The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 54

“This formation cannot be broken, one is life-threatening, and the other is likely to cause a rebound, which will affect the fortunes of the residents in this area.” The earth-colored Master Zhao pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and stood beside Qi Yan. , “I wonder if you guys have any good solutions?”

“What is the total population of this county?” a monk dressed in a blue monk robe said, his eyes full of compassion.

“The registered population is about 700,000, but this county is a population-exporting county. Many people go out to work. The actual population should be around 500,000.” Qi Yan’s throat is cold. “If this formation is completely motivated, these All the lives of people will be changed, and there will even be a lot of deaths…”

The concept of hundreds of thousands is clear to everyone present, and because of this, their attitude is so solemn. They can’t afford to bet on this bet.

“Which one of the thousand knives did this kind of wicked thing that goes against the way of heaven,” a skinny aunt cursed in a low voice, “what’s the difference between this and the evil ways of the evil spirits recorded in the ancient books?”

“It’s not a TV series. What kind of demon is decent.” The gray-haired old man looked down at the compass in his hand. The pointer was spinning wildly. Obviously, the aura here has been messed up to the extreme. “What we have to consider now is not why he did this. Do it, but think of a way to break this array.”

“The Daoist is compassionate, this lock tiger formation and the sacrificial heaven formation are linked together. If you move one of them, you will be backlashed by the other. If both are cracked at the same time…” But he is not good at the formation, so he can only stare at the formation and sigh helplessly.

He bowed his head and chanted the Buddha, twisted the beads, and began to recite the scriptures. His voice echoed in the mountains. It was obviously not a loud voice, but it seemed to spread everywhere.

The evil spirit that was still tumbling on the top of the hill was like thick ink washed away by water. Although it still exists, it has been diluted a lot.

The other masters seemed to be inspired, and each used their own skills to suppress the evil spirit that was constantly rolling in the mountains and forests. Qi Yan looked at these masters who used his spiritual power to expel evil spirits, and sat cross-legged on the grass.

Layers of auras gush out from him, from the vegetation and rocks around him, and then continue to gush out like waves. These auras and evil auras are entangled together, like enemies that are not at odds, fighting fiercely.

Master Zhao, who was sitting closest to Qi Yan, opened his eyes with a sense of feeling. Although he did not have the ability to see the spirit with his eyes, he could still feel the powerful spiritual field emanating from Qi Yan. It was precisely because he felt that he was horrified, who is the apprentice of this young man, who has such a powerful spiritual force field, even he can’t compare to the opponent.

The special group members who accompanied the masters had some skills, and they had special aura detection instruments in their hands, so when they found that the auras emitted by these masters covered several nearby mountains, everyone was exposed. An expression of astonishment.

The master is worthy of being a master.

The special forces captain Gao Ronghua, who accompanied the special team, looked at these invited masters with weird eyes, and felt that his outlook on life had become strange. There are a total of nine masters here. They sit, kneel, prostrate or stand in different postures, but they are all mumbling solemnly. Although they couldn’t see what was happening, they didn’t know if it was the cause of their psychological effects. In just a few minutes, their chests, which were not breathing smoothly, became comfortable, and even the air was filled with a scent of vegetation.

“Captain Zhao,” Gao Ronghua walked to the side of Zhao Zhicheng and whispered, “What are these masters doing?”

“Suppressing the evil spirit,” Zhao Zhicheng pointed a flat panel detector at the camera area of ​​the master, and then placed it in front of Gao Ronghua, “Look.”

Gao Ronghua saw on the display screen, with these masters as the center, a cloud of five colors spread out. These five color clouds continued to spread, squeezing the gray air cluster that had occupied the entire screen a little bit.

“What’s this?” Gao Ronghua looked at the picture blankly. The weather forecast cloud and rain map had so many colors?

“The spiritual power effect monitoring screen of the masters,” Zhao Zhicheng touched the gray clouds, “These are the evil spirits emitted by the formation.”

“This can be shot,” Gao Ronghua looked at the masters with different postures with his hands on his hips, and then at the colorful air masses on the screen. “It’s really advanced.”

“We have to keep up with the times in every business, and we don’t have a heavenly eye. If you can’t see what the masters are doing, what if you can delay them?” Zhao Zhicheng put the monitor in Gao Ronghua’s hands. “If you’re curious, be slow Look at it slowly, this thing is very expensive. You can buy a house in the third ring of the imperial capital with just this one, you have to hold it firmly.”

“No,” Gao Ronghua grabbed Zhao Zhicheng and pointed to the air masses of five colors. “Why are there so many colors?”

“The exercises they learn are different, and the colors are of course different,” Zhao Zhicheng explained in a low voice, “Aside from anything else, can monks and Taoists have the same exercises?”

Gao Ronghua held this multi-million-dollar monitor blankly, feeling as if he had seen the perfect combination of fantasy, supernatural and technology.

An hour later, Qi Yan suddenly opened his eyes, patted his **** and stood up, then looked at Zhao Zhicheng and others.

Noting the look in his eyes, Zhao Zhicheng hurried over and asked in a low voice: “Master Qi, do you have any needs?”

Qi Yan stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder: “Captain Zhao, it’s not early, should we have some breakfast and find a place to sleep?”

“Yes,” the old Taoist stood up with his shoulders hanging down, “Old Taoist, I haven’t had a good meal since last night.” He glanced at the nearby mountains, “Now the evil spirit is temporarily controlled. If you find a solution before the night of the full moon, nothing will happen. It’s useless for you to be anxious now. People are iron rice or steel. If you don’t eat a meal, you will be hungry. We old people can’t compare with you young people. .”

“Please rest assured, masters, we have arranged the accommodation.” Zhao Zhicheng also knew that they were not kind enough to directly pull these masters to the top of the mountain, but the situation was critical, they had to do this, “Sorry, we didn’t think about it well. .”

“It’s no wonder you guys.” The veteran had lived nearly eighty years old, and he didn’t know what Zhao Zhicheng and others planned, but he thought it was a trivial matter and didn’t care about it.

When going down the mountain, the car drives more carefully than when going up the mountain. Master Zhao, who was in the same car with Qi Yan, vomited once, and his stomach was empty.

“Master Qi is so young and has such a strong ability. It is simply amazing.” Master Zhao himself also has apprentices. The oldest apprentice is now forty years old. As a result, even a fraction of Qi Yan can’t match. People are more popular than others. If he can accept a talented apprentice like Qi Yan, he will definitely wake up with a smile when he falls asleep.

“Master Zhao, you are absurdly praised.” Qi Yan smiled and assumed a humble posture.

Master Zhao sighed: “You really shouldn’t come this time.”

Before setting foot on the plane, he had heard about Master Wei and Master Qian, so this time he came with a ferocious mentality. In other words, almost all of the people who came this time were prepared to die.

“Master Zhao, I said on the plane that I had fortune-telling before going out. This time we will be able to turn the good fortune and turn the danger into barrenness,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “not to mention that there are you highly respected masters, I have What’s so scary.”

“Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers,” Master Zhao laughed and patted Qi Yan on the shoulder. “But it’s right to be aggressive and benevolent.”

Qi Yan smiled, posing like a younger generation obediently, without speaking.

Qi Yan thought that the people from the special team would arrange them in the hotel. As a result, they didn’t know where they were looking for a villa. Nine of them were put into this villa. They also arranged the special forces on the third floor and the third floor. Protected them.

The cautious attitude of the special team made Qi Yan feel that something was not right, which seemed to be guarding something.

The breakfast was prepared in a very detailed list, just suitable for their stomachs that they hadn’t eaten for a long time. Everyone reluctantly ate something and went back to the room to sleep, leaving the relevant department staff who accompanied them to sit together worryingly. discuss.

“Team Zhao, people in your group often deal with these masters. Among them, who can be the biggest master?” Gao Ronghua did not sleep for two consecutive days. Now only he and Zhao Zhi are left in the house. , The whole person relaxed.

He and Zhao Zhicheng had been comrades-in-arms in the early years, so they had a good relationship in private. Otherwise, he would not be arranged for this mission. Because there are too many secrets involved, if they are leaked out, it will be too bad to cause negative social impact.

“They are all famous masters, who can call the shots?” Zhao Zhicheng squeezed the bridge of his nose tiredly, wanting to become more energetic. “This kind of thing is beyond the scope of what we can handle. If these masters can’t solve it, it will be really troublesome. NS.”

“Who is Master Qi, who was invited by you at such a young age?” Among a group of elderly people, the young Qi Yan looked particularly dazzling.

“Master Qi…” Zhao Zhicheng’s expression was a little subtle, “He has an ordinary resume and has done few famous things, but as long as he intervenes, they have been solved perfectly in the end. The most famous ones are Hongliangshan and Luluo. In the community, our group had a headache for these two things, but he did it all by himself.”

“Didn’t the developer in Luluo Community suffer a serious injury and died in a car accident?” Gao Ronghua was puzzled, “Is this done?”

“That developer is not a good thing. You can make a basket of bad things you do,” Zhao Zhicheng shook his head. “Master Qi is also very interesting. Since he took the shot, there has been no weird incident in Luluo Community. But when the developer should be unlucky, the bad luck is not lost at all.”

“Then this young man is quite grudge,” Gao Ronghua shook his head, “You called him because of this?”

“No, because he can communicate with the Mountain God,” Zhao Zhicheng said in a low voice, “Our entire group thinks that he is a genius. Even Master Qian has asserted that this Master Qi has a boundless future.”


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