The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 50

“The second child, it’s not that I said you, you are too strict about this, and you actually chased the flower of our department,” Wang Hang poured a full glass of beer to the second child, “How can you drink this wine? Drop, or I’m sorry for the single dogs in our whole department.”

“Hey,” the second child glanced at his girlfriend beside him, without a word, took up the glass and drank it. This refreshing attitude left Wang Hang speechless, and he could only sigh with emotion towards the second girl’s girlfriend Liu Wei. “The first time I saw my second child so happy, it’s because your girlfriend is so charming.”

Liu Wei glanced at her second child shyly, then turned to look at Qi Yan who was drinking tea with her head down, and said to her second child: “You drink less, the cold just got better a few days ago.”

“Hey, hey, now the second child is also someone who feels distressed,” Wang Hang put his hand on Qi Yan’s shoulder with a face of entanglement and pain from the abused dog. NS.”

“Cut,” Qi Yan pushed away his hand disgustedly, and picked up a piece of cooked fish and threw it into the oil dish. “My single dog is alive and well. Don’t join in the fun.”

Liu Wei smiled as they watched the two arguing, with a gentle smile on her face. The second child felt sorry for her, and hurriedly picked the best fish belly into her bowl, “When the meat is cooked, hurry up and eat. There are these two animals, and the chopsticks are not fast enough. They have all taken away the good things.”

“There is no **** with the opposite sex,” Wang Hang hurriedly fished for fish in the bowl, “It sounds like your previous eating looks very gentle.”

“The third child, you give me a little face today,” the second child poured wine on Wang Hang cheerfully, “Don’t spoil my image in front of my girlfriend, just treat it as my brother, please.”

“Okay, okay,” Wang Hang pulled his mouth and said to Liu Wei, “Liu Wei, although the second child has a lot of problems, he is sincere and careless, considerate, and stupid. Strength. With his presence, you will have one more coolie in the future when you go shopping.”

“Well,” Liu Wei’s cheeks flushed, “I know, he’s fine.” When she lowered her head, she peeked at Qi Yan. Qi Yan was still eating fish with her head down. There was already a lot of fish on the plate in front of him. fish bones.

“Qi Yan…like eating fish?” Liu Wei leaned against her second child and said casually, “I don’t think you have much to say.”

“Well,” Qi Yan put down his chopsticks, took a sip of the drink, and continued to fish the fish slices in the pot without lifting his head. “I’m relatively low-key and not talkative.”

“Don’t believe him talking nonsense,” the second child grabbed Liu Wei’s waist and said with a smile, “don’t think the fourth child is the most elegant of our brothers, but he eats the most every time he eats. It’s almost a black hole in the stomach.”

“Black hole stomach?” Liu Wei smiled while covering the corners of her mouth. She accidentally dropped the chopsticks in her hand to the ground. She broke away her second child’s arm, bent down and picked up the chopsticks, and asked the waiter to come over and change her a pair.

“Thank you.” Liu Wei took the clean chopsticks from the waiter and looked at the steaming soup base, “Actually, I know Qi Yan has a good appetite. In my junior year, when we had dinner in our dormitory, we sat there. Next to him, Qi Yan ate a lot at the time.”

“That’s why it’s not good to look at you,” the second child said with a smile, “Come on, the heat coming out of the pot is very hot, be careful not to burn your hands, I’ll clip it for you.”

Wang Hang looked at his second child with a gentle and considerate appearance, almost turning into a soft finger, shook his head and smiled, turned his head and touched a cup with Qi Yan, and said with some regret, “If the boss is here, it would be even better. .”

“The boss has recently been admitted to a civil servant, and the family is about to give him a blind date.” The second child has always felt that it is a pity for the boss to go back to his hometown to develop. With their school’s reputation and their own abilities, they will definitely develop well in the future.

But everyone has their own ambitions, and he really can’t say anything to other people’s life plans. In addition, the old folks have a good place in the local area. After work, it should be easier to integrate into the environment than ordinary people.

“It seems that the boss really intends to return to his hometown to get married,” Wang Hang poured a glass of beer and smiled, “It’s good.”

Just after the atmosphere gradually became low, Qi Yan suddenly said, “It’s time to add soup and fish.”

Wang Hang suddenly laughed and stretched out his hand to pat Qi Yan on the back, “I won’t call you money from now on, I will tell you to forget it. Who told you to be like this.”

“Men have to eat like tigers,” Qi Yan put down his chopsticks and wiped the oil stains on the corners of his mouth, “I think the thing you should be jealous of is that I will not gain weight no matter how much I eat.”

Wang Hang, who has gained weight recently:…

“Qi Yan is really humorous.” Liu Wei blinked, “But this kind of physique that doesn’t gain weight by eating too much is really enviable.”

Qi Yan smiled at her and said nothing.

Seeing that he ignored herself, Liu Wei’s smile froze for a moment. She lowered her head and poked the fish head in the bowl with chopsticks, and suddenly felt dull.

After eating, the second child and Liu Wei are going to watch a movie. Qi Yan, who doesn’t make light bulbs, helped the drunk Wang Hang into his car, turned around and said to the second child and Liu Wei: “Second, second wife, you play Be happy, I’ll take the third child home first.”

“Be careful on the road,” the second child smiled, “we have to get together when we have time.”

“Okay,” Qi Yan opened the driver’s door and sat in. When he buckled the seat belt, he heard Liu Wei calling him. He looked at Liu Wei suspiciously, waiting for the words behind her.

“Good night, goodbye.” Liu Wei smiled at him.

“Goodbye.” Qi Yan nodded and started the car to leave the two of them.

Liu Wei watched Qi Yan’s car drive farther and farther, until she couldn’t see it anymore, she turned her head and said to Ai Ai of the second phase: “You said, does Qi Yan have an opinion on me?”

“How is it possible,” the second child said with a grin, “the fourth child is not that kind of person.”

“But how do I feel that when I talk to him, he always likes to answer,” Liu Wei lowered her head, looking at the long shadow drawn by the street lamp on the ground, the darkness was distorted like a faceless Monster, “I think he is probably not satisfied with me being your girlfriend.”

“Don’t think too much, you won’t.” The second child hugged Liu Wei into his arms, but frowned unconsciously.

Sending the drunk Wang Hang back to the Wang family, Qi Yan refused the enthusiasm of the Wang family to stay, and took the dim sum that the Wang family forced into his hands and got into the car.

At nine or ten o’clock in the evening, the traffic on the road was not too dense. Qi Yan opened the window and blew the night breeze coming in from the window, and the smell of alcohol in the car disappeared. When he waited for the traffic lights, he found that at the door of a company on the corner, several people were pestering a young woman who was dressed in fashion, and this woman he knew was Liang Feng’s younger sister Liang Yun.

These few people who pestered Liang Yun were dressed plainly, their voices were quite loud, they were crying and making noise, and he could hear their voices from a distance.

After passing the traffic light intersection, he turned the front of the car to find a place where he could park, and walked towards the place where Liang Yun was. The people who entangled Liang Yun were still there.

As Liang Yun gradually approached, the quarrel between Liang Yun and these people became louder and louder, and Qi Yan probably guessed the identities of these people.

“How can you be such a conscienceless woman? A son of mine was in a car accident with you. Now the doctor says that his leg has a disability. You can’t be irresponsible!” The elderly woman with dry hair gave a hug. Staying on Liang Yun’s legs, regardless of the passers-by who came and went around, cried, “You woman is a broom star and has no conscience. If something happens to my son, you don’t care about him!”

“My baby!” The old man next to the woman was also sitting on the ground kicking his legs, “I have such a prosperous baby in my family, how come you meet such a conscientious woman, God doesn’t have eyes long!”

Behind the two old people were two haggard-faced middle-aged women. They wiped their tears while complaining their grievances, and let the unsuspecting people see him. They thought that Liang Yun was really wicked and heinous.

“I’ll tell you again, I broke up with Zhou Wenhan when he was in a car accident,” Liang Yun looked at Zhou’s family blankly, “Don’t say you are making trouble in my company. I won’t give you a penny.”

“You shameless woman!” Seeing this woman’s attitude was high, Zhou’s mother suddenly felt angrily and attacked her son who could no longer walk normally. With brute force, she pushed Liang Yun down, rode on her, and stretched out sharply. His fingers wanted to scratch Hua Liang Yun’s face.

As a result, she was pushed away by a violent force before she scratched it. She was stunned, and then rolled on the ground with her head in her arms: “Hit someone, the little fairy is lawless, hit someone at the feet of the emperor!”

When Qi Yan was used to seeing this sloppy method when he was young, he didn’t even look at Zhou’s mother, and helped Liang Yun up from the ground: “Miss Liang, are you okay.”

“Thank you, I’m fine.” Liang Yun saw this kind of battle for the first time, so after being helped by Qi Yan, she still had some reaction. It was not until Zhou Mu’s dry howling that she reluctantly recovered.” I made you laugh.”

“What’s this?” Qi Yan glanced at Zhou’s mother and whispered, “When I was a child, I saw people beaten up by the mountain.”

“Fighting cattle across the mountain?”

“Just because of the air, someone can fall to the ground and make a fuss about being injured. It is better to be called Pengci, and to be unpleasant to be shameless,” Qi Yan folded his arms and looked at the Zhou family, whose acting ostentatiously. At this level, they are not as good as one-tenth of the professional players in our small town. At the feet of the emperor, the emperor of the feudal era has been dead for hundreds of years!”

When Father Zhou saw Liang Yun talking and laughing with a strange man, his eyes widened and his hands trembling pointed at her: “It’s no wonder that our baby is lying in the hospital and you are not willing to take a look. Man, you are a shameless, flirty vixen, our baby is really blinded by seeing you.”

Liang Yun curled her lips. Zhou Wenhan said that his parents were uneducated, but she thought his father used the idiom quite smoothly.

“What is your son?” Qi Yan picked up his chin and looked at Zhou’s family with a mocking expression. “I have an income of ten million, have a house and a car, have a better education than your son, and look better than your son. A woman knows who to pick. I have never seen such a useless man. I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. I have already made my current girlfriend pregnant. In the end, he was responsible for the car accident. People are shameless and invincible. I said… Shameless is your family’s heirloom stunt, right?”

The crowd around had long felt that the Zhou family’s acting was exaggerated. Now, hearing Qi Yan say this, someone suddenly laughed.

“you you…”

“What about me? Your son has no house or car. He has been eating soft meals with his ex-girlfriend and cheating. He really thinks he’s a god, he looks better than Panan?”

“Our baby is the only child in our town who has been admitted to the high school. A woman with this kind of devilish air is more than enough. What is eating soft rice?!” Father Zhou felt wronged. How many of them envied the Zhou family. , This person was talking nonsense, saying that his baby is not good, it is unbearable!

“Since your family has such a powerful son inlaid with gold and silver, what is he doing with his demon-like ex-girlfriend in a car accident, so shameless?” Qi Yan snorted, “You don’t just want money.” As the saying goes, even if you raise a dog, it’s a bit emotional. Your whole family has come out to act. We should give a little performance fee anyway.”

He took out twenty yuan from his bag and threw it in front of Zhou’s family: “For your acting skills, twenty yuan can’t be more.”

Mother Zhou, who was still rolling on the ground, got up, no matter how much ash she had, she just pointed at Qi Yan and cursed, every sentence must bring human genitals, and every sentence must greet the eighteenth generation ancestors of Qi Yan’s family. Especially the women of his family, Zhou Mu made a full range of terrible verbal insults to the women of Qi Yan’s family.

Because the scolding was so awkward, people watching the excitement around could not listen to it, and everyone’s favorability for Zhou’s family had dropped to minus one hundred.

However, Zhou Mu felt that the other party was finally suppressed by her sharp words, and she seemed a little triumphant. She didn’t know that her cursing had been photographed and posted on the Internet.

The name of this video is called “Slacker Man Cheating Little San. After being disabled in a car accident, the scumbag family blackmails the poor ex-girlfriend. Is it a loss of human nature or a corruption of morals?” “.

Looking at Zhou’s family like this, Liang Yun suddenly felt that she was lucky to meet Master Qi. He opened up the truth about Zhou Wenhan’s derailment and let her break away from such a family. If she were to get along with such a family after marriage, she felt that she would definitely go crazy.

“Don’t you just want money?” Liang Yun took out a stack of money from her bag and threw it towards Zhou’s family. , Regardless of Zhou’s family reaction, turned around and left.

Zhou’s family still wanted to entangle, but they didn’t know if it was a coincidence. The scattered crowd just blocked their way. After they squeezed away to watch the lively crowd, Liang Yun could no longer be found.

“Miss Liang, you are too generous like this,” Qi Yan held the steering wheel and looked straight ahead. He drove not fast and steady. “That stack of money, how can there be more than a dozen.”

“They showed me a rare and absurd drama in my life, and it’s because I rewarded them,” Liang Yun looked relaxed and even somewhat happy. “The big deal is the tuition.”

Qi Yan smiled and turned the steering wheel: “But when you encounter this kind of brazen, it’s best to choose a long-range attack instead of close combat, because they might go crazy and go crazy.”

Liang Yun was amused by Qi Yan’s humorous remarks. She clasped her hands on her knees, “I hope this kind of processing experience will not be used in the future.”

Qi Yan smiled calmly: “Of course, you will definitely not use it again in the future.”

There was soothing music in the car. Liang Yun listened quietly and looked up at Qi Yan. She found that this young Master Qi had a beautiful side face, which made people look like a spring breeze at first glance. She let go of her clasped hands, and her tight shoulders gradually relaxed.

Perhaps, meeting Master Qi was a turning point in her life.

“Thank you.” Liang Yun stood under the light at the door of her house, looked at the slowly leaving car, and bowed slightly. Although the bow was invisible to the other party, she felt that her waist was bent willingly.

Sometimes a person has no chance to choose in his entire life, because he has no idea that he can face a choice. She was lucky to have the opportunity to choose, and she chose the right path.

How lucky she is.

“Liang Feng,” Cen Baihe raised his head from the file and looked at the silent Liang Feng, “You are in a bad condition today. If you are unwell, you can take a vacation. I will not deduct your salary.”

“Thank you boss, I’m fine,” Liang Feng squeezed the document in his hand, “I’m sorry, I’m lost.”

“What happened?” Suddenly the capable officer was out of mind. The first thing the boss, Cen Baihe, had to do was not to blame, but to care.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a little thing at home,” Liang Feng smiled, “I also want to thank Master Qi for this matter. If it weren’t for him, my sister might still be hurt.”

“What does this have to do with Qianqian?” Cen Baihe looked at Liang Feng suspiciously when Liang Feng mentioned Qianqian, “Why do you still want to thank him?”

Liang Feng told Cen Baihe about the incident, and after speaking, he said: “I knew that the family surnamed Zhou was such a wonderful thing. I would rather she hate me and stop her from staying with Zhou Wenhan.”

Cen Baihe clicked on the abusive video mentioned by Liang Feng and watched the woman in it yelling at Qianqian. Because the photographer was facing Zhou’s mother, he could only see Qianqian’s back, not his face. A more vulgar curse made Cen Baihe’s brows frown, and he turned it off unbearably before watching the video.


The headset was thrown on the table, making a loud noise.

It was the first time Liang Feng saw the boss who was so emotional, and he was taken aback. He looked at Cen Baihe cautiously, “Boss, you are…”

“It’s okay,” Cen Baihe handed him the document. “You can make a few copies of this document and send it to the managers of various departments.”

“Okay.” Liang Feng gave Cen Baihe a worried look, but unfortunately the other party returned to his usual expressionless face. He couldn’t observe anything, so he could only retreat honestly.

After Zhou Wenhan was discharged from the hospital, although he lost his original job due to a car accident, because he graduated from a prestigious school and has several years of work experience, he still found a good job even if he had a leg disability.

But when the scumbag named “Slacker Man Cheating Mischief”, the family of the scumbag blackmailed his poor ex-girlfriend after a car accident, was it a loss of humanity or a corruption of morals? After his post went viral on the Internet, he noticed that many colleagues in the company secretly mocked him behind his back.

Because of this incident, he called and had a big quarrel with his family, and even faintly felt that if he hadn’t had such a parent who was ridiculed by countless people, it would be fine for him to embarrass him. He began to fidget, and even if someone laughed, he couldn’t help but wonder if someone was talking about him behind his back.

Talk about his limping leg while walking, about his shameful family, or about his stepping on two boats.

Even if he walks on the street and sits in the subway, he can feel everyone around him peeking at him intentionally or unintentionally and laughing at him. He was sitting in the subway, listening to the three girls on the opposite side talking and laughing at him, and finally couldn’t help the anger in his heart: “Shut up, shut up!”

The three girls were stunned for several seconds. After reacting, they cursed: “You are crazy, we watch the joke video, what does it matter to you, take medicine if you are sick!”

Zhou Wenhan was stunned. He looked at the mobile phone in the hands of the three girls, and the video was indeed playing in it.

After the subway stopped, he walked out of the subway entrance in a daze following the flow of people, and suddenly thought that he was going to visit his girlfriend. They hadn’t seen him for almost a week. She still had his own child in her stomach, and he finally finished his work. I want to give her a surprise.

He brought fresh fruits to the door of his girlfriend’s rental house, and he heard the laughter between his girlfriend and her friends.

“That idiot really thought the child belonged to him. I knew that the car he lived in was not his own. I didn’t have to waste so much thought on him. I didn’t have the money to put on a big money, shameless! You said, Should I beat the child?”

Zhou Wenhan felt as if his throat was pinched tightly by something, his heart was shaking more and more severely, but he couldn’t breathe out a single breath!

So… was he cheated?

His head buzzed, and a string in his head finally broke with a bang. Zhou Wenhan shook weakly and fell to the ground.

A few days after Zhou’s family troubled Liang Yun, Liang Yun heard a news that surprised or surprised her: Zhou Wenhan was crazy.

After Zhou Wenhan went crazy, his parents cried and cried outside his girlfriend’s rental house. As a result, his girlfriend had an accidental miscarriage. His parents were arrested by the police. His girlfriend suffered heavy bleeding and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. He came back for a life, but his body suffered a lot, and he needed to rest for a long time to recover.


Liang Yun laughed, no longer interested in the future fate of Zhou’s family. Such things as ex-boyfriends, even if they are alive, are the same as dead.

On an afternoon that should have been comfortable for a nap, Qi Yan received a call from her second child. The second child had a very bad tone on the other end of the phone, and seemed to have great opinions on Qi Yan.

“Second, what do you mean by this?” Qi Yan frowned, “What does your girlfriend have to do with me?”

“If it has anything to do with you, you know in your heart that our brothers for several years did not expect…”

The second child swallowed the curse from behind and hung up.


Qi Yan looked at the phone with a dazed face, and was very puzzled by this endless phone call. Frowning, he dialed the phone back, but the second child did not answer his call.

At this moment, Cen Baihe’s call came.

Qi Yan stretched his brows slightly and pressed the answer button.


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