The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 49

After reading the plan of Qianfei Technology Company, Liang Feng understood why the boss didn’t cooperate with this company. But from the point of view of profit, there is no big problem with this plan, but some means of making money are a bit unsightly. Other bosses who only care about benefits may not care about this. However, although their boss is indifferent on the face, he is more repulsive of some methods that entrap customers.

“If you don’t look at other people’s methods, you won’t be able to look at it. It’s not a good name to talk about it.” Liang Feng threw the plan aside, arranged for someone to contact the person in charge of Qianfei’s side, and asked him to find a reason to refuse Qianfei’s side. Cooperation invitation.

“Assistant Liang,” a department manager knocked on the door and came in, placing the documents in his hand in front of him, “This is the department’s new report. You can take a look.”

“Thanks,” Liang Feng smiled at the department manager and suddenly said, “By the way, how is the branch’s new project doing?”

“This…” The department manager was embarrassed and was not very optimistic about the progress of the new project. “The traffic over there is very inconvenient, so the previous project was carried out relatively slowly. In addition to the flooding some time ago, the project was also shelved. It took a long time, and the progress was fully restored last month.”

“No one can predict such things as natural disasters and man-made disasters,” Liang Feng nodded, “I see, you go busy, the progress over there has to be hard for you to keep watching.”

The department manager smiled and said, “It should be.”

After the department manager went out, Liang Feng frowned and opened an email. It was a photo of the branch manager having dinner with a female artist. The other party’s face was full of smiles, but the project was delayed. Anxiety.

No wonder the boss said, pay more attention to this person, this person is indeed very problematic.

“Didn’t you tell you to call me before you leave?” Qi Yan lay on the sofa sleepily, looking at Cen Baihe with his messy hair, “Why didn’t you call me?”

“I guess you may still be asleep, I just want you to sleep a little longer,” Cen Baihe opened the refrigerator and took out two bottles of drinks from it. “It’s still early, you clean up slowly.”

Qi Yan took the drink and took a sip. The cold touch made him feel a lot more energetic, “Then you sit for a while, and I’ll change my clothes.”

“Yeah.” Cen Baihe got up and walked to the balcony. He looked at the flowers and plants that Qi Yan had raised, and touched the leaves of a pot of succulents. Qian Qian looked lazy, but these flowers and plants were well raised.

After a while, Qi Yan changed his clothes and came out. Seeing that Cen Baihe was looking at the flowers and plants on his balcony, he picked up a fist-sized Guanyin lotus and gave it to him: “Come on, give you a pot, the name is auspicious.”

Cen Baihe stretched out his hand to take it, and thanked him in a low voice.

“You’re welcome, just tell me what flowers you like next time,” Qi Yan waved his hand generously, “It’s not about eating, I’m hungry, so let’s go.”

Cen Baihe held the Guanyin lotus in his hand and turned his head to see the curled eyelashes on Qi Yan’s eyelids. He felt that his heart seemed to have been brushed by these eyelashes. It was a bit uncomfortable for the numbness, but he was reluctant to take a look.

The two came to a hot pot restaurant with a very good reputation in the car. Cen Baihe sat at the table under the worried eyes of the two bodyguards.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen,” Qi Yan put a bottle of stomach medicine on the table and said to two bodyguards who appeared to be a little worried. “Your fifth master is fine, so don’t get used to him too much.”

This kind of tone of school teacher educating ignorant parents made Cen Baihe couldn’t help laughing. He stretched out his hand and gently pulled the dull hair on Qi Yan’s head: “Who is used to me, eh?”

“Your whole family is accustomed to you,” Qi Yan poured out two stomach-nourishing pills and put them in his hands. “When you grow up so big, you are the first person I have ever met who has never eaten hot pot.” He felt that he was caught. It was a miracle that Cen Baihe, who was pampered as a fragile treasure at home, did not grow crooked.

Cen Baihe swallowed the nourishing stomach pill. The smell of the nourishing stomach medicine was a bit strange. He even drank several sips of water before suppressing the strange taste.

“You just ate these spicy things. Taking some stomach medicine can improve the adaptability of the stomach.” Qi Yan gave a whole bottle of medicine to Cen Baihe. , Are you very touched?”

“Master Qi, did you make this medicine… by yourself?” The worries on the bodyguard’s face became more obvious.

“Don’t worry,” Qi Yan knew what he was worried about. “This medicine is a good thing. I don’t give it away easily.”

“I believe you.” Cen Baihe put the medicine in his suit jacket and smiled at Qi Yan: “Thank you.”

When the bodyguard saw that the fifth master had spoken, he couldn’t say anything, but felt that the hot pot meal today made them a little frightened.

I don’t know if it’s because of the exceptionally good business in this shop. Even if they sit in the small private room, they can hear the noise outside. However, the waiter’s hands and feet were very quick, and it didn’t take long to bring the mandarin duck pot bottom and various dishes they ordered.

Considering that this is the first time Cen Baihe has eaten hot pot, the red pot that Qi Yan ordered is only slightly spicy.

So Cen Baihe adapts very well. After eating a few chopsticks, he still thinks this hot pot is really interesting, and he can ask the chef at home to cook it often.

“By the way, you said on the phone that you are looking for me for something,” Qi Yan put the hot duck intestines into the bowl, “what’s the matter?”

“It’s not a big deal. My third brother and sister-in-law are so good these days, it’s almost like being in love. They want to treat you to a meal alone, but they don’t know if you have time, so let me Come to ask you.” Cen Baihe laughed, “They think you must be very busy at ordinary times, so they don’t dare to disturb you easily.”

“Why do I think there is a bit of sarcasm in your sentence?” Qi Yan rolled his eyes, “I am usually very chanting, sleeping, and playing games.”

“Puff,” the bodyguard couldn’t help laughing, “Master Qi, you are not busy, you are not a monk, what do you recite?”

“We Taoists also have scriptures. Don’t think of Buddhism when you hear scriptures.” Qi Yan shook his head, took a drink and bowed to the bodyguard. “I think the two eldest brothers often accompany Baihe. I don’t know the two brothers. name.”

“Master Lao Qi asked. My name is Huang He, and his name is Zhao Li. You can call us Dahe Dali.” The two bodyguards drank the water in the cup. Although this Master Qi’s usual behaviors are a bit weird to them, the boss’s health is getting better and better, and the whole person is becoming more and more lively. They see it in their eyes.

“Are I lucky these days? Why are so many people invited me to dinner?” Qi Yan smiled and said, “Three brothers and three sisters-in-laws treat me, I am definitely going. You can tell me when you book. Will miss the appointment.”

“Okay.” Cen Baihe smiled Shen and pointed to the pot, “Your beef slices are getting old soon.” It is not easy to get a knife in the sky.

“I’m going!” Qi Yan went down the chopsticks like flying, and immediately picked out a few pieces of fat cows.

More than an hour later, Qi Yan put down his chopsticks and touched his stomach, “Every time I eat hot pot, I always feel that I can eat a big pot.”

“As long as I eat with you, I will eat and support,” Cen Baihe handed the tissue to Qi Yan, “probably because your face is very good.”

Qi Yan grabbed the tissue in his hand and stood up and said, “I know you are complimenting me for my beauty, but we have to keep a low profile and don’t show off.”

Dahe opened the door, walked outside the corridor and waited for Master Qi and Wushao to come out, then looked at the crowd coming and going in the hall with a serious expression. There are a lot of people in the hot pot restaurant, and they have to be more vigilant. If something goes wrong, they will be sorry for the high salary they received.

But apparently Dahe thought a little too much. Almost everyone in the lobby was busy grabbing food. Even if Cen Baihe was handsome and broke the sky, few people paid attention. For foodies, no matter how good-looking people are, it is not as attractive as a piece of meat that is about to be cooked.

“Qi Yan.”

As the four of them walked out of the hot pot restaurant’s gate, Qi Yan heard someone calling him behind him. He looked back and saw that Yang Heshu was running out of it, with the surprise of a chance encounter with a friend on his face, “I just thought that the back was a bit like you, but I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“Yes, it’s a coincidence.” Qi Yan’s gaze fell behind Yang Heshu, “Is this your friend too?”

Yang Heshu looked back and smiled and said, “Mr. Meng is my benefactor. I accidentally scratched Mr. Meng’s sports car on my bike a few days ago. He saw that my financial situation was not good, and he didn’t ask me to compensate. Feeling overwhelmed, I asked him to come here for dinner and apologize to him.”

Qi Yan looked at this Mr. Meng and nodded at him with a smile.

Meng Xuan shook hands with Qi Yan: “Hello.” He looked up and saw the person behind Qi Yan, his face was surprised, “Cen Wuye?!”

Cen Baihe nodded at him slightly, did not speak, and compared with Meng Xuan’s enthusiastic attitude, he looked a little cold. But Meng Xuan didn’t care about this. He looked at Qi Yan and Yang Heshu, “I didn’t expect it to be so coincidental.”

Qi Yan looked at Yang Heshu and this Mr. Meng with a smile and said, “Mr. Meng is really kind.”

“Yes, Mr. Meng is very good,” Yang Heshu smiled embarrassedly, “I really don’t know how to thank him.”

Meng Xuan smiled very modestly: “No, it wasn’t a big deal at all, you don’t have to take it to heart.”

“Haha.” Qi Yan raised his wrist and interrupted Yang Heshu’s attempt to continue to praise Mr. Meng. “Heshu, I still have something to deal with with Mr. Cen, I am afraid I can’t talk to you for a long time.” After that, he looked at him. Looking at Yang Heshu apologetically, “As you know, Cen Wuye is usually very busy. He can accompany me out to eat hot pot. He is very loyal to his friends. I can’t delay him anymore.”

Yang Heshu reluctantly smiled: “It should be, it should be.” Does this stupid guy die if he doesn’t show off? Isn’t it that Cen Wuye came to eat hot pot with him, his face is almost…

Who is disgusting?

After showing off his great friend, Qi Yan said goodbye to Yang Heshu with a smile, “That’s it, let’s talk next time.”

“Goodbye.” Yang Heshu felt that the smile on his face couldn’t be stretched anymore.

“Being acting in front of me, an acting emperor who can win an Oscar, he is simply humiliating himself,” Qi Yan got into the car and buckled his seat belt. “Does that Mr. Meng have business cooperation with you?”

“He has this idea,” Cen Baihe smiled, “but there are many people who have this idea.”

“This person,” Qi Yan frowned, “From the look of his face, he will have fortune for a period of time, but his character is not very good, he has no luck for heirs, and his old age is not easy. You’d better not follow He cooperates.”

“What kind of character is it about?”

“It doesn’t work in any way, with a baby face, and the means of doing things are not as inoffensive as children,” Qi Yan shook his head, “He may still be a potential violent man.”

“This person looks young and promising, rather gentle, not like a violent maniac,” Dali turned his head curiously, “Master Qi, where do you see that he has these problems?”

“This person looks very young, but Dan should actually be a little older than Baihe. When people look at people, they like to look at their faces. I look at people to look at the aura.”

Cen Baihe’s brows trembled, a little older than him…

Qianqian praises him for being young, or is he saying that he is old?

After sending Qi Yan home, Cen Baihe turned his head and went back. As soon as he entered the gate, he met his eldest brother and sister-in-law who were walking in the garden.

Brother Cen smelled Cen Baihe’s hot pot and looked at him incredulously: “You ran to eat hot pot? How dirty the bottom of the hot pot is, how can you eat that?”

“I think the hot pot tastes quite good” Cen Baihe smiled at his sister-in-law, “sister-in-law.”

“Baihe is back?” Sister Cen smiled gently at him, “Come to sit in the house, don’t stand outside, it’s cool at night.” She knew how bad this young uncle’s body was, and worried that he would have a problem with his body. So busy let him come in and sit down.

Brother Cen stared at his wife: “My wife, Bai He is so old, why are you still used to him?”

“Why am I getting used to it?” Sister Cen stared at her husband, “Isn’t it just a hot pot, what’s all the fuss about. I think Bai He has been getting better recently, so why not eat something he likes?”

“I…” Big Brother Cen was choked by his wife so he couldn’t speak, and when he saw his younger brother enter the living room, he hurriedly followed in, “Bohe…”

“I went to eat with Master Qi,” Cen Baihe stopped and looked at his elder brother helplessly, “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

“It turned out to be Master Qi,” Brother Cen laughed dryly, and his tone suddenly softened. “It turns out that I went with Master Qi. There must be no problem. But what are you doing with a pot of ugly succulent plants? There are so many beautiful flowers and plants in there. If you like, you can let the gardener transplant two pots for you and put them in the room.”

“Not ugly.”


“I said,” Cen Baihe raised the Guanyin lotus and put it in front of his eyes with a smile at the corner of his mouth, “I said it’s not ugly at all.”

Brother Cen stared blankly at his younger brother holding the Guanyin lotus upstairs. It took a while before he came back to his senses. He looked at his wife behind him blankly, “My wife, why do I think there is something wrong with Bai He’s watching?”

“I think Bai He is fine now,” Sister Cen said with a smile, “there is smoke.”

Brother Cen: “What is the smoke?”

But thinking that his younger brother’s body can even eat hot pot, he is still very happy.

“Mr. Meng, thank you.” Yang Heshu got out of the car, watched Meng Xuan’s car driving further and further, sneered, and turned and walked into the stairs.

“Fuck!” There was no light in the corridor, and he almost fell. After clapping the ash on his hands, Yang Heshu cursed in a low voice, took out his mobile phone and used the light from the screen to walk upstairs with difficulty. Opening the door of the rental house, he glanced at this simple room with disgust, and after finishing the ticket, he never wanted to deal with the idiot.

Which Qi Yan is a fool, this Meng Xuan who approached him with ulterior motives is also a fool.

“Didi.” The message prompt sounded, and he clicked on the message to see the contents clearly.

M: How are things going?

He sneered, and quickly returned the news.

He: The other party is mentally retarded, you don’t need to worry, it must be fine.

“You laugh at the world, but the world laughs at you too crazy,” Qi Yan took a sip of milk, walked to the computer desk, and saw that the gang was discussing the disappearance of a certain player. It seemed that the police could not find it.

He thought of the female player who scolded him in the game world interface last time, but after looking at the list of gang members, this player was no longer in the gang.

After exiting the game, he received a thank-you letter from the charity. After reading the thank-you letter, he replied a few words and turned off the computer. After drunk the milk, he lay on the bed and thought in a daze, tomorrow seems to be a treat for the second child, he must eat more…

“Bohe,” Cen Sange knocked on Cen Baihe’s study, opened the door and walked into the room, “Master Qi agreed?”

“Well,” Cen Baihe raised his head from the computer, “Money and money are easy to talk about.”

“That’s good for you. I think he is still very cold when he is in front of others.” Third Brother Cen propped his hands and sat on the corner of the desk, “I’m really afraid that he won’t give me this face.”

A smile appeared on Cen Baihe’s face: “Yeah.”

Brother Cen suddenly laughed when he saw his younger brother. He was stunned for a second. Then he picked up the small flower pot beside him, “What is this, what are you doing here?”

Cen Baihe stretched out his hand to **** Guanyinlian from his third brother and put it on the other side, “It looks good.”

“I thought you were here for radiation protection. Scientists have already refuted the rumors that these things cannot prevent radiation.” Cen Sange didn’t pay much attention to such small details. “Your Sansao now respects Master Qi. , I am about to suspect that if we are not married and she is more than ten years older than Master Qi, maybe she is going to chase Master Qi.”

“Don’t think too much.” Cen Baihe looked up at Sange Cen, “That’s impossible.”

“Bohe, I didn’t expect you to be so confident in the charm of the third brother.” Third brother Cen jumped off the table and patted Cen Baihe on the shoulder. “I feel very relieved.”

It’s better to be my own brother.

Cen Baihe knocked on the computer keyboard and ignored him.

“Okay, I won’t bother you,” Cen Sange glanced at the time, “It’s getting late, don’t stay up late, go to bed early.”

“I know.” Cen Baihe stared at the screen, “I’ll go to bed right away.”

“Okay, I’m going to bed.” Third Brother Cen walked out of the study and shook his head helplessly. His younger brother is good at everything, but he is too serious in doing things.

After Cen Sange left, Cen Baihe held up the Guanyin lotus on the table and touched its fleshy leaves lightly, with a gentle smile on his face.

Who said it was ugly, it was obviously very cute.

The author has something to say: Bai He: The Guanyin lotus in my family is so beautiful.

Qianqian: Thank you everyone for feeding me the nutrient solution, I have gained three pounds!


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