hurt you in the future? I won’t I can guarantee it.”

“Wait, I’ll make arrangements.” Liu Shun gritted his teeth and went out to make a call.

Qi Yan looked at his back with no emotion in his eyes.

About an hour later, a beautiful woman in fashionable dress brought a few people over. The people behind her were all holding tightly wrapped boxes in their hands.

“Husband,” the fashionable woman took off her sunglasses and glanced at Qi Yan with suspicion, “You brought the things you asked me to bring, I don’t know this…Master Qi, what is a good way?”

Qi Yan ignored her and lifted his chin to Liu Shun expressionlessly, “Open the box.”

“Hey,” Liu Shun carefully opened the combination locks of these boxes, flaunting his words, “Master Qi, these are good things that I have treasured for many years, and each one is worth more than one million. Which one do you think can be used?”

Qi Yan swept across the row of boxes and pointed at the fairy riding a crane jade ornament in the middle.

“This?” Liu Shun secretly dripped blood, which was the most expensive of all his collections.

“No,” Qi Yan uttered a few words slowly, “I want to say that this modern jade craftsmanship is pretty good.”

“Modern, modern?” Liu Shun’s fat body shook, as if he was struck by lightning, “Master Qi, did you admit it wrong? Experts said, this is a royal item of the Song Dynasty, how could it be modern? thing?”

Qi Yan nodded without any sincerity: “That’s because I read it wrong.”

Liu Shun’s heart became more entangled. I don’t know why, when Master Qi said so, he also began to suspect that this thing is not a real antique.

The inside story of the collection industry, sometimes even experts can’t tell the truth from the fake, because the counterfeit technology is too high, and sometimes the fake is more like the real than the real. People like Liu Shun who buy collections to show off are often the most miserable, but often they feel comfortable.

In fact, artifacts such as artifacts do not necessarily require antiques. Sometimes things made by old craftsmen or calligraphy and paintings made by well-known calligraphers may have their own aura and become a artifact.

But Qi Yan would not tell Liu Shun about this, because people who lack morals should spend more money wrongly.

He picked among these things, and finally saw a bronze wine bottle. It may be because it is too old, this wine bottle lacks a bit of corners, and the pattern on its body is worn out to be indistinguishable, but the aura contained in it is the most in this pile of things.

“That’s it,” Qi Yan took out the bronze wine bottle, “Take me to the tallest building in the community.”

“This…” Liu Shun’s assistant hesitated, “There are five buildings in our community all of the same height.”

“Then choose the one closest to the east,” Qi Yan glanced at the sky, “Before it rains, get things done early.”

Liu Shun and his wife turned their heads and looked outside together. The sun was shining at the moment, and there was no sign of rain.

“Isn’t this playing mystery?” Liu Shun’s wife whispered.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Liu Shun hurriedly gave his wife a hand to prevent her from talking nonsense. “This is a friend of Cen Wuye!”

Hearing the three words Cen Wuye, Liu Shun’s wife immediately closed her mouth.

The author has something to say: Money: A pit is healthier!


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