The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 48

As soon as August passed and September entered, the imposing autumn tiger turned into a rustling autumn wind, and the temperature shifted so that many people entered the cold autumn before it slowed down.

Mooncake advertisements began to be broadcast on TV and the Internet, constantly reminding everyone that the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming and it is time to buy mooncakes. Life without mooncakes is not perfect. Netizens on the Internet have also started the annual “Dislike Five Ren Mooncakes” activity. Although the Mid-Autumn Festival has not yet arrived, the festive atmosphere already exists.

Qi Yan remembers that when he was a child on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the master would buy him a mooncake with a big face. At that time, there was no innovation in the filling of the mooncake, just a little peanut or sesame, and the hard and dry skin was sprinkled with a layer of sesame. . After buying it, put the fruit on an offering table, light incense candles to worship the moon cake, and then you can eat it.

Now the flavor of moon cakes has been innovated. When many people eat moon cakes, they will not specially worship the moon, but what he misses most is the taste of childhood.

Bringing the sign of his magic calculation, Qi Yan found a corner of the street where there were not too many people, but there was no urban management. I don’t know if his luck today is not so good. After squatting on the street for an hour or two, no one wants to ask him to count. There are a few intentions. When he heard that he was asking for five hundred, they were all scared to go away. NS.

Qi Yan simply bought a small stool in the small supermarket next to him, a bottle of drinks, and several generations of snacks, sitting slowly waiting for customers to come. Had he not dressed well, people passing by in a hurry would almost think he had come to beg.

As time passed by, the time was approaching noon, and there were fewer people in the streets where there were not many people. Qi Yan stood up and kicked his sore legs, bending over to close the stall.

“Do you really know how to tell a fortune?”

Qi Yan turned around and saw a woman with a thin body and withered hair standing in front of him, her thin windbreaker fluttering in the wind, and the inferior fabric rustled.

“Please sit down first.” Qi Yan put the stool next to the woman and squatted to look at her. “What do you want?”

The woman took out five hundred-dollar bills from her coat. She seemed a little strangled. She didn’t seem to feel sorry for the money at all. Looking at her who is under 30 years old, she looks haggard, with no vitality in her eyes, but after sitting down, her sitting posture is very elegant, I can see that she used to be a very well-tutored person or a very strict person.

“I don’t know what it counts?” The woman stroked the slightly messy diagonal bangs on her forehead and pressed her dry lips. “You can count it.”

Qi Yan glanced at her, got up and said, “You wait a moment.”

The woman did not speak, did not look at Qi Yan, and did not care if he ran away with 500 yuan, she just stared numbly at the palm-sized wooden sign in front of him, or she did not see anything. , Just in a daze.

“Your lips are a bit dry,” Qi Yan ran out of the supermarket quickly and handed her an unopened bottle of peach juice. The woman looked at the juice, and after two seconds she stretched out her skinny hand to take the juice. The corners of her lips moved, as if to say thank you, but Qi Yan did not hear clearly.

Qi Yan smiled at her and lowered his head to open the plastic packaging of a lady’s lipstick, and it took a long time to open it. He handed the lipstick to the woman, “I bought it for ten yuan. It’s not a good thing. Don’t dislike it. Just rub it to prevent the corners of your lips from cracking and bleeding.”

The woman looked at Qi Yan in a daze, took the lipstick for a while, wrung out the cap and wiped it on her lips, a bit of coolness and a tingling pain came from her lips. She squeezed the lipstick, her lips quivered, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Qi Yan put away the wooden sign on the ground and said in a soft tone, “Since you don’t know what it counts, we can talk casually. I don’t charge extra time.”

“Are all fortune tellers like you?” The woman twitched her lips and smiled, “So… gentle?”

“I should be special,” Qi Yan shook his head, “Because I am more accurate in fortune-telling, people in the rivers and lakes are called semi-fairy fortune-telling, which is incomparable to ordinary fortune tellers.”

The woman smiled gently. She carefully put the lipstick into her windbreaker jacket, unscrewed the lid of the drink, and took a big sip. The sweetness of peaches instantly flooded her taste buds, making her a little bit sweet to cry. But maybe it was crying too much, and there was no tear in her eyes.

“Very sweet,” the woman lowered her head, preventing Qi Yan from seeing her expression, “thank you.”

“Pretty girl, drinking something sweet will make you feel better.” Qi Yan didn’t stare at her face, he sighed, “My master always said that I love sweets. This habit is like girls. Now his old man passed away, and I have no other relatives, and no one cares about what I want to eat.” He picked out a bag of potato chips from the supermarket shopping bag next to the woman and gave it to the woman, “divide you a bag, and we will eat as we eat. Calculate.”

“You…” The woman took the potato chips and looked at the young man smiling softly in front of her. How could she not believe that such a young boy had no other relatives, “Your…” She hesitated, but still did not ask. , She was worried about what happened to the parents of the young people, and when she asked them, she exposed the scars, which would be too cruel.

“I don’t have parents. When I was young, I was picked up by my master and raised.” Qi Yan smiled, and didn’t mind mentioning these pasts. “I think you have a pretty good face, you should have parents who love you very much.”

“Yeah, they love me so much, they treat me as a jewel in their palms,” the woman smiled bitterly, “Unfortunately, I am an unfilial girl. I broke their hearts for a man.” After graduating from high school, she insisted on staying with that bastard. It’s useless how her parents persuaded her to even kneel to her. She remembered the day when she and a man got on the train to the Imperial City. She saw her mother crying at the train station while looking for her, but she was ruthlessly pretending He didn’t see it, and got on the train with the man without looking back.

This walk lasted ten years. At the beginning, the man was okay, and he was gentle and considerate to her. But a year later, he was exposed, drinking, insulting, beating, and then crying for her forgiveness. Later, she became pregnant but was beaten to a miscarriage by him. After the doctor told her that she would never have another baby, she collapsed. But the man looked for other women outside, on the grounds that he couldn’t live without offspring.

In the end, the relationship she abandoned her parents begged for ended with a marriage and divorce full of domestic violence.

People always have to pay for their own faults. She hurts her parents, self-righteous, innocent and stupid, and she deserves it and is ridiculous to fall to this end. When she was most helpless, she posted to the Internet for help, and some netizens replies to her. The fool should live a little harder.

Now that I think about it, this netizen is right. A stupid like her is what others call a scumbag, and living is a waste.

She chose an abandoned construction site with no people and no water source. When she jumped down, she would neither waste police resources nor pollute water resources. The only trouble was that after death, she might trouble the police to collect her body, or she might be scared. To the person who found her body. But this is the last thing she can do. The landlord of the rental house is a good person, and she can’t die there, causing trouble to the landlord.

Just cross this street and walk several kilometers east to reach the abandoned construction site. When she saw this young fortune teller, she remembered that she still had a few hundred dollars left on her body, which was the money left over after paying the rent for this month. Anyway, she doesn’t need the money anymore, so it’s better to give it to those who need it. Don’t you know if this is considered a good deed?

“No, I look at your face. You were favored by your parents in your early years, and later met a villain, but after ten years, you will be transported,” Qi Yan shook his head, “If you are alive, who will not meet a few scumbags, just look at it. Just fine.”

“Transfer?” The woman laughed at herself, “How to count as transshipment?”

“A double harvest in your love career,” Qi Yan pointed to her eyebrows, “Your eyebrows are neat and beautiful, and your ears are droopy and fleshy. You are a person with a blessing.”

“Hou Fu,” the woman smiled and shook her head, “Thank you, I’m afraid I won’t have any luck.”

“Don’t believe me, I’m very accurate,” Qi Yan frowned, “but I think your forehead hair is yellow, it should be a family member’s illness, if I’m correct, it should be Lingtang’s health. The old man’s. Many of the illnesses are not serious. If you are sick, it is also a heart disease. If you miss one time for your children, you can’t make a mistake the second time. You have to accompany the elderly more and take care of her health.”

The woman finally showed a look of panic: “What are you saying, my mother has a problem with her body.”

“From the face of it, it is true,” Qi Yan nodded, “I don’t think you have any other brothers or sisters. You, a daughter, still have to be considerate of your parents.”

“Yes, I don’t have any other brothers or sisters,” the woman stared at Qi Yan blankly. She didn’t expect Qi Yan to know that she had no other brothers and sisters. Her dead heart beat again, and the scene of her mother crying for her again appeared in her mind. .

Every time she thinks about it, she feels out of breath, and even has no face to go to the two elders.

Anyway, at least, at least she should have a sneak peek, in case…what the young man said is true? She abruptly stood up from the plastic stool, “Master, thank you for waking me up, thank you!”

When Qi Yan saw that she had finished speaking, he was ready to leave, and hurriedly stopped her: “Wait.”

The woman turned her head questioningly, not understanding what the young man had to say to her.

“I accept your fortune-telling fee,” Qi Yan drew 3,000 yuan from the wallet and handed it a business card to the woman. “I borrowed the 3,000 yuan from you. When you have a successful career, Remember to double it back to me.”

The woman looked at the young man in shock. How did he know that she was out of money? Could it be that… she really met a kind-hearted **** operator?

“Accept it,” Qi Yan stuffed the money into the woman’s hand, picked up the plastic stool on the ground and the shopping bag containing snacks and snack bags, and smiled to the woman, “Goodbye, see you next time.”

“Wait!” The woman felt that she couldn’t accept help from others so inexplicably, but the young man walked so fast that he ran into a car in three or two steps and drove far away.

With this stack of money, she bought a return train ticket with her ID card, but when she came back, she was riding a crowded train, but now she is riding a beautiful and fast train. The journey of several days was completed in one day.

She set foot on the station that was completely unfamiliar to her hometown, listening to the familiar accent, she walked out the door blankly. When she passed the bulletin board at the station and saw a missing person notice on it, she finally couldn’t help but squatted in front of the bulletin board and howled.

On the bulletin board that seemed to have just been posted, there was a photo of her wearing school uniform ten years ago, and every description in it was what she was wearing when she left.

She had forgotten what kind of clothes and shoes she wore when she left ten years ago, but her parents still remember that they were still looking for her year after year, day after day. They didn’t know that her unfilial daughter was afraid that they would find herself, she asked her to give a false certificate and never used a real ID card again.

“Sister, what’s wrong.”

“Sister, don’t cry, let’s go to the police if we are wronged.”


Although this station is unfamiliar, the folks here are still enthusiastic. Looking at the concerned eyes around, she slowly stood up, her barren heart seemed to have found a foothold.

“Huh.” Qi Yan blew the hot chicken soup in the bowl, and transferred 500 yuan to the Hope Engineering Agency. After drinking the fragrant and delicious chicken soup, his eyebrows raised triumphantly. His skill in making soup is getting better and better, but it’s a pity that this good craft is no longer needed in life.

The phone kept ringing, Qi Yan was too lazy to take the phone, and simply pressed the speakerphone, and Wang Hang’s voice came out.


“Huh?” Qi Yan was calm, in sharp contrast with Wang Hang’s excitement.

“You are so familiar with Wu Ye Cen!!” Wang Hang’s voice almost roared out, “We are still not friends anymore. You don’t tell me such important things.”

“Don’t you know that low-key is one of my many strengths?”

“Do you still have a face?”

Qi Yan sneered, and then explained: “This matter is actually nothing to say. If I tell you specifically, it seems that I am showing off to you. Besides, whether I am friends with Baihe or not, so are you. My brother.”

“I know to say beautiful things,” Wang Hang snorted on the other side of the phone, but he also understood what Qi Yan meant and didn’t stop talking about it. “You know, don’t you know that the second child has a girlfriend. I will invite us to dinner tomorrow and meet up.”

“He didn’t stay in school to study, why did he want to fall in love?” Qi Yan put down the bowl, “I didn’t expect that among the four of us, the first one to get out of the singles turned out to be the second child.”

“Life is impermanent. Our two single dogs can only eat dog food.” Wang Hang’s voice was a little anxious, “I won’t tell you for now. I’m working on a plan for these two days. I will try to finish it today and tomorrow. I have time to play with you.”

Hearing the busy tone on the other end of the phone, Qi Yan shrugged and continued to drink the chicken soup, but before he swallowed a bite of the chicken soup, the phone rang again. This time it was the second child who called. Probably the content is that he has found a good girlfriend, so he will invite a good buddy to dinner tomorrow night.

Even if Qi Yan agreed, he also made a few jokes on his second child by the way.

After hanging up the phone, Qi Yan finished drinking the chicken soup in a few mouthfuls. He felt that the feeling of eating dog food was not so obvious, so he got up and took the bowl to the kitchen and cleaned the kitchen by the way.

Before and after returning to the computer, he saw a missed call from Cen Baihe, wiped off the water on his hand, and called Cen Baihe back.

As soon as the call was made, the phone was picked up over there, and Cen Baihe’s low voice came over.


“Bohe, what’s the matter? I was cleaning the kitchen just now, and I didn’t hear the phone ring.”

“There is indeed one thing I want to ask you,” Cen Baihe chuckled lightly. “I said it was not convenient on the phone. I will pick you up next time. We will have dinner together in the evening.”

Qi Yan glanced at the time, it was three or four in the afternoon, “Okay, but I ate late at noon, so I won’t go to Qianweiju in the evening.” He would feel distressed if he ordered too much to finish eating.

“Why did you eat so late?” Cen Baihe said with concern, Qi Yan could feel the care even though he was on the phone. He smiled and said, “I opened the first hexagram this month, and I didn’t meet it until noon. I came back a bit late.”

“You still have to pay more attention to your body in the future. Fortune-telling can be done anytime, and your body is more important.”

“Fortune-telling is about fate,” Qi Yan said with a low smile, “Besides, a life is more important than a meal.”


“It’s okay, I’ll go to sleep first, you remember to call me in advance this afternoon, so I can get up.”

“Okay.” Cen Baihe waited for a busy tone from Qi Yan’s cell phone, hung up, raised his head and said to Liang Feng who was next to him, “You just said, who’s here?”

“Mr. Meng, the president of Qianfei Technology Company,” Liang Feng added, “It was reserved beforehand.”

“Okay, I’m going over now.” Cen Baihe walked out in a good mood, Liang Feng followed behind and closed the office door.

Qianfei Technology is a new company that has only been developed in the past two years. Recently, it has made a lot of publicity, and it can be regarded as famous in the circle. Cen Baihe did not expect the president of this company to be a young man under 30 years old.

After the two polite greetings, the young man named Meng Xuan talked about their company’s newly developed software. He was very confident in his words. It seemed that as long as Cen Baihe agreed to invest, he would bring Cen Baihe a huge profit.

After Cen Baihe accepted the project case, he said in a calm tone: “I will consider it.”

Meng Xuan couldn’t see the joy or anger from Cen Baihe’s face. In addition, the two had only half an hour to talk. He didn’t want to look too dignified, so he could only hide his anxiety: “I look forward to receiving good news from you. .”

Cen Baihe took a sip from his teacup, “Meng is young and promising, and there will be no shortage of opportunities.”

“But the opportunity to work with you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.” Meng Xuan gave a flattering at the right time. “Many people in the industry are looking forward to cooperating with Wu Ye, and I am no exception.”

“President Meng is overwhelmed. Cen is just a businessman. How can he have such a big appeal.” Cen Baihe glanced at his watch.

Meng Xuan immediately stood up and said, “I have disturbed the fifth master for a long time today. I should also go now. Goodbye.”

“Mr. Meng, please.” Liang Feng shook hands with Meng Xuan and led him out of the reception room.

Cen Baihe sat on the sofa calmly, waiting for Liang Feng to send the guests back, “In the future, this person doesn’t have to think about cooperation.”

Liang Feng was shocked: “I understand.”

“Don’t understand why?”

Liang Feng nodded.

“The project proposal cannot be done.”

Cen Baihe took a sip of his tea: “More importantly, his company’s name is not very good.”

Liang Feng:? ?



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