The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 55

“Master Qian…” Gao Ronghua hesitated for a moment, “Is that the one who is still in a coma in the hospital?”

“Yes, he is still a special consultant for our group,” Zhao Zhihua sighed, “Don’t talk about this, let’s sleep for a while and keep our spirits up. We will be busy in the next few days.”

Qi Yan was awakened by someone from the special group. He put on a set of light clothes and walked to the living room. Several other masters were already sitting in the living room. Seeing him coming, two of them showed him kindness. Smile. Especially the Taoist aunts and Taoist leaders of the Daoshu line, look at Qi Yan’s eyes with exceptional kindness.

Now that Taoism is declining, Qi Yan’s posture for meditating today is obviously the posture of their Taoist family. It can be seen that this young man is also of their Taoist line. There are successors to Taoism, so why are they unhappy in their hearts? The only regret is that such a good seedling is not their disciple.

“Now that everyone is here, let’s discuss how to break this formation?” Master Zhao put the topographic map on the table. There were also two formation maps on the table. He apologized with a smile. , “I don’t have a deep research on formations, so I have to ask you all about this matter.”

Wizard Lin shook her head and said, “I also don’t know much about the formation.” She turned to look at Abbot Yun. Abbot Yun put her hands together, and bowed her head after chanting the Buddha. She immediately understood that it seemed that Abbot Yun could not help it.

The three of them did not have deep knowledge in the formation, that is, clearly told the other six that they could not be the leader in this matter. As everyone knows, the ones who are best at formations among them should be the people of Taoism, but even Daogu Shen and Master Xu Dao have solemn expressions, which shows how tricky this matter is.

Shen Daogu and Xu Daochang did not speak, the remaining three were inferior to the five of them in terms of spells, and they did not have a thorough understanding of formations, so at this time they couldn’t say any useful methods.

Zhao Zhicheng and Gao Ronghua, who were sitting by the side, saw this scene, and their hearts were chilled for the most part. If these master-level figures can’t do anything, then who can do it?

Even if there are really hidden masters, where can they go to invite them in just a few days?

“These two formations were rumored to have been used when the two armies confronted each other. But even if the two armies are fighting, those who use this formation did not end up doing well in the end,” Xu Daochang stroked his beard, seemingly relaxed. Under the action, the nervous emotion was concealed, “So in our division, these two formations have already become forbidden. I have seen a few descriptions of this formation in books at most, but never I have actually seen it. This is the first time I have seen such a brutal formation.”

“Brother,” Shen Daogu and Xu Daochang are senior brothers and sisters, so the words of Xu Daochang basically mean that she is helpless with this formation.

“It is rumored that we need to set up a locked tiger formation. It is not only the right time and the place, but the most important thing is the harmony of people.” Qi Yan saw that these masters were reluctant to speak, and said everything he knew. Put the blood of the yin-bearers on the magical instruments of the elders, and then let the people born on the seventh day of the seventh month be buried in the sun and moonlight in the four directions of the southeast and northwest, and chant the curse for seven days to form a formation.”

“Master Qi?”

Master Zhao looked at Qi Yan in disbelief. He didn’t expect this young man to understand this formation so much. He said with excitement, “Do you have a way to solve the formation?”

“If it’s just to lock the tiger formation, I do have a way to solve the formation, but there is a sacrifice to the sky formation outside the lock tiger formation,” Qi Yan did not answer Master Zhao’s question directly, “Thousands of years ago, people prayed for God. , Are willing to sacrifice livestock or slaves, and pray for God’s response to their wishes. There are people who ask for good weather, people who ask for longevity, and people who ask for eternal wealth. No matter whether these people’s wishes will come true, but… who Dare to move his sacrifice under the eyelids of the sky?”

“This person sacrifices a living person, and it is almost annihilating humanity!” Dao Aunt Shen had a hot temper, and slapped her on the table. “If she is caught by grandma, I will definitely want him to be wiped out.”

The tea cup on the table jumped on the table because of Daogu Shen’s slap, which shows how powerful it is.

“If this is the case, there is only one way,” Xu Daochang said in a heavy tone.

The room suddenly became quiet. After a while, Abbot Yun said in a low voice: “The Buddha said, if I don’t go to **** and whoever goes to hell, if I can save hundreds of thousands of living beings, then I will give up this skin. What is there to fear? .”

“I have had a good life in my life, and I have had a happy life, and there are apprentices and grandchildren below, and I will not be afraid of giving up this life,” Master Zhao said, pushing his glasses, “I’m the one.”

Shen Daogu smiled bitterly: “You don’t have to rush to recommend yourself. The so-called nine is the extreme number. If you want to suppress the backlash of the Jitian Formation, we must go all out and try our best to comfort it.” She raised her head. Looking at everyone, he stayed for an extra second when his gaze swept over Qi Yan, “If anyone wants to quit, please come forward now.”

No one spoke.

Now their status is as good as their wealth, status and fame. It is a lie to say that they are really not afraid of death. But this fear, in the face of the lives and fortunes of hundreds of thousands of people, seems a little insignificant.

If it is possible, who doesn’t want the wind and glory, and then go back triumphantly and continue to accept the praise and worship of countless people?

“We old guys, it’s rare to see one side of the world, and now it’s fate to make up a piece,” a master who is about 60 years old laughed. What else can be rejected.”

“Saving hundreds of thousands of such a great merit can also protect our future life and prosperity,” Master Zhao laughed. “My old Zhao had enough hardships when he was young. It’s also a good thing to wear it for a lifetime.”

Zhao Zhicheng watched these masters laughing and talking about life and death, only to feel that his throat was severely blocked, and he blinked his eyes to force the soreness of his eyes back.

He felt guilty because someone from their special group invited these masters over. He is worthy of the people here, but he is sorry for these masters.

“In fact, this is not the only way.”

Everyone in the room looked towards the speaker, only to realize that the speaker was the youngest Qi Yan.

“Master Qi, do you really have a way?” Master Zhao hesitated for a few seconds, “Are there any accidents?”

“If there are only nine of us, we still have to say whether we will succeed or fail, but if one person is willing to help, the success rate should be 90%,” Qi Yan said, “I wonder if you all have heard the allusion of Jiuding Ding Qiankun?”

In China’s myths and legends, there was a very powerful figure who took down the world, but when he became an emperor, he discovered that the evildoers were doing harm to the people. He had the guidance of an expert to cast nine large bronze tripods and place them all over China. From then on, the demons dared not run rampant, and China resumed its prosperity again.

Although this is just a myth that does not know the true or false, but the word nine does have a special meaning for Taoist formations.

“But now the situation is urgent. Where can we find nine tripods capable of offering sacrifices to the sky?” Xu Daochang shook his head, “Even if there is enough time, we won’t have such tripods together.”

“No, you have misunderstood what I mean, I mean…” Qi Yan said seriously, “Take ourselves as the tripod, and use spiritual energy to irrigate to sacrifice to the sky, to win a ray of life.”

Master Zhao understood what Qi Yan meant. He looked at Xu Daochang and Shen Daogu, the two of them were contemplative, obviously weighing whether Qi Yan’s method was feasible. Although he doesn’t know much about the formation method, he also knows that there are many uncertainties in this method. If there is an accident, not only will they lose their lives, but it may also cause the Jitian formation to rebound.

“Actually, after seeing these two battles this morning, I have a feeling that the people behind the scenes are not targeting the local people, but we warlocks,” Qi Yan frowned, “The people behind the scenes are waiting. We sacrificed ourselves and died on the altar.”

“He or they don’t care whether the formation can be successful or not. What they care about is whether we warlocks will die.”

“Someone is calculating us.”

Zhao Zhicheng and Gao Ronghua were shocked when they heard this. If this is the case, how many people and conspiracies will be involved?

“Master Qi, you just said that you need someone to help,” Zhao Zhicheng asked, “Please tell me the identity of this person, and we will definitely try to contact him.”

“Mr. Cen Qiusheng’s fifth son, Cen Baihe.”

Zhao Zhicheng: Can he take back what he just said?

He knew how high the status of the Cen family was. With his identity, he couldn’t even invite the Cen family. Not to mention that the fifth master Cen is weak and capable, and most people can’t even get close to him, so how can they invite people to such a dangerous place.

“Master Qi, can only be Cen Wuye?” Zhao Zhicheng felt a bit dry in his throat.

“It can only be him, no one else can help,” Qi Yan lowered his eyelids and said in a calm tone, “Why don’t you think about what conditions can be used to impress the Cen family.”

When Zhao Zhicheng heard this, he turned his head and went out to make a call with his superiors. He walked back about ten minutes later and said in a low tone: “The Cen family did not agree.”

“What conditions did you offer?” Qi Yan raised his eyebrows.

Zhao Zhicheng has no doubt about him, and mentioned the main preferential policies again. These conditions are indeed very good. If it were from other families, he probably agreed without hesitation. However, it was the Cen family that he met. It was normal for the Cen family to be rejected.

“If you are willing to sell the land in the east of the city directly to Cen Baihe’s company,” Qi Yan reached out to Zhao Zhicheng, “You can give me the phone and I will talk to the Cen family.”

The author has something to say: Money: money: don’t take advantage of it, that’s a big idiot!

Bai He: The plane is late, happy cutting!


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