The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 5

Qi Yan took out a piece of paper and a pen from his pocket, and handed it to Yang Tao, “You write a word for me to see.”

Yang Tao didn’t dislike that the paper was a little wrinkled, so he wrote the character “Bai” in a few strokes. Although the posture was chic, the characters were slightly ugly.

“Bai has the auspicious meaning of everlasting green, it is a good word. In addition, the white word means that the sun has a head and the left word has a wood word for support. It means that what you ask for, because you have to meet a noble person, there will be a day of success,” Qi Yan put the paper in Yang Tao’s hand, “Congratulations, you will get what you want.”

“Really?” Yang Tao looked at Qi Yan in disbelief. That was the Cen family. How many people rushed to the Cen family, their family could really climb this Big Mac’s thigh?

“This kind of thing is between believing and unbelief, I say you listen, believing it or not lies in your heart,” Qi Yan put his hands behind his back and smiled calmly. However, Yang Tao seemed to be particularly fond of this set, even if he no longer questioned Qi Yan’s words.

“Master, can I ask something else?” Yang Tao lowered his voice, “Do you see any disasters in my life?”

After looking at him from head to toe, Qi Yan shook his head and said: “Life has bitterness and sweetness as the right way. What’s the point of understanding clearly?”

This made ordinary people think that Qi Yan was an excuse that couldn’t be counted. But in Yang Tao’s eyes, it was the master’s seriousness and devotion to him, so he repeatedly thanked him: “Thank you for your guidance, I understand. ”

This kind of attitude made Qi Yan feel good about him. His gaze fell on his shoulder, and he brushed it on his shoulder unintentionally. If someone who is knowledgeable is present, you can see a few wisps of black mist disappear between Qi Yan’s fingers.

Yang Tao only felt that his somewhat acidic shoulders were inexplicably relaxed, and he didn’t know anything else.

“Master, please see if you can leave me a contact information,” Yang Tao rubbed his hands, trying to suppress the excitement in his heart, “I heard that an expert like you can not only tell fortunes, but also look at Feng Shui. The price is good. discuss…”

It is just so natural for the title to change from “you” to “you”.

Realizing that his words were too vulgar and tarnished the nobleness of the master, Yang Tao immediately changed his words: “The master can come, and it will definitely make the humble house flourish and a thousand spirits.”

The first time I met someone who was so straightforward, Qi Yan felt that he was well-adapted. Having lived with the old man these years, he hasn’t learned anything else, with a thick-skinned face, a steady state of mind, and good acting skills. He can basically be regarded as a blue man and better than blue.

“This kind of thing is just fine,” Qi Yan shook his head, “I don’t think the weather today is so good, I’m afraid it will rain, and my husband will go home soon.”

Yang Tao raised his head and glanced at the clear sky. He really didn’t see any signs of rain in such a sky, but he still smiled and responded, “Master, I don’t know your money…”

“It’s good to follow the fate, and it’s fine to follow the fate.” Qi Yan smiled crookedly, a detached posture that looked at money like dung.

Look, this is the real master! What a transcendent thing, how a world of vulgarity, those street scammers are scum in front of the master! But the master does not value money so much, but he can’t let the master suffer.

Yang Tao took out his wallet and stuffed all the cash in the bag to Qi Yan, “Master, please don’t dislike it, just take it all.”

Qi Yan drew two pieces out of the stack of money and put them back in Yang Tao’s hands: “You still have use for these money. Take them back.”

Although he didn’t understand why the master had returned two pieces of money to himself, Yang Tao took the money back happily, and finally Liliian asked for a private number from the master.

“Master, go slowly.” Yang Tao raised his neck and watched the master leave, until he could no longer see him, he reluctantly retracted his gaze.

“Master, the towing company called and said that there was something wrong with the tow truck in the middle of the road, and it will take more than ten minutes to get over.” The driver took off his black gloves and his expression was a little subtle.

Anyone who has witnessed his own employer’s son, licking his face to give money to a street scammer, his expression won’t be any better. It’s just that he knows this young master’s temper, which is stubborn and unwilling to listen to others. As a driver, he only needs to watch him give money in silence.

Anyway, rich and willful.

“What…” Yang Tao frowned, took out his mobile phone and was about to make a call to let the buddies drive to pick him up, when he heard a sudden thunder thunder over his head, the dark clouds instantly covered the sun, and the sky suddenly darkened.

The driver and Yang Tao looked at the sky together, looking at the clouded sky, a little silly.

Is it really going to rain?

The two of them thought about what the fortune teller had just said, and saw shock in each other’s eyes.

In the end, Yang Tao got a taxi with difficulty and took a taxi back home. The total cost of the taxi was 182. He held the eighteen yuan that the taxi master had given him, and stood stupid at the door of his house.

This master is really a god, it’s no wonder that he specially set aside two hundred yuan for himself, it turns out that he needs so much!

“Son, it’s raining heavily outside, what are you doing standing at the door? The current weather forecast is also inaccurate, saying that today is a sunny day, but it rained so heavily.” Mother Yang saw that her son was holding a few crumpled sheets in her hand. Piaozi was in a daze, and curiously walked to him and looked around, “What happened?”

“Mom,” Yang Tao looked at his mother excitedly, “I met an expert!”

“What the hell?!” Mother Yang was startled by her son’s sudden excitement, and she unconsciously popped her accent from her hometown.

Then Yang Tao told his mother what happened. Yang’s mother felt that although it was a bit weird, it was more of a coincidence. After Father Yang came back, she raised the matter with her husband.

“When did that kid meet someone who is reliable since he was a kid?” Father Yang had no hope of his son’s IQ, so after listening to his wife’s words, his attitude was a bit disapproving, “And how old is that tall man, About twenty years old? Those real masters in our imperial capital, who are not in their sixties? The apprentices under their name are all thirty or forty years old. Could it be that these people’s skills are not as good as one or two. A young hairy boy about ten years old?”

“Furthermore, a real expert can come across casually on the street. What kind of expert can you be considered?” Father Yang waved his hand, “This kind of person knows that he is a liar at first glance.”

“During dinner in the evening, Taotao also told me that he would invite this young master to come to our house to see Feng Shui, or I would tell him, it’s all right.” Mother Yang was a little hesitant, and his son rarely wanted to help the family do something. Although the master I was looking for was not reliable, the intention was still good. Tell him directly that the master is unreliable, and the family is not going to invite him, is it a bit bad?

“No, we must not only invite him, but also entertain him politely and enthusiastically,” Father Yang snorted, “I want him to understand what kind of liar he’s inviting, so that he won’t be able to use this kind of unskilled man in the future. The content is right.”

When someone took the initiative to deceive him, his tolerance and forbearance passed. His son’s behavior was simply sent to the door to be deceived by himself. It is strange that he, as an old man, can be happy in his heart.

“Eat a ditch and grow a wise man. Only when he is beaten by the facts can he grow his mind.” Father Yang hated himself for being too doting on his children at the beginning and developing him into a mindless character. Now he is in his twenties. Nothing has been achieved.

“Is that okay?” Mother Yang was a little bit reluctant to have her son slapped in the face like this.

“How bad a mother is!”

“What are you talking about?” Mother Yang raised her brows and slapped her father on Yang’s arm. “Is it my job to educate children? Now that the children have shortcomings, they push on me. What are you doing? Can it?!”

Father Yang touched his sore arm and shrank his head silently, not daring to talk nonsense.

When Qi Yan received Yang Tao’s call, he was driving his computer to download a copy. Two close attacks in the team were idiots. They used their skills indiscriminately to cause the boss to explode, causing the entire team to fall for most of the time.

He couldn’t help but cursed, he left the team directly, and returned to the main city with a locator before he noticed that there were two missed calls on the phone. The caller was an unfamiliar number, Qi Yan glanced at it twice, but did not call it back.

But soon the other party called back, and after Qi Yan picked it up, he realized that the other party was the young miscellaneous young man he met a few days ago.

“Okay, I will definitely come to visit at that time.” After Qi Yan hung up the phone, he threw the phone on the sofa, “Business has been delivered to the door.”

His university major is financial management. In fact, he himself is not interested in this area at all. In contrast, he likes to tell people fortune-telling and watch Feng Shui. Before the old man died, he had asked him to make an oath that he could not show people feng shui before he was eighteen years old, let alone change feng shui.

Now that he is an adult, he has inexplicably more ability to watch the breath with the naked eye, and his fate is destined to eat this bowl of rice.


He knew that in the heart of the old man, he still hoped that he could succeed. Although he didn’t understand why the old man was capable, but he stayed in a small remote county. But by now, all this is no longer important.

As the old man’s adopted son and apprentice, he will not let the old man’s inheritance be so broken.

When he walked to the old man’s photo, Qi Yan put a stick of incense on him and said with a smile: “Old man, you can always stay in the sky and watch it with peace of mind.”

The old man in the photo is wearing a blue cap, with a thin face and gentle eyes looking at him quietly.

Qi Yan gave a chuckle, opened the curtain covering the window, and suddenly the moonlight poured in, making his face crystal clear.

In the eyes of others, the scenery outside the window is a beautiful night scene, but in Qi Yan’s eyes, here is a prosperous city with purple and gold colors.

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