The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 47

A very important part of the Chinese wine table culture is the seating arrangement. Sitting on the left hand side of Cen Baihe, Qi Yan received attention from countless people. Fortunately, he did his job, but he had to have a good psychological quality. Otherwise, he was secretly looked at by so many people.

The dishes are served one by one, but few people really eat it. On such an important occasion, the people at the table are extraordinary, and no one would be indecent because of such a few stutters. Even Qi Yan, who has always had a good appetite, restrained and kept a cold and mysterious face.

After a meal, Qi Yan didn’t say a few words in total. He drank two cups with the tablemate with tea instead of wine, and no one said he was wrong. In the eyes of others, even the Cen family is polite to this young man, and they will not be so stupid to offend.

By the end of the dinner, it was already around ten o’clock in the evening. Qi Yan looked back at the Cen Sange and his wife and Cen Baihe who personally escorted him outside the hotel gate, feeling a little helpless: “Stay for a walk, stay for a walk.”

“Master Qi,” Cao Jingyan smiled softly, like a loving sister, “I really appreciate your coming today.”

“Sansao is polite,” Qi Yan smiled at Cen Baihe, “Is it right to call you that way?”

“You and our family, Baihe, are friends, so you should call me Sansao.” The smile on Cao Jingyan’s face became more gentle.

Cen Baihe nodded: “Yes, it should be.”

Qi Yan smiled helplessly, blinked at Cen Baihe, and then said to Cao Jingyan: “The third brother, the third wife, and Baihe, I’m home, and you guys will go home early to rest.”

“Okay,” Cao Jingyan handed Qi Yan a box of biscuits and a box of sugar, “Be careful on the way.”

Qi Yan nodded, waved to the three of them, and walked in the direction where he parked, without facing the panic and nervousness of the rich.

“Master Qi has a really good personality,” Cen Sange held his wife’s waist, making no secret of his appreciation. People in their position can tell who is sincere and who is false. Sometimes it only takes a few words and a few actions to tell.

Baihe’s luck is better than they thought. It takes him to know such a person who treats him as an ordinary friend and can improve his physique. I don’t know how much luck it takes.

“Some time ago, did you let people choose a car with high safety performance and moderate value for Master Qi?” Cen Sange half-squinted and watched Qi Yan get into a car with a good appearance. “I knew that Master Qi was missing. I’ll give him one for the scooter, or you can give him one. Master Qi has helped us so much, so how can I be embarrassed to let him out with a little money?”

“This kind of trivial matter doesn’t need to worry about the third brother, I can arrange it.” Cen Baihe watched Qi Yan’s car slowly drive out of the hotel, his voice was tender in the dark, “He wouldn’t like me to send him the car directly. of.”

Although Qianqian is usually very interested in money, Cen Baihe knew that Qianqian would never like to accept his car for nothing. This kind of intuition is inexplicable, but Cen Baihe understands that some bottom lines cannot be stepped on. After stepping on, they may not even be able to do so with friends.

As soon as Qi Yan stopped the car, he received a text message from his mobile phone. The sender was an unfamiliar number.

Stranger: Qi Yan, this is Yang Heshu.

Qi Yan pulled on his tie, picked up the jacket that was thrown on the front passenger’s seat, got out of the car, and slammed the door. The light in the underground garage was not very good, so Qi Yan locked the car and walked to the elevator.

The elevator door opened, and a well-dressed young man with glasses and a peaked cap walked out from the inside. The man was fair-skinned, handsome, and looked very gentle. When he walked out of the elevator, he smiled at Qi Yan.

“please wait a while.”

The gentle man looked back at Qi Yan, the smile on his face remained unchanged.

“Your wallet is gone,” Qi Yan pointed to the corner of the elevator, where there was a black men’s wallet.

The gentle man glanced at Qi Yan, pulled the brim of the peaked hat, and silently picked up the wallet on the ground. When he turned to leave, the elevator suddenly closed, and then slowly went up.

The smile on the gentle man’s face solidified, and he turned his head to look at Qi Yan, his eyes cold.

“What’s the matter with this elevator,” Qi Yan frowned without looking at the gentle man, “Why didn’t I respond when I pressed the door open button?”

“It may be a malfunction.” The gentle man’s voice was a little hoarse, as if he had a cold.

“That’s really embarrassing, let you run one more time.” Qi Yan apologized to the man, and just as the elevator door opened, he walked out of the elevator and smiled at the man in the elevator: “Goodbye.”

The gentle man pressed the close button expressionlessly, and the elevator descended one after another, but when it reached 4, it suddenly stopped moving. Qi Yan looked at the red 4 on the display and laughed.

Soon after, a police car and a fire engine drove into the community. It turned out that after the property staff found a problem with the elevator in a residential building, they found a person trapped in the elevator from the monitoring, and immediately arranged for someone to open the rescue. As a result, the door was wicked and the elevator door could not be opened. , And the person trapped in the elevator reacted a little strangely and looked a little panicked.

They felt something was wrong with this, so they called the police. The fire police came to help open the door, and the police came to check if the person was suspicious.

Just when the police and fire police arrived, the elevator doors that could not be opened anyway suddenly opened. The people trapped inside looked down and didn’t look at them. They wanted to run, but because they ran too much. Soon, the whole person slammed into the wall, and was easily controlled by the police.

Take it back to the first trial. It turns out that this is the thief who caused several families to lose cash and precious jewelry recently. Under normal circumstances, no one would suspect that an elite-looking person would be a thief, so he let this person get away with it for a long time.

“I have to say that this is God’s eye,” a male police officer looked at the surveillance video in the elevator. “This man was going to leave, but he went back to pick up the wallet. The man who went up with him It’s all right, but when he got down, he was stuck in the elevator. So people can’t do bad things. If they do bad things, one day they will be caught.”

“I heard from the property that this matter seems to be a wicked matter,” the female police officer who made the report said in a low voice. Something was wrong, so I called the police. As soon as our police arrived, the elevator opened without doing anything. How can there be so many coincidences in the world?”

“What nonsense,” the brigade instructor came over with a teacup and criticized. “You are public servants serving the people. You can’t spread this rumors of chaos.”

“Instructor, didn’t you go out with the police today?” The female police officer heard that the instructor’s tone was not too harsh, so she asked boldly, “Is what I just said is true?”

“There are so many coincidences in the world, you young people, don’t think about it.” The instructor walked behind the male police officer and suddenly said, “Replay this monitoring from the beginning.”

Seeing that the instructor suddenly became serious, the male police officer did not dare to hesitate, so he replayed the video and gave up his seat. The instructor was not polite with him, and just sat down, but his eyes were fixed on the screen.

It is normal for the thief to enter the elevator until the elevator door opens. The thief is very good at disguising, and even has a neighborhood interaction with the people waiting outside the elevator.

In today’s society, everyone seems to be close because of the Internet, but because of their defensiveness, they become strangers. Sometimes, even with the people on the first floor, they can’t get to know them completely after living for several years.

The young man who came in later was obviously the owner of this community. He also found the wallet and stopped the thief.

After watching this entire video, the instructor couldn’t help shaking his head. If the young man did not stop the thief, or the thief did not pick up the wallet because of greed, perhaps he would not be caught. this

This is really how Skynet is recovering and not leaking, even if you want to run, you can’t get away.

But this young man… seems familiar.

The next morning, when Qi Yan came back from shopping for vegetables, he heard the old ladies in the community chatting with exclamation that the community had caught a flying thief last night. How powerful this flying thief was and how many things he stole, but in the end It was still caught in their community.

Listening to the pride and pride in their tone, Qi Yan couldn’t help laughing.

The phone’s ringing was still the unfamiliar number last night. He waited for the ringing to ring for a while before pressing the answer button.


“It turned out to be you, sorry, I went to bed last night after going home to take a shower, and didn’t notice the text message.”

“In the afternoon?” Qi Yan’s expression became serious, “Okay.”

Lin Rong Old Alley is a famous snack street, where you don’t want to eat too much, and the price is affordable. It is a place where many young people often visit. The only downside is that this alley is a bit narrow, so everyone must be careful when they go to avoid bumping into others.

Yang Heshu sat by the window, and the coffee in front of him barely moved. When he saw Qi Yan’s figure appear, he got up from the sofa with some excitement.

“I’m sorry, there is a traffic jam on the road.” Qi Yan sat down opposite Yang Heshu, glanced at the things before Yang He wrote, frowned and said, “Why did you only order a cup of coffee?” The waiter said, “First, let’s have two cups of the most expensive drinks in your store, and a few more expensive snacks.” After that, he took out a hundred dollars and stuffed it to the waiter, “This is a tip for you. ”

“Thank you.” The waiter has almost no opportunity to tip the guests at such a cheap drink shop. He glanced at Qi Yan’s famous brand, and then at the young man sitting opposite Qi Yan, a lot of grievances and hatreds came to his mind.

When the waiter looked at it with this look, Yang Heshu was a little uncomfortable. After the waiter left, he smiled awkwardly: “It seems that you are really sending it now.”

“It was also my luck that I happened to be on the thigh of the Cen family,” Qi Yan tilted Erlang’s legs and shook his head. “Your grades back then were even better than me. Why did you go to be a hotel waiter?”

“I don’t have money at home. I didn’t even go to high school, so I went to a secondary school.” Yang Heshu was bitter. A lot of strength.”

“Oh,” Qi Yan sighed, “so it’s really hard to say something like fate.”

“Yes, yes.” Yang Heshu laughed at the corner of his mouth. “Who said it was not. If I had money, who would be willing to do these things.”

“Sir, your drinks and snacks.” The waiter came over with juice and snacks. He just heard Yang Heshu’s words, and the look in Yang Heshu’s eyes suddenly changed.

“Thank you.” Qi Yan took out a few banknotes from the bag: “Pay the bill, if there is any remaining, you can keep it.”

“Thank you, thank you.” The waiter thanked him twice before leaving with a smile.

Yang Heshu looked at the appearance of the waiter, his expression changed, and finally turned into a sigh: “In fact, when I first saw you, I was always hesitant to recognize you.”

“Why?” Qi Yan took a sip of the juice with a very casual attitude.

“Because you have become a dragon and a phoenix among the people, I am still a waiter who nods and bows down to serve people,” Yang Heshu’s face became more bitter, “I have no face to see you.”

“Our old classmates for many years, it hurts feelings to say this,” Qi Yan patted the table, “By the way, I haven’t been back to town for a long time, how are your parents?”

“They… are pretty good.” Yang He Shuben thought that they would recall the past, but Qi Yan turned the topic to his parents. After a moment, he nodded and said: “It’s okay, it’s just getting older. Yes, my legs and feet are not so good.”

“Just blow it. Some time ago, I met my former elementary school classmates and said that your dad worked on a construction site in the town, and he was better than a middle-aged strong man,” Qi Yan twisted a piece of snack and threw it into his mouth. Dim Sum dropped a table, “I said you are such an adult now, how can you make Uncle Yang so hard.”

Yang Shu looked at the dim sum on the table, his brows almost frowned, but in the end he managed to bear it down: “He, he also wants to save some money for my brother and me to get married.”

When he met Qi Yan yesterday, Qi Yan was still personable and very polite. When he saw him today, he found that this person was only in front of the Cen family. He was actually just a rude and rude person who wanted to show off if he had money. I don’t know how Cen Wuye would be friends with such a person. Is it because of freshness?

After all, people who are so tacky and disgusting are rare.

After the two sat in the drinking bar for a while, Qi Yan said, “Go, I’ll take you for a drive. The new car I just changed recently cost me 600, 700,000 yuan.”

Yang Heshu looked at the dazzling display and complacency in Qi Yan’s eyes, and he couldn’t wait to spray a sip of water on his face. However, in fact, he just stood up full of expectation and flattered Qi Yan with admiration.

In order to be able to have a good relationship with this person, he bears it!

There was no parking in the alley, and the two of them walked for several minutes before they reached the parking place. Qi Yan knocked on the roof of the car, turned to Yang He and said, “How about it, not bad?”

“Ah.” Yang Heshu nodded, and cursed a stupid inwardly. The price of this car was obviously three to four hundred thousand, and he froze at six to seven hundred thousand, which was really shameless.

“Get in the car,” Qi Yan got into the car vigorously, and after Yang Heshu got into the co-pilot, he fastened his seat belt and started the car humming a little song.

There were a few noisy and noisy online songs in the car, the lyrics were extremely vulgar, and Yang Heshu even heard that two singers were deliberately coquettish, which was simply unbearable. He looked palely at the young man humming while driving, and almost collapsed.

This Qi Yan’s voice is good, but the humming song doesn’t tune a word. Yang Heshu, who originally planned to continue to be close to Qi Yan, can hardly even say a word.

In the end, when Qi Yan sent him back, his whole mind was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t believe it. It was such a vulgar person who played around the Cen family and regarded him as a distinguished guest.

Is the Cen family blind or mentally retarded?

“Bye, next time I will take you out to play.” Qi Yan didn’t seem to see Yang Heshu’s trance, blew a whistle, sprayed Yang Heshu’s exhaust gas, and walked away.

Yang Heshu stared at the direction the car was leaving, and for a long time he finally cursed the two words that had been circulating in his heart countless times: “Fool!”

“Hahahahaha!” Qi Yan stopped the car to the side of the road, and finally couldn’t help laughing out loud. After almost laughing, he took out his cell phone to call Cen Baihe, and decided to tell his good buddies how good his acting skills were.

“This data is too low, this month…” Cen Baihe stopped talking, looked at the phone, and said to Liang Feng, “Sorry, I will answer the call first.”

Liang Feng gave a good gesture, took the file and sat down on the sofa next to him, but he was a little curious. Which charming little fairy hooked the boss to answer the phone without even saying a word?


Oh, it’s not the charming little fairy, it’s Master Qi. Liang Feng felt that he had wronged a powerful master so much that he might be punished, so he put his hands together and worshiped.

Listening to Qianqian talking on the phone about how he deliberately pretended to be a “someone who thinks he can’t afford to lose money”, Cen Baihe was a little bit amused, “You are really…”

“Life is boring, so I always find something interesting to do, otherwise, how should I live.”

“I’m going to hang up, and a traffic policeman came over and said that you can’t park here for too long, bye.”

There was a busy tone on the other end of the phone, and Cen Baihe was a little lost after putting down the phone. Before that, he had always felt that money was optimistic and cheerful, just like a little sun. However, he forgot that the master who raised Qianqian had passed away, and now that Qianqian has no relatives, how did he live by himself?

Qianqian has friends, but those friends also have their own family members, and what else is money and money?

“Boss?” Liang Feng didn’t speak after seeing his boss hung up the phone. “This report.”

“You take it down first, I am a little confused now,” Cen Baihe put his hands on the table, showing complex emotions that Liang Feng couldn’t understand. “Let’s talk about it tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Liang Feng closed the file and hesitated: “Boss, don’t hold back anything in your heart. Take a break.”

“I know, thank you.” Cen Baihe rubbed his forehead. After Liang Feng had left, he got up and looked at the traffic under the building, his heart aching.

If Qianqian’s friends will have wives and children in the future, and there is no time to contact Qianqian, how boring is Qianqian alone?

As long as he thinks about such a scene, he feels that his heart is blocked, and he almost can’t breathe.

The author has something to say: Bai He: My heart is so congested, I must be suffering from an old disease.


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