The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 56

Zhao Zhicheng was silent for a moment, got up, walked aside, and reported to his superiors.

This time he was faster. In less than five minutes, he got a reply from his superiors, saying that if the matter can be resolved this time, the company of Cen Baihe can be given priority to that piece of land.

Qi Yan didn’t expect that Zhao Zhicheng would promise him so soon. He took Zhao Zhicheng’s cell phone and before dialing the phone, he suddenly said, “Captain Zhao, is Master Qian really missing?”

Zhao Zhicheng asked back: “Master Qi, what do you mean by this?”

“It’s nothing,” Qi Yan smiled and dialed the number of Cen Qiusheng, the old man of the Cen family.

The person who answered the call was not Cen Qiusheng, but his assistant. The assistant’s tone was a little cold, but after Qi Yan revealed his identity, his tone suddenly turned 180 degrees, more than ten times more enthusiastic, and then handed over the phone. In the hands of Mr. Cen.

“Hello, Mr. Cen, this is Qi Yan,” Qi Yan said straightforwardly, “This time I represent a special team, and I want to ask you one thing.”

Cen Qiu is a mature man. After Qi Yan said these few words, he guessed that Qi Yan should not be alone now, so he changed his tone, “If you have anything to do with Master Qi, please don’t hesitate to speak.”

Qi Yan repeated the things that needed Cen Baihe’s help, and of course he did not forget to express the sincerity of the special team.

“Master Qi,” Cen Qiusheng heard Qi Yan’s words, “you should know that our Cen family has never done anything to sacrifice our family.”

“Mr. Cen, you may have misunderstood what I meant,” Qi Yan looked at the masters behind him, “Even if he fails, there is no harm to Bai He’s body.”

If it had not been guaranteed that Bai He was not in any danger, he would not have said this at all. This method was made by him, and he knew exactly what the failure would bring. If the method is successful, Baihe will gain a lot of merit. If the method fails, Baihe has no loss. Because he did not directly participate, he can only be regarded as a “donor”, so even if it is a sacrifice to the sky, he will not be a “donor”. There is no harm.

Cen Qiusheng was silent for a few seconds on the other end of the phone: “If someone else said something like this, Cen would never believe it. But since Master Qi opened the mouth, Cen has no excuses. You and Bai Crane contact.”

Cen Qiusheng knew very well that if Master Qi called Bai He first, Bai He would have already agreed. He did not cross Baihe, but contacted him first, proving his respect for the Cen family and his feelings of being a father.

“Sir, you…” The assistant wanted to say something, but Cen Qiusheng raised his hand to stop it. He handed the hung-up cell phone to the assistant, “I believe in my own eyes. Since Master Qi said that this matter will never hurt Bai He, then I believe him.”

“Sir, it’s not what I want to talk about.” The assistant handed another mobile phone to him. “Just now there was news from the Yellow River that the fifth master booked a flight to Xugou City at 7 o’clock tonight.”

Cen Qiusheng’s eyes widened in astonishment: “Xugou City? Isn’t this the city where Wang Xiangzhen is located?”

“Yes.” The assistant faintly felt a little strange, how could the fifth young master suddenly decide to go to that place, “could it be that Master Qi has already called the fifth youngest?”

“Impossible,” Cen Qiusheng stubbornly cut the railway, “Master Qi will not do this kind of thing.” Although he has not spent much time with Qi Yan, based on his experience with Master Qi, Master Qi will never do anything. It’s this kind of face-to-face set behind the set of people.

But why did Baihe suddenly decide to go to Xugou City?

“Fifth Young Master, I just received a notice that due to the weather, the plane will be delayed for half an hour.” Dahe glanced at his mobile phone. “When we arrive at the city of Sugo, I am afraid it will be after ten o’clock. Should we change the flight tomorrow? ”

“No.” Cen Baihe took a sip of his tea, “Go early and feel at ease.”

“Fifth Young Master, Master Qi is so capable, so you don’t have to worry so much,” Dahe really didn’t understand why the fifth Young Master’s reaction was so intense, “not to mention that even if we go, we won’t be able to help him much.”

“Even if I can’t help, I can feel at ease watching him.” Cen Baihe turned a page of a magazine that he didn’t even read in his hand. “You don’t have to persuade me, I know it in my heart.”

Seeing this, he shook his head in confusion. Even if they were brothers in the army, they were not as worried as the fifth. They are educated people whose mental realm is different from those of them.

Cen Baihe’s personal cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller, it was an unfamiliar number, but told him directly that this call might have been made by money.

Pressing the answer button, Qi Yan’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

“Bohe.” Qi Yan’s voice was deliberately relaxed and embarrassed.

“Qianqian, where are you?” Cen Baihe tried his best to suppress his excitement, “I will call you in the morning, and your cell phone will be turned off.”

“Sorry,” Qi Yan said apologetically, “There is something here, I can’t contact the outside world.”

“Are you in Wangxiang Town?”


“Okay, I understand,” Cen Baihe accidentally tore a page of the magazine in his hand, “Is it safe over there?”

“It’s okay now.” Qi Yan looked up and saw the expectant eyes of Zhao Zhicheng and Gao Ronghua. He turned sideways, avoiding these two shining eyes, “I need your help.”

“you say.”

“I want you to come to Wangxiang Town to do me a favor.”


Qi Yan was stunned: “Don’t ask me what can I do for you?”

“Don’t ask,” Cen Baihe smiled, with a touch of lingering and gentleness in his tone, “I believe you will not harm me.”

When Qi Yan heard this, he couldn’t help but smile: “Who said that, when you are here where you are unfamiliar with life, I will sell you.”

“Why don’t you raise it for a few years, wait until I get a little fatter and then sell it?” Cen Baihe laughed softly, “Is there anyone else around you?”

Qi Yan glanced around at the people staring at him, “Yeah.”

“You hand over your phone to the person in charge of this mission, and I will talk to him about the rest.”

Qi Yan moved the phone away from her ear, reached out her hand to cover the call, and struck Zhao Zhicheng in a gesture that the other party had agreed to.

Zhao Zhicheng looked at Qi Yan gratefully. After receiving the phone, he spoke with Cen Baihe cautiously: “Mr. Cen, I am Zhao Zhicheng, the person in charge of this operation. Just call me Xiao Zhao. ”


“This…” Zhao Zhicheng turned his head and glanced at Qi Yan, “I’m sorry, I can’t disclose much information before you arrive.”

“Okay, okay, we will make arrangements right away, thank you so much, thank you.”

Zhao Zhicheng hung up the phone and heaved a long sigh of relief. He didn’t expect that Cen Wuye was not so difficult to get along with in the rumor. But fortunately, Master Qi’s face is here, so Cen Wuye is willing to let it go, otherwise Cen Wuye would not give them such a big face.

Thinking of this, he thanked Qi Yan again.

“Captain Zhao doesn’t need to thank me. Bai He is also worried about the people here, so he would agree to my request,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “Otherwise, even if I say that the sky is broken, he would not be willing to come.”

At this time, Cen Baihe, who was still at the Imperial Capital Airport, quickly boarded the plane that took off 40 minutes later because of the arrangements of the relevant departments.

Because Xugou City is not too prosperous and developed, there is only a small airport here, and there are only three flights from the Imperial Capital to here, and it is still a small plane that is not very comfortable.

Since childhood, Cen Baihe has never taken such a simple flight. His long legs curled up in the narrow seat, maintaining a very uncomfortable sitting position. There is also the huge flying noise outside the plane, and the unpalatable food, which gives him a novel but uncomfortable experience.

When the small plane encountered air currents, it trembled extremely badly. A child kept crying in the cabin, the sound was like a magic sound, penetrating the soul of a person.

Three hours later, Cen Baihe walked off the plane with a pale face, and the special team members who had been waiting at the airport for a long time greeted him immediately and took him from the special passage to their parking place.

Dahe watched vigilantly at these two people who claimed to be the National Security Bureau, their body muscles tightened. He has been a soldier, and he can see who has been systematically trained and who has been a soldier. These two members of the National Security Bureau do not have the feeling he is familiar with.

So when one of the members opened the door to let Cen Baihe get in the car, Dahe couldn’t help but stopped in front of Cen Baihe.

“Sorry, I need to look at the two’s documents.”

The two members of the special team looked at each other, one of them sat in the driver’s seat, and the other reached out and pulled out.

What do these people want to do, draw their guns? !

Dahe pushed Cen Baihe back, and when he was about to wait, a familiar head suddenly stuck out from the car.

“Bohe, Dahe.” Qi Yan put his hands on the car window and looked at them with a smile, “Get in the car.”

“Master Qi?” Dahe’s whole body’s vigilance disappeared, and he exhaled, “Why are you?”

“You two are unfamiliar with each other. It’s not good to have an acquaintance to pick you up,” Qi Yan got out of the car, pulled Cen Baihe into the car, motioned Dahe to sit on the other side, and said to Cen Baihe, “Your complexion is not very good. What’s wrong?”

“It’s okay,” Cen Baihe couldn’t help asking, thinking of the experience of taking the plane this time, “When you came to the imperial capital, you were also on this plane?”

“No, I took the train,” Qi Yan guessed what Cen Baihe said, and whispered to him, “You are here this time, in economy class?”

“Yeah.” It was the first time in my life to take economy class, and the experience was not very good.

Qi Yan couldn’t help but chuckled out: “If you were on a regular express train, you might really have to crash.” After the laugh, he looked solemnly, “Bohe, you have worked hard.”

Perhaps for others, this is completely trivial. But Cen Baihe, who has been the favorite of the sky since he was a child, has ever been on a somewhat dilapidated small plane, and a man with big legs and tall legs would curl up in a crowded economy class. This is probably the first experience of his generation. .

“Didn’t you tell me,” Cen Baihe put his hand on Qi Yan’s shoulder, “between friends, don’t be too polite. It’s just…”

Qi Yan turned to look at him.

“Just don’t leave without saying goodbye in the future.”

“I will be worried.”

The author has something to say: Baihe: If I had a pair of invisible wings~

Qianqian: Take a look at my loyal brother


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