The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 43

Liu Shun has done all his bad things. After his car accident disappeared, many people scolded him behind his back. Some people even broke the news on Weibo that the boss of a real estate company had a car accident and that it was with his second wife.

There is never a shortage of boring people in this world. After this news, someone soon picked up the real estate owner’s last name and first name, what ethical things he did, and whom he had an affair with during marriage. The content that was picked up has opened the eyes of countless netizens, saying that what the scumbag is doing is surely even God can’t stand it, so that they will have a car accident in a flat place without turning.

Some people feel sorry for Liu Shun’s original partner and children, and start to calculate how much inheritance Liu Shun’s children can get after his death. For the people, such a person is not as good as dead.

I don’t know if the people’s mental abilities are too strong, or Liu Shun really deserves to die. After he was rescued in an emergency, he had already passed the most dangerous period, but he didn’t know that he died silently that night. After a doctor’s examination, he was choked to death by something.

But after Liu Shun was sent to the hospital, not only was he unable to eat, he didn’t even take a sip of water, so how could he be choked to death?

Liu Shun’s parents dissatisfied, thinking that someone must have harmed his son, so they called the police.

The forensic doctor dissected Liu Shun’s body and found no other suspicious places on him. Finally, he came to the conclusion that this person may have been choked to death by his own saliva.

For Liu Shun’s parents, they couldn’t accept this kind of statement made by the police, so they slapped around at the police station or the gate of the hospital. Women, they want to get back the custody of their grandson.

It’s a pity that those wicked things that Liu Shun did have long been stripped away by netizens, so no matter how they make trouble, they won’t get everyone’s sympathy. Netizens exploded when they learned that the old couple was going to grab custody.

They didn’t stand up when the son abandoned his wife, and they didn’t stand up when the son committed crimes. Now that the son is dead, they finally remembered that no one would give them their retirement, and that no filial sons and grandchildren would throw pots in front of their spirits.

No matter how rogue people are in front of the power of the masses, they will become insignificant. In the end, Liu Shun’s parents could not bear the gossip and rushed back to their hometown in a desperate manner to arrange a funeral for their son. As for the beautiful daughter-in-law lying in the hospital, they didn’t even take a look.

Liu Shun’s death did not change the lives of too many people. The only value of his death is to let boring netizens watch a lively, so that girls can understand what kind of beasts there will be when men are scumbags. The industry under his name has been divided up, and the entertainment industry he invested in has found new investors, as if he had lived the world from the future.

Some people are not as good as dead, but even if they die, no one cares about it, it will only be very happy.

Qi Yan looked at the push message on the phone and clicked on it. It turned out that it was about Liu Shun. The reporter of this press release was very contagious. Although he didn’t scold Liu Shun a word, the lines were filled with scum.

Huaxia people have always respected the deceased, and it is rare for them to be scolded **** when they die. The only blame is Liu Shun’s disgusting work. The coffins of his 18th generation ancestors can’t suppress his wickedness.

Throwing the phone aside, Qi Yan turned on the computer and searched the Internet for news about Luluo Community. It turned out that it was the old news some time ago. He hadn’t revealed anything about changing Fengshui in Luluo Community before.

Guessing that this might be Cen Baihe’s help, Qi Yan felt that he was right to take this little brother to rub his merits.

“Boom! Boom!”

Hearing that someone outside was smashing his door severely, Qi Yan stood up without rushing, and opened the door of the room. There was still an acquaintance standing outside the door.

“Qi Yan,” the thin and tall man sticking his cane with a sullen expression on his face, “did you have done something to my brother-in-law and sister, or why did they have something wrong as soon as you left?!”

However, he couldn’t feel any sense of oppression because he couldn’t even stand still, but the few big men behind him were fierce and vicious, looking murderous.

The thin and tall look in Qi Yan’s eyes is like looking at a man who killed his father and enemy, “Are you the person sent by Huang Lian Po?”

Qi Yan looked at the tall and thin man with a caring look at the mentally handicapped. After he roared almost, he slowly said: “Last time you broke a leg, did you fall slightly?”

“What do you mean?” The thin and tall man thought of his previous situation, and his face suddenly paled, “Could it be your demon trick that caused me to break my leg?! Then did my brother-in-law’s car accident also follow you? Please tell me clearly about it!”

The few thugs who followed the lanky man had a weird expression, looking at the employer’s eyes as if they were looking crazy.

What demon method?

“Comrade police, these are these people!” Aunt Wang rushed out of the elevator, pointing at the thin and tall man and the strong men behind him, “I saw that they were not good people, and now they are actually good at promoting feudal superstition. , It’s too damnable!”

She could hear clearly just now, this lame man yelled at some demon method.

In the eyes of the police, it was a simple and harmless young man who was threatened by a group of gangster muscle men at the door of his house. When they heard the messy “demon method”, they suspected that these people were related to some cult, so they handcuffed them. They dunked a bunch.

“You don’t want to study well at a young age. What evil spirits are thinking in your mind.” Aunt Wang looked at these young people with a hatred of iron and steel.

“Comrade police, this is a misunderstanding,” the detained thugs reacted and explained hurriedly, “We are only accompanying our employers to meet individuals. We have no intention of breaking into famous houses, let alone propagating cult thoughts, you guys. Don’t blame good people!”

“What are you muscular guys blocking at the door of Xiao Qi’s house?” Aunt Wang’s sharp eyes scanned these people, turned to meet Qi Yan’s gaze, and her expression softened suddenly, “Xiao Qi, are you okay?”

Qi Yan shook his head: “Thank you Aunt Wang, I’m fine. Just now they suddenly ran over and smashed my door, saying that I had killed his brother-in-law with a demon method. This is simply…” When he said this, he showed a helpless wry smile. It seems to be the helplessness of normal people in the face of mental patients.

“I’m grass…” The tall and thin person didn’t expect Qi Yan to be so shameless, pretending to be a bullied little white rabbit to show him? ! However, the police did not give him a chance to finish the curse, and the police stopped him.

Qi Yan blinked and thanked the police and Aunt Wang with a smile, appearing polite and enthusiastic.

The thin and tall man was almost desperate in his heart. He did not expect that this Master Qi still had two faces! When he was taken away by the police, he still looked back unwillingly, but this look shocked him.

The other party was still standing there, looking at him blankly, eyes like a pair of beautiful glass beads, cold and emotionless.

The thin and tall man was awe-inspiring, and the cold air penetrated his body from the soles of his feet, and he almost couldn’t hold back urine.

After sending away the police and the enthusiastic Aunt Wang, Qi Yan returned to the house, then stared at his messy closet worrying.

Cen Baihe’s father’s birthday banquet is coming soon, but he doesn’t even know what clothes he is wearing. If it was a birthday feast for other people, he would just put on a piece of clothing and go. But this time is different. Cen Baihe is not only his lifesaver, but also his good buddy. He can’t dress too shabbyly, let others say that Cen Baihe has a problem with making friends, and even the clothes are not good.

Qi Yan thought for a while, he had no choice but to give up the plan of staying at home and go out to buy clothes.

For him, buying clothes is a very simple thing. Bring the card and report the size of your clothes. If the color is not spicy, you can take it home.

After buying two suits, Qi Yan’s knees softened inexplicably when he was about to get off the elevator. He looked at the elevator in front of him and felt a little uneasy.

“Sir, do you need it?” Seeing that Qi Yan stopped moving suddenly, the mall security guard hurried forward and asked if there was a problem.

“This elevator…” Qi Yan frowned, “It seems that something is wrong?”

The security guard looked at the elevator confused, thinking that he was afraid of the elevator, and explained: “Sir, please rest assured that our mall is under the Cen’s consortium, and the elevator is inspected every day, and will never take customers. Joking about his life.”

Mentioning the four words “Cen’s Consortium”, the security’s tone carries indelible pride. In the whole country, no one knows that the Cen’s reputation is good. As long as the projects they participate in, the quality will be better than other people’s.

This turned out to be an industry under the name of Cen Baihe?

Qi Yan looked at the people standing on the elevator. It really happened to be a shareholder of the elevator, and the impact on the Cen family should be huge. But looking at the vowed expression of this security guard, it shows that they do check the elevator every day. Why is there a suffocation on this elevator?

The security guard faintly felt that this young man was too unreasonably worried, but this thought could not be expressed on his face, after all, customers are God.

Then he saw that the young man seemed to have called someone, and soon a colleague came to close the elevator and arranged for professionals to overhaul the elevator. The atmosphere on the scene seemed a bit solemn.

Seeing this scene, the security guard couldn’t help but look at the young man standing in the corner. Who is this man who made his superiors pay so much attention to an elevator with a phone call?

After a while, the face of the employee responsible for overhauling the elevator became very ugly. He said to the store manager who was accompanying him: “Manager, there is indeed something wrong with the elevator, if…”

If it hadn’t stopped the elevator in time for maintenance, there might be a major event today.

The store manager paled with fright and was busy reporting the incident. It’s just that he has some doubts in his heart. How did the people above know that there is a problem with the elevator, and specifically asked them to stop the elevator immediately for inspection?

“Boss,” Liang Feng hung up, “the news from the mall said that there was indeed something wrong with the elevator, and we are now arranging for maintenance.”

Cen Baihe nodded silently.

“I suspect this may be man-made…” Liang Feng saw the boss still not showing much expression, “but this time thanks to Master Qi, otherwise it will be troublesome.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe’s lips curled upwards inconspicuously.



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