The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 42

“That’s all for today’s meeting, all departments…”

Cen Baihe suddenly stopped talking. The company executives who were planning to leave after packing up the information on the table stopped all the actions in their hands and looked at the BOSS suspiciously.

“The meeting is over,” Cen Baihe waved his hand, indicating that they could leave, and then took out his mobile phone to answer the call.


Qi Yan’s cheerful voice came over from the phone: “I’m going to invite you to watch the 3D super magical blockbuster, do you have time to come over?”

“I’m free, I’ll come over now.”

“Boss…” Liang Feng noticed that the boss was full of joy and he looked like he was about to leave. He couldn’t help but joked, “Are you going to date a beautiful woman?”

This flushed face, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows are full of joy, what is it to go on a date with your sweetheart?

“Go to work.” Cen Baihe picked up his jacket and adjusted the tie on his neck, “Don’t think too much.”

Liang Feng:…

“Master Qi,” Liu Shun’s little hair was dangling by the wind on the roof. He looked at Qi Yan, who was leaning against the wall without moving. “Is there something missing?”

“Time is running short, wait.” Qi Yan glanced at the phone, and Cen Baihe was about to come over in about ten minutes.

Liu Shun and his party dryly basked on the roof for more than ten minutes, and Liu Shun’s wife finally couldn’t bear it and said, “Master Qi, when are you going to wait?”

“Don’t make any noise,” Qi Yan leaned against the wall lazily, with his hands around his chest, and he still carried the valuable bronze wine bottle at will. This kind of careless attitude made Liu Shun’s wife’s expression a bit distorted, and she took a few breaths and said, “Master Qi, this is a big issue that concerns the lives of countless people in the community, please do your best.”

Qi Yan didn’t speak at a glance at her, but just put the wine bottle in the sun and let it receive the exposure.

Liu Shun almost didn’t cry. This collection can’t be exposed to the sun, let alone wind and rain. If Master Qi plays like this, this wine bottle will break.

At this moment, a sound of footsteps came from the stairwell, the pace was not fast or slow, very calm.

Liu Shun looked back, and he was stunned. He stared at the man walking by him dumbfounded, almost unable to believe his eyes.

“Are you here?” Qi Yan gave Cen Baihe a bright smile, “Come here and do me a favor.”

Seeing that he was holding a bronze wine bottle in his hand, Cen Baihe smiled and walked to him, “What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to have three hairs.” Qi Yan stretched out his hand to pull on the top of Cen Baihe’s head, no more, no less, exactly three.

Liu Shun, who was next to him, saw that Qi Yan was stern, and went to batting the fifth master of Cen’s hair. The look in Qi Yan’s eyes became even more enthusiastic. The person who can pluck the hair on the tiger’s head is either Wu Song or the tiger’s brother. It seems that Master Qi and Cen Wuye have a very good relationship.

“What’s going on here?” Cen Baihe saw Qi Yan put his hair into the wine bottle, these hairs automatically stuck to the wall of the cup, turned his head and looked at Liu Shun, who was shrinking in the corner, and frowned.

“This community is too deadly. If this problem is not resolved, more and more people will be involved in the accident.” Qi Yan gently turned the bottle, and a miracle happened at this moment. And the dirty things fell off one after another, and it restored its appearance thousands of years ago in the sun. On the outside wall of the wine bottle, a phoenix rose into the sky and sang loudly, “The people in this community should have died of their lives, but because the Feng Shui here has deteriorated, it has affected their lives.”

“Ho!” Liu Shun’s assistant couldn’t help exclaiming, what’s going on, why did the wine glasses suddenly become beautiful?

Liu Shun and his wife were dumbfounded. They stared at Qi Yan and Cen Baihe in a daze, as if watching a miracle.

“Help me take it, stand here and don’t move.” Qi Yan stuffed the wine bottle into Cen Baihe’s hand, and then touched his forehead, “The 3D blockbuster is about to begin.”

The originally normal world changed drastically in Cen Baihe’s eyes. The black air seeped from the ground, then penetrated the walls, penetrated the body of the pedestrian, and shrouded the entire community in a shadow, and even the surrounding areas were affected.

Seeing this, Cen Baihe couldn’t help closing his eyes, then turned his head to look at Qi Yan, would the situation be so serious, would it affect Qian Qian’s body?

At this time, Qi Yan couldn’t pay attention to the look in Cen Baihe’s eyes. He took out a thick and large brush from his bag, a bottle of red liquid, and after gluing the red liquid with the brush, he began to draw a huge talisman on the roof. As the runes became more and more complete, the wind on the roof also grew stronger. It seemed that this wind didn’t want Qi Yan to paint the runes well.

Just when he painted the last stroke, Cen Baihe saw countless black houses turned into evil tigers, opening his mouth like Qi Yan leaped.

“Anxious like a law, set!” Qi Yan, who bowed his head and painted a talisman, seemed to know that something was coming behind him. The evil tiger forced out of the roof and fought with it.

In the eyes of others, after Qi Yan threw a piece of talisman paper, the piece of talisman paper was flying in the air. This kind of unscientific scene made Liu Shun and others hide in the corner with fright, and couldn’t help but begin to tremble.

“Ding!” When Vermilion’s pen touched the last stroke, countless golden light suddenly burst out from her pen, flying away in all directions. The black fog that was flying was immediately dissipated to pieces, and slowly disappeared.

The runes painted by Qi Yan became more and more red, as gorgeous as blood. He and Cen Baihe didn’t think there was anything, but Liu Shun and his party were already kneeling and watching. The masters they had invited before each carried compasses and said a bunch of things they didn’t understand, and then they started to set up altars, make altars, and jump around, and they didn’t see anything special.

Today, when Master Qi took action, they knew if there was any. Although they still couldn’t understand what Master Qi was doing, they could obviously feel that Master Qi was very powerful! Thinking that he was still bargaining with Master Qi this morning, Liu Shun wanted to slap himself twice. Such a powerful master, let alone more than two million, even if five million were invited to do a ritual, he would not lose money. .


A crisp sound came from the copper bell in Qi Yan’s hand, one longer than one, and one more awe-inspiring. The original gale stopped suddenly, and the world was terribly quiet at this moment.

“Today, please the spirit of heaven and earth, protect the peace of this place, and use the wine bottle of the most expensive person as a sacrifice!” As soon as the copper bell in Qi Yan’s hand stopped, he quickly took the wine glass held by Cen Baihe and stood at the center of the rune he drew. Constantly reciting the formula, the scorching sun in the sky was gradually covered by dark clouds, and it seemed that a heavy rain was about to come.

Cen Baihe saw the golden light on Qi Yan’s body, like a beacon in the dark, dazzlingly bright.


Qi Yan buckled his backhand, and the bronze wine bottle that seemed to require careful protection was embedded in the heart of the battle, and his whole body sank in.


A drop of rain fell into the cup and splashed a tiny splash of water. The same splashes of light green anger and light red fortune. As more and more rain fell into the wine bottle, the anger and luck radiating from the wine bottle also increased. They began to slowly spread around, and the black mist that had become thinner was squeezed invisible. Without a trace.

“Okay,” Qi Yan wiped his forehead wet from the rain, turned his head and smiled and said to Cen Baihe, “How do you feel?”

Cen Baihe took out a snow-white handkerchief and put it in Qi Yan’s hand, and smiled and said, “It’s pretty good.” He was talking about “3D effects” and also about his physical condition. At the moment when the anger poured out of the wine bottle, he seemed to see a ray of green and golden light quickly entering his body.

“Of course,” Qi Yan whispered in his ear, “We have put the fate of the entire community back on track.” Most of the people who can live in this community are the middle class. Their original fate There are good and bad, but it will definitely not be everyone’s bad luck, bad luck, and even the life span has been reduced.

He helped these people get rid of the bad luck that they shouldn’t have, and saved their destiny, that is a great merit.

“We?” Cen Baihe was stunned for a moment, “I don’t have anything…” He finally knew why the money called him, not to really let him watch the excitement, but to divide merit or anger to him.

“Hush!” Qi Yan quickly covered his mouth, raised his head and glanced at the sky secretly, his wet hair lying softly on his forehead, looking a little cute, “Who said you didn’t do it, you contributed your hair. You also made the wine bottle stained with your purple gas, otherwise it won’t be easy for me to finish this finishing touch.”

The hand covering his mouth was warm and soft, and Cen Baihe seemed to hear his heart beating like a drum.

“Ah,” Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe staring at him deeply, and quickly retracted his hand, with an embarrassed smile on his face, “I didn’t mean to forget to wash my hands, hehehehe.”

Cen Baihe was silent for a while and said: “It’s okay, the rain is getting heavier and heavier, let’s go down.”

Seeing that Cen Baihe seemed to really didn’t mind his unintentional failure, Qi Yan didn’t take this matter to heart. He wiped the water off his face with the veil that Cen Baihe gave him and walked to the stairwell. Liu Shun and the others, who were standing at the top of the stairs, saw Qi Yan approaching, and they hurriedly stepped aside, not daring to take a mouthful.

Especially Liu Shun’s wife who was particularly proud just now, her expression at this time is extremely pious, and the look in Qi Yan’s eyes is like looking at a half immortal.

“Master Qi,” Liu Shun nodded and bowed to Qi Yan, “I don’t know if you are free today, it’s better…”

“No time,” Qi Yan grabbed his hair and walked to the elevator entrance on the next floor. Without looking at Liu Shun, who was walking behind him, “We have both money and money. Mr. Liu will pay the money earlier. Just go to my account.”

“Yes, it should.” Liu Shun gave the assistant a wink and motioned to him to arrange the transfer immediately, so that Master Qi should not be unhappy.

He wanted to talk to Cen Wuye, but seeing Cen Wuye’s expressionless and cold look with his head down and his face, he didn’t dare to move in front of him.

Taking the elevator directly to the underground parking lot, Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe’s two bodyguards and drivers standing outside the elevator door, and nodded to the two of them.

“Master Qi,” the two bodyguards had long been in awe of Qi Yan. However, this scene fell in the eyes of Liu Shun and others, and it became very meaningful.

Liu Shun maintained a smiling face and drove Qi Yan and Cen Baihe into the car until the car drove out of the parking lot. He still looked towards the exit of the parking lot with a look of dismay.

“Husband, this Master Qi is not from Cen Wuye,” Liu Shun’s wife said with a weird expression, “Otherwise, how could the relationship between the two be so good?”

“What do you know as a woman,” Liu Shun snarled his wife. “People are masters. Do you think that a big family like the Cen family doesn’t need to invite a master?” He curled his lips. Haven’t you heard of human affairs?”

Being criticized by Liu Shun in front of others, Liu Shun’s wife was a little unhappy, but soon a gentle smile appeared on her face, “Husband, how can I have you know so much? I want to hear about the family news, but there is nowhere to inquire about it.” She blinked at Liu Shun, “Isn’t the Cen family rich, right, and status? What else does such a family need?”

“Of course I have a request,” Liu Shun was so praised by his wife, and he snorted softly. “It is said that Master Cen is not in good health. I don’t know if I can live through 35. The old man of the Cen family is that way. Spoiling this little son, can you just watch him die?”

“What you mean is…” Liu Shun’s wife covered her red lips lightly. “Do they want to ask the master to change his life?”

“Who knows,” Liu Shun laughed mockingly, “No matter how high his status is, it’s not that I can’t enjoy it.” When he said this, he completely forgot the appearance of nodding and bowing in front of Cen Baihe.

Liu Shun’s wife rushed into his arms and smiled sweetly: “Yes, I think that Cen Wuye looks sick and doesn’t look like a long-lived person, not as good as your husband.”

Coaxed by his wife, Liu Shun took her shoulders proudly and walked to his car.

“Boss, the money has been transferred to Master Qi’s account,” the assistant asked behind him in a low voice, “The manager of the company just called and said that something went wrong with the company…”

“You all go back to the company and go to work,” Liu Shun pulled the car door and sat in the driver’s seat. “I have something to do, so I won’t be with you.”

“Yes.” The assistant glanced at the beautiful wife of the boss next to Liu Shun, and got into another car with several other seniors.

“Money, money.” Cen Baihe watched Qi Yan take off his soaked clothes and put on the white shirt he had left in the car. His eyes moved a little uncomfortably, but the light from the corner of his eye still caught him halfway out. Coming waist.

“What’s the matter?” Qi Yan turned to look at him, revealing a white and tight chest. Seeing Cen Baihe’s uncomfortable look, Qi Yan buttoned his clothes while laughing, “Bohe, when you were in college, you definitely didn’t live in the dormitory of the school.”

“How do you know?” Cen Baihe’s eyes fell on Qi Yan’s collarbone, feeling that he was almost uncomfortable breathing.

“Because if you live on campus, you will definitely look at the shirtless look of your accustomed classmates hiding in the dormitory,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “but a well-educated person like you is probably in your own home and won’t be shirtless. .”

Cen Baihe felt that something was wrong with the appearance of Qi Yan and a few strange boys shirtless. He frowned and shook his head: “No.”

“I knew it,” Qi Yan shook his sleeves, because he was a little shorter than Cen Baihe, so this shirt was a bit too big for him. “When I was young, there was no air conditioning in the place where I lived, and the old man and I wore Dahanshan. Sitting under the big tree in Guanli and eating watermelon to enjoy the coolness, there is no image at all.”

“What kind of Taoist temple did you live in when you were young?” Cen Baihe was a little curious about the place where Qi Yan lived when he was young.

“It’s small and broken. When I was thirteen, the Taoist temple was demolished.” Qi Yan also learned that at that time, his master did not have a Taoist qualification certificate and was a fake Taoist who was not officially recognized. “So now I think If I want to take you there, it won’t work.”

Although Qi Yan’s tone was very calm, Cen Baihe still heard a bit of loss. He felt a little regretful and said, “That’s really a shame.”

“In fact, there is nothing to be a pity. Now that the national economy is developing, it is not surprising that our Po Taoist Temple was torn down.” Qi Yan wiped his hair with the dirty clothes he took off. “But before the old man died, he actually bought it for me in the Imperial Capital. I got a house, which surprised me.”

Cen Baihe faintly felt that Qi Yan, a master, might not be simple, because a Taoist without real ability could not train such a great amount of money. But he was very clever not to mention these, but said, “Why didn’t you let me speak just now?”

“Did you cheat in the exam and say it in front of your teacher?” Qi Yan sneezed, “Gong and anger are good things for you, of course, the more the better.”

Just after speaking, the mobile phone text message prompt sounded, and he opened it and took a look. It turned out that the money transferred by Liu Shun had arrived.

“Tell me your bank account number.”

“What do you want an account for?”

“Split the spoils.” Qi Yan gave Cen Baihe a cell phone message and took a look. “Liu Shun transferred me 2.6 million, and I donated 600,000 to the charity platform. I will share the remaining 2 million with you 800,000. I just put in a lot of effort, so I need to divide it a little bit more.”

Cen Baihe laughed dumbfounded when he heard the words, “No need, you just keep the money.”

“Brothers clearly settle the accounts,” Qi Yan glanced at him obliquely, “I know you have money, but the money that should be given to you is still indispensable.”

The bodyguard in the front row couldn’t help but complain inwardly: Usually when you are having a big meal with Wu Shao, you don’t see you pay the bill.

In the end, Qi Yan insisted on transferring the “labor service fee” to Cen Baihe’s account. For Cen Baihe, 800,000 was hardly worth mentioning, but when he saw the money transfer with a serious bow, he felt that he was better than making money. Eighty million are still happy.

After the transfer, Qi Yan patted Cen Baihe on the shoulder jokingly, “Follow me in the future, I will not treat you badly.”

Cen Baihe smiled and looked at him, his deep eyes were full of gentleness: “Okay.”

“Boss,” the bodyguard in the co-pilot seat suddenly said, “just came news that Liu Shun and his wife had an accident not long after they left Luluo Community, and they are now being sent to the hospital for rescue.”

Cen Baihe frowned slightly, “I see.”

“Master Qi, didn’t you go to see Feng Shui just now, how could you…” The bodyguard couldn’t help asking the doubts in his heart.

“I said it at the beginning, just to solve the problems of the community for him, and did not say to help solve his own problems.” Qi Yan lowered his eyelids, and said in a cold tone, “He has committed so many evils in his life, and he has not accumulated them in his previous life. Fu, do you still want to die?”

The author has something to say: Qianqian: Don’t worry, I will not watch you die because I will close my eyes.


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