The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 53

For Qi Yan, Wangxiang Town has too many childhood memories, some are happy, and of course some are unhappy. There is nothing worth paying attention to in this place, there are no special minerals, and even the crops are not good enough. The only thing worthy of praise is its name. It is said that a person surnamed Wang once practiced as an immortal here, so it was named Wangxiangzhen. The local government wanted to use this gimmick to promote and develop tourism, but no one was interested in this story, and even their locals did not take it seriously.

Now that he heard that something happened in this inconspicuous place, if it weren’t for what Sange Cen said, he would definitely think that the other party was lying to him.

“Don’t worry too much, the above will definitely handle this matter,” Cen Sange regretted mentioning it while eating, “Let’s eat first, eat.”

Cen Baihe picked a small lobster for Qi Yan and put it in his bowl: “The lobster you like will not taste good when it is cold.”
“Oh.” Qi Yan put on his gloves and ate the lobster obediently, Cen Baihe put down his chopsticks and glanced at his third brother.

Cen Sange was frightened by the look of his younger brother, and almost choked on the soup in his mouth. Fortunately, Qi Yan did not mention Wang Township anymore, so he could finish the meal safely, instead of being stared at by his younger brother and getting cold from the back, or his wife’s legs were bruised and bruised. .

After eating, the four of them walked out of Qianweiju, Cen Sange glanced at his younger brother who was walking with Qi Yan: “Bohe, you send Xiaoyan home, I will go with your Sansao first.”

Cen Baihe nodded, “Be careful on the road.”

After Cen Sange left, Cen Baihe said to Qi Yan: “Don’t think too much, go back and rest first.”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t think about anything messy,” Qi Yan got into the car and saw Cen Baihe’s eyes full of worry, “I am not the savior, and I will definitely not go to dangerous places alone. What’s more… Third Brother Speaking so seriously, things are definitely not ordinary. Even if I do go, I’m afraid I won’t find a place.”

Cen Baihe glanced at Qi Yan very suspiciously, distrusting his statement.

“No matter what, I hope you can put your safety first.” Cen Baihe knows Qianqian’s character. He seems to be gentle and talkative. As long as he makes up his mind, no one can persuade him.

“I’m upstairs.” The car stopped downstairs to Qi Yan, and he got out of the car and waved to Cen Baihe, “Good night.”

“Good night.” Cen Baihe took a deep look at Qi Yan. He didn’t close the car door until he walked into the building, “Go home.”

“Are you back?” Third Brother Cen sat in the living room and saw Cen Baihe coming in, pointing to the sofa next to him, “Sit down.”

Taking off his coat and passing it to the helper, Cen Baihe sat on the sofa blankly: “Brother, why did you mention this suddenly?”

“Bohe, you are so emotional,” Cen Sange poured him a cup of tea, the fragrance of the tea lingering in the tea, Cen Baihe’s eyes fell on the tea cup and did not touch it, “You are not a materialist, how come you are right? Interested in this kind of thing?”

Cen Sange was not angry at being run like this by his younger brother. He picked up his teacup and took a sip: “Do you think I’m calculating Qi Yan?”

Cen Baihe remained silent and did not speak.

“Actually, two days ago, three masters had been sent from above,” Cen Sange looked solemn, “None of these three came back. I don’t want to arouse Qi Yan’s curiosity, but I really don’t want him. It’s too dangerous to go.”

Cen Baihe frowned: “How could this be?”

“I’m not quite sure. The scope of my work is not under the control of this area, and this matter is only a little bit of insider information,” Cen Sange sighed, “You have a good talk with Qi Yan tomorrow, let him never impulse.”

“I see.” Cen Baihe stood up, “Drinking tea at night will cause insomnia. Drink less.”

Brother Cen:…

As soon as Qi Yan got out of the elevator, he saw a few groups of black shadows squatting in front of his house, and he was so frightened that he almost retreated back into the elevator.

“Master Qi!”

This joyful shout made the voice-activated light above Qi Yan’s head turn on. He found that there were two acquaintances in these groups of shadows. What was the name of one of them, Li Qiang or Wang Qiang?

“Master Qi, you are finally back!” At the moment when he saw Qi Yan appear, Xiang Qiang let out a big sigh of relief. He worried that if Qi Yan went to the Cen’s house today, they would not see anyone.

Qi Yan glanced at the people behind Xiang Qiang and found that in addition to the people from the special team, there were two tall men following them. Qi Yan suspected that the two might be special soldiers. Suddenly there was such a big battle, and the third brother Cen reminded him during dinner tonight, Qi Yan roughly guessed the purpose of these people.

“Go ahead and talk,” Qi Yan opened the door, turned on the light in the room, and let all these people enter the room.

“Let’s talk, what happened.” Qi Yan threw the bag in his hand onto the sofa, and looked at the few people with solemn expressions.

“Master Qi, this time the matter is important. The country and the organization hope you can extend a helping hand,” Xiang Qiang handed the portfolio to Qi Yan. “The situation is getting more and more serious. If it is not resolved in time, it may lead to There is a greater disaster.”

Qi Yan didn’t talk nonsense with these people. He opened the portfolio, which contained several photos and several reports. The photos were various topographic maps of Wangxiang Town and the location of the incident. After reading one of the high-level encrypted files, Qi Yan didn’t dare to channel: “Someone took the whole town as a sacrifice?”

“I’m not sure yet, but several masters have guessed like this,” Xiang Qiang said in a low tone, “In addition…Master Wei has passed away.”

No matter how bold Qi Yan was, he knew that this time it was not easy. He put the photos and documents in his portfolio, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart. In his memory, although Master Wei lacks an eye, he is a very kind person. Such a powerful master can’t solve this problem. How many people can do it?

“How about Master Qian?” He remembered that Master Qian was an adviser to the special team. If something happens to Master Wei, Master Qian will probably be too lucky.

Sure enough, after he asked these words, Xiang Qiang’s tone became even lower. He shook his head and said, “Master Qian is missing.”

If you can’t find the corpse, it is called disappearance, but everyone knows that in this case, Master Qian must have been more ill-fortuned.

“You tell me these things, so you don’t worry that I won’t go because I’m afraid?” Qi Yan returned the portfolio to Xiang Qiang, “I am a very life-saving person.”

“I know, but we can’t deceive you without knowing it,” Xiang Qiang smiled bitterly, “We are public servants of the people, not fraudsters.”

“I understand,” Qi Yan stood up, “when will we leave?”

“The plane is already waiting at the airport and it will depart at two o’clock in the morning.” Xiang Qiang was overjoyed, Master Qi agreed to go?

“Wait first, let me make preparations.” Qi Yan threw these people into the living room and entered the house.

“Brother Xiang, Master Qi agreed to go?” Xiang Qiang’s companion said, “This is really great!”

Xiang Qiang nodded in a complicated mood. At this moment, he didn’t know whether he should be happy or sigh. Even if Master Qi didn’t go, he wouldn’t be surprised. Even Master Wei and Master Qian couldn’t do anything about it, and Master Qi was so young, it should have been shrinking. In fact, in Xiang Qiang’s expectation, Master Qi would not agree to this. They invited Master Qi to join a special group and set out all kinds of attractive conditions. Master Qi was not tempted, not to mention this. Things that might die.

However, Master Qi agreed. Before he had mentioned various benefits and benefits, he agreed. This was completely beyond his expectation.

A few minutes later, there was a sound of splashing water in the master bedroom, and Xiang Qiang thought in confusion, Master Qi is dealing with magical artifacts?

Qi Yan was taking a shower while thinking about what to bring. This time things were no better than usual, and the magic weapon that took advantage of it must be brought along, and…the gossip robe that the old man left for him.

The gossip robe itself is a magic weapon. The old man once said triumphantly that this is the treasure left by the ancestor, how magical it is. However, in fact, Qi Yan did not discover how magical it has, except for its ability to resist. It’s useless except outside harm.

But at that moment, the first thing he thought of was the gossip gown that the old man used to brag about.

After taking a shower, wiping off the water on his body, and putting on clean clothes, Qi Yan went to the old man’s room and gave him three sticks of incense.

“Master, your old man must bless me to come back safely, otherwise we have passed that the 23rd generation of the teacher’s door will be destroyed,” Qi Yan bowed to the photo and put a few months of cake on the sacrificial plate. Here, “I don’t know if I can come back in time during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so you can taste these mooncakes first, and then I will buy you other flavors when I come back.”

“Then I’m going out.” Qi Yan knelt on the futon, knocked three heads at the photo of the master, reached out under the altar table, and dragged out a wooden box stained with dust.

At about 1 am on the tenth day of the eighth lunar month, a special plane was parked at the Imperial International Airport. On this large military airliner, there were monks, Taoist priests, wizards, and special forces, but there were no ordinary passengers.

There were a lot of people in the cabin, but no one spoke, and the atmosphere was a little terrifyingly solemn.

A sound of footsteps broke the silence. In silence, everyone seemed to have found a new point of attention. They all looked at the entrance of the cabin and saw two men in national security uniforms leading a boy in. .

The boy was very young, with a little baby fat on his cheeks, and under his curly hair, he had a pair of extraordinarily bright eyes, like a bright light in the night, shining into everyone’s hearts.

“Master Qi?” Master Zhao looked at Qi Yan, “Why are you here?”

“Why are you here? That’s why I came.” Qi Yan walked to Master Zhao, smiled at everyone in the cabin, and then sat down.

“You brought such a young master, do you want him to die?” an elderly wizard said in her hoarse voice, “this matter is enough for us old guys, let this young People go back.”

“Yes, yes, what can he do with a little boy, tell him to join in the fun.”

The cabin suddenly became lively, and the Maotou boy Qi Yan instantly became a baby who was incapable of taking care of himself and everyone disliked him, each clamoring to drive him off the plane.

Although these predecessors are well-intentioned, can we speak a little bit more implicitly about Mai Tai?

The people in the special team were embarrassed, especially Xiang Qiang, who took Qi Yan on the plane, and got the eye knives of countless people. If it weren’t for his good mental qualities, he would almost hide under the chair now.

“Please rest assured, we are definitely not blindly letting everyone die,” Zhao Zhicheng, the leader of the special group who has not spoken, stood up and said, “All of you here are highly respected masters. Many wealthy businessmen and celebrities want to see you. It’s an easy thing. But you did not hesitate to stand up for the country and the people. I really, really thank you very much.”

Zhao Zhicheng bowed to everyone, and the cabin became quiet again.

“Team Leader Zhao, it’s not us old guys making things difficult for you, it’s just how old this kid looks,” the wizard who spoke just now sighed, “If we old guys can’t help it, what can this kid do. If we have a way, It’s not very useful to have him more. It’s better to let him go back and we can feel more at ease.”

“Thank you Wizard Miao for so caring about my comfort,” Qi Yan knew in his heart that if he didn’t stand up and speak at this time, the atmosphere in the cabin would change again. “Although the juniors have limited abilities, they also hope to help the seniors. . And I deliberately fortune-telling before going out, this time we will be able to return home triumphantly.”

“Do you know me?” The ancestor of the Miao Wizard was the legendary witch doctor. After passing on from generation to generation, the outside world called them a wizard. Due to the influence of some fairy tales and film and television works, when many people hear the word “witch”, they are easy to think of various evil villains. In fact, the wizard is a kind-hearted person with a gentle personality, otherwise he would not be able to do things like curing diseases and saving people.

It’s a pity that now their wizarding line is almost cut off. By now, few people are willing to be wizards.

“The juniors once heard the master mention you,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “he said you are a very great person.”

His master did mention the Miao wizard, but he was not talking about how great he was, but about how much he thought about things, and he was not happy at all.

“I don’t know who your master is?” Wizard Miao frowned, he had never seen this young man in his memory.

“The master has passed away. When the old man went away, he specifically stated that he should not let the younger generation use his name to walk the rivers and lakes,” Qi Yan smiled apologetically, “Please forgive me, Miao Miao.”

“So that’s it,” Wizard Miao no longer asked more understandingly. He took a look at Qi Yan, “Since you insist on going, remember not to be impulsive when you get to the place.”

“Thank you senior for reminding.” Qi Yan accepted the other party’s kindness.

After listening to the dialogue between Qi Yan and Wizard Miao, several other masters did not insist on letting the special team send Qi Yan off the plane, but they had a lot of affection for Qi Yan. No one would dislike a younger generation who is courteous and kind.

There were a total of eight warlocks on the plane. After Qi Yan joined, there were nine. The number nine is respect, this is a good omen.

At two o’clock, the plane took off on time. When Qi Yan watched the buildings on the ground getting smaller and smaller, he could only see patches of lights, and then he remembered one thing, that is, he forgot to tell a few friends that he was out.

After five o’clock in the morning, the plane landed in the parking lot of the city where Wangxiang Town was located. Just after getting off the plane, the officers and soldiers of the military region who had been waiting at the airport immediately picked them up in the car and drove all the way out of the airport.

During this period of time, there were very few pedestrians on the road, and occasionally passers-by saw a long platoon of military jeeps driving, and they only thought it was where these soldiers were going for exercises, and didn’t take this kind of thing to heart at all.

Qi Yan and Master Zhao were sitting in the same car. Everyone who entered the mountain had to turn off the communicator this time and could not reveal their whereabouts to anyone.

It takes about two hours to travel from the city to Wangxiang Town. Qi Yan dozed off on the back of his chair for a while. When he opened his eyes, the car had already entered the boundary of Wangxiang Town.

Wangxiang Town is the most prosperous town in the entire county. The county-level departmental and unit buildings are all in this town, so the town is very lively at this time. When Qi Yan and the others ride by the jeep passing by, it also aroused many people’s curious look. .

Qi Yan looked at some unfamiliar streets and buildings outside the car window, and felt that it was no longer like the town of Wang Xiang when he left. But this is also good. The roads are spacious and clean, and the buildings are getting more and more beautiful. It shows that the local economy is developing and the people’s life is better.

On the sidewalk, a two or three-year-old child wobbled in front of him. Mom, Dad, grandparents followed behind him, his faces full of love and care.

Seeing this scene, Qi Yan couldn’t help but laugh, it was really good.

“The two masters, please sit firmly and you are about to enter the mountain road. The road conditions are not very good, and there will be some bumps.”

To say that the road conditions are bad is a euphemism. Sitting in the car, Qi Yan swayed, feeling like a ball in a jar. If he hadn’t eaten in the morning, he would probably have to vomit it out for breakfast.

No wonder they need to use a jeep to pick them up. If it is another car with a lower chassis, it will not be able to drive at all.

“Bohe, what’s the matter?” When the third brother Cen went downstairs, he saw his younger brother in his nightgown playing with his mobile phone, his hair was not taken care of, and the newspaper in front of him had not moved.

“I want to go out for a while.” Cen Baihe sullenly, holding his mobile phone to go out.

“Wait, you are going out in your nightgown?”

Cen Baihe looked down at his clothes, turned around and strode upstairs. After a while, Cen Sange looked at wearing a white shirt, carrying the jacket in his hand, and went out without even buttoning the buttons.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned and called Liang Feng.

“Liang Feng, has something happened to your company?”

After getting the negative answer, Cen Sange shook his head incomprehensibly, Bai He looks like a little bride who is going to run away…

Realizing that he was affected by the TV series watched by his wife, Cen Sange patted his face to make himself more awake.

no one.

Cen Baihe stood at the door of Qi Yan’s house and knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. He lowered his head to hit Qi Yan’s cell phone, but turned it off.

Where did the money go?

“Young man, don’t knock, people are not at home.” The family who lives on the other side of Qi Yan opened a crack in the door. “At midnight last night, he left with a few people.”

“Who did you go with?”

“Then I don’t know,” the fat aunt said, “I heard movement in the hallway, so I didn’t dare to open the door to see.”

Qianqian once said that if others dare to be malicious in his home, he will definitely be punished. Therefore, Qianqian should go with these people voluntarily, and he walks in a hurry. He can’t even make a phone call, or say ……can not fight.

He took out his cell phone and dialed the third brother’s number.

“Brother, when will the master invited above leave?”

“This morning?”

“I see……”

After the jeep stopped on the mountain, the first thing several masters did after getting off the car was to help the tree to vomit, and it took a long time to get over.

Therefore, no matter how powerful the master is, he is helpless in the face of motion sickness.

Qi Yan patted Master Zhao on the back, and when he saw that he was about to vomit, he passed the mineral water in his hand to Master Zhao and asked him to rinse his mouth.

“Thank you.” Master Zhao weakly thanked Qi Yan, “It’s better for you young people. If you shake it like this, nothing happens at all.”

Qi Yan laughed dumbly, which was not an advantage.

“Suohu Formation! It turned out to be the Suohu Formation!”

A gray-haired veteran stood on the top of the hill, looking at the hilltops of the nearby mountains, his lips trembled.

Locking Tiger Formation, also known as Desperate Formation, as long as this formation succeeds, all nearby upgrades and fortunes will be like locked tigers, unable to struggle, unable to escape, only deprived of all vitality.

But what makes them really feel terrible is not the Huohu Formation, but the surrounding area of ​​the Huhuhu Formation. There is also a heavenly sacrifice formation. There are formations in the formation, and the fortunes and lives of the people of the whole town are sacrificed. , To urge Suohu Formation, and Suohu Formation provided enough sacrifices to Jitian Formation.

Cycling in this way, it is like a snowball over time. In the end, not only this Wangxiang town, but even this county and city will be affected.

Looking at these interlocking formations, Qi Yan finally understood why Master Wei Master Qian would desperately break this formation. Because the moon will be full in the Mid-Autumn Festival in three days, when these two formations use the power of the moon, they will be unstoppable.

The people who set up the formation, borrowed the landscape trends and spirit tools here, to form such a terrible formation, and they looked at human life like a mustache.

Even now, Qi Yan could see luck and anger constantly pouring in from all directions, forming a chaotic and terrifying air of killing in the sky above.

“Have the nearby residents moved?” Qi Yan’s palms felt cold.

“We asked the nearby residents to move away on the grounds that we suspected that the bombs left by the enemy were discovered a hundred years ago.” Xiang Qiang explained in a low voice, “but we can’t make the entire town move away. We are afraid of causing panic among the people. .”

“It’s no use moving,” Qi Yan sighed. “When the formation succeeded, their lives were already with this formation system.”

Xiang Qiang was shocked when he heard this, how could this be possible? !

“However, I remember that when foreign enemies invaded our country, they didn’t seem to have passed through here,” Qi Yan turned to ask Xiang Qiang, “Did you make a perfunctory excuse?”

Xiang Qiang: At this time, can you not think about such trivial matters?

The author has something to say: Qianqian: When you make excuses, you can’t use your head? !

Baihe: Looking for friends!



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