The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 45

Stepping on the soft carpet and walking down the stairs, Qi Yan saw countless celebrities in the hall, with clothes fragrant on his temples, and laughed at Yan Yan. However, although there were many people on the scene, the volume of everyone’s speech was well controlled, and no one yelled.

Cen Baihe worried that Qi Yan was not comfortable with such occasions. He deliberately lags behind his family and stays with Qi Yan, whispering to him who is on the scene.

“The birthday star is here.” As soon as Cen Qiusheng appeared, he was ridiculed by several old friends. Some praised him for being more energetic, some praised his children’s filial piety, and his descendants. The atmosphere was lively and lively. Cen Qiusheng’s face was flushed.

Suddenly a strange young man was added to a bunch of Cen family members, and he was also close to the old five of the Cen family. This scene attracted the attention of many guests, but they were embarrassed to ask about the identity of the young man.

“Lao Cen, who is this young man?” Old man Yuan, who has a good relationship with Cen Qiusheng, looked at Qi Yan kindly and touched his stomach with a smile, “This kid is so beautiful that he has such a good face.”

“You said that you are in your seventies and eighties, and you still don’t know how to use idioms,” Cen Qiusheng smiled and patted Yuan’s shoulder on the shoulder, “Zhong Lingyuxiu, is that a word to describe people?”

“It’s almost the same.” Yuan Yuan and Cen Qiusheng were the same years old, but he got married early that year, and his eldest grandson was not much younger than Cen Baihe, and he had reached the age to discuss marriage.

“This is the best friend of our fifth oldest family, surnamed Qi.” Cen Qiusheng beckoned to Qi Yan, “Xiao, Mr. Qi, this is the head of the Yuan family, Yuan Chong’an.”

“Qi…” Old Master Yuan narrowed his eyes, as if thinking of something, the expression in Qi Yan’s eyes became more kind. The old fox, Cen Qiusheng, only called this young man Mr. Qi. I am afraid that many people present did not know that this young man with a soft smile was a very capable master.

“Mr. Yuan, hello.” Qi Yan bent down and shook hands with Yuan Chong’an, “Just call me Xiao Qi.”

“Looking up to Mr. Qi’s name for a long time, when I saw him today, I didn’t expect that Mr. Qi was so young,” Yuan Chong’an smiled and shook hands with Qi Yan. “You and Bai He are good friends, don’t call me such unfamiliar, just call me Uncle Yuan. ”

Yuan Cheng, who was following Yuan Chong’an, couldn’t help grinning. He was obviously Qi Yan’s senior brother. How could he blink a generation shorter than him for no reason?

In the imperial capital, many young masters and young ladies are not much different from Cen Baihe in age, but they are one generation or two generations lower than him.

Qi Yan noticed Yuan Peng and Yuan Cheng who were following the old man Yuan, and smiled and did not respond to this name.

Cen Qiusheng opened the mouth and said: “Today is so lively, you young people gather together, we old men will not join you in the fun.”

As soon as Shou Xing Gong said this, many young people praised him for looking very young, and some said that they would like to listen more to the elders, which would benefit them a lot. Although they couldn’t wait to put their wings in their hearts and fly away, there were a lot of beautiful words on the face.

Cen Qiusheng didn’t take these young people’s words seriously, and cheerfully let these young people go away, and the whole person was very kind.

“Did not eat at noon?” Cen Baihe and Qi Yan went to the food self-service area. Seeing that he put some food on the plate, they also followed his actions and took a plate to pick the food.

“Eat a bit,” Qi Yan picked a few clams, “you don’t need to accompany the guests?”

“Everyone knows that Cen Wuye is not in good health,” Cen Baihe lowered his head and whispered in Qi Yan’s ear, “Who would dare to have a drink with me.”

When Qi Yan heard this, he suddenly thought, since childhood, not many people have dared to play with Cen Baihe, because he has an extraordinary background and poor health. The parents of other children are afraid of taking responsibility, so they will deliberately tell their children not to talk to the old Cen family. Wu is too close, they can’t afford to pay for something.

Human beings have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, which is no different from the level of identity. When he was a child, there was a classmate in the next class who was in poor health. No classmates in the class would play with him. Some children vowed to say that their grandparents or moms and dads said that this child will not live much longer, please don’t Touch him.

No one wants to bear the scourge, but what kind of experience would it be for the squeezed out child?

Qi Yan can even imagine that the little Cen Baihe is wearing a neat little suit, sitting on a stool and looking expressionlessly at the scenes of other children playing. Thinking of this, Qi Yan felt very uncomfortable, and patted Cen Baihe’s back with a hand, “It’s okay, I’m not afraid of what I want to play in the future.”

Cen Baihe felt that the hand on his back was like a blazing fire, making his whole body hot. He opened his mouth, it seemed as if something was stuck in his throat, and it took a long time to make an “um” sound.

“Don’t be too moved. Brother, I just talk about loyalty like this.” Qi Yan patted Cen Baihe on the shoulder again, then took the shelled shrimp and put it into Cen Baihe’s bowl with a clamp. “It looks quite fresh, try it.”

Many people at the banquet were watching Cen Baihe secretly. When they saw Cen Baihe and an unknown boy go to the food area to find food, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Who didn’t know that the fifth of the Cen family’s health was very poor, and he usually ate all nutritious meals specially prepared by nutritionists. Such self-service foods have always been untouched.

Who raised this stunned young man, taking Cen Wuye to eat indiscriminately, he was so courageous to go to heaven.

There is a large grassland outside the banquet, on which there are many exquisite tables and chairs for guests to drink tea, chat and dine.

People like Qi Yan holding whole foods in both hands are not too alien in the circle of young people. It’s just that there is a Cen Baihe around him, and the attention he receives is particularly high. After Qi Yan sat down on the chair, he whispered to Cen Baihe, “I think the eyes of those people around me looking at me are like a group of black beans staring at the lentils falling into them.”

Cen Baihe raised his eyebrows, somewhat not quite understanding what Qi Yan meant.

“It’s different,” Qi Yan cut a piece of meat and put it in his mouth with a silver fork. “After living for 22 years, I will finally be famous.”

“Don’t make trouble,” Cen Baihe was amused by his words, “When my dad introduced your last name, someone had already guessed your identity. You have solved the problems in Hongliangshan and Luluo communities. You think those big families don’t Will follow you specifically?”

Qi Yan sneered, bowed his head and ate dinner quietly, his stomach was indeed a little hungry.

Since he can see the luck of other people with his naked eyes, he is particularly edible. It may be because of the increase in spiritual power. Of course, it may also be the reason why his height can go up. .

People with a net height of only 178.5 cm always want to try their best to get 1.8 meters tall.

The breeze was blowing his hair, and he looked up at the swimming pool that was not far away. He remembered that more than ten years ago, the old man took him to swim by the river. The water in the river was very clear. He could catch some small fish and go back to make the soup.

Looking up, he saw Cen Baihe staring at the things on the plate with a tangled expression. He fixed his eyes and saw that it turned out to be some carrot shreds. He used the chopsticks that he had not had the opportunity to pick the carrot shreds into his bowl with the chopsticks he had never had a chance to use. : “What a good carrot is, you don’t like it.”

“Hey…” Seeing that Qi Yan picked out all the radish shreds quickly, Cen Baihe swallowed all the words before he could say it. In fact, he has already planned to try again, but since money has already picked things out, he should give up this attempt.

After their stomachs were full, Cen Baihe wiped the corners of his mouth and took two sips of warm water: “Qianqian, is there any problem between my third brother and my third wife?”

Qi Yan didn’t expect Cen Baihe’s observation ability to be so powerful. He just said a few words to Cen Sanshao and his wife, and he noticed that there was something wrong with him, “There is no big problem, I just think Cen Sansao seems a little unconfident. ”

Cen Baihe thought for a moment: “I see.”

Although the conditions of Sansao’s family were pretty good, there were still some gaps compared with the Cen family. The most important thing is that when the third brother and the third sister-in-law were in love, they were the third brother who took the initiative to chase after them. Therefore, after the two got married, some people behind them said that the third brother was very scheming and did everything for the Cen family’s wealth.

But for the Cen family, what they saw was Sansao’s goodness, and the messy statements from the outside world were simply a joke to them. Could it be that their Cen family can’t even tell who is sincere and who is fake. It just didn’t expect that Sansao would still care about the things their Cen family didn’t care about.

“My third brother is to blame for this. If he is more careful, my third wife won’t have such an idea.” Cen Baihe sighed, “I will talk to my third brother after I go back. Money, thank you, if it wasn’t you, I don’t know. Will there be an irreparable misunderstanding between the third brother and the third sister-in-law?”

“I told you earlier, good brothers don’t say thank you,” Qi Yan quipped, “but you can look at problems from the perspective of female compatriots, which shows that you are a good man who can think about women, and the future Cen Wusao will be blessed. NS.”

“Why Cen Wusao?” Cen Baihe frowned, with a slight tone, “You think far, you are a Taoist priest, do you still want to get married and have children?”

“My master and I are both lay disciples. Although the techniques are derived from Taoism, they are not really Taoists. They are not exquisite.” Qi Yan looked at the plate in front of him, “A life that can’t eat meat, follow What’s the difference between salted fish.”

“So, do you have someone you like?” Cen Baihe squinted at Qi Yan, waiting for his answer.

“I’m still young,” Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, “you, a man who is about to enter middle age, are not in a hurry. What am I anxious about.”

Cen Baihe, who was about to pass the twenty-nine-year-old threshold and stepped into the thirty-year-old mark, felt that his hands were a little itchy, and almost couldn’t help but slap Qi Yan on the forehead. It’s a pity that someone interrupted their conversation, so that he didn’t exhale the slap.

“Cen Wuye, Mr. Qi,” Ruan Youyi, wearing a beautiful dress, smiled and stood at the table of the two of them, “Mind if I sit down?”

Qi Yan glanced at Cen Baihe. Seeing that he didn’t respond, he smiled and got up to pull out the chair for Ruan Youyi: “Miss Ruan, please sit down.”

Ruan Youyi glanced across the two empty plates on the table, her red lips raised slightly, “Am I disturbing you?” She looked at Cen Baihe, who had a cold expression, and her heart felt a little bitter. Even if she took the initiative to approach, he still There is no more expression on yourself, as if she is just an unrelated passerby.

“Two distinguished guests, do you need me to remove the plates for the two?” A waiter walked to the three of them and bowed to them.

“Thank you, thank you.”

When the waiter removed the plate, he didn’t know why his expression was in a trance. The sauce on the plate splashed on Qi Yan’s coat, and his face changed in fright. He wanted to wipe off the stains for Qi Yan by himself, but he knew that he would go now. It’s too late to wipe.

“It’s okay,” Qi Yan smiled at the waiter, “don’t care.”

The waiter bowed to him a few more times, and then left in three steps.

“Sorry, I didn’t expect such a thing to happen,” Cen Baihe took out his handkerchief, “it seems that I can only go back and have it washed.”

“It has nothing to do with you. Your family just booked a banquet in this hotel. Can you still be responsible for everyone’s words and deeds?” Qi Yan stretched out his arm and allowed Cen Baihe to wipe his sleeves. “Fortunately, I went out and picked Gray set, white is not selected.”

Cen Baihe wiped it a few times, but couldn’t wipe it off, so he had no choice but to give up. He put his handkerchief away, laughed and said, “Is this lucky too?”

“Of course,” Qi Yan nodded solemnly, “Lucky is reflected by comparison.”

“Crisis,” Cen Baihe shook his head and smiled, “I really don’t know where you find so many fallacies and heresies all day long.”

“This is not a fallacious reason, this is the crystallization of wisdom,” Qi Yan said with an expression of “You don’t understand me”, “I wouldn’t tell him most people.”

Ruan Youyi watched Cen Baihe and his friends teasing in silence, feeling that he knew too little about him. She didn’t know that he would harm each other with his friends, that he would gently wipe the clothes of his friends, or even that he would gently say sorry.

The Cen Wuye in her impression was always good-looking, elegant, noble, and indifferent. She couldn’t imagine him joking with others. It was completely different from the Cen Wuye she imagined. But this kind of Cen Wuye seemed to be more vivid, and it made her feel that if she could be loved by such a person, it would be the luckiest thing in the world.

Before, there was a female artist who dared to use Cen Wuye to hype, and in front of reporters, she hinted that Cen Wuye was in poor health and would not be too happy to be with him. When she saw this report, she was almost blown up. Later, she put pressure on the female artist’s boyfriend’s home, so that the female artist would never have the chance to marry a wealthy family in her life.

It’s ridiculous. If you use the identity and health of an unrelated person to hype, you should be prepared for revenge.

“Mr. Qi doesn’t drink?” Ruan Youyi noticed that there was a glass of freshly squeezed juice in front of Qi Yan.

“I don’t like drinking very much, let alone driving without drinking,” Qi Yan picked up orange juice and touched a spray glass with Ruan Youyi, “Miss Ruan, don’t mind.”

“It turns out that Mr. Qi drove by himself.” Ruan Youyi took a sip of champagne, with a slight smile on his face. “That’s right not to drink.” It is inevitable that anyone would drink a little alcohol on occasions like this. Few people drive here in person.

This Mr. Qi, who didn’t know where he came from, didn’t even know this?

“Money,” Cen Baihe said in an unusually cold tone, “the sun outside is a bit big, let’s go in.”

“Why don’t you let the waiter hold a parasol here?” Ruan Youyi asked with a smile.

“No,” Cen Baihe’s eyes swept across Ruan Youyi, without a trace of emotion in his eyes, “I just brought money to meet some people.”

“Oh,” Ruan Youyi smiled awkwardly, “then I won’t bother you two.”

Qi Yan followed Cen Baihe to the inner hall, and when he stepped on the steps, he turned his head and glanced in the direction where Ruan Youyi was. The other party was sitting alone at the table with a perfect posture like a goddess.

“What are you looking at?” Cen Baihe stopped and looked back at him.

“Nothing.” Qi Yan retracted his gaze and shook his head, and said casually, “This Miss Ruan is so beautiful.”

Cen Baihe said blankly, “Is that so, I didn’t see it.”

“You, a person who is incomprehensible, are really alone,” Qi Yan shook his head, “I won’t discuss this kind of aesthetic issue with you.”

Cen Baihe did not answer this question. After entering the inner hall with Qi Yan, he led him to greet several distinguished family heads, and made it clear to everyone to know that this Master Qi you have secretly investigated is with them. The family relationship is very good, so it is best not to make any impolite little gestures.

As for other upstarts or small families, Cen Baihe felt that even if he didn’t greet him, Qi Yan’s ability would not suffer much.

“Dad, Bai He and Master Qi are really good buddies,” Big Brother Cen said with emotion as he watched his younger brother stay with Master Qi almost all the time, “Since childhood, he has never been with me like this.”

“Friends are not the same as brothers,” Cen Qiusheng drank a little wine, his face flushed, and he looked beaming. “But seeing him like this makes me feel more at ease.”

“Yes…” Big Brother Cen looked at his soft-faced younger brother, he hadn’t seen such a relaxed younger brother in a long time.

I really hope that Master Qi can be friends with Bai He for a lifetime, so that he doesn’t have to worry about his younger brother’s physical condition.

Qi Yan was talking to Cen Baihe, suddenly felt his eyes were falling on him, and looked back suspiciously, and found that the waiter who had soiled his coat just now was secretly watching him.

Seeing that he found himself, the waiter quickly avoided.

Qi Yan frowned, the waiter’s eyes didn’t seem to be guilty, but more like looking.

The author has something to say: Qianqian: It’s not good for a good friend to pick a mouth, what can I do?


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