The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 44

The elevator did not cause a disaster because of the emergency treatment of professionals. For the person in charge of the mall, it was a thankful good thing, although he did not know why the superior suddenly notified him to stop using the elevator immediately.

After the disaster was quietly resolved, he heard from the security that a very young man had told them to stop using the elevator, and it seemed that this young man made a call to a high-level man. The person in charge is dubious about this statement. No one in the world can tell with the naked eye that there will be an elevator accident, and he is not a fortune-telling fairy.

Although he was murmured in his heart, he still called out the surveillance video at the time. He didn’t expect that things were as the security said. A young man persuaded their mall staff to stop using the elevator.

As the person in charge of such a big shopping mall, what he first thought of was not that this young man was amazing, but that he had something to do with the inexplicable failure of the elevator, otherwise there is no such coincidence in the world, just talk about it and it will come true. ?

After he reported the incident to his superiors, he quickly got a reply from the head office personally, which meant that the young man had no malice.

When the person in charge saw that the approval document was sent by the head office, his little heart couldn’t help but hopped a few times, and he became more curious about the identity of the young man. What a powerful person would be necessary for the head office to come out in person. Make a sound?

He watched the video several times back and forth, but the pixels of the surveillance video were not so high that he could not recognize the clear look of a stranger.

It’s just a bit of a pity. He knew that this young man’s status was not ordinary. He should find an excuse to keep the person and build a good relationship with them that day.

The upper-class circles of the imperial capital have been a bit lively in recent days. It’s not because some girl eloped with the poor boy, and it’s not because the good kids who are honest and motivated like Cinderella, but the old man of the Cen family is about to have a big birthday.

The Cen family’s financial resources, material resources, and even fame are among the best in the country. Many people are proud to have a small relationship with the Cen family, although many times the Cen family may not even know them.

Old man Cen is decent, rich and benevolent. Like the paternal heads of the Cen family, he has made a lot of contributions to charity. His five children are also more promising than one, and they have not made a fool of themselves, nor have they caused troubles. They are simply the representative of the ancestors’ blessings and the filial and capable children and grandchildren. It’s a pity that the one with the most outstanding ability among the children is not in good health. The master even bluntly said that “life is not more than thirty-five years old.”

Mrs. Cen has a very good status in the hearts of a class of elderly ladies, because he has always been married since he was married to Mrs. Cen, and his husband and wife have been in a good relationship. After Mrs. Cen passed away, he has been living a life of self-cultivation and nourishment. Make the so-called “mistakes men make.”

A good man who loves his wife in the Gu family is always easy to get the favor of a woman. Therefore, Mr. Cen can barely be called a “teacher killer” and is one of the series of “Husbands of Others’ Family” among many women.

Father Cen’s birthday banquet was held in a very well-known and well-guarded hotel. After the early hours of the morning, the hotel staff began to wait for it, checking the ingredients and tableware, the utensils in the hotel over and over again, and even the security was doubled. There is a half-spread pool.

As we all know, Mr. Cen is a low-key person and often only celebrates his birthday every few years, but every time he celebrates his birthday, countless celebrities come to celebrate his birthday, and even many big figures who can only be seen on national news programs will also dress up. Appearance. Therefore, for many upstarts, being able to participate in the birthday banquet of Mr. Cen is a status symbol.

Recently, the prices of treasures in major antique shops and jade shops have also risen. These are all made by the rich and upstarts who prepared birthday gifts for Mr. Cen. Whether it is true or not, I am afraid that only the insiders know for themselves.

Qi Yan drove the car that he had just gotten the day before, and he didn’t even have time to get the license plate. When he found the birthday banquet venue, he felt that his car was like a trumpet flower mixed into the peony flower, and he took a car out. It is many times more expensive than his car.

Touching the steering wheel with pity, Qi Yan said distressedly: “My dear, I have been wronged for a few hours.”

The parking brother quickly greeted Qi Yan, and he bowed to Qi Yan and opened the car door for him: “Sir, do you need help parking?”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan thanked him. As soon as he was about to get out of the car and leave, he saw a man next to him sticking his head out of the car and said with an impatient expression, “Waiter, help me park this car.”

“Sorry sir, I will arrange for a colleague to park for you immediately, please wait a while.” The parking boy bowed to the man, and then smiled apologetically at Qi Yan.

“No need for anyone else,” the man looked at Qi Yan, a car worth less than seven figures, and his expression became a little impatient. “Mr. Cen has a big birthday today. Time can’t be delayed.”

The parking brother murmured secretly, but he was still smiling with the man on his face, but he couldn’t really leave the distinguished guests here and turned his head to park for the later guests.

“It’s okay, you park for this gentleman. I just find a parking space and park it myself.” Qi Yan patted the parking boy on the shoulder and signaled him not to be embarrassed.

“Thank you.” Seeing this young guest speak so well, the parking brother was so grateful that he turned his head and walked towards the man’s car.

The man walked out of the car with his female companion, threw the key to the parking boy, glanced at Qi Yan contemptuously, and walked away.

“Sir, there is a parking space on the left. Just drive over there.” The parking boy looked at Qi Yan with a guilty expression and pointed out the route for him. Those who came here today were all those who could come to Mr. Cen’s birthday banquet, and no one, his waiter, dared to offend him.

Qi Yan drove the car for half a circle, and finally found a parking space in the corner and squeezed his car in. As soon as the door was closed, the phone rang, and the caller was Cen Baihe.

“Qianqian, where are you? Didn’t I just say that I was at the door of the hotel, why didn’t I see you?”

“There are too many cars, I can’t find a parking space,” Qi Yan walked towards the hotel door with his mobile phone, “I’ll come over right away.”

Hanging up the phone, Qi Yan looked up and saw Cen Baihe standing at the entrance of the hotel. Perhaps because today is a good day, the other party wears a red tie specially, even the square scarf in the suit pocket is also red.

“Here.” He took the phone away from his ear and waved to Cen Baihe.

There were many men and women walking to the entrance of the hotel, but Cen Baihe saw Qi Yan waving at him at a glance. This was also the first time he saw Qi Yan wearing a more formal suit, but he was unexpectedly good-looking.

The tall and slender legs are wrapped in tailored trousers, the upper body is wearing a white shirt, the neck is tied with a dark bow tie, and the waistcoat and suit seem to be tailor-made for him, showing grace and grace. When the others saw Cen Wuye standing at the door to welcome the guests, they were a little flattered, and couldn’t help but speed up the door.

“There was a traffic jam on the road just now,” Qi Yan strode to Cen Baihe, because he stood a step lower, so he could only raise his head when speaking, “Why do I feel that there is something wrong with the look in my eyes? Where am I wearing it inappropriately?”

“No, it’s the first time I saw you in a formal suit. I was so handsome…a little dazed by you,” Cen Baihe raised his foot down the stairs and stood face to face with Qi Yan, “You are so handsome today.”

“Really?” Qi Yan took care of the square scarf on his chest triumphantly, and said with a smile, “I think so too. But you look good every day, so I don’t have to praise you specially.”

Cen Baihe chuckled softly when he heard the words, and turned sideways in a gesture of inviting: “The distinguished guests are here, good luck, please.”

“Old Mr. Zhu Cen is in good health, as strong as a pine and cypress, and longevity than Nanshan.” Qi Yan also put on a serious appearance, made a gesture of praying at him, and then looked at each other and laughed together.

“Brother, who is the man in the gray suit? Why haven’t I met?” Yuan Cheng saw that Cen Baihe was talking to a young man he hadn’t seen before, and asked the elder brother next to him curiously, “This man It seems that he is young, and he can have a good relationship with the fifth master of the Cen family. This person is a bit capable.”

Yuan Peng felt that the profile of this young man was a bit familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere. He thought for a long time, and finally remembered that he had met this person next to Cen Baihe when he was eating at Qianweiju last time. ”

“Qi?” Yuan Cheng thought for a long time, “I haven’t heard of this person.”

Yuan Peng sneered when he heard the words, “Don’t you hear about it now.” To be on the thigh of Cen Wuye, I don’t have to worry about getting ahead.

The two brothers quickened their pace and quickly walked to Cen Baihe’s side. Yuan Peng laughed before saying a word, and he opened his mouth in auspicious words. After speaking, he didn’t forget to say hello to Qi Yan: “Mr. Qi, hello, this is my ineffective second brother Yuan Cheng.”

Yuan Cheng is not stupid, seeing the cautious attitude of the eldest brother towards this Mr. Qi, and not putting on the airs of the second young master of the Yuan family, he smiled and said, “Mr. Qi, hello.”

“Hello, my next name is Qi Yan,” Qi Yan smiled and reached out to Yuan Cheng who was puzzled. “After all, Mr. Yuan Er was still my senior. The year I entered the school, there was still yours in the school bulletin board. Photo.”

“It turns out that we are actually alumni, fate, fate.” Yuan Cheng smiled with sincerity and shook hands with Qi Yan in a friendly and harmonious manner. Even Yuan Peng’s expression has improved a lot. His brother’s university is one of the top five famous universities in China, and he won’t be admitted if he is not waiting. Although the identity of Mr. Qi is unknown, the people who can get out of this school are all the pride of the day when the college entrance examination was taken across the country.

Cen Baihe’s eyebrows moved slightly: “I remember the second master was a student in the art department?”

Seeing that Cen Wuye knew which department he was reading, Yuan Cheng said with excitement, “Yes, Wuye.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe nodded slightly, and thought to himself that Qianqian studied economics, and didn’t have anything to do with this kind of art study.

“Two of you, please come into the hotel and talk,” Cen Baihe invited them in, but they walked closer to Qi Yan. After introducing the Yuan family brothers into the banquet venue, he whispered to Qi Yan, “My dad wants to see you. Is it convenient for you now?”

“Okay.” Qi Yan responded with a smile. He had long expected that Cen Qiusheng might want to see him. It can be seen from Cen Qiusheng’s life that he is a man who values ​​his family and his wife and children. Since he became friends with Bai He, Bai He’s health has been getting better and better. How could Cen Qiusheng’s father turn a blind eye.

The birthday banquet hadn’t officially started yet, Cen Qiusheng, the elderly birthday man, was still upstairs. Qi Yan followed Cen Baihe upstairs and came outside a presidential suite.

The bodyguard guarding the door saw Cen Baihe approaching and bowed to open the door for him.

When entering the door, a screen blocked people’s sight. Qi Yan followed Cen Baihe around the screen and saw several people sitting on the sofa, and these people were also looking at him.

“Mr. Cen,” Qi Yan bowed towards Cen Qiusheng. As a junior Qi Yan, it is impossible for the old man to greet him first. What’s more, Cen Qiusheng is a kind and respected person. He bowed so willingly, “I wish you good luck and longevity. Yun Changlong. There is a small gift for the younger generation, I hope you don’t dislike it.”

“Master Qi is too polite,” Cen Qiusheng stood up and invited Qi Yan to sit down. “If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid this little old man wouldn’t be in the mood to hold a birthday banquet right now.”

“Why haven’t you thought that it is because of your good deeds that you will get such a generous reward?” Qi Yan took out a small box and handed it to Cen Qiusheng with both hands, “I have nothing to give you. , Please accept it.”

The box looked ordinary, but Cen Qiusheng didn’t dare to underestimate it at all. Even if a piece of paper is a good thing, something a master like Qi Yan gave, how could he dislike it. Cen Qiusheng sighed after repeatedly asking his eldest son to help him tidy up his things, “Master Qi helped our family so much, and Cen really doesn’t know how to thank you. But this year, I’m putting it here. If Master Qi needs anything in the future, just speak up. As long as it doesn’t harm the country or the people, my Cen family will definitely help.”

“Mr. Cen, your words are too polite,” Qi Yan knew that Cen Qiusheng was not polite, but this promise was too heavy, and he felt ashamed. “I became good friends with Baihe. A fate, you have made me a little bit at a loss.”

He turned his head and smiled at Cen Baihe, who was sitting next to him, “Let me tell you a few words, don’t dismiss my hypocrisy. I’m okay. Our school has a principle of doing things, and that is to help those who please me.”

Cen Baihe looked at the dimples on Qi Yan’s cheeks, and felt that his heart seemed to be trapped in the dimples, soft and unspeakable weird.

“What if it is not pleasing to the eye?” Big Brother Cen asked curiously.

“Then love to roll, don’t disturb our ascension.” Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, his expression a little free and easy.

“Well said,” Cen Qiusheng said with emotion, “I ran into a master several decades ago. He was very capable and solved a very difficult task for me. The dashing behavior is somewhat similar to Master Qi. .”

Qi Yan said with a smile: “My Taoist people have always done what they want and what they want. Mr. Cen has always met an expert in Taoism.”

“Although Master Qi is working for his friends, for me, an old man, you saved my two children.” Cen Qiusheng turned the conversation back again, “Master Qi took this promise as my father. A heart of love, please don’t refuse.”

Several other children of the Cen family also nodded nearby, even the second sister Cen, who did not believe in ghosts and gods, and the fourth brother Cen, who had just rushed back from abroad to hear what had happened, were grateful.

“Then I would like to thank Mr. Cen,” Qi Yan suddenly remembered something, took out a red cloth bag from his trouser pocket, and said to Cen Baihe, “Hey, I said that I will draw you the peace symbol last time.”

Cen Baihe took this red cloth bag, which contained more than a dozen talisman papers folded into a triangle, but there was no tip.

“After you go back, prepare a dozen kits with auspicious characters, and you will put them in by yourself,” Qi Yan warned, “Remember, don’t ask others to help you when you pretend.”

“Thank you.” Cen Baihe felt that this was not talisman, but the deep brotherhood that Qi Yan treated him.

“Master Qi,” Cen Sange and Cao Jingyan walked to Qi Yan, sincerely thanked Qi Yan, and gave him a gift. Qi Yan did not refuse this thank-you gift, but took it. “You should have this disaster in your life. As the saying goes, if you don’t die, you will have a blessing. As long as you maintain the current mentality in the future, you don’t have to worry about the koi jump Turn into a dragon.”

“Thank you, Master.” Cen Sange was shocked and thanked Qi Yan again.

Qi Yan smiled and did not speak, his eyes fell on Cao Jingyan, and his smile became more gentle: “San Ye Cen, you have a very good wife.”

About several generations of people who have accumulated a fortune are better. Qi Yan discovered that although the destiny of the Cen family is also different, they are all people of integrity and face.

For a person with such a destiny, an ordinary person can produce one, and that is a great thing for one person to achieve the ascendant. But the Cen family is good, no one looks like this. It’s no wonder that the Cen family can still stand tall with such a high reputation.

No one wants to listen to good things, especially the kind words spoken by a master who knows how to look. Cen Sange, an unwavering materialist, became so unsteady after he came out of the hospital. Therefore, when Qi Yan praised his wife, he was more happy than Qi Yan said that he could jump through the dragon gate, and the smile on his face suddenly brightened.

Qi Yan almost didn’t laugh at his reaction, Cen Baihe’s brothers were so cute.

Cao Jingyan saw her husband’s smirk, helpless and sweet, so she could only apologize to Qi Yan and let him not care about her husband’s “stupid mode.”

“You also have a very good husband,” Qi Yan looked at the couple with a smile, “I wish you two grow old together.”

Having been married for several years, after hearing such blessings again, Cao Jingyan’s cheeks were reddening, but the uneasy concealed in her heart was finally smoothed by these words.

Even such a powerful Master Qi said so, what is there to worry about about her?

Sometimes human beings have doubts about their own charm and even feel uneasy because of their love. Sometimes this anxiety will disappear in the long river of time, and sometimes because of inadvertent misunderstanding, this anxiety will be infinitely magnified.

Fortunately, Cao Jingyan met Qi Yan and suppressed the shameless anxiety and low self-esteem in her heart.


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