The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 57

“Actually, I didn’t plan to leave without saying goodbye.” Qi Yan put his hands on his knees obediently, with a standard gesture of admitting mistakes. “It was too late at the time. I planned to call you after the morning. I don’t know where they are. Requirement, no contact with the outside world.”

“Yes, Mr. Cen,” said Zhao Zhicheng, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat and working as the Back Pot Man, “because this is a major event involving hundreds of thousands of people, please do not contact the outside world for the time being. “Thinking of Cen Baihe’s identity, Zhao Zhicheng added, “If you really have important things that need to be dealt with urgently, you can use our internal communication equipment to communicate with the outside world.”

Cen Baihe nodded, and had no objection to the arrangement of the special group.

When Qi Yan and Cen Baihe returned to the villa, several boring masters were showing feng shui to the villa, and some even moved the furnishings of the villa by themselves. Shen Daochang and Xu Daochang had a disagreement on the position of the fish tank. The two people talked from the sky to the bottom, from the Tao Te Ching to architecture, but no one could convince anyone. The more temperamental Shen Daochang almost patted the table and Xu Daochang moved his hands.

Fortunately, there was also a gentler Master Zhao stopped in the middle, and Shen Daochang was not overly angry, and raised the table.

Most of the so-called masters are unattainable, but they are made up by the uninformed. Everyone is born with a different temperament and personality. Even the masters have their own style and temperament. How can everyone be a fairy-style, high-cold and dust-free?

However, despite the fact that it is true, Gao Ronghua, who has had fantasies about the world’s superiors since childhood, still feels that the fantasies are broken. This feeling continued until Qi Yan and Cen Baihe rushed back, and he slowly eased.

With the addition of the stranger Cen Baihe, several masters finally showed some restraint. But soon Gao Ronghua had another headache, that is, the room was not enough. They specially invited Mr. Cen over. They can’t let him live in another place alone, right?

“Why don’t Bai He squeeze with me tonight?” Qi Yan looked at Cen Baihe, “If you sleep with other people, will it affect sleep?”

“Fortunately,” Cen Baihe said, “I will sleep with you tonight.”

“That’s all right,” Qi Yan nodded and said to Zhao Zhicheng, “Then please arrange the accommodation of Mr. Cen’s bodyguard.”

Zhao Zhicheng responded again and again. In his opinion, it would be safer for Mr. Cen to live with Master Qi.

“Let’s do this, it’s not too early. I will take Bai He upstairs to sleep. Good night, masters.” Qi Yan handed a note to Zhao Zhicheng, “This is something that Jiuding Qiankun Formation needs. Find everything.”

Zhao Zhicheng took a look at the list, and it was not something that was difficult to find. Dang even agreed: “Master Qi, please rest assured, we will definitely get everything ready as soon as possible.”

Qi Yan asked him to prepare something, and he felt at ease. If he was asked to do nothing, he would be uneasy.

Cen Baihe followed Qi Yan back to the room, took his robe and went to take a bath. After taking a shower, he found that Qi Yan had put talisman paper on the window and the wall, and beside the window, there was a copper tripod with the palm of a child.

“This is……”

“I’m worried that it’s not safe enough here,” Qi Yan slapped a piece of talisman against the bed, clapped his hands and stood up and said, “At this juncture, there is nothing wrong with being careful.”

“The matter is serious?” Cen Baihe realized that this time the situation was different from what Qianqian had encountered before. “Which step has the matter developed?”

“Someone uses the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to calculate the lives of us warlocks,” Qi Yan shook off a quilt. “How do you calculate this account?”

Shaking off the two fluffy and soft quilts, Qi Yan shrank into the quilt and patted the free space around him, “You should be tired too. Even if you want to chat, lie down and talk.” You can live forever and lie down. Don’t sit when you can, and don’t stand when you can, otherwise it would be a kind of harsh treatment to yourself.

Cen Baihe hesitated for a while, and finally lay down like Qi Yan.

“Is this more comfortable?” Qi Yan turned over, facing the direction where he was lying, “rest early, let’s talk about it tomorrow, I think your complexion is a bit unpleasant.”

“I’m fine, but when I was on the plane, I was a little uncomfortable with the shaking.” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan’s collarbone carelessly, and moved uncomfortably away, “Just take a rest for a while.”

“Then you rest early,” Qi Yan yawned, “Good night.”

“Well, good night.” Seeing Qi Yan closed his eyes, Cen Baihe’s mouth raised slightly, and he was a little reluctant to look away.

“That’s right,” Qi Yan opened his eyes suddenly and stretched his hand to the head of the bed, “I forgot to turn off the light.”


The room suddenly became dark, and there was only one small night light still glowing faintly.



“It’s okay,” Cen Baihe laughed, suppressing the anticipation and anxiety in his heart, “It’s okay, go to sleep.”

In the middle of the night, Cen Baihe had a dream, dreaming that he was climbing the stairs with a large piece of gold ingots, but the gold ingots were too heavy, and he was so tired that he was out of breath and did not climb to the highest point. When he finally woke up, Found that Qianqian’s leg was resting on his waist.

He wanted to take Qianqian’s leg off, but as soon as he moved, Qianqian groaned. Worried about affecting Qianqian’s sleep, he had to let this leg rest on his waist, but he couldn’t sleep anymore.

Looking at the bright moonlight outside the window, he could even hear his own heartbeat.

Qianqian stretches his legs like this, has the quilt been properly covered, what should I do if the back is cold?

Should he take the money off the legs?

Is the temperature of the air conditioner in the room a bit high? Why does it feel so hot?

Bang bang bang.

I don’t know if something leaped over here, but it just stuck to the window, it made a soft sound, and finally fell weakly. This movement lasted for about half a minute, before the room returned to quiet again.

Cen Baihe stared at the window vigilantly, until the sky spit out white and nothing strange appeared, he fell asleep in peace.

When Qi Yan got up in the morning, he saw that Cen Baihe was still asleep. He got up from the bed, pushed open the window gently, and saw the black ashes on the window sill. Frowning, he hurried out and knocked on Master Zhao’s door in the next room.

Master Zhao quickly opened the door, and after hearing what Qi Yan had said, the two walked to the window sill. Sure enough, there was also a layer of black ashes on the windowsill of Master Zhao’s room.

“It seems that our guess is correct,” Qi Yan twisted a little bit of ashes with his hands, and the ashes still had a faint smell, “Someone wants to calculate our Huaxia Warlock.”

Master Zhao frowned: “I really don’t understand why the people behind the scenes have to work so hard to do something that is not as good as this kind of beast.”

“Because you don’t understand, that’s why you can’t do this kind of thing,” Qi Yan pulled on her nightgown, “Master Zhao, go to other masters’ rooms to have a look. I’ll change my clothes first.”

“Okay.” Master Zhao’s face was pale, and anyone who knew about this kind of thing would not be in a good mood.

Calculating the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, such people are either beasts or lunatics.

Cen Baihe was awakened by Qi Yan changing clothes. He sat up from the bed and found that it was already dawn outside, “Money?”

“Are you awake?” Qi Yan noticed that his face was not so good. “You can sleep for a while. I will go to the living room downstairs to discuss something with them and call you later.”

“No,” Cen Baihe got up and found his clothes from the suitcase, “I will go down with you.”

“Captain Zhao,” said Xu Dao leader, touching the beard on his chin, “how many people know that we live here?”

“In addition to everyone in the room, there are also my teammates from the high team,” Zhao Zhicheng’s expression is even uglier than those of the masters, “I don’t know what’s wrong with it?”

Several masters were silent.

Qi Yan took a sip of tea: “Someone has leaked out where we live, or even which room we live in.”

For this kind of wounding talisman, it is necessary to know the exact place of residence, name, and things or personal belongings of the other party.

Gao Ronghua’s complexion changed drastically: “You mean to say…”

“Yes, we have traitors in here,” Qi Yan glanced across everyone, “How many people did Captain Gao and Captain Zhao arrange to come over?”

There are not few people who know that they live here, but there are very few people who know which of their masters lives in which room. Except for the two trusted people, even the people above didn’t know the specific room location of these masters.

“Call all your people here,” Xu Daochang shook his head.

Gao Ronghua and Zhao Zhicheng glanced at each other and agreed to Xu Daochang’s request.

These masters are willing to take their lives to fight for a secret for the people, but there are traitors among their people, which is unacceptable both intellectually and humanly.

The few people who knew the detailed information soon all rushed over, and after a look at them, Abbot Yun with a benevolent eyebrows silently closed his eyes and stopped talking.

Master Zhao is best at Feng Shui, not good at face. If he is to give a fortune-telling to someone, he needs a detailed birth date to do it, so at this time, he can only look at the imaginary master who is good at face-to-face.

Xu Daochang looks like an old urchin who is not serious, but at this moment, his eyes are like a sharp blade, enough to look into the bottom of people’s hearts.

In an instant, the atmosphere in the room became so serious that no one dared to speak easily.

The author has something to say: Qianqian: I have a heroic sleeping position, and I want to speak for the sleeping position!

Bai He: Feeling flustered and can’t sleep.


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